Warnings: KagaKise (yes, finally!), language, AU.



Oh, is that the alarm? No, wait, his alarm tone isn't a beeping sound, it's a song. (And a darn good one at that; he's always deliberately slow when switching it off so he can listen to it as long as possible.)


Maybe it's Aomine's? That guy doesn't really care what sound his alarm makes since usually he doesn't even wake up when it goes off.


Come on, he really can't be arsed to get up to switch the damn thing off. Can't Aomine do it, especially if it's his and all?


Well damn. Maybe he's just going to have to fight the fatigue and get up – that beeping's really getting on his nerves.


His body feels really heavy but he forces his eyes open to see… an unfamiliar environment. Because surely his and Aomine's flat didn't have a fluorescent lamp in the bedroom?


Or a whole bunch of beeping machines and chords that are attached to his arm…?


I'm in a hospital?!

When Kagami gets a call from the hospital saying that Kise's finally awake after a week's unconscious period, the relief is so overwhelming he momentarily loses his ability to speak.

Kise is alive.

Kise made it, and Kagami promises himself that things are going to be better from now on.

Kagami takes a deep breath as he enters Kise's hospital room. It's nowhere near easy to remain calm when he sees that beautiful face covered with bandages and thinks that underneath are scars that might never fully heal. That his beautiful Kise is quite possibly scarred for life.

All because of that Aomine bastard. God if Kagami could get his hands on that guy…!

But right now, he can't stay mad at Aomine. He has to offer Kise support – the blonde needs that. He needs to get Kise to talk to him, to tell him it's okay, that Aomine won't ever get to hurt him again.

"…hey." Well damn, his voice is shaking as he greets the blonde so maybe he's not as composed as he thought he was.

Kise turns his head towards Kagami. He only has one eye visible, the other's hidden by the bandages, but Kagami can see the flash of guilt in it before Kise pulls the cover over his face.

"I'm sorry, Kagamicchi… I can't… I'm sorry I let that… I mean that I let Aomine…" his voice is muffled but Kagami can clearly hear the underlying panic.

They've been friends forever so of course he would recognise even the subtlest changes in Kise's voice.

"It's okay. It's not your fault." Right now, Kagami wishes he could punch Aomine in the face more than ever. Fuck he doesn't want to see Kise cry ever again, especially if it's because of that worthless asshole.

"I'm here, okay? If you want to cry you can, but just promise that you won't blame yourself for what happened." Kise lets the cover fall off his face but he still won't look at Kagami.

"Come on, Kise, I know you feel like crying. And that's okay, it's better to let it out than keep bottling it inside."

Finally the blonde's eyes are on him. Kise looks so lost and helpless, like a child, and as Kagami tries to think of something comforting to say, the blonde's eyes suddenly fill with tears. His whole body tenses as he grips the sheets and just soundlessly lets the tears roll down his cheeks.

Feeling a bit nervous, Kagami steps closer and sits next to the bed. His hand hesitantly reaches to hold Kise's.

For now, just holding Kise's hand like this will be enough.

Until he's let all of that bottled up fear and anxiety about the situation with Aomine out, Kagami will simply stand by his side and support him, just like he's always done.

What comes after that… well, he'll think of something when the time comes. For now, just squeezing Kise's hand as he cries a river is definitely enough.

The next day Kise waits for Kagami and as soon as the redhead closes the door behind himself, he starts talking.

"I'm sorry I didn't listen to you. I know I should've left him a long time ago, but I just… I didn't know how to tell him. And I kept hoping he'd stop. But I was wrong, and I should've… I'm sorry, okay?"

Kagami nods. He wants to say something, anything, but somehow the way Kise's just stumbling over his words, trying to convey how sorry he is to Kagami, makes him choke.

It's not like any of what's happened is Kise's fault. He never wanted to be hit or fall in love with an abusive asshole. Sure, he could have left Aomine before things got as bad as him being admitted to the hospital, but Kagami knows that victims of domestic violence rarely have the courage to escape.

So for real, he doesn't blame Kise for anything, and he doesn't need the blonde's apologies.

He just wants Kise to recover and move on with his life, forget the asshole and – and – truthfully, Kagami hopes that Kise will choose him. Hasn't he already told the blonde how he feels? And hasn't he always been supportive and shit?

But maybe it's too selfish of him. Maybe Kise will always think of him as a friend only.

And that's okay.

Except it's not. Because Kagami can't bear to see Kise happy and in love with someone else again.

"…Kagamicchi? Are you okay?"

"Huh? Oh sorry, I got lost in thought." Kagami smiles reassuringly and lets Kise go on about how sorry he is and how he'll never be able to thank Kagami enough for always being there for him and man, it feels like Kise just has to talk even though he's said the things for about 5000 times now.

Kagami doesn't mind, though. It's wonderful that Kise's still alive to say those words, to cry those tears, to breathe the air of the hospital room. So what if all the blonde does is apologise and cry?

He's going to get over it someday, surely. All Kagami has to do is be patient and support Kise in whatever he needs to do in order to move on.

(Isn't that what he's best at when it comes to Kise anyway?)

"…what happened to Aominecchi?"

Of course Kagami knows Kise would ask sooner or later so it's not like the question is unexpected. Still, he hesitates before answering.


"…your neighbours figured there was a fight at your place, because of all the yelling and crashing. And well, they called the police." Kagami fidgets, unable to look at Kise. The blonde stays quiet for a long time and Kagami is just about to break the silence when Kise beats him to it.

"The police, huh? So… what happened to him?"

Damn how difficult it is to be the one to break the news to Kise. Kagami almost wishes someone else could do it for him. But no, he can't back out now. Just take a deep breath and –

"He was arrested for assaulting you and… at the time they didn't know for sure whether you would make it or not, so um..."

"…they thought he tried to kill me?"

"W-well how could they know? I mean the neighbours said there's been a lot of noise and then there was blood and everything…" Kagami trails off. Kise falls silent again and for a moment there's no sound in the room.

"I didn't see it for myself though," Kagami says after a few minutes. Kise doesn't respond.

"I just heard when the police came to the hospital to see whether you'd recover or not. I overheard them talking about it, how badly you'd been injured and then of course they'd noticed some of the old scars too and so they - they kind of figured out it wasn't the first time something like that happened. " Fuck, why am I ranting like this?! He doesn't probably even want to hear.

"So he's in prison now then?"

The calmness of Kise's voice makes Kagami finally look at him again. No, it's not just calm – it's somehow detached, as if Kise was talking about something that didn't concern him in the least.

It's unnerving. Kagami doesn't want Kise to cry anymore, but seeing him so uncaring isn't much, if any, better.

"…for the time being, yeah."

Kise looks at Kagami and the coldness in his eyes scares the redhead. "I hope I don't ever have to see him again."

Well that Kagami can agree to, and he says as much. Some of the ice in Kise's eyes melts at that and after a few seconds he's crying and apologising.


It's probably better to just let him cry until he has no more tears left, Kagami muses and gently wraps his hand around Kise's.

Kagami visits him every day, and Kise feels like he should recover faster to spare the redhead the trouble. Kagami of course claims that it's no trouble at all, he's just fine with going to the hospital every day because he wants to see Kise.

How sweet Kagami is. If only Kise could find a lover as wonderful as him…


Didn't Kagami just confess to him before – before he was hospitalised?

Or maybe his memory's just playing tricks on him. It wouldn't be the first thing; since waking up in the hospital, Kise has noticed numerous memories have gone missing. For example he can't quite remember what exactly Aomine did to him to injure him so badly.

But the way Kagami looks at him… his eyes are filled with affection. And damn it makes Kise feel better. It gives him the strength to believe he'll heal and move on, forget even.

At least if Kagami's by his side he will.

If indeed Kagami loves him, then couldn't they have a future together?

The thought makes Kise squirm and blush. Of course he and Kagami have thought of always being together before but that was always only as friends. Now, however, something else could come out of it.

(And Kise knows exactly what he wants that 'something else' to be.)

The doctor says Kise will be released in three days. Kagami and Kise both cheer at that and start making plans of what they'll do. Of course they'll need to have a party of some kind, but there's also a lot of practical stuff that needs to be arranged.

Kise needs to start looking for a new place to live, for one; in the meantime, he'll be staying with Kagami. Then, he needs to find a therapist because even though it's originally Kagami's idea, Kise wholeheartedly agrees that he needs to talk about what happened between him and Aomine.

"They say that a person who's been in an abusive relationship once has a higher probability to hook up with someone violent again. I don't… I can't go through that a second time so if therapy can do anything, I'll gladly pay however much is needed. Plus I'm sure my parents will help me if I can't manage the fees on my own." Kise smiles sheepishly at Kagami.

"And in addition I'm going to be way more careful when choosing my lover from now on so don't you worry, Kise Ryouta will pull himself through this shit!"

"Yeah, you will," Kagami says and ruffles Kise's hair. Somehow he has a disappointed air to him and Kise wonders if he said something wrong.

Well, Kagami claims he's fine as he takes his leave soon after, wearing that usual smile of his, so maybe Kise just imagined the whole gloominess?

Or maybe it's because Kagami thinks Kise isn't going to return his feelings? If that's the cause of his disappointment, Kise needs to explain. Explain that he just might love Kagami back.

Okay to hell with might – he bloody knows he's in love with the adorable redhead. So there, now all he needs to do is to say it out loud to Kagami.

The next day Kise waits and waits but Kagami never shows up.

Neither does he on the day after that.

And then it's the day Kise's released. Talk about awkward; if Kagami decides to not show up, Kise has no place to go.

Kise fills out all the needed forms, promises he will come back for a check-up in a few weeks and leaves. Once out of the building he stops. There's no sign of Kagami anywhere, and his phone decides to stay silent as well.

Which probably means Kagami isn't coming to take him home.

What now?

Just as Kise's about to call his parents and ask them to pick him up, he hears a familiar voice calling for him.

"Kise! Over here!"

He came after all! "…Kagamicchi?"

Kagami steps closer, smiling. "Why are you surprised? Didn't I say I'd let you stay at my place until you find a new flat?"

Kise shifts his weight from one foot to another. It's great that he doesn't need crutches or anything but his left leg still stings a bit when he puts too much weight on it.

"Well, you didn't show up yesterday or the day before so I thought you were mad at me. Or that maybe you didn't want me around anymore after all…"

"What, did you really think I'd visit you at the hospital every day just to tell you that we're no longer friends when you're discharged? Come on now, Kise, let's go home." Kagami extends his hand.

Suddenly Kise's arms are tight around Kagami's waist and the blonde's lips are on his and fuck, Kagami's brain short-circuits.

Because Kise's kissing him.

Kise. Is. Fucking. Kissing. Him.

And it's not the kind of quick, innocent peck they had in middle school either. No, this one's all passionate, wanting, desperate even. Like Kise wants nothing more than to kiss the hell out of Kagami.

And well, who is Kagami to say no to that?

When they break apart for air after a moment or two, they're both flushed and breathing heavily.

There're about a million things Kagami wants to say to Kise but his mouth refuses to move. Kise, on the other hand, looks about ready to burst into tears when the silence between them stretches.

"I - I'm sorry…" Kise wipes his eyes, frustrated. "If you're not okay with… that, I'll just call my parents and –"

Kagami cuts Kise off by grabbing his shoulders. "That's not – I mean, I told you before, right? That I love you. And I'll assume that you kissing me… means you like me too?"

It's as if Kagami doesn't even dare to dream that Kise could actually like him back. But that's ridiculous because Kise most certainly does. Really, how could anyone not fall for someone as precious as Kagami?

"Let's go home then, lover boy," he whispers and laughs when Kagami's face turns completely red.

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