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Percy's Twin

Chapter Two

Percy's P.O.V.

I was worried. What would everyone say if I had a twin sister? Annabeth would kill me.

"You okay?" Persephone asks as we got into a car.

"Just worried what everyone would say if I told them I had a twin sister." I answer.

"Don't worry if anyone tries to kill you I'll save you." Persephone says.

"I don't know what's worse now. Getting saved by my sister or everyone at camp getting mad at me." I say.

"So what happened the last 10 months?" Persephone asks. I fill her in.

"I can't wait till I get to camp." She says when I finish.

"Why?" I ask.

"Life is boring for me. Your life at camp sounds interesting."

"Trust me Peresphone, my life is dangerous. I would do anything for your life. Any demigod like me would. It may be boring but it's safer then mine."

"Percy, if you had my life you'd want your old life back."

"Trust me Peresphone, once your a demigod you'd wish you had your old life back." I say.

~Line Break~

Annabeth's P.O.V.

I was worried. Percy sent me a Iris-Message a while ago saying he's coming back to camp. Let's hope no monster attacked him while he went to visit his mom. I saw Percy coming the hill with a girl? I take a closer look she looked exactly like him but in a girl version of course. Did he find Lord Poseidon's daughter?

"Percy you found your half-sister?" I ask.

"She's not my half-sister-" He starts off.

"I'm his twin. Persephone Amphitrite Jackson." She finishes off. I was shocked. Percy had a twin he never told us about?!

"Seaweed Brain! I hate you so much for this! Why in the world didn't you tell us that you had a twin sister?!" I say.

"What would everyone say if Poseidon had a daughter? If I wasn't kept as a secret, Kronos, would have came after me." Persephone says.

"She's got a brain." I say shocked.

"Percy, Annabeth, who's the new girl?" Nico asks.

"P-p-ercy's-s t-t-wi-win." I stutter.

"You have a twin?!" Nico asks.

"If he didn't I wouldn't be here right now." Persephone snaps.

"And she got a real brain?" Nico says.

"I have a feeling that your not smart." Persephone says.

"That offends me Persephone!" Percy says.

"Well, lets take you to Chiron." I say.

"Sure!" Persephone answers.

"Your name's Persephone? Like my dad's wife?" Nico asks.

"Your dad's Hades. And no duh my name is Persephone." Persephone snaps.

"No need to be rude." Nico says.

"Let's just go to Chiron." I say.

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