Cowritten with my friend Granjolrass.


The Real Reason Grantaire Bought a Cellphone for his Boyfriend

Enjolras stood behind the sturdy oak counter, glancing up at the clock as it ticked away. He had only been at work for a few hours, but it seemed like ages. It was a Saturday, so the library was relatively quiet. There were a few stragglers here and there, but for the most part, the place was abandoned. A stack of books taller than him stood dauntingly in front of him, waiting to be alphabetized and put back on the shelves. With a small sigh, he grabbed the one from the top of the stack, examining it before setting it aside. He went to grab another when his phone vibrated in his pocket, startling him so much that he nearly knocked the stack over. Grumbling to himself, he retrieved the device from his pocket. Glancing down at the screen, he allowed a small smile to creep onto his lips. Grantaire. Holding the phone under the desk in case his supervisor happed to stroll by, he flipped his phone open.

R: What are you doiiiiing?

E: Working.

R: Again?

E: Yes. Like I do every Saturday.

R: Jesus Christ E, it's the weekend. Come back home I need cuddles!

E: You need aspirin.

R: I am not hung over!

E: Yeah right.

R: How can I be hung over if I never stop drinking?

R: E... don't be maaad

R: E I love you ok

R: I am not that druuunk

R: Answer meeeee

R: Enjolraaaas :(

E: For the love of God R I am working. I can't text. I am not mad but stop texting me or text someone else.

With another sigh, he flipped his phone shut, shoving it back in his pocket. He didn't have time to deal with R's drunk shenanigans right now. There was work to be done. Turning his attention back to the stack of books, he took a few off the top. He sorted through a few more, tossing them on the cart. He wasn't even able to get through half of them however, before his phone started buzzing again.

R: But I miiiss youuuu

E: I've only been gone for three hours.

E: Text someone else.

R: I did. Courf told me he was busy. And Joly started to tell me he's gonna die of the flu. It's boriiing.

R: Besides. I don't want anyone elseee. I want youu.

E: Well I'm done in a few hours. Patience is something you should learn.

R: How do you always make everything in life about learning and knowledge :|

R: I don't care about patience. I've been patient all week. Why is my boyfriend always busy.

R: I have needs love.


E: That's why God gave you hands.

R: No, that's why God gave me a boyfriend with a tight little ass.

Enjolras could feel the heat rise to his cheeks at that statement. Flustered, he switched the phone to silent, placing it face down on the desk so he couldn't see the screen. He shook his head, trying to get R out of it. Instead he busied himself with sorting the rest of the books. He categorized them all, laid them out on the cart, and went to go place them back on the shelves. It took a good while, and he had just about managed to forget R and his antics when he spotted his phone on the desk. He sighed. He couldn't very well leave his phone here out in the open when he left to stock the shelves, so he grabbed it as he left his post. Against his better judgment, he glanced at the small front screen which read "R 10 Messages". He mumbled to himself, shoving it back in his pocket, but soon enough his curiosity got the best of him. By the time he got to the fiction section, he couldn't fight it anymore. Parking the cart, he flipped open the phone. He was in no way prepared for what he found.

R: And quite a perfect mouth too

R: I want to kiss you

R: Everywhere

R: Especially on that special spot on your neck that you love

R: And then undress you

R: And I want you to kiss me like you always do when you start to get excited

R: I love when you lose control and you start to breath fast when my hands explore your body

R: And how you start to whisper my name when my hand hovers over your cock, rubbing you through your pants

R: Ughhhh E I want you so bad right now

R: Geez I am so hard

Enjolras could feel the heat rising again, but this time it had a decidedly more southward destination. He cleared his throat, trying to ignore the fact that he was growing hard himself. He could almost feel Grantaire's lips on his neck and it sent a shiver up his spine.

E: Stop Grantaire. I'm done in two hours. I'll come home and I'll be yours. I promise. But for the love of God stop that.

R: Hehe. I'm turning you on.

E: Absolutely not.

God yes he was. But there was no way he was telling his tipsy boyfriend that.

R: Remember when I woke you up last week by sucking you off?

R: That's what I want to do right now. Having your cock in my mouth and lick it. Make you moan as you fill my mouth.

R: I want to feel you getting harder until it's painful. And feel you thrusting a little, fucking my mouth.

R: I fucking want you to come into my mouth E. Again and again. I want to taste you.

Enjolras adjusted the front of his trousers, glancing around to make sure no one was there to witness this. His mouth felt dry at the thought of Grantaire's lips on his cock, licking him, sucking him. He shook his head, still trying to maintain his dignity, despite the flush on his cheeks and the throbbing of his cock. There was no way he would let this happen at work. Biting his lip, he picked up a book off the cart, sliding it into it's proper place. But it's not long before he sees the incessant glow of that screen again. And as much as he knows he shouldn't, E finds himself flipping the phone open again.

It was a picture of Grantaire's hard cock.

Enjolras's whole face became red, but he couldn't stop staring at it. That bastard. He had to stop it. Right now. Otherwise he would lose the small control he still had. And it could not happen. Not in the library.

E: My battery is dying. I'll see you in two hours.

R: ahah. Right

R: Well have a good two hours love

R: Because I'm gonna play with what you just saw.

R: Thinking about you riding me on the bed like yesterday

R: That was so hot

R: Oh God. My cock is so hard, so hot. It's so good E. I imagine it's you. Your hand.

R: Oh it's so good

R: Fuck I wish you were here.

Enjolras couldn't stop a small whimper from escaping his lips. Fuck. He was so goddamn hard. His breathing got heavy, thick with lust and want. Before he even realized he was doing it, E found himself arching into his hand, rubbing his neglected cock through his jeans. Biting his lip, he tired to hold back his groan. He was so going to kill R for this. He glanced down at his cart full of books briefly, before turning his attention back to his growing need. He leaned against the bookshelf, rubbing himself a few more strokes until he knew he couldn't take it any more.

Abandoning the books, he made a beeline for the back of the building. I took everything within his power not to just fuck it all and get himself off right in the middle of the library. Pushing the door to the restroom open hastily, E clicked the lock closed. Pressing his back against the wall, he impatiently unbuttoned the front of his trousers, sliding his hand in to grab his aching member. He groaned loudly (louder than one should in a library), throwing his head backward. He slipped his phone out of his pocket before allowing his pants and boxers to pool to the floor. He flipped it open with a groan, needing to see R's cock one more time, but R had been waiting for this.

R: I just imagine you working in your damn library. I come over to see you cause I can't take it anymore. And I just fucking want you right here right now.

R: I tackle you against a bookshelf. I press my lips against yours while grabbing your cock and stroking it over your pants over and over again. And you moan a little in my mouth as my hand rubs against you.

R: I slip my hand into your pants, squeezing your hard cock

R: Then I stroke you until you come. And I kiss you and push you down onto your knees.

R: I unzip my jeans and you are so fucking hungry that you dont even wait for my pants to go down all the way. You take all of me into your mouth.

R: Fuck I can almost feel it

R: Fuck E, I feel your tongue and it's so good.

R: I just can't take it. I make you stand up, turn over and I just fuck you

R: I thrust inside you and you have to hold back your screams by biting your lip so hard

R: And I come inside you because it's all I want right now

A noise akin to a whimper escapes Enjolras' lips as he drinks in the words greedily. He can practically taste Grantaire's lips, his cock in his mouth. A breathy gasp leaves his lips as he begins stroking his cock, so fucking hard and desperate in his hand. His eyes close as he throws his head backward against the wall in ecstasy. He pictures the way Grantaire looks when he's on his knees in front of him, imagines the way his lips look, swollen and red against his cock as he works him in his mouth. Another groan escapes his lips as his pace quickens. He desperately presses his backside against the wall, wishing he could feel Grantaire filling him. He recalls the "tight little ass" comment from earlier and has to hold back another whimper. Biting his lip to stifle himself, he quickens his pace even further, Grantaire's name beginning to fall from his lips as he comes so very close to climax. With one final shout, he releases into his hand. He stays there for a moment, basking in the afterglow of orgasm before he remembers where he is. Hastily, he cleans himself up, and dresses himself, washing his hands thoroughly before returning to his stack of books. It's not until he get's back to the desk that he checks his phone again.

R: Fuck E that was so good..

R: But your battery's dead, so I'm sure you won't read this ;)

R: Can't wait to see you home

R: Love you ;) xxx

That bastard. He was enjoying this way too much. Sooner or later he would pay for it.