My hands were shaking uncontrollably when I entered the room. My lawyer stood by my side and I felt Kazuma-sama's hand press against my back to guide me to my seat. He must have noticed how nervous I was. The hosts, sitting among the public, looked worried when I passed them. I really wished they shouldn't have experienced this. I met the eyes of the person who was to blame for their worries.

Akito smirked a little but turned away his gaze when his lawyer, a pretty woman, asked something. I sat down next to my lawyer, with a hundred pairs of eyes on me. They first had wanted to do the trial in private but Akito didn't want that. He wanted the whole world to see how the murderer of his mother was punished.

Swallowing hard I concentrated on the judge, it was a white haired, past middle aged man with a serious look on his face. When he managed to silence the room he asked me to confirm my name and other information. He read the accusation out loud. Then the police came in with the evidence of my 'crime'.

They brought in the gun they had found at my feet and the recorded that I had pasted on my body, they told some ridiculous story for why I had that with me while glancing at Akito. He must have bribed them.

After that, Akito was called to testify. "I and Haruhi were talking after the party we held for her return. I was a bit drunk because of the champagne so when my mother came in to congratulate Haruhi, I couldn't react in time when she pulled the gun and… killed my mother." He told the judge and you could see the people developing pity for him.

When he went back to his seat, he was almost crying. As I watched him like that, even I almost believed I had killed her instead of him. Then the guards who had found us, testified and some maids and butlers. After that it was Kazuma-sama's turn to speak.

The judge turned to me. "Haruhi-san, it is true you were at the party."

I nodded. "It is true you were together with Akito-san."

I nodded again. "So it's true you killed Aneko-san."

"No sir, it is not." I answered loud and clear, if I wanted to prove my innocence I should do it now.

"Then what did really happen, according to you?" he asked after silencing the people.

"It was Akito himself who killed his mother and put the gun at my feet to make me look guilty." I looked Akito in the eye and almost threw one of my lawyer's pencils in his face when I saw him smile. But doing that wouldn't do any good.

The noise in the room got even worse than before and someone started yelling. "She's lying! She's a manipulative, lying bitch! Death to the princess!" he yelled as the judge gave order to remove him from the room.

He focused his attention on me again. "And why would Akito-san do that exactly?"

"So he could frame me for treason and put me in jail, like that he could take the throne." I answered and straightened my back.

This time there wasn't any yelling, it was just dead silent. Even the judge looked shocked.

"That's not true! As if I'd kill my own mother!" Akito yelled. "How dare you say such things! After all you've done to me!"

I ignored him and looked the judge straight in the eyes. "I would like you to listen to one more witness, sir." He made a movement with his hand that I accepted as a sign of permission. I looked at the back of the room where Arata and Aneko were seated.

My aunt stood up and walked to the judge. Akito, who had kept complaining, froze at the sight of his mother.

"And who are you, ma'am?" the judge asked.

"I am Princess Aneko, sister of our late King and mother to Prince Akito." She introduced herself. The tension in the room kept growing and I saw confusion on the people's face. This was probably the most exciting trial in history.

Now that Aunt Aneko had appeared, I felt my confidence come back and relaxed a little in my chair.

"Can you prove that, ma'am?" the judge asked, Aneko stepped in front of him and showed her ID.

Akito stood up and pointed at Aneko."She's not my mother, she – "

"Silence!" the judge yelled and glared at him. "Aneko-san, could you please explain why you aren't dead?"

My aunt turned to the public and told her her story. "When I discovered Akito's ambition, I got scared. I did try to oppose him but he locked me away from public and the media. Time passed and he took a substitute to play my role, the country didn't notice anything. The woman was a very good actor and I didn't dare to oppose my son. At least not in the open. Just as he, I started looking for my missing niece and I found her. I hoped I could stop my son from his ambitions with her help."

When she ended her speech, not one person spoke a word. She turned herself to the judge. "My son shot my substitute and not me."

The judge rubbed his temples and looked at me, after writing several things down. "Can you prove this?"

"This is ridiculous!" Akito yelled. "Don't you see that they're lying! As if I'd do something so cruel to my mother!" He turned himself to the public. "These people are deceiving you! I am the one speaking the truth!" The judge sighed annoyed and ordered the guards to remove the prince.

He resisted and glared at me. "You won't get away with this Haruhi! You can't prove anything!"

The judge sighed annoyed. "The proof?"

Kazuma-sama stood up from his seat and took out his phone to give it to the judge. The man played the video. His face stayed calm but I saw some disgust flash in his eyes when he watched the part where Akito shot his fake mother.

"Did you know Akito would try something when you two were alone?" he asked after watching the video and giving the phone back. The people started muttering quietly, speculating what it could have been.

"I had my assumptions, sir. I and my aunt had worked out a plot to reveal Akito's true face but since I wasn't hundred percent sure that it would work, I asked Kazuma-sama for two requests." I looked at Kazuma-sama and smiled grateful. "The first request was to hide his phone somewhere in the room, a place where I nor Akito would find it."

The judge interrupted me. "Why didn't you want to know where it was hidden."

"Because I might have revealed were it was placed and Akito might have found it." The judge nodded. "My second request was to contact my friends and my aunt so they could help me." I gestured at the hosts and at Aneko.

"I see…" the judge wrote something down, he looked around the room. "I hereby declare Prince Akito guilty of murder and high treason against the royal family."

At those words, Hell broke loose.

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