Flame Princess and Finn were playing in front of the treehouse. They were just having fun. Jake and Lady were having their date at the roof like every 4pm.
"Hey Finn, lets play a different game. Im getting bored with cards."
"Uh, sure FP. Whatcha wanna play?"
"I know!"
"Flambo first."
"Okay, Finn."
They walked into the forest looking for Flambo.
Flame Princess giggled and tapped Finn's shoulder with a piece of foil. Finn stopped and looked at her.
"Finn, theres an easier way to find him."
She spun around and pointed behind them.
"Oh yeah, I forgot."
Flame Princess smiled and held Finns hand. Finn flinched a little since her foil glove was thin, it still worked. After walking they spotted Flambo near a a chili plant. Flame Princess wondered what Finn was up to. She sensed it was gonna be different then their usual antics.
Finn went closer to Flambo and started murmuring into his ear.
'What could they be talking about?' Flame Princess thought.
Flambo started to grin and wag his tail. He started to nod and kick his legs. Finn gave him a thumbs up and Flambo casted a Flame Sheild. Flame Pricess took the opportunity to hold his hand without foil. Finn grinned and put an arm around his GF. As they left the area and went back in front of the treehouse.
"So, Finn. What did you want to play?"
"Nothing really."
"Then why'd you want to get flame shield all of a sudden?"
"Oh, I wanted to talk with you."
"Thats silly, Finn!" Flame Princess giggled and hugged Finn's torso.
Finn sighed then smiled. He grasped Flame Princess' hand.
"Hey, Finn"
"What do you wanna talk about?"
"I'm not sure. What do you wanna talk about?"
"Uhh...What did you tell Flambo?"
"Oh uhh, nothing"
"Are you sure?"
"Happy Pre Anniversary."
"Happy Pre Anniversary to you too.
He smiled and started to realize the time. 'Oh glob, FP's dad is gonna burn me alive if shes not home by now'
"FP, we should get going."
"Yeah, I don't want your dad to burn me alive for bringing you home late!
FP giggled and nodded
"I guess its getting pretty late"
It was already sunset and Jake was already on his way to the treehouse. Finn walked her to the castle.
"Bye, Finn." She kissed him on the cheek, he blushed and
"Bye, FP." He kissed her back.
He held his cheek where Flame Princess kissed him and blushed more. 'Oh Glob my Flame Shield' Finn ran outside Fire Kingdom since the Flame Shield was wearing off. As he left Fire Kingdom he just kept walking until he was at the treehouse.
"Yo Finn, whats wrong?"
"Nothin' man. Just had a date with FP. Shes really pretty."
"Aww, man, I told you not to go all cushy in front of me!"
"Sorry dude, I couldn't help it. You asked for it."
"C'mon bro, dinner. We're having kimchi and fried rice!"
"Lady gave you food again?"
"12 JARS OF KIMCHI DUDE and dude, its not just food bro, its love."
'And he told me not to be all mushy'
Finn remained silent and just followed with a smirk on his face.
He ate all the fried rice but left the kimchi on the bowl in front of him.
"Dude, c'mon, eat your veggies! Anyway their flavoured!"
"Na man, it smells nasty."
Finn took a deep breath and ate the kimchi.
'Oh glob, this tastes horrible. Hoe does Jake like this?' Finn was saying in his head.
"This is delish bro, I'll pass tough, the rice was filling."
"Missin out, man." Jake proceeded to eat the whole jar of Kimchi in one sitting.
Finn went to his room to get his pajamas and brought them to their bathroom.
'You sure got that right'
Finn was showering and he turned on the shower and got surprised since he was blasted by freezing cold water.
"Oh glob, Im freezing!"
He closed the shower and opened it again to a warmer setting.
"Ahh, warmth. Warmth... Warm... Hot... Fire... FP... I love you" He finished showering feeling confused. 'How nervous am I?! Im thinking of her all because of warm water! Oh glob.' He thought to himself in front of a semi-broken mirror. He wore his PJs. He went to his room and started to remember that their 1st anniversary is tomorrow. He stood up to get a pencil and started to write in a notebook in the corner if his bed. Jake went upstairs and showered. He started singing some Korean love song that he was planning to play to Lady. Jake finished and went in the room full of crumpled sheets of paper.
"Finn, what are you doing?"
"Oh uhh, something for FP."
"Awww, what is it?" He stretched his way beside Finn, but Finn immediately covered up the paper.
"Finn? Whats in the paper?"
Finn tightened his grip on the notepad.
"Finn. Come on, let me see."
Finn closed his eyes and grasped him notepad.
"Finn, if you won't let me read it, at least tell me what its about."
Finn relaxed himself and sighed.
"Its for Flame Princess."
"Qi know you told me, is it for your anniversary?"
"Finn, let me read it. I'll tell you if its nice. You have to trust me on this one."
Finn looked back at his notepad, took a deep breath and gave it to him. Jake teared up and he couldn't help but put his hand on Finn's shoulder.
"Finn, this is beautiful"
"Thanks, dude."
"How long did it take you to make that."
"Around 15 minutes"
Jake stopped and looked at the boy in front of him
'He really loves this girl. This thing is from the heart.'
"Jake, is this okay for FP?"
"Of course, dude. You'll win her heart for sure."
"I wanted do her another poem since the first one... well... burned"
"Come on, dude. Lets sleep, you got a big day ahead of you."
Finn nodded and went inside his sleeping bag.
"Goodnight, bro."
Finn closed his eyes but he still couldn't sleep. 'Why can't I sleep? Am I that nervous?'. Finn was thinking about his day tomorrow. What will he do? Will he do the regular routine, a new adventure with her, a romantic date, a nice trip? He couldn't think. As he is drowning in thoughts he starts to daze off and sleep.
"Flmprncss... Iluhh-yoh-..." He said in the verge of sleeping. He fell asleep and he murmured more. "FP- F-FP-" he said in his sleep again and smiling as if he was awake. Jake was awake while Finn was sleep talking. He fell asleep shortly after hearing him. Finn woke up at 9:30 and also to Jake still asleep, he didn't wake him up anymore since he looked tired. Finn found day old pancakes and some butter and ate it for breakfast. He called for BMO to wake up Jake by 12 since Jake has a date with Lady at 1.
"Bye, BMO!"
"Finn wait! Jake gave this to me last night. Read it after your date."
"Sure thing."
"Okay, Finn. Good luck! Jake told me to remind you 'DO NOT DO TIER FIFTEEN!'"
"Uhh, sure thing?"
"Bye, Finn!"
Finn walked out the door staring weirdly at BMO. He turned around to check his pack.
"Notepad, check. Pencil, check. Foil, check. Mittens, check. Sword, check. Okay, Im ready."
He was on walking to Fire Kingdom and was near the entrance but he heard a voice calling his name.
"Finn, wait! Finn!"
"Who the-?" Finn turned around and was confused.
"Hey, Finn."
"PB? What are you doing here in front of Fire Kingdom?"
"I was just looking for Cinnamon Bun, he got lost again. When will he ever learn."
"Oh, Cinnamon Bun. I think I saw him a while ago getting eaten by a bunch of birds near Breakfast Kingdom."
"Oh glob, thanks Finn! I owe you one!" PB ran towards the direction of Breakfast Kingdom.
'Wheres FP? Its already 10.' Finn thought to himself forgetting that he could ask the guard.
"Excuse me, sir?"
"Well, I uh, Im looking for Flame Princess."
"Who do you think you are?" Finn rubbed his shoulder and looked at the grass barrier that doesn't burn.
"Im sorta her boyfriend."
"Finn the human?"
"Finn the Human." Finn said confidently.
"Wait here, I'll get your Princess." The guard walked to the castle and called for Flame Princess. He walked down and went back to his post.
"So... You like guarding this place?"
"I guess its pretty flaming."
"Cool, cool."
"You insensitive little dirtball."
"You shall not curse in front of a Fire Kingdom cadet!"
"Cool? Sorry! In my area its a compliment!"
"Oh sorry, Finn the Human. I am not used to outsiders."
"Call me Finn. Don't worry, dude. Its coo-fine." the guard was comfortable with Finn and had small talk with him.
"...and thats how dragons make fire come out of their mouths."
"Wow, thats so neat."
"You're not so bad, kid"
"You're not bad at all!"
"Heh, like you. No wonder Princess likes you."
"You really think so?"
"Yeah, dude. You're really cool."Finn saw Flame Princess walking towards them
"Thanks, man. Oh, FP's coming. Act coo- I mean normal!"
"Hey kid, later, give her Applewood and Charcoal."
"Wha?" But before he could say anything, he saw Flame Princess right behind the guard.
"Finny! You're here. Sorry for the wait! I talked to my dad."
"Its cool, FP."
"So Finn, lets go?"
"Sure, just give me a minute." He ran to the guard
"Thanks, uhh?"
"Apoy. No prob, man."
"Nice meeting you, Apoy." He "shook" (put his hand near his and made a shaking action) his hand and left.
Apoy was happy to have made a friend. 'That kid will go far. Smart kid.'