Lunchtimes had never been something Kenpachi liked; he was far too antisocial to stand being in a crowded area. He walked with his friends back to his dorm, their arms laden with food.

"So, what's your new teacher like?" Yumichika Ayasegawa asked Ikkaku. The two had been best friends for as long as they could remember, and they were very close.

Ikkaku shrugged. "How would you put it, Zaraki-senpai?"

"Fuckin' annoying," Kenpachi growled.

Their two companions, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez and Nnoitra Gilga, laughed. "Why so?"

"Because he acts as if he has the patience of a God, but I could see him getting frustrated." Kenpachi huffed. "And I hate his fucking aide."

"Should punch his fuckin' face in." Grimmjow laughed manically as he visualised this, his savage nature taking it further than just punching a teacher. "I've seen him around, though; he's fuckin' hot. I wouldn't mind holding him down and fucking him into hysterics. He'd like it, of course."

Nnoitra laughed loudly at this, vocalising his agreement. Ikkaku and Yumichika looked up at Kenpachi when the giant male muttered something.

"What'cha say, Zaraki-senpai?" Ikkaku asked. "We didn't catch that."

Kenpachi shrugged. "Grimmjow is right; the teacher isn't that bad looking."

Yumichika flicked his hair, an overdramatic gesture that conveyed his annoyance. "Am I the only one here who doesn't know who we're talking about?"

"Yes," four sets of voices said simultaneously.

Yumichika frowned. "How ugly."

"Zaraki-senpai, we have class with him again tomorrow," Ikkaku pointed out, his hand coming to rest on his wooden sword as confused glances were sent their way. His face contorted into an angry look before he shouted, "Stop looking at me, damnit!"

The other students scurried away quickly, the group just too intimidating to mess with; you'd have to be stupid or fearless to say something back.

"The students in this school are so ugly," Yumichika said as he glanced at the people behind them. "I hate ugly things."

"Shut the fuck up, pretty boy!" Grimmjow exclaimed. "Not all of us are fuckin' ugly! I'm probably the most handsome person here!"

There was laughter at Grimmjow's statement, his friends used to his egotistical nature. They continued on, soon finding themselves in the doorway of Kenpachi's dorm-room. The five sat down, eating their lunch in silence.

Grimmjow was the one to break the peace. "If ya are gonna make a move on that teacher, you should do it soon; there are rumours about him and his aide."

Kenpachi didn't really like the idea of pursuing a teacher, but he certainly didn't like Kaien, and if it would start a fight, he would gladly go for it; he loved fighting, and he couldn't help but admit to himself that the soft-spoken professor seemed like someone he would be interested in getting to know.

Kenpachi nodded to himself before he addressed Ikkaku. "Oi, Madarame."

"Zaraki-senpai?" The bald male was at attention, the rough-natured Kenpachi's every word his command.

"Tomorrow, we'll stay behind after class and make him agree."

"Agree? The teacher?"

"Ye." Kenpachi's eyes narrowed. "Don't want his aide getting' him first."

Ikkaku laughed as he brandished his wooden sword. "Sounds great, Zaraki-senpai!"

Kenpachi smirked. This was going to be fun.

~~The next day~~

Kenpachi sighed as he stood up from the dining table, his half-sister, Yachiru, clinging to his leg as she often did. He swore the pink-haired girl had monkey blood in her veins, as she was always climbing over him.

"I'm going, Yachiru," Kenpachi said in a rough manner. He was standing in the kitchen of his father's home, his mother having died during childbirth. His father had remarried, Kenpachi's step-mother giving birth to Yachiru, but the marriage didn't last long at all. "I'll see you tonight."

Yachiru giggled, climbing up to sit on her brother's shoulder. "Okay, Kenny! Have fun!"

Kenpachi grunted as he removed the eight-year-old from his body. He nodded at her before he turned to leave, wanting to hurry so that he didn't miss the bus. He had a room in the eleventh dorm back at the college, but he preferred to spend his nights with his sister, his rough-attitude surprisingly absent whenever he interacted with Yachiru.

The bus took forever to arrive, and even longer to arrive back at the college. His first class was History with Ukitake, so he walked back to his dorm room and grabbed his books before he walked over to the cafeteria to meet with Ikkaku. It was a two minute walk from the cafeteria to the History classroom.

When at last Kenpachi and Ikkaku had arrived at the History room, they only waited a few minutes before Ukitake and Kaien had arrived. As he had yesterday, Jyuushiro greeted his students cheerfully as he let them into the classroom.

Kenpachi and Ikkaku moved to the back of the room again, keeping to themselves. No one bothered them, so Ukitake must have kept his word and asked for them to be left alone.

The class went slowly, but Kenpachi and Ikkaku found it moving along much faster once Jyuushiro sat down with them and helped them with the report writing personally. He smiled and laughed, seemingly very happy to be doing this, and he only ever left to answer another student's question before he returned to his new students.

When the class ended, Zaraki and Madarame were the only two students left in the room. Kaien was talking happily to Jyuushiro as the professor carefully packed his laptop into its carrycase.

Shiba stopped talking as he noticed the two younger males still in the room with them. He looked at them, an eyebrow raised. "Are you boys okay?"

Kenpachi raised his head high as he moved towards his teachers, Ikkaku at his side. He ignored Kaien, even going as far as to step in front of the dark-haired male, blocking him from Ukitake's view.

"Are you okay, guys?" Jyuushiro asked, reaching out to place his hand on his students' shoulders. His eyes were gentle, worried that something had happened.

Kenpachi snorted, moving again to keep Kaien out of view when the older male tried to move. "I have a request."

"A request?" Ukitake glanced at Madarame, slightly concerned; he didn't know these students well enough to know whether or not he should be wary of them. "What is it?"

"Be my boyfriend." Kenpachi sounded emotionless, like he could care less what was said or done in response to his demand, but his eyes held a dangerous look to them as if daring his teacher to object.

Ukitake blinked. "Excuse me?"

Kenpachi felt Kaien grip the back of his shirt in a threatening manner. He spun around and shoved at the dark-haired male before he turned back to his professor. "I asked ye to be my boyfriend."

Ikkaku's hand went to his wooden sword, stepping over Kaien who looked as if he were about to hit someone. Ukitake himself wasn't impressed with the treatment of his aide, but he didn't say anything, knowing that Shiba could take care of himself.

"I'm sorry, but I don't feel comfortable having this asked of me," Jyuushiro said. He leant down and grabbed his laptop case, ready to leave. "If you'll excuse me..."

Kenpachi moved to block his teacher's way. He shook his head, a large scowl on his face. "I heard there are rumours between you and –" he moved a thick finger to point at Kaien, "-that. So you're gay."

Jyuushiro flinched at these words before he shook his head. He was as soft-spoken as ever, but there was an uncharacteristic doubt in his voice. "...I'm not gay..."

Ikkaku turned to face the white-haired male, ignoring the dark-haired one he had been brandishing his sword at. "Yes, you are!"

The frail teacher shook his head, a stern expression crossing his face. "I am not. Do not tell me otherwise. Please, I am due elsewhere."

Both Kenpachi and Ikkaku would have loved to continue this argument, but they could both see it would get them nowhere if they did. Instead, Zaraki moved out of Ukitake's way, letting the older male leave. Kaien glared at them before he chased after the sickly man.

"He'd better at least think about it..." Kenpachi growled before he left the room, Ikkaku behind him.

With Jyuushiro, he was doing all he could to keep his emotions inside. He knew Kaien was with him, but that made things harder; all the stress he battled daily was stronger than usual because Shiba's arms were around him, making him remember just how corrupt he was.

"Don't listen to them," Kaien whispered, taking the older male back to their office. "They don't know what they're talking about."

"I'm not gay..." Jyuushiro mumbled. Kaien knew he was saying that, not to convince others around him, but to convince himself. "...I'm not... I have children... I was married..."

Kaien knew to stay quiet about this, not wanting to complicate matters further by pointing out that Jyuushiro was indeed gay and they had even been in a committed relationship prior to Ukitake's arranged marriage.

Shiba sighed, knowing that the disapproval of Ukitake's orientation by the man's own parents had really messed with his self-esteem.