Extra Info: Hunger Games: Finnick & Katniss Pairing Rated: M (Has touchy subjects like rape, sex, swearing, smut, lemon, and gore)

Scene: Takes place in Catching Fire: Katniss has awoken from her sleep, after shooting the fault in the force field. She has been picked up by a hovercraft in the Games and is still figuring out what is going on since she is clearly not in the Games anymore.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Hunger games of any content of it.

'When I swim back into semi consciousness, I can feel I'm lying on a padded table. There's the pinching sensation of tubes in my left arm. They are trying to keep me alive because, if I slide quietly, privately into death, it will be a victory. I'm still largely unable to move, open my eyelids, raise my head. But my right arm has regained a little motion. It flops across my body, feeling like a flipper, no, something less animated, like a club. I have no real motor coordination, no proof that I even still have fingers. Yet I manage to swing my arm around until I rip the tubes out. A beeping goes off but I can't stay awake to find out who it will summon.

The next time I surface, my hands are tied down to the table, the tubes back in my arm. I can open my eyes and lift my head slightly, though. I'm in a large room with low ceilings and a silvery light. There are two rows of beds facing each other. I can hear the breathing of what I assume are my fellow victors. Directly across from me I see Finnick with about ten different machines hooked up to him. Just let us die! I scream in my mind. I slam my head back hard on the table and go out again.

When I finally, truly, wake up, the restraints are gone. I raise my hand and find I have fingers that can move at my command again. I push myself to a sitting position and hold on to the padded table until the room settles into focus. My left arm is bandaged but the tubes dangle off stands by the bed.

I'm alone except for Finnick, who still lies in front of me, being sustained by his army of machines. Where are the others, then? Peeta, Beeta, Enobaria, and...and...one more, right? Either Johanna or Chaff or Brutus was still alive when the bombs began. I'm sure they'll want to make an example of us all. But where have they taken them? Moved them from hospital to prison?'

Where am I? What is this place? And why does it reek of… Roses.

Suddenly, I am back in attack mode and the scent has got me in on my toes. I grab the nearest instrument to protect myself but am left with nothing. I quickly survey my surrounding and rip out my tubes, trying to sneak past the roped assassin.

"Katniss…" He rustles among the sheets and looks at me in awe like he has seen this place all before, "This can't be happening. How could the plan go so wr-"

"Shut up, I'm not dead yet," I say as I stumble to the silver paneled door across the room. I'll come back later to kill Finnick… To think, I almost died in the Games because of him.

"STOP KATNISS," too late, I'll hear about it later. Right now I need to find Haymitch or somebody… Or Peeta, and find out where I am. My heart is racing; my legs are dragging down a dimly a narrow hallway to a metal door that stands slightly ajar. 'Someone is behind it. Flattening myself against the wall, I listen to the voices inside.' I can hear laughter coming from inside of it; the light is gleaming from under it. I waste no time and open the biggest nightmare of my life.

"Good evening, Miss. Everdeen," President Snow hisses at me with a wide, devilish smile, "I can see your rebellion went well… Bad." He is surrounded by visage of clowns from the capital, all showing smirks across their faces.

"But have no fear, child. This is a compromise… See, no rebellion and in return I won't kill you," the light begins to shine in his eyes, "unless you follow what I am going to tell you." I do not know weather to be scared or sad. My eyes feel puffy with tears waiting to be spilling out over my fragile eyelids. I can feel my legs are shaking in mid stance,

"What rebellion? Where am I? What did you want with me?"

"Let me sum it up," he pursed, "You were part of a rebellion and as punishment everything you held dear has been destroyed along with that filthy district of yours."

"P-Peeta? Prim? Mother? Gale…"

"All of them, executed, bombed, tortured..." My eyes became waterfalls and I no longer have the will to stand. Prim… The one reason I rebelled in the games in the first place… And she is… Dead. I cannot think straight my mind has gone hysterical,

"Then why keep me here? Why?" I cried controllably to him, "Why not just kill me now? I have nothing left!" These words pleased him so, I looked up to see the President beaming in a frenzy of twisted delight, like he must almost feel like God himself. How could someone be so cold?

"Because, that's no fun my dear Everdeen.. And who says you don't have anyone left? You got that whore in the other room." Finnick... Snow turns around and talks the air around him, "Actually, bring him in, I want to see the pain in his eyes when I tell him the news." Out of no where, two peace keepers brush by me out of thin air, coming back in minutes later with Finnick being held against his will. His body is shaking and can barley stand on it's own, being yanked from the machines so coldly. Cruel, even for a killer like himself.

"Oh Mr. Odair, Pleasure to see you again," he was fighting back tears and glaring straight in his icy eyes… Trust me, if looks could kill, he'd be six feet under.

"A few things I must say before you are both dismissed… For rebelling against us you're mad girl has been put to death along with your entire family," Finnick's eyes begun to glass over and his lips began to quiver, "Also, you will be back to your usual job, do I make myself clear?" He falls beside me whimpering while tears fall on the floor below him,

"Y-Yes sir."

"Oh and Mr. Odair, do get Katniss comfortable with it all," his grin widens. Snow lets out an evil snort and walks over us as if we were the dirt he walks on. The crowd of colorful characters followed behind him but was careful to walk around us for some reason. Leaving us alone and broken on this nightmare of a floor.

He looks at me apologetic,

"What do you want? Didn't finish me off when you tied your nets around me in the arena?" I scream in tears, "Look what you've done, everyone is dead. Why didn't you just fucking kill me?"

Finnick sat quiet on the floor staring at puddles below him, he wiped his sea green eyes roughly and looked me straight in the eyes,

"I am sorry I did not tell you about the rebellion... I am sorry everyone you loved was killed; I'm so so-" He chokes on his words and has trouble forming any sentences…

"I didn't attack you at all in the arena…" His ocean eyes crash down his face, "I was trying to break us out." I could not stand to see him sob so helplessly and took his head sheltering it on my shoulder. I pated his head and told him it will be ok even though I know we lost everything. He cried harder but remained rested on my chest then gathered his composure again and bit his lip to talk,

"I never did tell you what I did for work did I?"


"President Snow used to… sell me… my body, that is," Finnick begins in a flat, reserved tone. "I wasn't the only one. If a victor was considered desirable, the president gives them as a reward or allows people to buy them for an exorbitant amount of money. If you refuse he kills. So you do it." The Finnick Odair, also known as the Capital's sex toy. 'That explains it, Finnick's parade of lovers in the Captiol. They were never real lovers. Just people who bought him.

"Oh Finn... You don't mean?" I gasped out in anguish.

"And now it looks like you will have the same fate," he hides his face in his hands, "I'm sorry." We sit there in silence for a bit and evaluate our current situation in our heads. Finnick is shaking, trying knots and untying them in his rope while mumbling words to himself. My summery:

I am Katniss Everdeen

I survived the Hunger Games. Twice.

I lost everything

I have nothing

I am now a puppet to the Capitol

Suddenly the room chimes a strange ringing sound, and the peacekeepers appear back in the room and motion us down the hallway, to a door marked 'exit.' At that second the door flies open, and the sun blinds us at first glance. The peacekeepers keep directing us to follow them down a back ally into a tall building made of glass.

Oh great, glass houses for the kids made of stone.. Inside is a very upper-class lobby, this must be an apartment residence or hotel. We make our way to a gold staircase; the light shining off it seems almost beautiful then remembers how cruel life is. On the top of it we see the door marked 4B and they hand me the key, silently walking away.

I open the lock and we are in a lavish suite… The opposite side of us, walls as made of windows and it looks too beautiful to be real. Plush carpets, velvet drapes, soft couches, crystal chandlers, and… the scent of roses. Finnick walks around a bit disgusted with this day and picks up a note card on an oak table across from us.

He informs me that this note will have a clients name and information; he cringes at its touch,

"Um.. So. Tomorrow 3'O clock, 64th Avenue. We are both assigned to go."

"I've had enough of this day, can we just take our mind off this for a bit?" I sigh. His cheeks flush red. Is the Frinnick Odair… Blushing? He was about to speak his sentence but we hear the door unlock, and I turn around to see my prep team stepping in or what's left of them...

I bolt forward and hug the closest thing I now feel like family.

"Hello my little Mockingjay, how are you?" they all say.

"Uhhhhhhhhh," I grunt, hoping he gets the message, then the question appears in my mind, "Wait, so why are you here?"

"For. Professional reasons. Remember we are here to make you look good" Oh, Flavius meant Finnick and I's new job.

"Well.. That's the first good news I heard all day," I shrug off politely. He agrees and excuses himself and the team to put their things away.

"And Finnick's prep team?" I call back to him.

"Dead," We stand there in silence taking that in and they tells us they are is going to unpack supplies and will see us later. Leaving me alone… with the Finnick Odair.

I hold my breath for a moment to hear Finnick's proposition,

"Let's play a little game of knots?" He sits where he was standing on the plush carpet, "Tie a knot and if I can untie it, you will tell me a secret, vise versa." he sends an alluring smile when he mentions the word secrets. I agree and I tie a million knots in this one single rope. He gives a sly smile, untying it simply with a pull of his teeth.

"First question, how.. how do I put this.. how intimate have you been with Peeta?"

It finally clicked to me what I had game we were playing,

"What no, I-I can't. Finnick I'm… pure," I spazz about not looking at his face, "I- I have not done anything of the sort.." Before he can even speak, I snatch the rope at him again and retie it again. I make a sailors knot and throw it at him. He catches it with two fingertips and sighs, picking it apart with a single pull,

"What are you feeling?"

"I'm scared," his eyes open wide and he drops the rope.

"It's understandable," he hums, "my first time was with a horrid woman who was very harsh to me until I cried… If you wanted I could always um help— you…"

We sit there in an awkward trance for a moment and he ties the rope laying it at my feet. I pick it up and notice how easy it was tied. He wants me to ask him something but I get straight to the point instead,

"Ok… But I'm scared. This isn't a game..." I say shyly looking away from his oceanic eyes.

"Wanna make it a game?"

"I don't know..." He walks away… And I dart up in denial. Was it something I said? I glance over and see him walking into the kitchen area and fumbling through the cabinets, and then his eyes light up as he grabs a handful of something. Still embarrassed of myself, I try not to look at him as he slyly prances back over. He gets more serious now and disappears from my sight. I am too shy too look around. What am I doing? Why do I feel so exposed?

Then suddenly, he is standing inches behind me, his skin barley touching sending goose bumps down my spine. His breathe is hot on my neck while his lips lightly tickle my ear; he whispers,

"Want a sugar cube?" Then seductively slips one into his mouth and crunches it near my ear. My heart skipped a beat recalling the Quarter Quall.

"Ok.." he carefully holds his hand out in front of me with a sugar cube in the palm of his hand,

"Take it, Girl on fire," I can feel the smirk on his face. I nervously attempt to grab the sugar cube but fail gracefully. He unexpectedly closes his hand and turns me around to him, smashing his lips into mine.

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