"Hey, Finn. What did you tell, Apoy?"
"Oh, while waiting for you we were talking."
"I thanked him. He was really nice."
"Really now?"
"Yeah! He is really flamin'!"
"Im glad you made a friend, Finn. Im surprised how its him, though."
"Why? He seems like a nice guy"
"He is the leader of Fire Kingdoms military. He's a serious guy around outsiders and even my father! But I don't know why, but he likes me."
"He LIKES you?"
"Not that way, silly. He like an uncle, not related yet he acts that way."
"Oh." They walked beside each other and Finn grabbed a mitten from his pack, attempting to hold Flame Princess' hand.
"Oh yeah! Finn, don't put that on."
"Uhm, okay"
Flame Princess started to chant something familiar and her arms matched the sound she was making. There were hieroglyphs written on the air. 'Is she casting Flame Shield?'. He turned blue and smiled.
"FP, when did you learn this?"
"I asked Flambo yesterday. Im a fast learner."
"You sure are! How long will this last?"
"Uhh, 1 1/2 hours I think."
Finn held her hand and she put her head on Finns shoulder.
"Soo, FP, what do you want to do?"
Oh! We can go to my house!"
"Oh yeah! Talking about your house. Why were you in Fire Kingdom for the past weeks?"
"Oh, I'll explain at home. Its sorta long."
They walked to the cliffside and went to FP's house.
"FP, I can't really go in though."
"Yes you can, you have Flame Shield."
"But I only have 20 minutes left. We sorta had a long walk since you know... Lost in the forest a while ago"
"Its fine Finn, it won't take long."
"You're sure?"
"I wont kill my boyfriend on our anniversary would I?"
They both laughed and FP brought Finn inside.
"Soo, FP. What made you stay in Fire Kingdom for 2 weeks?"
"Okay so you know how my father has been whispering 'Evil' and 'Destruction Machine' to me?"
"Well I settled in for a week so its not sudden. I told him two days ago to stop."
"Thats brave of you FP."
"Thanks, Finn."
"Thats it?"
"Well, I also had to tell him about my boyfriend and how he makes me not evil."
"WHOS THAT GUY?! I THOUGHT I- Oh wait thats me"
"Silly head, of course its you."
"Heh, sorry. Oh glob FP Flame Shield is wearing off."
"Come outside."
Finn ran outside the house in relief. FP got something before getting out.
"Sorry, FP. Didn't wanna turn to dust there."
"Its fine, Finn. Lets go to your treehouse. Is Jake there?"
"Nah, he has a date too."
"Oh! He has a GF? Who?"
"Lady Rainicorn. They've been together for quite a while, they have 5 puppies!"
"When is he coming back?"
"Tomorrow afternoon. He's visiting his puppies too."
"Thats nice. So treehouse?"
"Yeah, man- I mean wo-man."
As they were walking FP told the story to Finn.
"So heres what happened when I told father the story about how I don't like being whispered "evil". I told him that it hurt, right?"
"We reasoned and reasoned until the point we had to argue. He kept telling me that I am evil and I always will be." Flame Princess started to quietly cry for a moment.
"And then when I told him Im not evil he kept telling me how evil I am and how he knows me enough that Im not evil. He told me that to finish the argument I had to fight him."
"Did you?"
"No. I knew deep inside me, fighting was evil. He called me a coward for not fighting but instead of proving him wrong I just left him on his throne. My only consolation was Apoy's son, Usok. Usok is 23 but he knows his stuff."
"Apoy has a son?"
"Yeah, Usok. He also has a wife, Fuego."
"Wow, anyway back to the story. What did Usok tell you?"
"He told me to do something I like and makes me happy to put my mind off of the subject. Thats when we played together in your treehouse."
'I make her happy? I make her happy.'
While walking FP stopped and Finn got hit by a wall and fell on his behind.
"What the- oh"
"Finny, are you alright? Careful!"
"Heh, yeah. Sorry 'bout that." Finn stood up and brushed his clothes with his hands.
"Back to the story. When you brought me home instead of going to the throne room, I consulted father again, I told him that Im not gonna fight but instead speak my mind. I really wanted to fight him but he's still my father. I have to respect him, but he doesn't respect me. It hurts, Its still better than being stuck in the lamp."
"Im sorry. You don't have to continue if you don't want to FP"
"Finn, don't worry. I'll be alright, I want you to know."
"You're sure?"
"Lets go inside first."
"Oh right! I got this cool thing from Flambo, too! He told me he got it from choose goose."
It was a glass with little blue capsules in it.
"Flambo told me it wont make me burn anything for 24 hours."
"Thats cool! Are you gonna use it?"
"I sure am." She put it in her mouth and swallowed it. She turned slightly yellow-orange.
"Wow, FP. Lets test it out!"
He held her hand and it felt like he was holding another human. He brought her inside and nothing was burned.
"FP its working! You feel like a human. Thats a good thing."
"This feels really nice! Thanks, FH."
Finn directed her to Finn's room and sat on the animal fur of his bed.
"So, again with the story, I told my father to stop. I didn't care if he still thinks I'm evil, I just don't want him to whisper it. He asked me if its about you, since he saw me playing cards with you while he whispered before.i told him that you were the one who made me good. He doesn't believe me and said you were a waste of my time. I told him that you weren't. Im actually really glad I met you. You are the one who changed me. The reason why Im not in that jail, the lamp."
"What happened this morning?"
"I told him not to mess with me today. Though he didn't speak back. I honestly don't want to talk to him anymore after today, Im living back home starting today."
"FP, Im sorry."
"What? Why?"
"You and your dad are arguing about me."
"Finn, don't be. Father is really shallow. Don't worry father also wouldn't do anything to you."
"How do you know?"
"I asked Apoy what... his weakness is."
"But he's your father. You would put his weakness against him?"
"I have to for our safety."
"Okay FP. You're sure you're okay telling me?"
"Of course, would Ooo's greatest hero be scared to know the secret?"
"N-no! C'mon FP, What is it?"
"Other than water, he is scared of vampires. Weird huh?"
"Vampires?! I happen to be friends with one!"
"Thats great! Who?"
"Marcy! She's really nice once you get to know her."
"All you have to do is threaten him! He will be so scared! Apoy told me he needed to stay in father's room for 1 week because of a scary story he heard!"
"Okay, FP. I-I've been wanting to tell you something."
"Huh? What is it."
'Oh glob. Im freaking the math out right now.'
"Its a poem I wrote. Its a bit wonky with the rhymes but I put my heart i-into it."
"Aww, Finn. Thats sweet."
"Thanks, I wanted it to be like our first official date, without all the burning, and the science and stuff."
FP giggled and put her knees near her chest. She leaned closer to Finn and smiled at him with a soft blush.
He put his hand on top of hers and grabbed the note in his pack.
"So FP. Here it is:

Flame Princess. You are amazing.
You make me stronger than I ever could.
When we grow up you will be Flame Queen, and I wish to be Flame King.
When your dad hurts you, talk to me. Please, you should,
Since you make my heart feel all weird and stuff
I hope this poem will be enough,
I hope this poem will do us good.
Having one year as BF GF, thats not really a long time.
I cannot continue on without another rhyme
You were in a glass lamp for how many years
Shedding your flame tears.
That was one of your greatest fears.
Yet Im brave around you, to help you overcome them with cheers.
FP, I love you and Happy Anniversary."

Finn put down the paper and looked at Flame Princess to see if she liked it. Flame Princess was crying little fires with a grin on her face.
"Finn, thank you. I love you too."
Finn smiled and kissed her forehead. FP smiled and blushed. She hugged Finn and they fell to their sides on the fur. They laughed and Flame Princess sat up.