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You do not need to be familiar with the TV show Dead Like Me to read this, but if you've never seen the show, you are missing out. (Large sections of this chapter are taken straight from the show)

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The Story of Death

My name is Isabella Swan. I'm seventeen years old, and I'm going to tell you a story - a story that was passed on to me at the beginning of my afterlife. You heard me right, but I don't want to tell you the story of my afterlife...yet.

The story I want to tell you is the story of death.

It all began at the dawn of time. God was creating the universe and everything in it. The worlds, earth and water, light and dark, life and death. That's right, God created death, but he didn't release it upon us at its creation. No, that was done by accident.

God originally sealed death in a clay jar that he gave to Toad to care for. Toad graciously accepted his new job and was proud that God would trust him with such an important task. Death was safe in Toad's webbed feet. Unfortunately, it didn't stay there.

Frog was excited by Toad's job and wanted to help guard death. Frog was young and naive, though, and Toad was a moron for trusting him. Once Frog had the jar, he began to jump around and show off. The jar tumbled to the ground, breaking open and releasing death.

Ever since that day, all things had to die.

Kind of makes you want to go out and kick a frog, doesn't it? I sure wanted to after I heard that story.

What, you don't believe that a frog dropped the jar? Or that the jar existed in the first place? Well, trust me, it did.

I didn't want to believe it at first, either; there were a lot of things I didn't want to believe. Basically everything I once thought was make believe has become a part of my life. I am a reaper, and my division is supernatural deaths, or Jasper Whitlock's kills, to be more precise.

Nothing can ever beat what you see in the SN division. That's the Supernatural Division. Souls are taken so fast that we have more reapers than any other division in existence.

Well, normally they are taken fast, but then again, my vampire has never been normal.

That, of course, is part of my story. In order to understand my story, you'd have to understand his story, Jasper's story. Without Jasper, I wouldn't have a story to share.

Without Jasper, I wouldn't have met him, and without him, I would never have learned what it meant to truly live.