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"So what you're telling me," Bart said, his eyes very serious and focused on Jaime. "This entire thing… Is made of chocolate?"

Jaime nodded. "Yes."

Bart eyed the massive chocolate bunny suspiciously and Jaime felt like every single one of his nerves was tightly coiled with anxiety. He had something very important to tell Bart, but wasn't sure how the speedster would respond. Jaime had developed something of a habit of treating Bart to a new food before breaking important news to him. He pretended it was because it helped Bart think, but it was really because Bart had been trained not to speak with his mouth full after six years as Jaime's boyfriend, forcing him to think before saying whatever was on his mind. And it was important to Jaime that Bart really thought before responding to this particular question.

Bart was still frowning. "Why is it a bunny?"

Jaime blinked. "Uh. Easter candy, hermano."

"Weird, but crash! Wait, why do we celebrate Easter again?"

Jaime was getting impatient. "Something about Jesus and spring, now come on try it."

Bart turned his suspicious gaze onto Jaime now. "You're not doing that thing again where you try to distract me with food before telling me something important are you?"

Jaime flushed. "W-what thing? I don't do that!"

Bart rolled his eyes. "Oh really?"

"Really!" Even Jaime knew his tone was unconvincing.

Bart started counting off on his fingers. "Pineapple pizza, my dog ran away and the Garricks can't find him. Sushi, Milagro has a boyfriend and the entire family wants to have a family dinner date all together. Cheesy popcorn, you broke my copy of the Lion King and had to order it on Amazon—"

"Okay, okay, so maybe I do that sometimes," Jaime said hastily. "But not this time, I promise."

Bart clearly didn't trust him, but something about Jaime's face convinced him to eat the chocolate anyway. Admittedly, he was painfully slow about it, and Jaime had to wait until his third bite before his mouth was full enough.

"I got an apartment," Jaime blurted out.

Bart clamped his hand over his mouth, narrowly missing spraying chocolate all over Jaime. His eyes were bright and furious and Jaime knew he had it coming.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry," Jaime said, grabbing Bart's wrists to stop his boyfriend from hitting him. "I'm a liar, I know, but this is important."

Bart was still glaring, but he stopped his attacks on Jaime, still chewing his mouthful angrily.

"Look, I wanted to know—Well the Garricks are getting older and you're in your twenties now and—" Jaime swallowed. " I was wondering if you wanted to move in with me?"

Bart stared at Jaime in shock. His brilliant golden eyes were unreadable and motionless. He'd even frozen mid-chewing. It felt like an eternity before Bart swallowed and for a brief moment Jaime feared he might yell. But those fears were cut off short as Bart promptly tackled the older boy to the floor. Jaime was laughing as the younger boy squirmed in his arms, spreading chocolate on his face with messy open-mouthed kisses along his neck and cheek.

"Are you kidding me?! Of course I want to move in with you, you stupid idiot, bug-brained—" Bart's kisses intensified on Jaime's face, clumsily bumping mouths as Jaime giggled and Bart insisted on kissing. Jaime gave in to Bart's pressing mouth and kissed the speedster back, not caring about the candy smeared all over his face or the looks he was sure to receive if any of Bart's family were to walk in.

"So, I'll take that as a yes?" Jaime smiled as Bart broke away.

"A million times yes," Bart said happily.

Just as Jaime leaned in to kiss him again, Bart cut him off with his hand.

"One condition," the speedster said seriously. "No more trying to distract me with food before telling me something important."

"Alright deal," Jaime said, as Bart wound their pinkies together to seal the agreement. Jaime's eyes glittered mischievously, leaning back in toward his boyfriend. "I suppose I'll just have to find other ways to distract you then."

Bart hummed contentedly under Jaime's deep kisses. "Deal."

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