Hi, this is a fanfiction based on actual real plot ideas from Lucasfilm for season 7 and 8 of Star Wars The Clone Wars.

A friend of mine which worked for Lucasfilm and lost his job because of TCW cancelation, gave me some interesting inside view...hope you like it...;)

SW TCW: Season 6, 7 and 8 Plot details/ideas of G. Lucas.


The ex-Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano went down the stairs of the Jedi Temple. She did not look back to her Master. Her Friend. It was too difficult. He was the only one who had believed her. Who stand by her, but he also betrayed her...

Her Master watched after her until she walked out of his sight into the sunset.

After that Ahsoka Tano never saw again the man she once knew as Anakin Skywalker...

6 months later

The Jedi Ahsoka Tano got a job as the new security chief of the senator Riyo Chuchi. Both were friends before and Ahsoka still had a high ranking in the republic.

Ahsoka protected the senator of Pantora, but there was somebody else in the senate she also had an eye on.

Chuchi and Tano left the senate with their delegation, as the new senator of Ondoren entered the senate with his delegation. He had a speach less than 30 Minutes.

Ahsoka noticed Lux Bonteri but decided to stay professionell.

„Senator Chuchi? You are leaving? I thought the delegation of pantora is also in the senate to listen to my speach?" Bonteri asked accusing. He did not look at Ahsoka.

„Yes, Senator but unfortunatly i have an important meeting. Please excuse me." Chuchi said determined.

Ahsoka looked with a slightly grin. She liked how independent and strong Chuchi acted.

Bonteri nodded surprised and than he looked at Ahsoka. She did not look back.

Please, dont look at me like that..." Ahsoka thought stressed. She needed Answers for herself, but beeing with Lux was to confusing to find real answers.

Bonteri did not stop looking and Ahsoka became annoyed. Slightly angry, „Senator, please excuse us!" she said determined and looked at him with distance.

Bonteri nodded disapointed and the Pantora delegation left the senate.

Saw Gerrera was with Bonteri and looked at his new senator. He kept quiet.

Meanwhile in the military district of Coruscant. In the high security jail the former CIS Leaders and also the Jedi Traitor Bariss Offee were imprissoned.

Offee refused to tell who was her helpers and the jedi council did not interfere with the decissions of the Republic Chancelor to keep Offee imprissoned without a trial. Windu feared negative public opinion against the order.

The mirilian fallen Jedi and new darksider sat in her prison cell and meditated to grow stronger every day in the ways of the dark side. Her former master Luminara Unduli refused to meet her old Padawan and speak to her. Bariss noticed that with disapointment and even bigger hatred for the jedi order.

In the meantime Chancelor Palpatine and his secret apprentice Tyrannus decided to use this young female dark sider as their new assassine and get the details of the nexus routes, which was still in Ahsoka Tanos mind.

More next time...