Clouds covered the night sky, cold rain dripped on my face. My feet were hurting and I was out of breath. But the soft, warm hand of my mother pulled me further.

"Mommy, I'm tired." I said with a sob.

"Try to be strong, sweetheart, we're almost there." I could hear tiredness in her voice.

"Mommy, I don't want to leave the palace, I don't want to leave daddy."

"I know, sweetie, but If we stay something really bad is going to happen to us." Mommy said.

My foot hit a rock and I fell on the cold ground, my Mommy stopped and pulled me up.

Between the sound or our heavy breathing and my racing heart I could hear the sound of running footsteps. Mommy looked in the direction of the footsteps, fear written on her face.

She picked me up and started to run with me in her arms.

"They're coming closer." She whispered with a fearful look in her eyes.

"Are they going to hurt us, Mommy?" I asked.

"Of course not, sweetheart. I won't let that happen, I'll protect you so everything is fine." She answered.

"Mommy doesn't need to protect me, I have my niichans already. Haruhi will protect Mommy." I said and hugged her. I looked over Mommy's shoulder and could see three men running after us, they were armed with guns.

Mom and I had an earlier start but they still were able to catch up on us. I looked at my mother's face, she started to lose speed. I knew I was slowing her down.

Suddenly a dark car slipped with too much speed around the corner into the street.

It stopped driving but the motor still mad monstrous sounds. Scared I pulled myself closer to my Mom. "Mommy?"

"It's all right, sweetie, that's Ryouji, I asked him to pick us up." She said.

She pulled the door open and putted me in the car. Suddenly there was the sound of glass breaking.

One of the men a had stopped and started to shoot. My mother quickly jumped into the car and Mommy's friend started to drive like crazy.

The once silent night was disturbed by shootings sounds. Mommy pushed me down and covered me with her body, she gasped in pain when they shot one of the windows and the glass rained onto her body. "Kotoko, are you all right?" Ryouji-san asked while glancing in the mirror.

"I'm fine." Mommy said and sat straight. "What about you, Haruhi?"

"I'm fine." I said in a whispering voice.

I sat on my knees while I looked out the back window. The men had stopped shooting and the night was silent again, expect for the sound of a faraway alarm and police sirens.

The contours of the castle lighted up with the light of seeking helicopters.

'Daddy must be worried.' I thought as I looked how the caste disappeared behind other buildings.

10 months later, they found us.

They broke the backdoor, at that moment only me and my mom were at home. Oto-san ( mommy wanted me to call Ryouji-san Oto-san) was away for work. Mom pushed me into a wardrobe and said I couldn't leave till Oto-san was home.

The bad people kicked the door open but Mommy didn't make a sound.

"Queen Kotoko, please surrender! You will be punished for betrayal against your husband, the king and the kingdom. Now where is the princess?!" It was a heavy voice of a man that asked my mother.

"Like I would tell you that." My mother answered.

It stayed silent for a while. "We will find her either way." The voice said.

The sound of two gunshots filled the room and I putted my hand for my mouth to stop a scream.

"Search the house and the neighborhood!" The man ordered and I could hear them leave.

I don't know exactly how many time pasted away but it felt like ages. I could hear many feet searching the house but they didn't look into my wardrobe.

There was also a lot of screaming, sometimes I heard the familiar male voice yell an instruction. But I didn't hear Mommy's voice, even when everything went silent, my mother didn't call me out.

By then it had started to thunder and I wanted mom, I wanted her soft touch as she whispered that It would be all right. I know she had told me to stay in the wardrobe till Oto-san was home but I wanted to hold her hand and hear her voice.

So I pushed the door open and the light of a lightening showed me a horror scene. Mom was lying on one side, her back towards me. "Mommy?" I asked.

With the next lightening I noticed the pool of blood my mother was lying in.

"Mommy?" I repeated sobbing, hesitantly I walked to her.

My bare feet got wet with dark red blood. "Mommy wake up!" I said with a sob.

I softly touched her shoulder and when she didn't react I pulled her shoulder. Her body fell on her back and showed a hole in her chest and her forehead. Both covered with blood and her eyes were wide open, staring at me. My scream was accompanied with the sound of thunder and a flash of lightening.

Now, ten years later, I'm terrified by thunderstorms and I'm going to do something insane. I, who detested the aristocrats and the rich for what they did to my mother, am going to attend Ouran High School, a school filled with rich bastards.

Why? They just happen to have the best education for me to achieve my dream, becoming a lawyer. I only have to make sure that no one finds out that I'm the princess were the whole world was looking for ten years ago.

Simple, don't you think?

Sorry if got a bit too lugubrious but I want to sketch how traumatic it was for little Haruhi, next chapters won't have murderscenes, I promise. I hope you liked the start and that you will read the next chapter of my storie ^_^