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Chapter 14-
The Story of our epilogue

Edward Cullen

Time is relative. To a fly, five minutes might seem like an eternity in relation to its lifespan. For a vampire, five minutes goes by all too quickly, or at least in normal circumstances that would be the case.

It had been five minutes since Bella disappeared, and my only view of her was through Charlie's eyes. When Jasper had realized what was happening, that it was his kill that had set her free, he was wrought with guilt.

"Just go," I told him, not wanting his thoughts of her leaving mixed in with my own.

I watched the spot where she was, my eyes seeing nothing but Charlie's thoughts putting her there in my mind, staring back at me. I could see the lights, the tranquil pond behind her, and I knew the right thing to do.

"Bella," I said. "It's okay. I know it's time for you to go." I took a step closer, using Charlie's eyesight to put me right in front of her.

"Edward," she replied, and then glanced over at the lights behind her. Her eyes were wet with tears as she got ready to say goodbye.

"I will always love you, Isabella Swan. And now I know what my future has in store. When I die, you will be there, waiting in my lights. You are my heaven, Bella."

A sob came from her tiny frame and my eyes flickered as I watched her lights dimming.

"You have to go now," I said, wanting anything but that.

She gave a nod, slowly turned, and walked towards the lights. She paused right before stepping into them and turned, running back toward me. The lights dimmed and disappeared immediately, her body becoming corporeal as she leapt into the air and wrapped her arms around me.

"Bella," I said, almost panicked. "What have you done?"

She slid down my body and landed on the ground, her hands coming up to cup my face. "I chose my heaven."

Our lips met and I could see Charlie smiling out of the corner of my eye as he headed off into the bush.


Bella had done the unthinkable for me. We had no idea if she would get another shot at her lights. After she refused hers, Riley's showed up and he went into them easily. Bella kept teasing me, telling me it was just her contract being renewed, but the thought made me worry. She assured me if my lights ever appeared that she was chasing me into them.

"That's a big commitment," I taunted back, but there was nothing but love in my tone. Bella had chosen me, and there was no ring that needed to be on her finger to prove that commitment, although I still planned to put one there some day.

Bella looked entirely new again, and for the first time, she had come back as something other than a brunette. Her new reddish locks and freckled skin was a drastic change to everyone but me, I would forever see her heart-shaped face and pouty lips.

She gave up on high school for the time being. After filling out the paperwork to have 'Bella' transferred, we all decided it was too suspicious to introduce another new student. It's not as if she needed the classes, she'd been through high school enough times. Wanting to keep a low profile, she stayed at our home, and our times were spent together talking and hiking and often kissing.

I kept my promise to her and didn't move too quickly. I brought her flowers, took her on dates, in Seattle-it was too suspicious to go anywhere near home-although she seemed to think it was because I wanted to spoil her with nicer things. We were both correct. I wanted her to have every dating experience she could have, after all, I didn't plan on ever letting her go.

Bella fit into our family easily, Carlisle welcoming her like another daughter and Esme ecstatic to have someone in the house to cook for constantly. Rosalie had warmed up to her after learning she wasn't really a regular human, although she still couldn't understand why she'd picked me instead of the lights.

Jasper, after me, was the happiest to see Bella walk in that day we came back from the woods.

"I'm never killing anything again," he'd vowed, "not even a fly."

Bella had laughed at him. "Kill all the flies you want, and snakes and spiders, those aren't my department. Animals have their own reapers, children."

"Children?" Rose had asked, her body language changing from disinterested to engaged.

Bella had explained about the children reapers and specifically Nessie. Rose had wanted to meet her immediately and fell in love instantly. The feeling was mutual. Nessie was fascinated by Rose, following her around eagerly when she wasn't working. Rose would even claim days of fasting when she could take Nessie shopping and the rest of the us were not allowed to eat. It didn't always work, as there were more things than our family that brought about the death of a beast.

It was meant to be, because even when our family had to move again eventually, Nessie's assignments followed us. There was a divine plan at work and before we knew it, Nessie was a bona fide part of our family.


"Edward, I'm tired," Bella said, yawning and batting my hand away.

"Did I ever tell you how unfortunate I find it that you have to sleep?"

"I just want to finish and go to sleep," she replied.

"You'll finish faster if you let me help," I offered with a chuckle.

She shot me a glare and angled her body so I could no longer see the puzzle she was working on. "If I don't do it myself, then there was no point in ever starting on it."

"You've been working on it for hours," I grumbled, wanting her attention after several hours of being ignored.

We had been living just outside of Vancouver for a year already and I couldn't believe how the time had flown. Bella and I had decided to take college courses,we knew it meant we likely couldn't stay as long because we were starting out older than normal, but it was worth it to avoid high school for a few more years.

I took some pre med classes, wanting to see if I could possibly follow Carlisle's footsteps one day. It turned out that I just didn't enjoy it. I had been serious so long that I think it was time to expand my horizons. I majored in music, and Bella took some literature classes. We enjoyed it, but with homework, Bella's time was a lot more limited than I would have liked.

"Okay, I'm done, take me to bed," Bella said, getting up and wrapping her arms around my neck from behind, leaning down to kiss my neck.

True to our word, we had progressed slowly, going on dates, exchanging kisses and then a little more. We had agreed to wait until marriage to have sex, it was the way we were both raised and it was something we could give each other as a gift on our wedding night. But after a year, it seemed Bella was much more patient than I was after all.

The ring had been burning a hole in my pocket for weeks, waiting for just the right moment. I tried to plan out an elaborate evening, but I knew Bella well enough to know that is not exactly what she would want. At heart she was a simple girl that just wanted to be loved, and I was the perfect man for her because all I wanted to do was love her.

After she was in bed and fast asleep against my chest, I pulled out the ring out and rolled it between my fingers. I looked down at her hand laying over my heart and I smiled, slipping the ring onto her finger. She murmured softly in her sleep and then settled down. I looked at the ring, the one my mother had worn, oval with rows of slanted diamonds, glittering perfectly even in the dark on the hand of my true love. I couldn't wait for her to wake up and say yes.


The wedding happened six months later; Charlie gave Bella away and Mike cried the hardest. Rosalie smiled like a proud mama as Nessie threw flowers along the carpeted ground. But even with my perfect memory, all I remembered was the way Bella looked as she walked down the aisle.

A vision in a vintage white dress, the woman who would be my wife took practiced steps toward me, stumbling on the last one. I smiled at her and radiance shone through her face, beaming up at me as we took hands.

All too quickly the vows were spoken and a kiss was exchanged, and the moment I had waited several lifetimes for was over, and yet I never knew how exquisite the moments to follow would be. Better than slipping a ring on her finger was dancing our first dance, and better than dancing was bidding our families farewell as we made our way to a rented cabin in the woods.

If I could have trembled, my hands would have shook as I unzipped her gown. I was certain that nothing would be better than this moment. The anticipation of this moment had been building and I found myself lost in the exposed skin of my new wife.

"Edward?" Bella asked softly.

"Yes?" I replied.

"You've been staring at me for three minutes. Are you going to touch me?"

My eyes moved up to meet hers. "I am definitely going to touch you now."

My hands encompassed her waist, pulling her close to me as I leaned down and joined our lips. She tasted faintly like lip gloss and and the chicken she'd had at the meal, but most of all she tasted like Bella, the woman I was going to spend the rest of my existence with.

I felt her hands unbuttoning my shirt, my jacket already had been discarded when we retreated to the cottage. Her fingers were unsteady but she moved quickly to peel the garment from me.

I heard her intake of breath just as her eyes hit my chest and I felt pride that the sight of my bare chest could still entice her.

"I'm so glad we waited," she said softly as her hands ran up my chest. "I wasn't sure at first, but this is perfect. I get it. This is the way it's supposed to be."

Her words made me more ravenous than any action. My arms enfolded her quickly and with vampiric speed we were on the bed and my new wife was giggling underneath me.

"Why, Mr. Cullen. Who is impatient now?" she teased but her eyes echoed my hunger.

"Mrs. Cullen, the time for patience is over."

Our lips met, then our hands and finally our bodies. The soft cry of her barrier being broken was soon gone and we began to move together. Each breath seemed synchronized in a perfect ballet of love. Every curve of our bodies fit, locking us together and fusing us into one. Her soft, warm breath fell on my shoulder as I moved above her.

Bella's body created enough heat to make my chilled one feel warm, a task only a very warm shower had ever accomplished. I knew it wasn't my own heat; I couldn't produce any, but she was giving me hers and it felt decadent.

Her body was so sensitive, soft moans erupted from her, her body twitching, and I felt lost in the pleasure of it, until she began to whimper, causing concern. I raised my lips from her neck and met her eyes.

"Edward," she panted. "You don't need to make up for a hundred years tonight. I'm not sure I can take much more."

Up until that moment, my attention had been on her, but quickly it shifted with her words. My body was hasty to reach its release once I gave it full attention. After over a hundred years being dead, with my eyes locked on Bella's, I finally lived.

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