This is a request for Kyo Shijou. Enjoy :)

Being a professor at the local college was stressful work, most people said, but Jyuushiro Ukitake loved his job. He loved his students, his co-workers, and the history he taught about. The people who knew him said he was a passionate, loving person, so it was only natural he felt so strongly about what he did and who he interacted with.

"Ne, Jyuushiro?"

The white-haired professor looked up from his laptop, smiling brightly at his aide, Kaien Shiba. The younger male had messy dark hair and an outgoing personality, and he was very close with the taller male.

"Yes, Kaien?" Jyuushiro asked, tilting the lid of the laptop closed.

"Did you read that email from Yamamoto-sama?" Kaien stood behind Jyuushiro, awaiting the reply.

Ukitake nodded. "I did. We have two new students in our class. It seems they were removed from Sui-Feng's class for bad behaviour."

"Yes, that is what I was told."

Jyuushiro's smile never faltered as he stood up and grabbed his laptop. "Let's get to class, Kaien. The students won't teach themselves."

Kaien followed the older male, his bag slung over his shoulder. He couldn't help but keep his eyes fixed on the delicate body in front of him, wanting to reach out and touch it. He shook his head, knowing he needed to control himself while they were at work.

They walked through the corridors, passing other students as they went, talking quietly amongst themselves, until they arrived at their room. They greeted the students waiting patiently by the door before they unlocked it and let everyone in.

"Took long enough..."

Jyuushiro turned to see who had made the comment, associating it with two students he had not seen before. They must have been the badly behaved ones who were removed from their previous class. One of the students was a very, very large man who had black hair that was styled into spikes. For whatever reason, there were tiny bells on the end of each spike, and a black eye-patch covered the man's right eye. His clothing was ripped and shaggy, showing what must have been years of neglect towards caring for them.

"You must be Zaraki-kun." Jyuushiro's eyebrows crinkled as he smiled happily at his new student. He glanced at the male standing next to the younger one. He was bald and was carrying what appeared to be a wooden sword by his side. He couldn't help but laugh as he noticed it. "Why do you have a wooden sword, Madarame-kun? Surely you have been told you should not carry them around school?"

"Shut up!" The bald male snapped, his hand gripping the wooden sword in a threatening manner.

Jyuushiro didn't laugh, but his smile remained as large as ever. "Please take a seat wherever you wish. We should begin immediately."

"What makes ye think ye can tell us what to do?" The larger male sounded threatening, his hands clenched at his sides.

"Oh, I wasn't telling; I was asking." Jyuushiro was sincere as he spoke. "I would not force you both to do something you don't wish to do."

The two males stayed quiet at this, but they moved to the unoccupied desk at the back of the room sitting against one of the windows overlooking the front garden of the college.

"Jyuushiro, should you be so easy with those two?" Kaien muttered as they moved to the front of the classroom. "They seem very aggressive."

"They'll be fine," the professor reassured. "I believe they act this way for a very particular reason. It seems like people expect them to be like that and haven't had a good support."

Kaien nodded. "Alright..."

Jyuushiro pulled his laptop out from its case and placed it on his desk. He plugged it in to the projector before he turned to his class, his eyes shining.

"Everybody, we have two new students," the skinny man explained. "Kenpachi Zaraki and Ikkaku Madarame. Please make them feel welcome."

There were mumbles around the classroom, an obvious dislike of their new peers already. Jyuushiro knew that this knowledge hurt him, not wanting to see people treated differently or bullied, but he also knew he didn't want to embarrass his new students further by commenting on this; Zaraki and Madarame seemed to be loners by nature.

"Now, to begin with, Kaien and I worked on a slideshow to show you the devastating impact on..." Jyuushiro's voice droned on in the background for the new students.

"This is boring..." Kenpachi mumbled, resting his chin in his hand. He stared out of the window, just wishing he could be done with this ridiculous thing.

Ikkaku nodded, resting his wooden sword along his shoulders. "Wish he'd shut up and talk about something more interesting."

Kenpachi opened his mouth to reply, but he was cut off by one of the other students. "Could you please be quiet?" the brunet boy asked, glaring at them. "I'm trying to concentrate."

Within a second, Kenpachi had leant forward and grabbed the collar of his fellow student's shirt, tugging him forward. "Shut ye mouth."

Jyuushiro and Kaien had arrived at the scene before anything further could be done, pale hands separating the two students. The professor looked between the two students and the boy that had been grabbed, biting his lip; he knew he had to discipline this, but he also needed to show the rough males that he was someone they could rely on. What should he do?

"Put your hands on him again and I'll – Jyuushiro?" Kaien frowned, looking at his side when the older male's hand grabbed his shoulder.

Ukitake shook his head at Kaien, his eyes soft. "Please take Sakota-kun to the front of the class and explain what we were just talking about to him."

Kaien nodded, grabbing the student that had just been abused. "Let's go to the front of the class, okay? I'll go over everything with you again."

Jyuushiro watched them leave before he turned his attention to the rest of the class. "Everyone, please focus on taking notes about what I have just told you." He then turned back to Zaraki and Madarame. "May I speak with you both outside, please?"

"Stop telling us what to do!" the bald male shouted, pointing his sword at the teacher.

Jyuushiro sighed, smiling gently. His eyes were soft, as was his voice when he spoke. "Again, it was not a demand, but a request."

To say that Kenpachi and Ikkaku were surprised was an understatement; they were used to their professors yelling and screaming at them – but this man was so soft-spoken, it was hard not to believe his words.

Shaking his head, Kenpachi leant back stubbornly in his chair. "No. We're not going outside."

Ikkaku nodded, copying his friend's behaviour. "Yeah!"

"That's fine." Jyuushiro's words once again surprised the students. "All I'm asking for is that if you don't want to socialise with anyone, that will be fine; I can email the other students in this class and ask for them to give you your own space. Just please, please don't harm them, okay?"

Kenpachi sighed loudly before he shrugged, trying to work out why this teacher was so calm and level-headed. "Whatever."

Jyuushiro offered another smile before he left to return to the front of the room.

"He's different from the rest," Kenpachi pointed out to Ikkaku.

Ikkaku agreed. "He is..."

~~That night~~

"I'm home!" Jyuushiro closed the front door of his home behind him, smiling as he waited for his twins to run up to him in excitement. Kaien was standing by his side, the younger male usually coming over for dinner.

"Daddy!" Two sets of footsteps approached the man, sounding a lot like a herd of rhinos charging. "Daddy, we missed you!"

Jyuushiro leant down and opened his arms, grunting as two boys with silver hair almost knocked him over with the force of their tackling hug. He smiled and embraced them, picking them up with just a bit of difficulty; his body was weak from a chronic illness he had, and carried them into the living room. He sat down on the couch and thanked the babysitter for her time, before he started telling his children about his day.

Kaien sat on the couch beside the older male, and he moved in close, wrapping his arms around Jyuushiro. He sighed when the frail man pulled away with a small whimper, hating when this happened; things would have been fine between them if Jyuushiro's parents hadn't been controlling towards him.

"I'm sorry..." Jyuushiro mumbled, looking down at the kids. "..."

"It's alright." Kaien was honest as he spoke, understanding what the other was feeling. "It's not your fault."

Jyuushiro nodded and didn't speak again for a few minutes until he stood up, smiling as if nothing had happened, saying he was making dinner.

Kaien smiled back and grabbed the TV remote from the coffee table before him. He flicked through the channels as he searched for something to watch in the meantime, but he couldn't stop thinking about how much he missed and wanted Jyuushiro back in his arms.

Maybe Kaien would just have to accept the fact that they may never go back into a relationship together again.