Chapter 4

The next few days at St. Mungo's were rather uneventful for Harry. He would wake up, take his potions, and receive his visitors. Oftentimes the Bell family would visit him before he started to take his potions, because, much to the amusement of the adults in the room, Katie was the only one who was able to coerce Harry into taking a few of the nastier tasting potions. Sure Harry wanted his eyes to be fixed, but the potion for that simply tasted like someone mixed mud with clay ‒with about the same consistency. Between visits from the Weasely family, plus Hermione, Harry would talk to Mr. Bell about the trial for Sirius. Henry Bell thought they had a good chance of freeing Harry's Godfather, but Harry couldn't help but still feel nervous.

The highlight of his days ‒other than talking with Katie of course‒ was when he would talk to the Twins about their plans to 'help' his 'relatives'. Apparently the Twins had been able to sneak into the Dursley house under the cover of Harry's invisibility cloak and steal some household items, which they then returned a few days later ‒after charming them to record thing of course.

Today was the day Harry was going to be released from the Wizarding hospital and be taken to the Bell residence. Harry was extremely nervous about living with the Bells even though they had been nothing but nice to him. He had met Mrs. Bell the day after the first Weasely and Hermione visit and she seemed like a very nice woman. Diane Bell seemed motherly but without the overbearing tendencies that Molly Weasely had. Still, Harry would be living with the family of the girl he had started to fancy.

After breakfast the whole Bell family came to collect Harry. Right now Harry was being out-processed before he would Floo to Bell Manor. Katie had explained to Harry that even though it was a manor, it was not even close to being as big as many of the other old Pureblood manors ‒namely Malfoy Manor and Potter Manor which was supposed to be one of the biggest manors in Britain. As Harry followed Katie to the Floo he felt extremely anxious. Katie seemed to sense his feeling as she grabbed his hand and held it while they continued to walk. Neither Mr. nor Mrs. Bell seemed to react to this, but Harry figured that Katie was just as embarrassed as he was judging by the near identical blushes that adorned both of their faces. The Bell parents went through the Floo first followed by Harry and then Katie. When Harry arrived at Bell Manor, he promptly fell out of the fireplace and only avoided falling flat on his face because Katie had managed to grab him in time. Though she had put her arms firmly around his waist and the two teens blushes while the adults laughed.

"Floo travel not agree with you Harry?" Diane Bell asked after she stopped laughing. However she started laughing again when Harry only blushed harder and grumbled. They then showed Harry around the manor, with Katie taking great excitement to show Harry her own room on the second floor. The two teens both blushed again when Katie showed Harry that their bedrooms were across the hall from each other. The manor was fairly large and even contained a dueling room and large library. Both Katie and Harry quickly agreed that they would not mention the library to Hermione, who would probably spend days locked inside it if she found out about it. Bell Manor had three floors, numerous bedrooms, a few sitting rooms, various other rooms that Harry really wasn't interested in and a large yard surrounding it. Bell Manor was situated somewhere in the British countryside and had a small forest at its southern border. After the tour they ate lunch and waited for the Weasely family plus Hermione to Floo in. Evidently the Twins thought it would be a good idea to throw a 'The-Boy-Who-Lived-Lived-Again' party. The party would mainly be just conversation between the teens, but Fred and George had mentioned a surprise to Harry and no amount of questioning could get more information from them.

The Weasely family plus Hermione showed up around Two O'clock and Katie quickly led the group of teenagers to a sitting room. The group talked about Quidditch and school for about an hour before Harry finally caved and asked about the surprise ‒much to the amusement of the others. Fred took great delight in taking a small package from his pocket and enlarging dramatically it before giving it to Harry. The-Boy-Who-Lived pulled off the wrapping and revealed a mirror that was large enough to be held in one's hand but small enough to carry in a schoolbag.

"This Harry is one of our greatest inventions." Fred told him.

"You see Harry, this mirror is linked to the various charmed recorders in the Dursley house." Geroge explained. "Simply tap one of the runes near the bottom and the mirror will show views from different rooms. The runes on the back of the mirror allow you to cycle between recordings."

"We took the liberty of selecting the first recording for you." Fred stated.

Harry was just itching to try it out. He couldn't wait to watch the Durselys finally get some payback. "Thanks guys. It means a lot to me," he said.

"Well go on Harry try it," his best friend Ron prompted. Try it Harry did. The group spent the rest of the time until dinner watching various pranks, even Hermione who was reluctant at first started laughing with the rest of them after a bit.

Line Break

Petunia Dursely was having an overall good week. The Boy had disappeared from his room along with his belongings, but she didn't worry. After all he would probably die soon and there wasn't any way he would be able to retaliate against them. Oh how she would live to regret her actions. The only strange thing that had happened was the weird disappearance of a few items in each room and then their reappearance a couple days later. After a while, Petunia thought nothing of it. Vernon left to go to work already and Dudders had gone out to meet his friends for tea. As such, Petunia had the house to herself. She decided to pass the time by watching the soap operas she was fond of, when she heard a small squeak from somewhere behind her.

She looked around, but there was nothing behind the coach she was sitting on so she passed it off as nothing more than the TV making weird noises. She would have to talk to Vernon about getting it checked out later. Throughout the afternoon, she continued to hear those bizarre squeaks, but couldn't tell where they were coming from. Petunia finally stood up, determined to find the source behind the noise, when she hear a squeak from the kitchen. 'Aha, I got you,' she thought. When she opened the kitchen door and walked in, she froze in fear and surprise. The kitchen was covered in rats. Petunia screamed and grabbed a stool before promptly standing upon it. In her haste she didn't notice that the door had closed behind her and locked itself. She looked at the clock and screamed again when she realized that Vernon wouldn't be home for a few hours.

Sure enough, a few hours later Vernon waddled through the door to their house. He had a tiring day as some customer refused to accept that he sold drills and not screwdrivers. Honestly the gall of some people! Vernon would have continued ranting had he not heard a scream come through the door to the kitchen. He recognized the scream as his wife's voice and he waddled as fast as his stubby little legs could carry him. When he reached the door he found it locked. Vernon threw all of his considerable weight into the door as he broke it down. When he recovered he saw Petunia standing atop a stool surrounded by big black rats. As soon as the rats noticed his presence they shot towards him. Vernon literally jumped out of the doorway and felt his right shoulder dislocate when he landed. The rats used this opportunity to scurry out of the kitchen. Moments later the rats were spread all throughout the house.

"Vernon! Call the exterminator!"

Vernon did just that once he was able to stand up with help from his wife. Petunia would have called for him, but she was still in shock and nearly fainted when she saw a rat scurry out from under the couch she was about to sit upon. Vernon hesitated to call the exterminators as the neighbors would surely see and start gossiping. However, his hesitation disappeared when he noticed his son walk in the front door and a particularly big rat ran up Dudley's pant leg. Between Dudley's yelling and Petunia's frantic screaming, Vernon was barely able to hear the exterminator on the other line. The man said he would be over in about an hour. When Vernon yelled at him the man said he could be there in half the time, but he would charge twenty-five percent more.

When the Dursleys noticed the big exterminator van the three of them ran outside. Dudley had managed to get the large rat off of him only after he had suffered a few bites to a particularly painful area of the male anatomy. The exterminator put his gear on and went into Number Four, only to return a half hour later furious. "I don't know what you were trying to pull here, but I'm doubling the bill for wasting my time."

"What the bloody hell do you mean wasting your time? The buggers were all over the house!" Vernon shouted as his face turned red. At this point many of the neighbors were watching the exchange, though Vernon didn't seem to notice.

"Like I said there were no rats in your house! I'm going to leave now, and don't expect to use my services ever again!" After the exterminator shouted at the Dursleys and drove off, all the watching neighbors broke into excited chatter. It was at this point that Vernon took notice of their presence and rushed his family back into their home. A quick walk of the house proved that the rats were indeed gone, but the damage was done. Petunia would scream every time she saw something remotely rat like or heard a squeak like sound. She ended up screaming a lot the next few weeks as the stairs were suddenly more squeaky than normal. They would also have to spend a good deal of money paying for Vernon to get his shoulder fixed, the door replaced, and Dudley's bits examined.

Line Break

"Hahaha! How did you two manage to make all the rats disappear?" Harry asked the Twins after that viewing.

"Well Harry, we can't perform magic outside of school yet."

"So we use potions to cause the same general results."

"Though Dad let us borrow his wand when we let him know what we wanted to do."

"That's right. We needed it to charm the door to close and lock once someone entered."

Hermione looked like she wanted to pry more information from the Twins, especially about the potions comment since it was well known within Hogwarts that the two were terrible at brewing, but stopped when Harry played another scene.

Line Break

A couple of days after the rat incident, Petunia Dursley was on the phone with a neighbor. The Dursley household had gotten numerous phone calls and visitors all trying to find out what the ruckus was about a few days ago. Somehow Petunia had managed to redirect all of the questions and the gossip was finally starting to die down. Vernon had just woken up and was currently on his way down the stairs. Try as she might, Petunia couldn't stop flinching whenever he stepped on the stairs. The squeaking was just too much! "Vernon do something about the stairs!"

"What do you want me to do? It's not my fault!" Vernon was angry now. That was about the fifteenth time his wife told him to do something about the damned squeaking stairs. Years of stomping up and down to cause problems for Harry and two extremely overweight people walking up and down them had caused the wooden stairs to weaken. Normally this wouldn't have been a problem for a couple of years as the stairs were relatively new. However, a special potion brewed by the twins had been liberally poured on the stairs and caused them to weaken further. It was extremely unfortunate that the stairs chose this exact time to finally give up their struggle against the Dursley Whale known as Vernon. Well, unfortunate for him; hilarious to the audience watching.

When he reached the exact spot over Harry's broom cupboard, the stairs gave out under Vernon.


In the kitchen Petunia heard Vernon yell out and immediately heard a loud crash. She rushed in and saw Vernon buried under the rubble from the collapsed stairs over the cupboard that the Boy had lived in and once again screamed. It took a team of team of firefighters and paramedics four hours to clear the rubble and drag Vernon out. As he was brought to the hospital with Petunia riding with him, Dudley was forgotten.

He had been on the second floor when the stairs gave out and had no way of getting down now. After about an hour he started to go through weed withdrawal. He usually smoked it seven times a day with his 'friends' as they brought the drugs. Since the stairs failed he couldn't leave and get more. After another hour Dudders couldn't take it and decided to somehow leave. He went into his room to think and noticed the open window. His foot got caught on the way out and two stories later Dudley was lying on the lawn with multiple broken bones.

Across the street Mrs. Figg had watched the entire event. Normally she was a very caring woman. However, this was the family that caused Harry serious problems over the years. She had noticed the abuse Harry suffered and brought it to Dumbledore's attention, but the man had told her not to worry. Since Mrs. Figg had no children of her own she had treated Harry the way she would have if he had indeed been her child. Now she finally had a way to punish the Dursleys. Several hours later Petunia would return from the hospital only to see her son sprawled out on the lawn in pain. Another ambulance ride later and two Dursleys were staying at the hospital.

Line Break

All too soon the other had to leave. After dinner they did just that. Harry thought himself lucky as Hermione would no doubt bombard the Twins with questions the moment they reached the Burrow. Hermione would be returning home the next day, but promised to stay in contact with him. Before he went to bed Mr. Bell called Harry over. The two had made plans to meet with the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Amelia Bones, and the Minister of Magic, Cornelius Fudge the next day as well. Once Mr. Bell deemed Harry ready for the meeting, Harry went up to his room. He couldn't help but wonder if Katie would continue the tradition of kissing him before he went to bed that she had started while he was at St Mungo's.

After a few minutes of waiting Harry started to give up hope and started to change his clothes. It was a very embarrassed Harry that Katie Bell that walked in on to give a kiss. She had walked in before Harry could put on a new shirt.

"Wow Harry. I knew Quidditch was good for you, but you've certainly filled out nice." The potions Harry had been taken had started to give him the muscles he should have had years ago, and he already had the start of sick pack abs. Katie merely giggled at him, when Harry turned red and began to stutter. "Relax Harry," Katie said as she walked up and kissed him. The other kisses had been chaste, but Katie found herself wanting more from the attractive shirtless boy. She deepened the kiss and was shocked when Harry responded eagerly. After a few more seconds, they broke off the kiss and stared at each other's rapidly reddening faces. "Ummm… Goodnight Harry."

"Yeah uh goodnight Katie."

Katie walked out of Harry's room and into her own wondering just were this relationship was going. She wanted to date him properly, but decided to take it slow. She suspected Harry wanted to date her as well, but he was still recovering from his abuse and was probably not ready for a relationship yet anyway. Katie sighed 'Maybe by the end of the summer.' She went to sleep soon after and had dreams filled with a certain green eyed boy, while Harry had similar dreams of a certain blue eyed girl.

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