Title: A Beneficial Guise Part 6

Author: Mina Robins

Fandom: Once Upon A Time

Pairing: SwanQueen

Rating: M

Summary: Emma is a hunter, a cold blooded survivor, and she's acquired a taste for a certain Mayor. Tonight is the night she has decided to enact on her desires to feast, though maybe she'll entertain these human dreams… At least until she bores of it.

The springs in the bed creaked as Emma deposited Regina onto the satin sheets. On all fours she crawled up on top then hovered just above her lover, her knees on either side of the smaller woman's hips. Emma once again forced her fangs to stay retracted. She reminded herself of the necessity of this charade, how it needed to be maintained; she had to make the woman in her arms think that it was safe to remain in her vicinity. She needed to be allowed in the presence of Regina's serenity and she would not be able to do that if her partner was frightened or deemed her a danger.

Emma swallowed the new collection of venom that flooded into her mouth and stopped breathing; taking in lungfuls of Regina's scent only enflamed her blood frenzy, but as she watched with devote attention she felt something else begin to burn within her. Regina took Emma's hands and guided them towards her, she encouraged Emma's hands to press against the material of the pearl coloured blouse, sliding Emma's palms over her breast then allowing them to claw lightly down her ribs. Regina hissed at the sensation and turned her head to the side, eyes closed in her pleasure and missing the barely contained thirst that flashed over the other woman's face.

Regina released her hold and then let her arms spread slowly over onto the pillow behind her, her eyes giving a clear invitation before tilting her head to offer her neck to Emma. The blonde crunched forward but instead of piercing the skin and gorging on her meal like she had been yearning to do, she kissed and sucked on the rabbiting beat. She glided her hands up along biceps and arms and then intertwined her fingers with Regina's… to better hold onto her prey lest she tried to get away was the obvious rational, but if she were to be honest then she would accept that there was something wholly senseless of their relationship, especially one that ran for this long between a mortal and her kind.

Emma rocked her jean clad hips into Regina's and savoured the groan that it elicited. She was well trained but not strong enough to drink and fuck at the same time. It was natural for two Vampires to bite one another during sex since the lust of skin and body gave a similar thrill as blood frenzy. It was a game of trust between two immortals, making sure not to allow venom through their lover's skin, but for Emma to bite Regina during intercourse would mean giving into her hunger and losing the human façade she had built up these last six months. She moved in and licked at supple lips until Regina's eyes closed once again and she watched, shifting to slide a thigh between her partners legs, grinding down to build a unsteady rhythm.

"Emma." Regina moaned as she tightened her hold on their joined hands and rolled up hips up to meet Emma's urgent thrusts.

"Mine." Was the grunted reply, a jean and thong combination was distinctly uncomfortable but the painful friction brought Emma closer to the edge and it wasn't as if her body wouldn't heal in a moment.

"Are…you… not… Hungry?" A question punctuated with pants and still quite a bit of accusation.

"Always." Emma whispered grudgingly as she loosened her hold and then gripped Regina's neck into her gelid hands. She wasn't going to lie about that but she could distract Regina from focusing on that particular part of their agreement. She leaned close and pushed her face into the licorice coloured mane and continued to rock her hips as she felt Regina's hands slide down and unbutton her jeans.

A hand slipped into Emma's pants and pinched at her throbbing clit, making a keening sound purr from her throat and her cuspids to slice out. "Regina, fuck, yes, in me."

"For that to happen," Regina answered between gasping breaths, "you would have to lose these jeans."

Emma sped up and practically ripped the fabric from her own legs before moving and gripping handfuls of Regina's blouse.

"Don't you dare!" Regina admonished, managing to keep her breathy voice stern.

Emma growled incoherently at her lover and fumbled down the buttons of the overpriced blouse, popping each oval shape through the frustratingly small entrapments. She unveiled her prize and slid the piece off Regina's shoulders to reveal the smooth, lightly tanned cleavage held in a lacy royal purple brassier.

With each trembling breath it accentuated Regina's perked nipples, stiffened and barely concealed by the thin material of her lingerie. Regina lifted her hands and deliberately wrapped her fingers one by one over her own breast, giving a good squeeze as she arched towards Emma, a wicked smile on her lips.

"I'll rip it off your body if you don't take it off yourself." Emma snarled an idle threat since her hands remained clenched to Regina's hips, hard enough to leave bruises if she continued though her partner didn't voice any concerns.

"Tsk tsk, what a temper." Regina pushed herself up and wound one arm back to unclasp her bra; the straps loosen and fell in a torturously relaxed manner off her shoulders.

Emma almost bit her own tongue to forbid herself from noting that Regina was just as irascible as her.

"Arms up," she ordered as she took the lingerie into her hands and yanked them off Regina's outstretched arms before tossing them off to the side. The piece of clothing managed to catch a bedside lamp and knocked it onto the ground leaving only moonlight to bath over Regina's flawless skin. Regina almost laughed at the mess Emma's urgency would always leave. The blinds were drawn so the glow was stilted, the shadows slicing across the light through filtered horizontal lines.

Regina's amusement at Emma's enthusiasm soon turned into a lustful moan as an icy tongue slid over her areolas and an equally cooled mouth wrapped around her nipple and sucked. Emma took her time, letting the tip of her tongue continue to swirl around the nub, alternating from languorous draws to barely wrapping her lips around the turgid nipple, letting her cold breathe breeze over Regina's skin until the woman was rocking her hips and sighing out the Vampire's name.

Emma's hand tugged onto the pencil skirt and in her frustration tore the material as she fidgeted with the clasp. Regina tangled her hands into the silky blonde locks and yanked. She could always be rougher with Emma. Motions that would have made even Graham cringe only excited her immortal lover. "That was part of a set, Ms. Swan."

"I'll buy you more, I'll buy you anything."


Emma ducked close to capture supple lips as she moved her hands to slip along Regina's shoulder blades and spine until she could push her fingertips into the waistline of the skirt. She dragged her nails over that voluptuous ass before ridding the now ruined half of a set down the other woman's legs.

Shifting back into position, Emma bookcased her elbows around Regina's head and restarted her early pacing, rocking against her lover, nails scratching the pillows instead of skin for purchase. Regina placed one hand on the Emma's hip and slid another down between Emma's legs, she let her knuckles caress the slick folds and laughed when Emma tried to hump into the barely present touch, she made the kindred groan as her fingers insistently pushed up during a pause in her partner's motions.

Emma whimpered and clenched her hands into fists, claws ripping through the plush pillows and digging back into her own palms until blood seeped out from half-moon nicks. Uncaring to all else she started moving in mad earnest, shoving her body into Regina's and tucking in close until she brought herself surging pass unbearable cords of pleasure and into the fade of release. She could feel her fluids slick along Regina's fingers, coating them in a sheen of cum.

Regina brought her glossy fingers up and licked them clean in front of Emma's half hooded but still wild eyes. Tongue following the lines in her palm and then up along each individual finger. "Your taste always carries such a metallic tint."

Emma could tell that Regina was teasing her, that they were in a truce of levity, at this moment they were going to ignore Regina's earlier outburst accusing Emma for not truly caring. "It's because of my diet, it's a new liquid cleanse, all the rage."

"That hardly sounds like enough sustenance." Regina countered after her digit slid out of her lips with a satisfied pop, a trail of saliva stranded between her mouth and fingertips

Emma rumbled and pressed her mouth into Regina's, licking at her own flavour before angling slightly away. She let her hands glide over the now heated skin, her nails raking into the unmarred flesh. Careful touch, restricting the amount of strength she exerted; always mindful not to leave broken skin least the fresh blood sent her right into madness. She took the lacy waistband of the Mayor's panties in between her fingers and tugged down. "Guess I'll have to add to my diet."

"I suppose you will." Regina replied off handily. She blinked down Vampire moving between her thighs as if it was the most common occurrence a Queen could expect in this world.

Without another word Emma looped her arms beneath Regina's legs, scooted close and delved in, letting her tongue go as deep as possible all in one go. Regina was dripping wet to begin with; the flavour was thicker and sharp with the added taste of blood… Emma paused, she hadn't bitten, she had made sure. It takes moments too long but the scent is heady and it doesn't take a genius to figure out what was happening. Emma had been adamant about never being around Regina during this time of the month, it was her one request and yet they had completely forgotten due to the urgently human need for reassurance and the ominously threatening presence of danger.

"I-" Regina sounds abashed and immediately started to back away but Emma refused to release the lock of her hold. She was shaking, trembling with repressed want. She had day dreamt about drinking and fucking but always knew better not to. Yet now, with all she could scent was fresh blood. She couldn't deny the aroma, it made her eyes gleam, consumed completely by darkness, colouring her sclera into a sanguine onyx.

A guttural purr rolled from Emma's body as she flicked her tongue wide and flat against Regina's drenched core; collecting both cum and blood and then ravenously swallowing. There was no going back from this, once Regina saw how insane she could get. So much for showing that she cared, she couldn't control the frenzy that blanked her mind. If she was going to kill her lover now, might as well give her an orgasm worth the pain. Emma took Regina's clit in between her teeth and nibbled down, not cutting skin but too hard all the same. She was rewarded with a breathless moan and cessation of the struggle to move away. She didn't want to use her fingers, instead moving in even nearer so that all she could sense was Regina. She dragged her tongue thoroughly across each drenched labia, pressing against each crease and doing the best job at cleaning any residue of Regina's excitement.

"Emma, oh, fuck." Regina was mollified from her earlier embarrassment by Emma's attention, only managing to whimper as she writhed under Emma's grinning lips.

Emma moved further towards the source, savouring and consuming until her wanting mind was drunk and clouded by the high. The woman beneath her has become a frenzy of eager bucks and squirms. The venom when injected intravenously would numb prey, making them sluggish and nonresistant but to have that much frigid but now soothing liquid drip against the mounting sensation of pleasure was enough to push Regina into a flashing and torrent climax.

Emma incessantly lapped up all of the juices that didn't make it into her mouth, there was nothing holding her back. This night would result in the death of their relationship one way or another. Perhaps it was better this way. Emma would leave after this, shred herself from the human life she had built. With her gone perhaps her siblings would be deterred from returning.

Emma was an animal, licking and kissing, mouthing, loving whatever skin that came into contact, mindlessly craving more and thus pushing the normally composed Regina over and into the thrashing sensation of another high.

Regina cried out loudly, enough to leave her voice hoarse. Sounds she had never made before in her life began pouring from her lips as she thrusted her hips up to meet Emma's greedy mouth. She gathered up the satin sheets into her hands but then switched to dig her nails the back of Emma's neck, clinging until her knuckles turned white.

Emma's face was covered in warm fluids, it made her moan in delight, and in turn the vibrations caused Regina to tremble and bonelessly open herself up more to the blonde's determined tongue. Emma nuzzled for more, hungrily licking and sucking. She pushed the length of her tongue into Regina and caused her bedmate to gyrate up to meet the added pressure. Emma was relentless; she freed one hand so she could slide her thumb up along the folds, holding them open to rub against Regina's clit.

Regina's release found no other outlet and her voice hurt so she bit into her cheek, her thighs clamping around Emma's head and her hands yanking her lover closer as she continue to push and move with each of Emma's touches.

Emma waited until her digits collected enough moisture and then pulled her hand back and smoothed around back to the puckered entrance she had yet to claim, she felt the muscles along Regina's ass clench but it doesn't deter her from continuing. Regina gave an undignified squeak which she covered with almost a sob at the lack of release. Even in her mindless state Emma resisted from just jabbing her fingers in, she took the time to roll the pads of her fingertips around the rim, stretching the sensitive flesh gradually with the ample amount of Regina's own juices.

"Emma, oh my god, please…" Regina mumbled as tears gathered in her eyes, her body was overwhelmed by the strain; overstimulated by the sensations that were nearing the painful border. She was on the cusp of pleasing heat that could easily transcend into agony.

Before Regina could continue her plead, Emma slid her index finger in up to her knuckle, swirling in small circles until she could fit in her middle finger as well. Regina was agonizingly tight and so freaking hot, the skin around her tongue and fingers tightened and clenched but couldn't stop her assault.

Regina's head snapped back into the pillows as profanities too vulgar for her lips poured out. She was lolling out against the plush cushion, a film of perspiration coating her elegant neck and never more thankful that Henry was old enough to attend school.

Emma giddily pushed her face firmly into Regina's quivering core as she made her lover come yet again, drinking everything provided and using her free hand to clutch at that voluminous derrière, but it wasn't enough, not to satiate this kind of hunger that has been denied from building up for so long, she turned her head and bit messily into Regina's femoral artery, carelessly gulping down fresh blood, momentarily unconcerned of the red that pumped onto the ruined sheets.

"Slow down!" Regina cried out when hit with the familiar biting pain, the venom made her drowsy but mixed with the pull of her blood it turned into a pleasurable haze. She could hardly do more than groan out her request, she had no strength to call upon the magic hidden in Emma and in another beat; fatigue dragged her into the ocean of pallid awareness.

Emma quizzically paused when Regina stopped talking, language was a distant impression now but her hunter senses caught the deceleration of a prey's heartbeat. This was what she had been missing for months on end in this place where she could not take the lives of its occupants. The lovely organic ticking that would gradually fade and she would twist the cattle's neck with a snap and make sure Regi- Sudden and dreadful fear gripped Emma's heart and throttled her mind back into human consciousness.

She backed away and then pushed her hand onto the cut she had made in Regina's thigh, she should use her own blood to close the wound but seeing how the liquid continued to spill through the gaps in fingers made her mind and heart freeze. "No, no, fuck!"

This had never been what she wanted; she never desired Regina's death. What had made her remain in this stupid play, there wasn't enough blood in the world worth keeping her job as deputy in this community of made believed lunatics. If Regina's compliance was all she needed than she could have snuck her blood into their food, once human consumed a kindred's blood they became more susceptible to their suggestions. It did not even require as much energy as glamour.

Crimson tears ran down her face and she hurriedly gathered it into her palms and plastered her blood onto Regina's wound. The Vampiric essence sizzled on the open flesh, closing and ending the bleeding. Emma dropped her head down near Regina's heart and could hear it still decelerating from exsanguination, she bit into her own wrist and forced her blood into Regina's mouth, she lifted her partner up and shook until the Mayor's eyes fluttered opened with a crazed sheen. With Emma's encouragement Regina was finally persuaded into drinking and she was taking it in gulps.

After a far longer than safe amount of time, Emma's thoughts were beginning to dim, at first there was the chime in her head that warned her of imminent death if she didn't stifle her injuries but now all she could feel was a cotton drying of her insides. She had been properly feeding, indulging for a while but she was still young and such a sudden drop in blood level made her body go into shock. Regina was taking it all and it made her normally frosty body temperature plummet to a glacier range, her limbs began to petrify.

She could've still easy have shoved the human away from her wrist but she had never tried to heal anyone before and had no clue how much it would take to bring someone back from near death. This was not by the code at all since the loss of blood meant a relinquishment of one's power when it was a not a trade between two Vamps. Her depleting stores were reaching a noxious level but the only thing she could think about was preserving Regina's life.

In the ten years since her death and then unlife, Emma hadn't stayed in one place for longer than a couple of weeks since her transformation and training period. Now she has lived in a single town for over 6 months. Playing her part to get close to Regina had changed her. How long was it before the conditioning set in and caused Emma's faux joy in seeing the Mayor to become genuine? Those moments of acting may have been the starter for her emotions to build upon but her feelings towards her lover had progressed so much further than she had anticipated. There was something that was so inherently broken in that woman, it was meant to be sought out and used as leverage but as time wore on she saw their similarities. Two unfortunate beings, one wondered in this frozen state while she hunted through the borders of lands. Not only did Regina's blood call out to her but her very being was the counterpart to Emma's meaningless existence as an undead. For so long she had no reason to feel any type of emotion and then now, for the first time since her death she experienced candid sympathy and horror at the state Regina had been placed in, most of all, it was the abject terror of causing her death. Emotions to the undead were a high in itself, their bodies should not be able to produce the correct chemical imbalance to induce anything but euphoria and only during a feed and yet when spending time with Regina it was all she felt at intervals.

Regina stopped and coughed up a mouthful of blood when she felt Emma tilter over onto her side. "Emma?!"

Emma struggled to sit up but decided instead to curl into herself, her skin dulled and becoming a sickly pale shade as her organs began to desiccate and force her into an eternal hibernation.

With renewed energy given by immortal blood, Regina rushed up from the bed and straight into her closet. Moments later she returned with bags of O+ from a hidden refrigerator she had install in the second month of their arrangement. "Emma, drink this, I know it's not warm but you have to take in fresh blood."

The immense blood lost had made Emma so ill that her stomach flopped at the mere mention of imbibing. She weakly batted at Regina's insistent hands before just giving up and letting the other woman drag her up to a semi upright position. Regina cradled Emma into her arms and angled her partner onto her chest before pushing the cold package between herself and Emma's cheek. "So help me, if you don't drink!"

Regina shoved the package into Emma's mouth, the already extended canines slicing open the blood pack and causing the fridge temp sustenance to pour into her open mouth. The cold texture only made her sickness double. Her proximity to Regina made the self-hate and nausea more potent. She had caused Regina to fall into such a dire state; she was unable to swallow the chilly liquid and only held the half open package.

Regina took the second blood package and connected it to an emergency I.V., she fleetingly pondered if this was the best course of action but with another mewl from the sickened woman in her arms she found herself piercing the needle directly into Emma's heart and then with a shaking hand held up the plastic container of blood. The pain of the needle had been minimal compared to Emma's insides shivering up under the heated scorch of blood lost. Regina could only pray that Emma's body was still able to take in the fresh blood and utilize the nourishment; she had no clue how a Vampire so young would react to such a drastic drop in the quantity of blood. She tried to support her barely conscious lover in a position that was comfortable for both of them, with her back leant against her headboard and Emma's stiff form plaster against hers. The kindred's blood was furious and rampant in Regina's veins, it made her feel extraordinary empowered, a sparking akin to magic and she had to let her eyelids flutter close when she saw how vibrantly the colours in her room worked to contrast and flash in her vision. Her body was vibrating with pent up energy but she forced herself into a still, breathing in the scent of blood and musk that vaporized throughout the room, she found herself hungry.

After a torturously long quarter hour, Emma finally started to move, heavy eyes blinked open and shut but at least the ice green shade returned to her irises to replace the darkened blood that had seeped into her sclera. Emma focused on Regina's bloodied form, at first she felt unimaginable wrath at seeing Regina injured before scenting that the blood did not belong to her lover.

Seconds later Emma recalled all that had occurred and looked down at the needle still angled oddly into her chest. She let out a pained whimper as she held Regina's face in one hand; the other still wet with the reminder of their earlier tryst, reaching to rip the steel from her chest, the half emptied dripping blood pack sloshed them both in crimson. "I thought I killed you!"

"You didn't, though you made a valiant effort." Regina's relief came through in her tone though not her words, she twitched horribly as the blood splashed onto them and tried her best to sooth; her hand drifting through Emma's bloodied curls and her thumb cleaning up the tracts left by the streaks of bloody tears. She could not have another lover taken from her, her sanity wouldn't survive it. "It's okay, I'm okay."

"You're not allowed to die, I forbid it." Emma glanced down at their blood drenched bodies and snarled, she was never feeding on Regina again, she couldn't lose the contentment that came with being by Regina's side. No. She ducked down; pressing her forehead close to the quickening beat of her lover's heart. "Never again, I'll go." She had to leave; she would guard her charge at a distance she would make sure to keep her lover safe.

On any other day Regina would've started on a tirade to explain exactly why Emma could not prohibit her from any activity of whatever kind, but she recognized the despair and self-loathing in Emma's actions and drew the other woman closer, her free hand tilting Emma's chin up to face her. "Then I forbid you from departing."

"It's not safe for you to be near me, I've been lying, I didn't love you, I'm a hunter and was just playing the game." Emma blinked angrily through costly tears and once again enfolded one hand around Regina's neck. "Hate me, tell me to go, rescind your invitation to your life."

"No." Regina shook her head and draped her arms loosely around Emma's waist; she wouldn't be able to physically restrain Emma if she made a real run for it so she hoped her touch was enough of a reminder. "I knew, I could tell something was off but I had been as desperate as you. You've changed, I can see it, I seldom voice my emotions while you had worn those words as a crest on your lips, but I do care for you, it's not pure or healthy as it should be but I need you more than you can imagine."

"I'm a monster." Emma weakly stated, she was a crafted killer, a beast that fed on humanity. Though if she was as cold blooded as she tried to convince Regina then she should amp up her show of contriteness. Staying would be the most advantageous outcome of this whole debacle. There were still resources to collect and guard. The old her wouldn't leave this land of honey and milk, nothing could drag her away until she had plucked every piece of worth from the town's clueless population, each and every drop drained from the desolate bodies. Though now her realm of motivation circled only around Regina's wellbeing.

"So am I."

There was a pregnant pause until Emma tried to reason again. "You're not though, your past was horrid and it shapes so much of who you were."

"As did yours." Regina answers were laconic, simply trying the easiest path in convincing Emma. She lifted her free hand and placed it under the other woman's chin. "Emma," she pleaded as she stroked a thumb over the blonde's bottom lip. "Our choices are what make us who we are."

"I don't care about Henry, I only ever wanted you." Emma made the last ditch attempt at dealing with Regina, hitting where it would hurt the other woman the most. Indeed Emma could never love Henry the way a mother should but she had grown to care for the kid as a favoured brethren, but Regina, this human woman had somehow awoken her humanity and made her care; this living Queen was her mate. It once would have sickened her to find herself so stricken by want that rationality and self-preservation were but a notion of the past. Now all she could deal with was the onset of panic Regina's brush with death had caused her to experience. She couldn't stand it, not like this. She couldn't lose Regina like this or ever. Some distance was better than being forever parted by a death caused by her insatiably mindless hunger.

"Your eyes tell a different tale." Regina responded with careful persistence, the untrue quip on Henry caused her voice to harden. "Emma, I still feel the same about you, and like you said, we'll make this work." She'll ensure it, she could promise that now.

She felt remarkably calm about her near death experience. The ingestion of Vampire blood felt like a stinging reminder of the magic infused in her before all of this. It wasn't like the light that was trapped in Emma's body; there was no goodness in this extraordinary intoxication. The burning strength she felt in her limbs was supernatural and as disconcertingly dark as the magic she had once indulged in like a drug.

And after a moment she realized that it was magic that flowed through her now.

This was a completely different experience than the time she had taken Emma's magic, to siphon away what was created by True Love was one thing. To drink in the magic, to taste it seeping out from Emma's blood and into her own system was beyond gratifying. The magic was tainted by the inherent darkness of the Vampiric species. Regina felt the spark of white hot power; it promised strength, safety and control. The head rush alone made her vision buzz and her skin to burn unnaturally warm against the permanently cold body in her arms.

This magic was inebriating and made her own return to her like a knowing friend. It was licking at her insides until the earth tone shade of her eyes swirled into purple. There were dangers in all of this, to indulge the depravity of dark arts instead of pushing it down; to take the craving and immerse herself blindly into it all. She was glutton for punishment though since for the first time in a long while, Regina had the means to exact her wishes with just her prowess alone. Her threats would not be fenced by this world's laws, her goals no longer dragged down by procedures and rules of an office. Her wants will not stand idle nor be ignored.

Emma clasped her hands a little tighter, all she needed to do was clench her fingers and then this human's neck would snap and all the rules and chains that came along with it would fade. The temptation was so sweet but she had just given up almost all of her blood to save this woman, she was really in no shape to do it once again. Sighing, Emma submitted; Regina had also drank enough of her essence that if she killed her lover now Regina would return as a rather peeved Vampire. Also, how were her affections to be maintained after the change? Emma had been listless and emotionless after awakening, would Regina be the same? Too anxious to gamble on such an important aspect of her life Emma rubbed her fingers lightly over the soft skin of Regina's neck, an alternative to the instinctive wringing motions.

Emma gulped and nodded with conviction. "You're my mate." The words were hard to articulate out loud but once given shape in spoken form, they were irrevocably chiselled into her being. This meant more than the far off notion of love to a Vampire. They were permanently entwined; Emma could never let Regina go after this, never. She would rather face her end than have the possibility of separation.

Regina gave a firm determined nod of her head, acknowledging this claim from Emma.

She knew the significance of that title, she seldom managed to find text on such an ideal but there were some hidden amongst the older tomes. The books had always mentioned it the subscripts, veiled and shown in a bit of an embarrassed light by the Vampiric authors. It was a promise that transcended time, a seal on their lives that made her body quiver with the weight of what it stood for.

With everything out in the open, Regina leant down and Emma strived forward to meet her lips. Now that they accepted each other as is, with love that encompassed everything that was true and good in two people that were inherently labeled as horrid it filled and overflowed passed the criteria of the spell in this town. Inevitably, the kiss brought out a blinding iridescent halo; it erupted from their bodies in a bloom of powdering light that raced out from their position and into the world around them.

The swooping glimmering dust soared out as bright as a super nova and collided into the dome as a tidal way of magical backlash. Memories swelled from an unknown bank, cobwebbed by the passing of timeless days but vibrant enough to be recalled by each character. Iridescent specks drizzled from the skies above, each returning memory causing the glow in the undetectable shield to lessen until the curse's controlling shackles unlocked, dissolving the 28 year spell with a single kiss.

Along with the curse, the borders and lines that protected the town disintegrated as well. With the enchantment gone, Storybrooke had been opened up as vulnerable game to Emma Swan's devastating siblings.