I will start off by saying that I have only watched the Anime, and while I have heard that in the Manga Akito is actually a girl…I'm sticking with the Anime where she is a guy ^^'


They're getting closer. I thought as I ran through the nearby forest. I didn't pay any attention to where I was until I popped out of the forest to find myself in a village-like area. Oh no, the Sohma residence. I felt like I had just been given a death sentence. However, when I turned around, I saw the men chasing me were within five meters. I'd rather die by Sohma. I thought as I ran farther inside.

"You there." I heard a voice call. It was a powerful voice that could only belong to the head of the residence. "Look at me." I reluctantly turned my head, only to see the men chasing me were closer than ever.

"Sir, I mean no disrespect, but can I hide under your porch a second?"

"Why would you-"

"Thanks!" I yelled as I slid underneath. I watched the men stand just a bit away from Akito, obviously trying to find where I went.

"You three." The men stopped for a moment, then looked straight at Akito. "You do realize I should have you arrested right now for trespassing on the Sohma property, don't you?"

Their faces were struck with horror at the word "Sohma". "I-I-I'm sorry, sir. A…friend of ours was running through the forest and we were just looking for her. Have you happened to see her.?" Oh no… I looked up through the cracks of the porch just in time to make eye contact with Akito's piecing grey-navy.

"No, I have not." What?

"Of course, sir. We'll be on our way, now. We apologize for the intrusion." With that the three men left hastily.

"You can come out, now." Akito said as he stood up. I did as told, but gave him a peculiar look.

"Why did you help me?" He froze half way through the door when I asked. I couldn't see his eyes through his dark purple hair.

"Follow me." It wasn't a question. It was a clear command. Oh great, I'm having to follow a barely grown man inside, and to make matters worse, he's the head of a family. A girl like me has noooo chance. Even though I thought this, I did as told, but kept myself ready. He seemed pretty scrawny, so I could take him out for just a second; long enough to get out, at least. I sat in the usual way that I had learned about in my Japanese Culture class back in Tennessee.

"Why were those men chasing you?"

"Because I witnessed them mugging another man."

"How old are you?"

I gulped. "Seventeen, sir."

"What do you suppose they would have done to you if I hadn't lied and said I didn't know where you were?"

A tear nearly slipped as I said, "I can only imagine the worst."

"What other reasoning do I need to have helped you?" I looked up at him with my vivid green eyes without thinking. I was in so much shock that he didn't have any other reasoning. That's when it struck me. Isn't he supposed to be a merciless jerk?

"If you have a question for me, please ask." I snapped back and looked down again.

"I just, I had heard…so I just…"

"Speak with finish sentences please." He sounded so cold and harsh it sent shivers down my spine.

"I was surprised, that's all. I had heard you were…not the most merciful, so I just expected more, I guess?" I looked up to be sure I hadn't opened my mouth too big, and while he looked angered by my statement, he obviously was using self-control.

"It was good meeting you, Miss…" he looked at me expectantly.

"Miss Gomez."

"Full name?"

"Rosa Marie Gomez, sir. My family is from Mexico, but later moved to America about twenty years ago."

"And why did you end up here?"

"My father found a good paying job where he wouldn't have to be moving almost half a ton of wood every day." I chuckled a bit, remembering how ecstatic he had been about that.

"You are free to go now, Miss Rosa Marie. I have decided that for your punishment of trespassing, you will come back here every day for at least an hour a day until the end of the school year." School was just starting tomorrow for this year, so I could tell this was going to pretty much suck…

"Yes, sir. What time sir?"

"I'll have a driver go and get you after your school hours. During the weekend and on breaks, expect the car around one in the afternoon. Can you deal with that?"

"Yes sir."

"Alright, go on now." I stood and did a small bow, but right before exiting I heard him say, "Also, call me Akito."