"Carl!" I yelled out the name as I rampaged through camp.

Around and behind every single tent, inside them, around the cars, this boy just couldn't be found. God Dammit! Couldn't he just stay where he's told, just for once!?

"Carl!" I yelled again stamping my feet up to another tent.

I grabbed hold of the zipper and almost near ripped the flap from the light blue colored tent. Inside there was only two of Morales's children playing a board game. They looked up at me with surprised faces and froze all movement they were about to make. I looked at them, my expression softening just a little bit, but hardly.

"Have either of you seen Carl lately?" I asked exasperated.

Both of the kids shook their heads in a quick 'no'.

"Well thanks anyways guys." I said.

I ducked my head back out from underneath the tent flap and zipped the flap back to how it was before I assaulted the tent. Quickly spinning on my heel, I march onward around camp in search of a lost Carl.

Up the small hill I was marching up I laid my eyes on the RV. The RV! How did I manage to forget to check the RV!? I started jogging up the rest of the little way to the RV. Up top, Dale was sitting in the lawn chair that sat up on the RV. Dale was sitting with binoculars in hand and pressed up against his face, overlooking the distance trying to spot any possible thing that could threaten the safety of the group. Reaching the top of the small hill, I stood next to the bottom of the RV, I yelled up to Dale.

"Hey Dale!?"

Dale lowered the binoculars from his eyes and averted his gaze down to me.

"Yeah, what do ya need Olivia?" he asked, slowly sitting up in his lawn chair.

"Have you seen Carl anywhere?" I asked putting my hand up to my forehead to block out the light that cast itself into my eyes.

He slowly shook his head indicating he had no idea where Carl was either.

I dropped my hand from my face and let out a loud groan in frustration. I turned from the RV and dragged my feet over to one of the fire pits. Bending my knees I lean backward and plop my ass down on the ground. I pulled my knees up and threw my head up onto them.

"Having a rough day?" I heard a voice ask from behind me.

I look up from my knees and look to see where the voice came from. It was Glenn. Our group's very own little 'Chinaman' as the Dixon's would call him, even though he's really Korean.

"You could say that." I laughed as he sat himself next to me on the ground.

He lifted his dingy red hat and quickly ran a hand through his black hair before settling the hat on top his head once again.

"What's getting you so unhinged?" he asked.

"Carl's MIA once again." I say with a little humor in my voice, shaking my head to exaggerate my words.

Glenn laughed at me.

"He's gotta be around here somewhere." He said shrugging.

"Yeah I guess so.." I sigh. "I'm gonna go look for him."

I get up from the ground and head back over to the RV. The RV was parked where it could overlook the quarry far below. I looked down on the quarry to see if I could spot him from up here. Besides seeing some of the other women around the camp scrubbing the clothes of the other people of the group, I saw two figures sitting a little ways from the girls.

"Are you kidding me?" I mutter to myself as I start to make my way over to the road that led down to the quarry.

"And then you just put that piece through here and you got yourself a bowline knot." I heard a voice say not to far from where I was walking.

"Cool. Can you show me how to do another!?" Carl's excited voice rang through the quarry.

"Yeah! I can show you all sorts a' knots. Bowlines, Figure Eights, Sheepshanks, any type you want, boy!" The voice I recognized as Shane's laughed out.

I made my way to them until I stood a few feet away from them. I crossed my arms across my chest and shifted my weight to my left foot. The typical 'I'm not happy' and 'Really?' pose.

"Thought I told you to stay where Carol could see you?" I say in a 'matter o' fact' tone.

Carl whipped his head around to look at me. Shane turned his head to do the same.

"Shane said he would me how to tie knots." Carl said nonchalantly.

"Doesn't matter what Shane says, matters what I say. Now go on, back to camp." I say on the verge of being angry.

With a heavy sigh, Carl picks himself up from the rocks that he and Shane were sitting on and started making his way back out of the quarry.

I turn around and start to follow Carl when I heard Shane give a hefty sigh and start to move from his rock.

"He wasn't doin' any harm, Liv." Shane let out.

I stop and turn around. Now I've been searching for this boy ALL day in the blistering heat, my shorts were starting to stick to my legs in a way that did not sit well with me. I'm tired and I'm sweaty and I'm just a little bit irritated that Carl couldn't do one little thing that I asked him to do, and here's Shane saying that 'no harm' was done. Why I oughta!

"You're right, no harm was done, but I get a little bit worried when I can't find my little brother around camp after I had told him not to leave camp just so I could do something for a few minutes, and that really irritates me Shane." I say with an angry look.

Shane just looks at me and then turns his head down and starts to lightly laugh.

"Wha- why are you laughing!?" I yell as I stare at him in amazement that he's laughing at me when I'm being serious.

He lifts his head to look at me again, still laughing.

"I just can't take you seriously, you're too cute when you're pissed off." he said sarcastically as he made his way passed me in the direction that led back to camp.

I turn around, just staring in amazement at how he just brushed me off. I quickly recover from the shock that Shane left me in and start trailing after him. No, he was not just going to walk away like that!

"How is that funny!? If you'd told me stay in camp and then I just wandered off somewhere, you'd be furious at me!" I say catching up and walking in step with him.

"You're right, I would be mad, but-"

"But what? There's no difference to that scenario to what Carl was doing."

"But, Carl didn't just wander off, he was with me. If something bad happened I would've protected him, you know that." He said looking over at me.

"I know, but that's not my point! My point is, that he can't just go places without me knowing first. I get worried and I start to panic. It's not fair to me." I say.

Shane chuckles and raises his hands in the air in surrender.

"Alright, alright. You win." He said still chuckling.

I smirk holding my head high, getting less angry by the second. My Victory!

"We'll just keep him locked up in camp for the rest of his life." Shane laughed.

I laugh and lightly push his shoulder.

"You're impossible! I hate you!" I said laughing.

Shane wrapped his arms around mine, trapping me to him so my back was to his chest.

"You love me and you know it." He said

I put my arms up around his as he slightly swayed me side to side. I turned my head look at him, still laughing. He looked down at my face smiling. Still lightly laughing, he pressed his lips to mine, pivoting on his feet.

We were far enough out of sight from the quarry that the girls washing clothes could no longer see us.

I pulled back from the kiss.

"We should get back before Carl comes back looking for one of us." I whisper to him.

"Why? I'm pretty content right here." he said, putting his lips right back on mine, only this time a little harder.

I made a sound showing my surprise, but either way, I kissed back with the same amount of pressure that he was giving. Shane tightened his hold around my waist as I started to turn around to face him. His lips were soft, and warm and that made me press my lips harder against his. He moved us backwards until my back hit the side of the rock wall that surrounded the quarry. A small noise escaped my throat as my back hit the rock. Shane turned his head a bit and dragged his tongue across my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I smirked and kept my mouth shut, teasing him a little. He moved one arm that was wrapped around my waist and brought one hand into my hair. He grabbed a handful of hair and tugged and at the same time tightened his grip around my waist even more at the same time. As he pulled on my dark locks, my mouth opened to let out a gasp and Shane stuck his tongue in to play with mine. He rolled it against and around my own tongue. I broke the lip lock. I gently grabbed hold of his lower lip and lightly rolled and tugged on it between my teeth. He made a sound in his throat, much louder than the one I made. Hid light moan was evident with want and Shane moved his lips back to mine and forced his tongue back into my mouth. This time instead of playing, our tongues battled for dominance, me losing badly. He won and his tongue roamed freely within my mouth, playing with my tongue and then moving around my mouth, but always came back to play with my tongue. My hands were placed flat against his chest, I moved one of them slowly down over his chest and stomach until I came to the top of his jeans. I tugged at the bottom of his shirt, untucking it from his jeans. Then both my hands moved to unbutton his shirt so his chest was only showing. My hands moved to his abs, slowly running my fingers over them, feeling the indents and crevices. They moved along his lower stomach. He let out a low moan. He pulled back from the kiss breathing heavy.

"We should stop now Shane. Before someone sees us." I let out breathily as Shane put his lips to neck, pressing soft, light kisses there, sucking occasionally.

"They won't come over here. We just gotta be quiet." he said against my neck.

"Shane, we both know we couldn't be quiet if we let this continuuuooooeee." I let out a moan as Shane grabbed onto one of my breasts.

I used my hands to pull his hands from me. He lifted his head to look at me.

"We need to stop now." I said in between heavy breaths.

He looked at me just breathing heavily.

"Okay?" I asked.

"Okay." He said simply.

"Okay. Good." I said as I put my handsup to his face and lightly kissed him on the lips.

I pulled myself away from him and started to walk back towards camp. I stopped then looked back at him.

"You comin' officer?" I said, using his old title.

He smiled and started to walk over to me. He leaned down so his lips were right by my ear.

"Just for stopping that little show back there, I do expect you to make it up to me." He nipped at my ear before pulling away from me.

He started walking away, looking over his shoulder back at me once, he winked then turned his head and continued on toward camp.

I laughed and ran to catch up with him.

Oh I'll make it up to him alright.