Tino sat in the kitchen with Peter as Belward stood in front of the stove. Belward listened as Peter suggested that they play 'house'. The Swedish man gave a slight smile to this. He loved it when Tino put on girly clothes at Peters request. It was, to be said, extremely cute.

"You put hairclips in your hair too Mama!" the little four year old boy said with a squeal. Belward looked into the reflection of the window near the stove to watch discretely. Their young son placed two flower hairclips in his hair before putting several in Tino's.

"Ok! Lets start!" Peter said getting out of his chair. The little toddler waddled to the door of the kitchen. He walked out of it.

A knock came from the kitchen boor " 'oney 'm 'ome" Peter said imitating Belward's accent. Tino opened the door for the small child who was now wearing one of Belwards coats.

"Welcome home my love!" Tino said in an all too high voice. He kissed little Peter on the cheeks before moving out of the way for Peter to enter. Tino picked up the Little 'Belward' and placed him in Belwards seat at the table. "What-!"

"Bring me my food women!" Peter bellowed banging his hands down on the table.

"Peter! That is not how we speak to women!" Tino growled at the toddler "Belward! Come over here! You're son has spoken to me quite rudely!"

"soon 's 'e 'does somin' wrong 'is my 'on is 'e ( soon as he does something wrong he's my son is he?)" Belward mumbled as he walked over to the table. " Wha' 'ave yo' done now, my 'on (What have you done now, my son?) " Belward stared at 'his' little boy.

"I was just doing what Mr Braginski does to Mr Toris" He said softly.

"What! Who did you hear that form!?" the Finnish man screeched. Belward looked at his son in surprise. He'd once called Tino 'women' and he hadn't been able to walk for the next week. His back still hurt thinking about it.

"Ravis told me he'd been ears dropping on Mr Toris and Mr Braginski after Mr Braginski called Toris to his room. He said that there had been a lot of noise and that Mr Braginski called Toris 'women'. He said he seemed to like it by the noise he made. But Ravis wouldn't tell me what noises they were making! He's so mean" Peter pouted at this point. Tino looked to Belward.

"You s-shouldn't-t mention this to anybody else. Ok?" Tino said softly to his son.

"Not anyone?" Peter asked

"No. Not an' one 'else (No. Not anyone else)" Belward said in his stone face and voice.

"Ok! I'll just call you what papa calls you then!" Peter giggled " Help me out of my chair you **** ***** **********sweet ***** ***** mama"

Tino and Belward's jaws dropped . They looked at each other "Don't tell anyone that either!"