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Payback is a bitch

Grantaire sat at his desk, sketching a picture of Enjolras when he should have been taking notes. He sighed as the teacher droned on about some ancient statue or something. Art he got, but art history was a whole different story. He glanced up for a moment as the teacher discussed a Greek statue of the god Apollo, but his attention was short lived and before long he was back to doodling. His phone buzzed and he looked at Éponine who was pretending she was listening. They usually did this; texted each other the entire class even if they were sitting next to each other. They'd whine about the class or gossip about their friends. He glanced at his phone and smirked.

P: Cute guy, first row.

Grantaire looked up towards the first row. There was only one guy. He was thin and pale, with brown hair and enough freckles to play a serious game of connect the dots. R's raised an eyebrow. Wasn't it the guy Éponine had been gawking at since the beginning of the semester? Oh God, not that again.

R: Meh not my type

R: And he's taken, remember

P: Pffff I still have hope that he'll dump her

R: How are you gonna convince him?

P: I don't know...

R: Show him your boobs. Guys love boobs

P: Even you?

R: Pfff. Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I can't appreciate a nice pair of tits ;)

Ponine had to bite her lips not to laugh at that comment. If they weren't in class, she probably would have hit him. Giving a little wink, she unzipped her vest a bit, bringing her gaze back to the boy in the front row. Grantaire swiped at his phone as it buzzed, but this time it wasn't Ponine.

E: I miss you.

R: I miss you too :D

E: Since when do you actually go to class anyway?

E: I came back early to surprise you and now I'm here all alone.

R: Class is over in two hours.

E: Too long.

R: Says the guy who told me to be patient

E: I am patient.

E: I'm dating you, aren't I?

R: Pffffffffffff

R: Well, mister patience, you'll have to wait. I'm busy staring at the junk of some Greek statue of Apollo.

E: I'm sure there's someone else's junk that you'd rather be staring at.

R: No doubt ;)

R: But for now I think I'll just stick with Apollo since you're not here :P

E: Oh, I'd be willing to bet you'd rather be staring at my cock right now.

E: Is Apollo's junk standing at attention at the thought of you?

Grantaire stared down at his phone, biting at his lip as a grin spread across his face. That one simple sentence did things to him he'd never admit. It was rare that Enjolras was this forward and God was it fucking hot.

R: Are you seriously going to do this to me right now?

E: Do what?

E: Go pay attention to your class.

E: I am going to grab a shower.

R: I hate you

E: Why?

R: Because you know I love to see you in the shower

E: Really?

E: Is it because I'm naked?

E: Or because water runs down my body?

E: Or because I'll be getting off to the thought of you?

R: Fuck you.

E: I'd like to.

Grantaire had to stop himself from nearly letting out a groan in the middle of class. Fuck. This was seriously not okay. What the hell had gotten into Enjolras? He never pulled stunts like this. Then suddenly Grantaire was picturing the boy in the shower, the water running down his body as he jerked himself off. Casually he crossed his legs to hide his growing problem. Curse his overactive libido. He tried to pay attention to whatever the hell the teacher was saying and ignore Éponine's glance toward him but his phone buzzed again. And again, and again, and again.

Fucking Enjolras.

E: I might skip the shower and take myself already.

E: I am so fucking hard.

E: God my jeans are tight, let me take them off.

E: Ah! Much better.

He could almost see Enjolras' grin at the end of his last text. Fuck did he wish he was there, in the shower with his boyfriend rather than in this stupid fucking class. He leaned his head back slightly, his eyes closing for a moment as he pictured Enjolras' throbbing cock, hard and wet and fuck.

E: Should I take my shirt off too?

R: Only if you send a picture

E: Would you like that?

R: Maybe :P

E: I still have the picture of your cock on my phone

E: I may look at it right now

R: Fuck, E...

Grantaire set his phone face down on the desk. He seriously needed to calm down. Taking a deep breath, he decided it was a good time to pretend to pay attention. But all he could see was that damned projection of Apollo and his goddamn cock.

His phone buzzed again. He looked at it immediately.

P: Dude go to the bathroom. I'm sure the whole class can see your boner.

Grantaire glanced from Ponine to his jeans, suddenly aware of how hard he was. He shot her a sheepish grin before standing up as casually as he could muster in that state and making a beeline for the door. Without hesitation, he turned a corner, heading straight for the bathroom. He stared at his phone the entire time, waiting for Enjolras to respond, because let's face it, this was about 1,000 times better than fucking art history class. He was so caught up in re reading the messages he didn't even notice there was already someone occupying the bathroom.

"I knew it wouldn't take much to get you in here." a voice said. Grantaire raised his eyes up, surprised to find Enjolras, standing in the middle of the bathroom, a smirk on his lips, and his phone in his hand. "What are you doing here." Grantaire asked, not believing his boyfriend was standing in front of him. "I figured the real thing would be better than a picture." He replied. "The real question is, what are you doing here?" Enjolras asked with a smirk, glancing down at the noticeable bulge in Grantaire's trousers. "You planned it all along." Grantaire whispered, wide eyed, amazed at his boyfriend's initiative. He never believed Enjolras would do something like this. Enjolras walked toward him and pinned him against the door before locking it. "But, unlike you, I wouldn't let my boyfriend jerk off all alone in a bathroom." Grantaire grinned. "So you're admitting you jerked off in the bathroom then?" He teased, quirking a brow, the admission turning him on even more. "Shut up'' was Enjolras' only response before kissing him aggressively.

Grantaire grinned against the kiss as Enjolras' body pressed against his. He ran his fingers through the blonde's hair, tugging him even closer. He could feel Enjolras' fingers making their way down his body. ''Your shirt isn't off." Grantaire accused, breaking away from the kiss. "Or your pants for that matter. Liar.'' Enjolras smirked back at him, trailing a hand down the brunette's torso. "Take them off then." He challenged." Grantaire slid his hand up the blonde's shirt, tracing over every detail of his defined torso. "When we saw Apollo in class today," He began, kissing at the boy's jaw. "The teacher didn't mention he'd be waiting for me in the bathroom with a hard on." He teased, sliding his hand down to the front of Enjolras' jeans to grasp his hardening member, happy to see he wasn't the only one who was turned on.

Enjolras let out a stifled groan. "Oh come on," Grantaire teased, sliding his leg between the blondes' as he rubbed him through his jeans. "You can give me a little more than that." Enjolras' face became slightly serious, a flush dancing across his cheeks. "We're at school." He scolded, biting back another moan as Grantaire

popped the button of his jeans open, sliding a hand in to give him another squeeze. "Come on, I bet you were loud in the library." He whispered into his boyfriend's ear, pushing the boy's pants low enough that he could slip his cock through the slit in his boxers. "I wasn't." Enjolras managed through labored breaths as Grantaire's thumb slid across the slit of his member. "Right, like you're not loud in bed." Grantaire said, rolling his eyes. Enjolras leaned forward for a moment, pressing his lips against his boyfriend's ear. "Remember when you said you wanted to suck me off?" Enjolras breathed, recounting their previous text conversation. "Now's your chance." He said with a grin, pulling back to free himself from his boxers, his perfect cock standing at attention. "Unless of course you'd rather stand around talking all day?"

Grantaire gave his boyfriend an amused look. It wasn't often Enjolras was this forward and he had to admit he kind of liked it. He looked at his boyfriend hungrily, biting his bottom lip for a moment before he felt Enjolras' hands on his shoulders, pushing him down. "This seems like a bad choice in activity for someone who's trying to be quiet." He said, resting on his knees. Gripping the base of the blonde's cock, he brushed his lips against the tip teasingly. "Just put your mouth to good use for once." Enjolras half teased, half commanded, leaning back against the door. Grantaire shot the boy a grin before returning his lips to Enjolras' needy cock. Enjolras let out a sigh of pleasure as Grantaire's lips parted slowly, taking in the head. He sucked at it lightly, teasingly as his mouth moved up and down, ever so slightly. Pulling away after a moment, Grantaire moved his lips to the underside of the blonde's length right at the base. Gently, he held a bit of skin between teeth and sucked lightly, something he knew the boy liked.

He glanced up at Enjolras as he worked his way up his cock, head back, eyes closed, lips parted as a noisy moan escaped. Grantaire shot him a knowing glance, something akin to "I told you so." But before Enjolras could comment, Grantaire's lips were on him again. He nipped and sucked at the tender flesh of his inner thigh, leaving marks as he went. He needed to hear Enjolras moan his name, beg him to take him into his mouth. Not to mention it was fun to prove him wrong about the whole being loud thing. When he didn't think Enjolras could take much more, he finally took him into his mouth. He could feel Enjolras' fingers threading through his hair, encouraging him, and he obliged, taking him deeper. His tongue skimmed along the underside of the boy's cock as he took him in all the way, eliciting a slew of moans from the satisfied blonde. Grantaire's fingers danced along the boy's abdomen as he began to set a rhythm. He pulled out nearly all the way before taking him in again, his head bobbing as he worked.

Enjolras' grip on his hair tightened. "Fuck." He groaned in a desperate way that went straight to Grantaire's cock. He drew in his cheeks, sucking against Enjolras' member as he continued. The more Enjolras moaned, the more Grantaire became aware of how achingly hard he was. His cock rubbed desperately against the fabric of his jeans and he found his hand wandering down to rub himself. The grip on his hair tightened, and he felt his head being lifted upwards to meet Enjolras' gaze. "Who said you could touch yourself?" Enjolras nearly whispered, with a smirk. Grantaire's groan of disappointment was muffled by the blonde's cock as he reluctantly withdrew his hand. Enjolras ordering him around like that only heightened his desire. Wrapping his hand around to grab Enjolras' ass, he quickened his pace, moaning against the boy's cock as he fisted the brunette's hair tightly. He could feel Enjolras' hips begin to buck, and with a few haphazard thrusts the boy came with a cry, spilling himself into Grantaire's mouth.

The brunette looked up at him as he swallowed, licking his lips with a satisfied grin as he stood up. "Even the great god Apollo can't keep quiet when his cock's in my mouth." Grantaire teased with a grin, moving in for a kiss. His hand moved to unfasten his jeans, his cock still aching and desperate. But instead he was met with a finger pressed against his lips. "You should have paid attention in class." Enjolras said, a bit satisfied with himself as he begun straightening out his clothes. "It's your job to satisfy the gods, not the other way around." He said with a dismissive shrug. Grantaire stood there is disbelief, mouth agape. "What the hell E?" He asked as the boy finished straightening out his clothes and unlocked the door with a flick of his wrist. "You know what they say." He offered with a grin as he began to pull the door open. "Payback's a bitch." He turned around one last time before walking out the door. "Like I said before, that's why god gave you hands."

Grantaire stood in the middle of the bathroom, mouth still agape, cock still throbbing. Enjolras was going to pay for this, he thought as he slid his hand into his pants. This battle was far from over.