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Well, I am now currently in a white dress (exactly one year later, might I add) and waiting for my cue to walk down the aisle. I took a big breath, but my nerves still got to me.

"Tohru, are you sure everything will go smoothly? I mean, what I trip? What if I mess up my lines? What if I kiss him poorly in the end? So many things could go wrong!"

"Oh, Rosa! Calm down, okay? It'll all be great. It's your big day. Just remember that. Nothing should ruin it."

I nodded. "Thanks, Tohru. I can never tell you how grateful I am for-" And the piano began playing, signaling my turn. "-For all the things you've done." I whispered before walking into the small room with the picture of my dad who passed a month ago due to a heart attack.

I love you, Daddy. I miss you so much, but I know you're up in heaven smiling me down at me. I know you'd approve of him.


"…to have and to hold; in sickness and in heath?"

We smiled at each other. "I do." we said together, just like we said we would nine days ago.

"You may now kiss the bride."

Akito smiled, cupped one cheek in his hand and held my waist before going in for the biggest most perfect kiss he'd ever given me. I blushed profusely of course, but didn't hesitate to kiss back. Tears were flowing, whistles were blowing, and flowers were thrown. When we finally separated, we smiled widely to each other, knowing it was really official.

"It's going to be a lovely trip, Mrs. Sohma."

"Yes it will, Mr. Sohma. Yes it will."

Hatori walked over to us with his fiancé Patience (A/N: I looked it up; it's a real name. I think it fits very well for Hatori, don't you think?) hanging on his arm. They'd be getting married in just two weeks. "So, you two finally got this far."

"Hey, it's one year since I graduated, Mr. Impatient." I told him in a mocking tone.

"Well, it's a good thing I'm getting married to Patience."

"Yes." she said. "It's a good thing. Honestly, how did you get by without me, before?"


She chuckled. "Well, it's good I came around then." She waved at us. "It was good seeing you guys, but we need to go. So much planning to do still!"

"Alright. Take care!"

When they wandered off, next up came Haru and Momiji. The little rabbit, to be perfectly honest, had lost a lot of his boyishness. He was 2-4 inches taller and his face was a little less round. Also, though you can't see it now, I've seen him playing basketball in a tank and his arms were…nice looking, to say the least. I could see several girls falling head over heels for the kid. Haru…he was basically the same but a couple inches taller.

"Hey you guys!" I said as I air-hugged them. I stepped back after a moment and smiled. "Thanks for coming!"

"Hey, someone actually married this guy. We had to come so we knew it wasn't a fake." Haru said. However, a moment later he took my wrist and pulled me closer. "Now might I have the honor of kissing the bride as well?"

Akito stepped up and pulled me away from the (now Black) Haru and glared. "If you would like to keep your worthless life, you shouldn't."

"Oh come on Akito. It can't hurt anything. Well…Unless it's not on the cheek. Then we'll both whoop his ass." I sent a small glare to the paling Haru. "Understood?"

"Uh, you know, um, suddenly I think I can live without that."

"Oh, okay. Well, it was nice talking to you!"

"Yeah… C-come on, Momiji!" He dragged the blonde away who sadly never got to say a word. Poor guy.

"Rosa!" Arisa yelled.

"Congrats." Saki said in her usual tone.

"Thanks you guys. It means a lot you guys came."

Arisa laughed. "Of course we came! It's your big day. Plus, the guy is loaded."

"Hey!" I lightly whacked her. "That's my husband you're talking about."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah…Hey, didn't you hate him for a while?"

I blushed and scratched my head awkwardly. "Yeah…but as you can tell, I'm past that phase."

"Yeah, well. Good luck." she said before leaving.

"May it be a safe journey." Saki said before following along behind her.

~Ten years later~

"Isaac! Get down here! You're father's home!" The baby started crying again since I stopped bouncing, so I started to again to get her to calm down. I swear, soon I'm going to start graying from these kids!

"Hello, darling." Akito pulled me into him and kissed me possessively but passionate nonetheless.

"Ew, mommy and daddy are kissing!" the little six year old said. We pulled apart meekly.

"Come here, kid!" Akito said before picking Isaac up semi-easily. Since he's often so sick still, it's not terribly good for him to do this often, but he's been out for a month getting treatments done, and while you may or may not believe it, he's a great father. Hates every other kid, but loves his own flesh and blood.

"Alright, Isaac, you saw your dad. Get in the bed."

"Aw, but, mommy!"

"No but's. Go." Akito set the boy down and he sluggishly walked down to his room.

I rolled my eyes and put the now-sleeping baby in her crib. She yawned and rolled over, hugging her plush-ox (in honor of Uncle Haru, as he demands to be called).

"I think we're doin' pretty good. What about you, Mr. Sohma?"

"I'd say we're doing a marvelous job, Misses Sohma."

"Good. I'd smack you if you didn't." I smirked and planted a light kiss on his lips. "Now come on. It's getting late."

~It's the end of the story, but the adventure never truly ends.~

Well, here we are...I'll be honest, I've slightly disappointed myself with this story. But, it taught me a lot of lessons on writing and publishing, one being to finish the story before posting. Another is not to do fruits basket because dang it is hard to write! Hi five to them anime and manga writers because -whistles-. But, anyways, to my wonderful readers, thank you so much. You've all been so kind and I can't thank you enough. If you're into marvel, I'm nearly finished with the first book of a LokixOC series (I actually wrote book two and then I was like, "Wait a minute...SERIES~~~" also, I did some research, the war Loki was born just before happened about 1050 years ago, add a few years for when Loki was born and divide by his about equivalent age of 30 and 1 Asgardian year is about 35 of our years! That's just my estimation, of course, but also the one I'm sticking with. Of course I'l add a few years once I have an approximate age for the specified Asgardian. Make it less...strict) But I'll warn that the books won't be long. One book per movie that has a lot of Asgard scenes, which at this point is only the two Thor movies...

ANYWAYS: Here's a rough draft of the summary of book one, Servant or Friend?:

Astrid has been working for the royal family since she was 564 years old, merely a child in the grand scheme of things. Of course, she was assigned to one royal in particular: Loki. For centuries she's been almost constantly at his side, helping him at his lowest so he could rise to his highest. But what if everything goes wrong? What happens when she figures out what he's planning? Where will her loyalties lie? Asgard...or Loki?

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