"Bored." Sherlock said stomping out of the hallway. John rolled his eyes and kept reading his book.

"Of course you are. Not like we're in a time machine or anything."

"Let's go somewhere."

"We can't"

"Why not?"

"We don't know how to fly the TARDIS."

"I'll figure it out then." Then he started pressing buttons on the console.

"Sherlock, stop it. You know the Doctor doesn't want you touching."

"No it's fine John. I want to see this epic failure." The Doctor said strutting in while fixing his bow-tie. Sherlock just snorted and kept pressing buttons. Five minutes later Sherlock walked out of the TARDIS and announced to the world to hear.

"London, 221b Baker Street, 2013, three before five in the afternoon and a case is coming our way." Sure enough among further investigation it turned out Sherlock was right. Ten minutes and a phone call later they were in Scotland Yard being briefed on a new case. If you were to look through the window, you would see one man looking bored, one man talking, one man listening quietly, one woman looking very angry, and a dejected looking alien in the back of the room. Then you would spot Anderson dancing like a stripper in the room next door.