A/N: This is it. The last chapter.

Quick little note, the way Alice is pronouncing Ham is with the A making an a sound instead of an ah sound. You know like she's saying Hamish but just dropped the -ish suffix.

Also if there's any mistakes with the French, they're my own. The German should be fine, I got some help from a coworker of mine and German is her first language.


"Ham will you stop wiggling, it's breaking my concentration." Alice said from her perch on Hamish's back. She was kneeling on her little brother's back trying to pick the lock of the door that they were trapped behind.

"I'll stop when you stop digging your knees into my back."

"I'm not digging my knees into your back."

"Well then stop having boney knees Al."

"I have no control over my genetics and you know that Ham, now stay still."

Hamish grunted but stopped moving. It was quiet until Alice started cursing.

"Putain de merde."

"Daddy says no cursing Al."

"Well this lock isn't cooperating."

"Al I thought you said you can do this?!"

"Papa made it look easy!"

"Scheisse!" Hamish exclaimed and let his limbs collapse, sending the two of them to the floor.

"Daddy said no cursing Ham." Alice said in a mocking tone and punched her little brother in the arm.

"Hey no hitting." Hamish whined. Alice clapped a hand over Hamish's mouth. He tried to push it off but his hands were pinned under his sister. He even tried to get her to remove it by licking her palm, which usually worked, but her hand didn't budged.

"Shhhhh Hamish. I hear something." Alice whispered.

Hamish stopped struggling and strained his ear to the door. Finally the sounds got close enough to where the words were understandable.

"ALICE! HAMISH!" John called out from down the hall.

"Daddy!" The kids breathed in unison. They quickly scrambled to their feet and started banging on the door screaming excitedly, "Daddy! Daddy! We're over here!"

"Sherlock I've found them!" John cried as he rushed to the door the kids were banging on. Sherlock skid around the corner and got to the door as quick as possible. He pulled out his lockpicks and in a matter of moments the door clicked as it unlocked; It swung open and Sherlock and John were nearly knocked over as Alice and Hamish barreled into them wrapping their arms around their fathers.

John swept Alice up into his arms as Sherlock did the same with Hamish. He couldn't stop the grin on his face anymore than he could stop the tears of joy from welling in his eyes. As he held Alice tight, Sherlock pulled him close wrapping his whole family in his arms.

"Papa, Daddy, you're squishing me." Alice said after a few moments. John chuckled and Sherlock released him and Alice.

"Daddy why are you crying?" Alice asked John with concern, wiping some of the tears off her father's face.

"Papa's crying too Al." Hamish told his sister.

"Papa Daddy, we're fine. See. He didn't hurt us." Alice said trying to reassure her dads.

"I know Alice, and that's why we're crying. It because we're so happy you both are safe." John replied and kissed her forehead.

Alice smiled and placed a kiss to John's cheek and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Papa can we go home? We weren't able to sleep last night and I'm exhausted." Hamish asked.

"Absolutely." Sherlock replied.

Still carrying the kids, Sherlock and John made their way out of the abandoned factory Moran had used as a hideout.

Sherlock wasn't the least bit surprised to find one of Mycroft's black cars waiting for them outside and wasn't going to pass up a quick and easy ride home. During the ride to Baker street, Alice and Hamish fell asleep head's resting against the other. Sherlock reached across the kids and held John's hand, sharing a smile with his husband now that his family was safe.

Once the car stopped in front of their flat, Sherlock and John carried the still sleeping children up to 221B. John struggled to get the door unlocked and open with one hand, when it flew open. He was met with Mycroft and Greg in the doorway, both wearing worried expressions.

"John! Sherlock!" Greg exclaimed and John immediately hushed him with a finger to his lips, motioning to Alice sleeping in his arms.

"Are they alright?" Mycroft whispered. Sherlock nodded and followed his husband to put their sleeping children to bed.

Once Alice and Hamish were safe in their beds, John and Sherlock made their way back to the lounge where John collapsed on the couch, Sherlock sitting next to him. Mycroft angled John's chair towards the couch and sat down in it. Greg perched on the arm and they waited patiently for the other two to tell the whole story.

After a silent exchange of looks, Sherlock told his brother and Greg of the whole ordeal from start to finish. When he ended the tale Mycroft nodded.

"It's good that they're home and unharmed." Greg said, to which John nodded his agreement sleepily. Mycroft exchanged a look with Greg and they got up to leave. The DI and politician were almost to the door when Sherlock's voice stopped them.

"Oh Mycroft."

"Yes Sherlock?"

"Thank you for the clean up help." Sherlock replied nodding his head toward the kitchen pointedly.

"Any time Sherly." Mycroft responded, to which Sherlock smiled fondly.

When the door closed John snuggled into Sherlock and buried his face into the crook of the genius' neck.

"You know this is how we should have handled Moriarty in the first place." John said sleepily. The blonde was having trouble staying awake due to the stress of the past 24 hours.

"I know love."Sherlock replied softly, relaxing to the brink of sleep with the knowledge that his children were safe and his husband would be there when he woke up.