Warnings: KagaKise, (awkward as hell) lemon. language.

Kagami has been thoughtful enough to have brought all of Kise's stuff to his place. He's even talked to Kise's landlord and given back the key, as well as asked for a spare key from his own landlord.

And just wow, Kagami really knows how to make Kise happy.

The blonde can't help but smile like an idiot. He must be the luckiest guy on earth to score someone as sweet and devoted as Kagami.

Of course the fact that it took months of being abused by his boyfriend for that to happen might just make him a little less lucky. But that's kind of beside the point; right now Kise's extremely happy and that's enough.

"Kagamicchi," Kise calls as he walks into the bedroom.


"Are we going to share a bed?"

Kise doesn't even need to see Kagami to know the redhead's blushing. He grins victoriously as he flops on the bed and listens to Kagami telling (more like sputtering) him that he can have the bed, Kagami's fine with sleeping on the couch.

Of course Kise wants to sleep with Kagami (just sharing a bed will be fine for now; he doubts Kagami would even agree to have sex with him anyway until he's fully healed) but then again there's no need to rush anything. If Kagami's too embarrassed – although he shouldn't be, seeing as they've shared a bed multiple times before, even if it's only been as friends – Kise can wait.

And wait he does, for three whole weeks. Kagami does nothing but occasionally kiss him and maybe hug, but there's not even talking about anything more than that. Like what are they, twelve?!

No, they're 19 and university students, so having sex should be normal.

Even if Kise's body is still littered with bruises and scars and quite honestly he's not too comfortable with undressing in front of other people because of that. But if it's Kagami, it's fine. Kise desperately needs to know that Kagami's fine with all of him.

After all, wasn't it all because of him being a man that Aomine treated him the way he did? What if Kagami has the same reaction?

There's that, and then there's the fact that he's horny.

So Kise gets up from the bed and sneaks into the kitchen where Kagami's preparing dinner. He approaches the other and wraps his arms around his waist from behind. Kagami jumps a little in surprise but before he can say anything, Kise makes his move.

"Kagamicchi, I want to kiss."

Kagami goes red and coughs embarrassedly. "But I'm cooking right now."

"So you care more about cooking than your boyfriend?"

Well that certainly gets Kagami's attention onto him. The redhead whips around and stares at Kise with wide eyes.

"B-boyfriend?!" he sputters. Kise raises an eyebrow.

"Isn't that what we are?" Kagami blushes and suddenly hugs Kise back awkwardly.

"Y-yeah, I suppose." Kise leans into the hug and presses his head onto Kagami's shoulder. Kagami's about as tall as Aomine so no big change there – wait, why is he thinking of that bastard again? It'll do him no good.

If Kise ever wants to properly move on, he's going to have to stop thinking about Aomine.

Which is why he moves his head to kiss Kagami. Gently at first, but that doesn't last long – in a matter of just a few seconds, the food is taken off the stove (Kagami doesn't want to burn it) and the two are in the middle of a heated make out session.

It's the first time they've kissed like this since Kise was released from hospital but it feels so right.

There's nothing Kise would want to be different right now. Okay, maybe it would be nice to not have all those scars and memories of a horrible relationship but other than that, Kise's pretty damn happy.

He doesn't feel the least bit nervous about going further than kissing, either; Kagami is so kind and caring, of course he wouldn't hurt Kise for any reason.

Accidentally maybe, Kise thinks as he flinches a bit when Kagami squeezes his arm a little too tight. The redhead retreats immediately.

"Are you okay?" Kagami asks, worried. Kise nods but Kagami doesn't continue.

"Come on Kagamicchi, I won't break, you don't have to treat me like some girl."

Kagami still remains motionless. Kise groans in frustration. "I really want to do this, you know…? So stop worrying about me so much."

"B-but you're still injured, doesn't it hurt?"

"Well maybe a bit but not enough for me to stop now," Kise retorts, extremely irritated by all the stalling. If Kagami refuses to resume touching him one more time with some lame excuse, Kise will seriously kick his ass.

"I'm okay, I promise. But if you don't want to do it right now then I guess it's fine." The best puppy face Kise can do usually works on Kagami so Kise puts all his faith in it.

Kagami kisses him then (Kise congratulates himself in his head), and they continue making out. It feels so amazing to be kissing Kagami, he makes Kise feel so safe in his arms, and damn why did he have to waste so much time with Aomine?!

Kagami's kind of awkward at it though; his touches are clumsy and careful and not really arousing at all to be honest. Kise doesn't mind, he can feel Kagami's feelings through his actions, and feeling so loved is an extremely welcome change. Besides, Kise's always been a skilled kisser so it's just fine if he shows the redhead how to do it properly.

Suddenly Kagami pulls away, his face flushed. Kise steps a bit further and inspects the redhead, trying to figure out what happened.

"I'm… I'm sorry, I…" Kagami shifts uncomfortably.

"It's okay, you can say whatever it is." As long as you're not going to say you can't do it with me after all.

Kagami's blush deepens; his face is almost as red as his hair now.

"…I've never done this kind of stuff with anyone before you and um…" Kagami can't even look Kise in the eye anymore. Instead he turns to look at the wall.

Kise grows more and more anxious the longer Kagami stays silent. Oh god, he really will say he can't do it with me after all, won't he? We should've talked about it first, I shouldn't have come on to him so suddenly, we shouldn't be together -

"I'm getting hard…" Kagami finally admits in a whisper.

Kise blinks. Once, twice, then he glances down.

"Oh." It should probably make him uncomfortable, seeing as they've always been just friends, but it doesn't. In fact it gives a very pleasant hum in his stomach.

Is this really happening? Am I actually going to have sex with Kagamicchi?

yes, yes I am. It's Kagamicchi so it's okay. He won't hurt me. He wouldn't ever make me cry.

(Unlike Aominecchi.)

No, don't think about him right now. I'm with Kagamicchi, and we're going to be fine. Just fine.

"It's okay. I'm a guy too, so I know what it's like." Kise closes the distance between them and presses his lips to Kagami's again.

"A-are you sure you want to do this?"

Kise sighs. Not this again. He's horny, and quite certainly head over heels in love with the redhead so what reason is there no to do it? "No, I just thought it'd be fun to come here, turn us both on and then leave it there."

Kagami laughs nervously at that. "Okay but… I – I don't really know what to do…"

"Right, you haven't done it with a guy before. Don't worry, it's essentially the same as doing it with a girl."

The words are obviously meant to be encouraging, but Kagami only gets more embarrassed. Kise tilts his head to the side and raises a questioning eye brow.

"It's my first time ever." Kagami's definitely going to die soon what with all the embarrassing confessions he's made to Kise, and he can feel his cheeks burning. "And I don't want to disappoint you… I mean what if I suck at it?"

Oh. Oh. Of course. Why didn't he realise that earlier? Kagami did say Kise was the first one with whom he'd ever made out so naturally it would follow that he's never had sex before either.

"It's okay, Kagamicchi." Kise grabs Kagami's hand and slowly guides it to the bulge in his pants. The redhead jumps a little at the touch but relaxes when Kise presses a gentle kiss to the corner of his mouth.

"Just stay calm, I'll tell you what to do."

Kagami nods and allows Kise to drag him to the bedroom. They fall on the bed, lips still glued together and hands exploring.

Kise's skin is full of scars and every time Kagami's fingers happen upon one, he cringes. If only he'd had the courage to confess to Kise earlier, they might've got together a long time ago and none of these marks on Kise's skin would be there. The anger he feels towards Aomine gives him courage to keep going though, so maybe he'll think of ways to make the bastard pay for his actions later.

Somehow they both manage to get rid of their shirts. Staring at Kise's naked upper body makes Kagami suddenly realise that this is actually happening, that he's actually going to have sex with Kise. He's fantasised about it many times before, of course, but now it's really happening, and he can't understand anything anymore.

"You look amazing…" Kagami breathes and the blonde smiles fondly.

He leans up to kiss Kagami again, his hands wandering down the redhead's torso until they reach his belt, and Kagami gasps slightly as he feels nimble fingers unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. Then Kise's fingers wrap around his cock, making Kagami moan into his mouth.

What a delicious sound. Kise can't help but want to hear more. He pulls Kagami closer to himself and grinds their hips together, enjoying the feeling of the redhead getting even harder than before.

"You-you're good at this," Kagami gasps when they break apart for air. Kise grins.

"Well you'd better hold on then because it's about to get better," he replies and Kagami shudders against him.

If it gets any better than this, he'll come in a second and that's not what he wants. Unfortunately Kise doesn't seem to understand Kagami's inner panic: the blonde reaches for the night stand to get a condom and lube, handing them to Kagami.

When their eyes meet, Kagami's full of uncertainty. He opens his mouth, probably to say something about not knowing what to do again, but Kise will have none of it.

He grabs Kagami's hand, pours some lube on it, and somewhat forcefully guides it to his entrance (Kagami can't help wondering when he got rid of the rest of his clothes). "Don't say anything. I want this, I can tell you want it too and that's why I'll make sure you do it right."

It takes a little more persuading before Kagami actually goes further and even then Kise feels the redhead's finger tremble when it enters him. "It's okay, Kagamicchi, calm down…"

Kagami blushes. "I'm sorry, I just… does it hurt?"

"Nope, I'm fine. Keep going." Kise presses another kiss on Kagami's mouth and the redhead seems to gain courage from it because the trembling decreases.

It's been a while since Kise's last done it so he needs a little more time to get used to having a finger inside him. But after the initial feeling of weirdness it starts feeling really good, and Kise can't help whimpering a little.

After a while Kise tells Kagami to add another finger and the other complies, although extremely carefully. Kise thinks that maybe he should prepared himself on his own because it seems like Kagami's going to take forever but then he decides against it. It's better like this, with Kagami experiencing it all on his first time, even if he's really awkward.

Hopefully it'll give him confidence for the next time.

Despite the fumbling and awkwardness Kagami finally manages to start scissoring his fingers inside Kise and damn it feels good. The blonde can't help the moans that escape his mouth – not that he even tries to stifle them as they seem to fuel Kagami up even more. The redhead's fingers move with more ease now, and if Kise shifts just a little to the right –

"Kagamicchi…!" Kise buries his head into Kagami's shoulder as his whole body shivers.

This time Kagami doesn't stop to ask; it seems he can tell that Kise's reaction is one derived from pleasure rather than pain. He aims for the same spot, and Kise can feel his orgasm approaching and fuck it's going to be so good – but wait.

He doesn't want to come, not yet.

Kise pulls at Kagami's hand. "Stop… I want your…" His voice breaks mid-sentence but Kagami seems to understand what he's trying to say either way because he pulls his fingers away and reaches for the condoms instead.

Was it this exciting to have sex with Aomine for the first time? Oh no, why did he think of him again. Kise presses his eyes closed and latches his lips onto Kagami's neck to distract himself from the unwanted thoughts.

(I love Kagamicchi, so I'll be fine. Someday I won't even remember what Aomine looks like.)

There's a few seconds of Kagami battling to get the condom on himself (his hands are shaking again) but when he does, Kise can't wait anymore. His right hand grabs at Kagami's cock, making the redhead gasp in surprise, and positions it at his entrance.

He doesn't even need to voice out what he wants anymore.

Slowly Kagami slides inside, stopping every few seconds to make sure Kise's not hurting as well as to prevent himself from coming too early. He still feels extremely nervous and unsure of himself, and the fact Kise's done this before makes him really self-conscious of his own inexperience. He wants this to be the best sex Kise's ever had, damn it, not awkward and just plain bad.

The way Kise moans and writhes under him kind of makes him think Kise doesn't think it's bad at all, though. Quite the opposite actually. So maybe he's allowed to feel just a little proud of himself?

He moves a little, tentatively, and is rewarded with Kise clawing his back (it hurts) and another delicious moan. He moves again and this time Kise moves with him.

After a few more careful thrusts Kagami sets up a pace that he can keep up without coming immediately and Kise seems satisfied with as well. Kise's hands are kind of cold as they wrap around Kagami's shoulders and hang on to the redhead but even that feels incredibly good right now; usually Kagami hates cold.

The blonde keeps clawing at Kagami's back as the redhead moves deeper into him, and much to his surprise Kagami finds himself liking it. Because doesn't it mean Kise's actually enjoying this? So who cares about a few scratches on his back, Kagami can totally put up with that.

After all, having Kise safe and sound in his arms is worth so much more than a bit of broken skin.

Neither of them lasts long. For Kagami, it's mostly the fact that he's with Kise combined with the fact it's his first time that does him in. And fuck, seeing Kise's face as he nears his orgasm is definitely too much for Kagami's already overly sensitised body.

"Kise, I can't…!"

Kise reaches up to kiss Kagami again and smiles against his mouth. "It's okay…" the blonde wraps his fingers around his own cock, and with a couple of skilled strokes he follows Kagami over the edge.

It's really lame but Kise comes harder than he ever has with anyone he's ever slept with before this. His brains short-circuits, his whole body shivers uncontrollably, and then he just slumps back on the bed, feeling tired but very satisfied.

If Kagami were to get better at sex, Kise's brain would probably explode.

Kise leans his head against Kagami's shoulder. He feels tired but he also really wants to talk. As a result of his dilemma he keeps shifting until Kagami gets annoyed by it.

"What's wrong?"

"I liked you in middle school," Kise blurts out. Taken by surprise, Kagami frowns.

"I really liked you but I thought it was weird because we were both guys and best friends on top of that. And then we went to high school and Ao- I mean I met him, and all I wanted was to forget you." Kise sniffs and wipes his eyes. "I ended up falling in love with him for real and I thought that it was better than liking you… but I couldn't know what kind of an asshole he would turn out to be, could I?"

Kagami wraps his arms around Kise's slender waist protectively. "It's okay now, it's not your fault."

"…you won't ever start to think I'm disgusting because I'm a guy, right?" Kise hides his face from Kagami by pressing it against his chest.

"Why would I do that?"

Kise doesn't answer right away. "…because he did."

That makes Kagami sit up and grab Kise's shoulders to make the blonde look at him. Kise blinks, surprised.

"Forget him, okay? I love you way more than he ever did and I'll never do anything to hurt. And you know, I didn't fall in love with you because you're a guy, I fell in love with you because you're you. I would love you even if you were a woman because you would still be you."

As soon as whatever burst of courage that made Kagami say that fades, he goes red in the face and loses the ability to speak or move. Kise just keeps staring at him, also incapable of speaking. But not because he's embarrassed; he feels overwhelmed with happiness.

"Choosing you was the best decision of my life," Kise finally admits with a gentle smile on his lips.

Kagami buries his face in his hands. Sure, he's happy beyond words, but… "….can we please talk about something not so embarrassing?"

Kise laughs heartily. Yes, choosing Kagami definitely is the best decision he's ever made.

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