Title: A Beneficial Guise

Author: Mina Robins

Fandom: Once Upon A Time

Pairing: SwanQueen

Rating: T One-Shot

Summary: Emma is a hunter, a cold blooded survivor, and she has acquired a taste for a certain Mayor. Tonight is when she decides to enact on her desires to feast, though maybe she'll entertain these human's dreams… At least until she bores of the game.


The pallor of Emma's skin isn't all that different than a normal human's other than being a shade lighter than norm. The paleness never changes nor does it burn under the sun's baking rays but it could be warmed by flesh blood and had the consistency of flawless porcelain, with the hue of ivory. Her eyes were the shade of turquoise ice; her golden hair tumbled down jaunt shoulders in perfect curls.

It was strange her son had appeared on her tenth year as a kindred. He was birthed during her human years and came to fetch and drag her into such a quaint back water place, but now she couldn't pull herself away.

Emma felt no lingering love for this human child but she did feel a certain affinity for the town Mayor. It was something she had forgotten, ten years in the passing since she had last felt this kind of attraction. It was more than just to sate the uncomfortable thirst that prowled in her mind and burned in her throat. It was something she could not deny.

She watched as the drapes within Regina's window pulled open, causing her to hastily slide closer to the cover of an archaic oak tree, it's shadow enshrouding her from the prying eyes.

Emma tilted her head up questioningly toward the figure basked in the ethereal yellow light, and wondered if Regina could sense her. Could the other woman feel her thirst, her need to satisfy the quench she has never felt for anyone else before.

Though something rang loud warning bells within Emma's skull, there was something different in this woman, something super natural as her own dead heart. She swiftly crossed the misted lawn and then into the back yard, moved up to the door handle and spun her wrist with practiced ease. The knob's lock was definitely broken now but of course the Mayor of a zero crime level town would still set up a bar. She rolled her eyes and chose a quieter route of the sliding patio glass doors, this time there wouldn't be another lock to bar her way.

Emma easily slipped into the mansion, hastily sliding the glass doors shut behind her and sped up the plush cushioned steps. The entire house was drench in the scent of the woman. It made it easier to forget that without an invitation, Emma was vulnerable to any form of attack; though the blonde highly doubted that a person as regal as Regina Mills would ever be found dead carrying rosewood stakes. Emma was not one to even humour the idea that the Mayor had the ability to set some being aflame.

If everything did descend into hell in a hand basket there was always Regina's adoptive son, Henry slumbering just a room away. In that boy housed the blood type most similar to the kind that once flowed through Emma's veins, making his blood most capable to nourish her undead vessel. He was perfect for healing any damage she might sustain from this encounter. Ah, the perks of having young before the eternal rebirth.

Regina's scent saturated the entire building, leaving Emma's mouth parched and her fangs instantly distended. She soundlessly passed Henry's room, the familiar scent of his blood making the anti-coagulating venom pool into Emma's mouth. This child would definitely be of use one day, at least she now knew where to run to if she ever drew too near the True Death. Emma scrunched her nose at the thought of Henry, he was unruly and constantly appeared just as she was about to feed. Making it so she had to resort to mesmerizing victims just as they were about to sleep since all morning meals were interrupted by the child. Did he even attend classes anymore?

Shaking her head she continued towards the master bedroom. The door was cracked open, leaving the light from the bathroom to pool into the hallway. Emma could see the brunette bent over the sink, cupping palm-fulls of ice cold water to splash against her lightly tanned skin.

The intoxicating aroma of Regina's being caused her to glide closer. Her moments seemed to have alerted the brunette though since Regina paused mid-action and raised her head and panned her eyes into the darkness that hid Emma's statue still frame.

Regina frowned and shook her hands in the basin of her sink before drying her them onto the nearest towel. "Henry…" Her voice faltered before strengthening as she commits to the role of parenthood. "You should be in bed, young man."

There's a smirk on Emma's frozen features as she pushed the door open and stepped into the room, making sure to close it behind her. There was no need to scar the already unstable child she had given birth to. The kid, no fault of Regina's, was set on fairy tale characters and saviours. Was it really necessary to add Vampires to the list of things for him to be weary of; the stress will make his blood less pliable.

Before a sound could escape the startled mayor's mouth Emma darted forward and wrapped her chilled fingers around those supple lips to deter any unwanted screams. "Shhhhhhhhhhhh."

Regina blinked, caught in the moment of shock. She lifted one hand to grab at the chilled wrist and pressed her free one against Emma's chest, not quite pushing but a warning none the least. Questions tirades through her mind but she doesn't voice them, to ask was weak but to command… to control that sudden fear and turn it into a creature of vengeance and anger, now that, was something Regina was skilled at. Almost snarling she wrenched the hand Emma had wrapped around her lips away, sliding it off to the side, taking momentary pleasure in the disbelief that shot through the other woman's face.

"Ms. Swan, Get. Out." The surprise has dissipating in favour of fuming rage; she doesn't question the reasoning for this unwanted intrusion but demanded the wretched woman to vacate her domain.

Emma was distracted by the by the fragrance and closeness of Regina's body, letting that be the simple explanation of how a mortal could overpower a kindred's strength. The struggle, the passion that danced across Regina's face was lovely to behold, the undead have a certain inability to mimic emotions once the killing frenzy sets in and caused humanity to slip from their loose grasp. Emotions were set aside in favour of the skills in the department of stealth and the art of the hunt. Charm and faux human acting were no longer needed when fangs were already descending towards a mark.

Emma could barely control her trembling limbs, her body wanting nothing but to yank her prey near, to gorge from the beating jugular till the very last drop was drained and her hands instinctively twitched to dismember the host's head. An evolutionary method to ensure no new Vampire could be awakened during feedings; it controlled the numbers since younger kindreds were unable to regulate such a drive. Though with Regina, Emma thought she might make an effort to fight the natural imperative. Without another word Emma rushed in and pushed Regina against the marble counters, her leg coming between the shorter woman's as her tongue swiped out to lick against the pounding in her meal's neck.

Regina cried out at the sudden jarring and ravenous motions. For the first time in a very long time, fright palpitated through her body. Emma was something she never thought she would encounter in these lands and have ever only heard of in myths. This was an animal's hunger, a hunter's desire. This wasn't the simple animosity that has fueled this custody battle over Henry. Oh god, Henry. This Emma, this hidden beast that the other woman has been hiding, what will it do to her son?! Panic seized her heart as she felt sharp pressure of canines prick into her throat. There was no such thing as magic in the world she had concocted and she had never required it. In this place only certain cherished items contained unusual abilities and she has done nothing but repressed the memories of Fairy Tale Land, but she needed the power that magic could afford her.

She sensed something in Emma that perhaps she could use, it was there, faint strings of uncontainable brightness, and it was a luminous beauty hidden beneath a shroud of dead obsidian mist. If only she could access it, her own magic was non-existent, a cost in the spell. But there was something there, something stunning and only made through… Regina clenched her hands as teeth tore leisurely through her skin and yet as powerless as she felt at the moment the connection was made and magic once again flowed into her body, gushing from Emma and pouring into her as long as she maintained the pull.

Emma emitted a strangled moan as a choking, terrible sensation scorched through her body. It was burning and frigid at the very same and originated from the body in her arms, she shoved Regina away and slammed back into the plaster and metal that crunched beneath her ridged back. There's a loud twang as the metal towel holder dropped onto the floor. If the crash wasn't enough the expensive metallic bar was certainly going to wake Henry. Perfect.

Emma pushed herself up, using the wall as leverage while keeping an arm around her torso. Her body was crunched into itself at the waist, trying desperately to ease the tension, waiting for the cursed pain to subside. The quick patter of feet announced the child's presence; Emma pressed her lips together and willed her canines to retract before wrapping Regina into her hold.

So the child's tall tales were true, this woman was some evil queen of this delirious little haven of a town, Emma swooped near to lick over plump lips to hide the blood on her own while her other hand wiped at the bleeding incisions. She then softly blew on Regina's scowl earning a rather strangled moan before turning to the startled human child and forced a chiseled smile onto her face. "Well, Hello, kid."

Regina's entire body stiffened and immediately clasped a hand around Emma's throat, her expression clouded by indecision; she needed to fight off this demon but would have to expose herself to the one person she couldn't loose. She made the err to in letting her gaze drop and thus caught the wounded wide-eyed look of betrayal and confusion on her child's face. The current concoction of disappointment and hurt was a glimpse into what she'll have to face if she revealed her identity.

Henry stumbled toward the pair, making Regina want to yell and warn him away. She only sought to protect, but after seeing the object disgust that was a constant fixture on her child's features she couldn't bear to be viewed with more hatred, to face the absolute scorn all felt towards the Evil Queen.

"What… What's happening...?" Henry's voice was muddled by sleep but his eyes are sharp with concerned.

Regina glared at Emma, begging her nemesis to be silent, to grant her this mercy. "We're sorry we woke you, go back to your room, everything is alright."

"It's not alright, you two were kissing, and I saw it!" There are tears welling up in his eyes now and his hands are balled into fists. "You aren't meant to like her, she's evil!"

Emma laughed derisively before training a contrite expression on her features; if anything was evil it would be herself. "No, she's not evil and we're…" She chewed the inside of her cheek, what was it that mortals termed it, god, all she has been doing since her Awakening was feed on the cattle, not interact with them. And her human life had been a dirty montage of a drunken cocaine blur. Mating…No… Fucking… Urgh, needed to keep things PG-13. "We're dating."

"Like with Graham!?" Henry spluttered out in even more disbelief.

Regina blinked at her son and clenched her hand tighter against Emma's throat but it was like trying to crush dry ice. "You knew about the Sheriff and me?"

Henry nodded and rubbed at his eyes, gasping in his breaths in his anguish. "Yes and you're not allowed to like Emma like that, it's wrong, she's supposed to over throw you!"

Emma did her best to contain the bubbling laughter that frothed in her chest. There was something akin to pride in her to see that her genetics had spawned such intelligent young. She unraveled her arms and turned to Henry, crouching in close before feeling the clasped of a frightened mother on her shoulder. She rolled the hand off, she needed to damage control. This child, this whelp was all that stood between her and pain. This was why mortals were prey; why they were weak, weak in needing to shield against emotional pain and thus allowing this foolish charade. Regina should have used her momentary surprise and destroyed her, instead of taking into account the feelings of a child, entertaining a monster to guard against hurt spirits. Irrational.

Emma schooled on a caring smile, injecting her eyes with mortal concern. "I need you to go back to bed for now, alright, we'll talk about this in the morning, I promise you I'm not going anywhere." She gave him a measured squeeze on his arm and offered a gentle smile. "I love both you and your mother, we'll make this work." It was just so very easy to manipulate the need in the boy's eyes.

Henry sniffled and moved to hug his birth mother, maybe this could work, maybe his white knight was meant to save everyone. "Can you tuck me back into bed?" His voice was small and tinged with embarrassment for requiring such a childish fancy.

Emma contained the frustrated sigh that puffed just behind her snarled lips. All she wanted was a proper feeding, when did children become such a hassle? Pulling back and maintaining the sweet expression she nodded and held out her hand for Henry, intentionally moving the remaining blood in her veins into her limb so not to frighten the boy.

Regina hovered a breath behind the pair and supervised the whole excursion, still ready to act if Emma decided to feast and yet it seemed Emma had no intention of harming the boy. Could the legends have been wrong, did Emma still view Henry as her child?

Emma went the full mile and even stroked her hands through Henry's velveteen locks until the boy's breathing evened out. When Henry finally succumbed to sleep the pair silently vacated the room and returned to Regina's.

The Evil Queen glared at the Vampire before her, Emma should have given into blood lust and attempted to devour the entire household and yet here they were now; at a standstill watching each other, waiting for a move.

The blonde kept her emotions impassive, so there was doubt in this evil queen, there was trust? Too easy, where was the caution? Why did it matter, if this woman was idiotic enough to fall for a deception and so willing to believe, who was she to let her down? Emma dropped her face into her hands and when she looked up her eyes were brimming with tears, shining bright as rubies and just as red. Blood was not something easily given but it appeared this show was going to require some sacrifice.

"I'm so-sooo sorry Regina, I don't know, I haven't…" Emma made herself hic up over her tears, vindictively glad that her blood was going to stain the plush carpets. "I never meant to come in here but you just… I'm attracted to you and you have my son and you had ten years with a child I could only view as a fresh meal in my youth, I had to give him away, I had to keep him safe and by the time I could control my thirst he was in your hold, I couldn't take him and it made me angry but I… I just …. You're both so, you're the family I craved for…" Emma peeked up at Regina, trying to gage how thick she could pile on her emotions, ah, there it was, sympathy for the devil. Regina obviously wanted to redeem herself; all she needed was to see how much Emma wanted it as well. "Please don't cut me out from his life, I could never hurt him!" She whispered pathetically, moving forward to grip the other woman's hands. "Please, I love him, I do!"

Regina attempted to shake off the guilt that immediately seized her heart, this whole time… Emma had only seek what she herself wanted, surely… was this a ruse? From what she had witnessed, Emma was not one for the dramatics, and certainly too head strong to cultivate a proper deception without giving her hand. And what she had said. Emma had proclaimed love for her as well… Could… could that even be possible? For 28 years she had lived a solidary life, one where Graham filled her physical pleasures but where did her emotions go? Was she not allowed to love and feel? Henry's affections had faded on his tenth birthday and was the most painful thing she has ever experience. What had she done wrong? Could this work out for each party?

Emma's tears dripped down onto the material of the expensive skirt, crimson on grey. Emma was quivering, unfortunately for the Mayor, Emma was shaking under her need to feed, there was no use for this act, her prey's guard was down and yet for some reason she was continuing it. Perhaps, it was for the game which she wished to entertain; maybe this would make the hunger ease. If she could convince Regina to be a regular provider, then she wouldn't have to slay the beauty before her. Emma felt giddy just imagining it; she just had to be patient.

If this was a game than Emma could play it, she had always hated loosing. And this time the prize was so gorgeous, two perfect little meals, constant sustenance. Yes, this was why she continued the ploy, why she wanted this to unfold. Not just because this woman's blood was delicious and ultimately the most fulfilling thing she had ever experienced, in this delectable human pulsed magic and something entirely different. Regina's presence offered serenity and Emma craved for more of it. Her actions were now justified; she could play without being consumed by these foolish mortal qualms of love and allegiance.

Regina shakily raised her hands to cup along the blonde's jawline, fingertips ghosting over the red, doing nothing but making the blood smudge. Emma moaned at the contact, accentuating her pleasure and then pretending to bite her lip to silence it from Henry.

Bashfully she fluttered her eyelashes down at Regina, hoping it was the right blend of need and tentative anticipation. "Please?"

"There will have to be guidelines, we have much to discuss." Regina sighed, once again caught in uncertainty. Hope was a terrible creature; coy and heady, one that could balm over inconsistencies and glaze over protruding truths. For a woman as broken and needing as Regina, Emma's promise of love was all she had ever asked for; she had created an entire fictional world in search of a happy ending. Regina was never one to relinquish her guard but decades of being submerged in the same frantic, yearning emptiness could make the most logical individuals loose sense. Then to have a sudden appearance of a chance at happiness in the form of Emma Swan; a serum of equal parts longing and desperation made embarking upon the first steps of trust easier.

The Mayor shook her head and against better judgement twisted her wrist to offer up her blood to Emma's gleaming fangs. "You'll need to be completely sated at all times when in Henry's vicinity; I'll not put my son in harm's way."

"Our son." Emma replied with persuasion and allowed her canines to gently slice through creamy skin.

A/N: A nod to luthorweeds for starting me on this whole Vampiric Emma debacle :3. I shift all blame onto her. Dedicated to SaneTwin1-2