It was two days before Jyuushiro had his History class with Kenpachi and Ikkaku again and, by the time he was welcoming his students into the classroom, all prior stress he had felt towards his students' comment on his orientation was all but forgotten.

"Good afternoon, students." The white-haired teacher clapped his hands together once, his trademark bright smile on his face. "I'm happy to say I'm back in good health, so I apologise for missing you yesterday. I trust Kaien-senpai took good care of you all?"

Ikkaku and Kenpachi, sitting in their usual seats at the back to avoid the other students, didn't listen to what their teacher had to say; they were more focused on talking amongst themselves, their plan for Ukitake unravelling between them.

"I wanted to talk a bit about the Bubonic Plague before we move on," Ukitake explained as he set up his laptop, his attention no longer focused on his students. "It leads us into our next topic."

Kenpachi looked up at this moment, seeing his chance. He disregarded all parts of the plan he had made and stood up, heading immediately over to his teacher. He noticed the way Kaien stiffened as if he wanted to stop him, and it only made him chuckle; as if the scrawny male could stand a chance against him.

Standing behind the laptop, Kenpachi grunted in order to get the older male's attention. The second those green eyes looked at him, he moved, pushing the other off the chair and onto the floor. Jyuushiro was in shock, his eyes wide as he laid sprawled on the hardwood ground. He was unprepared for the hands that lifted him up and, seconds later, slammed his back against the wall.

The sickly man's mouth opened to protest against his treatment, but before he could even make a noise, hot lips crushed against his, a tongue invading his mouth. His world stopped, unable to think about anything but how good the tongue against his felt, especially since it belonged to another man.

A tsunami of comfort and relieved crashed over the teacher, the feelings he had been repressing for so long making their way back to the surface. Frail hands reached up to grip a tattered white shirt as he nervously returned the kiss, needing desperately to feel these emotions for as long as he could; he needed to be felt as if he were wanted, as if he were needed – as if he were accepted.

The class was in a shocked silence, their eyes glued on the scene of their teacher making out with a male student. Even Kaien was in shock, unable to comprehend what was happening – every advance he made on the older male was rejected, despite having been lovers when they were younger.

Jyuushiro didn't want to let go; his long fingers curled tighter into the white fabric as drool slipped down his chin, desperate moans escaping his lips as he felt his pants tightening. Too long had he denied these feelings he kept buried deep down inside of him, denying his orientation, trying to be the perfect son his parents had wanted.

The white-haired teacher felt himself becoming so immersed in this act of passion, he almost didn't realise the hands prying him away from his student until his back was slammed against the wall once again, leaving the bulge in his pants visible for all of his students to see.

Looking up, the frail teacher came face-to-face with an angry Kaien. He was all of a sudden so ashamed of himself, understanding the hurt he must have put his precious friend through with this act. He dropped his head and stood up, moving to stand behind his desk in an attempt to hide his arousal. He glanced back at Kenpachi, seeing the student still standing there smirking in accomplishment.

Clearing his throat, Jyuushiro started to speak to his class again, trying his best to pretend that nothing had happened. He wasn't the only one who couldn't forget it; the entire class was muttering about it to one another for the entire lesson and, when class ended, to the rest of the university.

"He's into me," were the first words Kenpachi spoke as he slipped in beside Ikkaku once again, his smirk still prominent on his face.

Ikkaku laughed as he swung his wooden sword back and forth. "I noticed. He's a big boy."

Kenpachi nodded, grunting in response. After their little make-out session, there was no doubt in his mind that his teacher would reject him this time.

~~End of class~~

Everyone had already filed out of the classroom by the time the bell had rang, leaving the two teachers alone with Kenpachi and Ikkaku. Zaraki had approached the front of the room once again, a confident air about him.

Both Ukitake and Kaien looked up at him, the white-haired male's eyes clouded in a lustful confusion, the brunet's narrowed in anger.

Kaien moved to stand in front of the older man, his jaw taut as he spoke. "Stay the hell away from him."

Jyuushiro rested a hand against Shiba's forearm, trying to push the other away gently. He was quiet as he spoke, uncertainty tainting his voice. "It's alright, Kaien... Let us hear what he has to say."

Kenpachi sneered at the assistant before he turned his attention back onto the object of his fantasies. "Be my boyfriend. Ye can't deny anything now."

"He doesn't -!" Kaien's objection was cut off by his senior, and he was heartbroken to hear the words that slipped out of Ukitake's mouth.

"Okay." The slim male's eyes were soft, his mouth turned upwards in a soft smile. It was clear that he was very fond of his student, but had he thought about the pain he would be causing his friend?

"J..." Shiba didn't say anything more; he just shook his head and left the room silently, his absence unnoticed by the one he loved.

Kenpachi laughed as he stepped closer, putting a rough hand on his new boyfriend's shoulder. "I knew ye'd agree."

Jyuushiro just smiled back before he turned away to gather his things. "Would you like to have lunch with me, Kenpachi-kun?"

Kenpachi grunted before he replied. "I have something else I need to do first. Talk to ye later."

Jyuushiro smiled wider. "Okay." Once his students were gone, he sighed happily as he pulled his phone out of his pocket and hit the speed dial button. Once the voice on the other end of the line greeted him, he spoke with a voice full of joy. "Kisuke-kun, I... I have a boyfriend."