Yo guys, I own nothing of Teen Titans. They belong to DC. While Vortex is based on Red Hood in terms of clothing, his character is entirely mine.


The formation of their team began with one key member crashing on Earth, with a warning. The other four teens then decided to team up with each other, along with the fifth, to help push back the alien race that threatened to destroy their planet. After the alien race was pushed back, the five formed a new team of super hero's, one that would help the citizens of Jump City.

There's Robin, the Boy Wonder, number 2 of the Dynamic Duo. He left the Batman's Shadow, feeling like he would never amount to anything if he stayed in Gotham. He was nominated as the leader of the group, unanimous by all. With his training and acrobatic history, he's a crafty opponent in battle.

Crashing on Earth, this female is of an alien known as a Tamaranean, from the planet Tamaran. She possess the powers of flight, and shooting star bolts out of her hands and eyes. Her strength is phenomenal while she can only learn other languages by kissing. She is naive to Earth customs, and will often ask why things are a certain way.

A shapeshifter that can change into any animal he can think of, Beast Boy is the team clown, often providing slight relief when the situations get hairy. Green skin, and a purple spandex suit, he wore a face mask which he later discarded due to the blatant statement from another team member. He was on the team known as The Doom Patrol, before he left to try to form a team of his own, trying to prove to himself and them that he was worthy.

Next, there was Raven, a child born from a human and the demon known as Trigon. She has telepathic powers, flight, and if she concentrates, telekinesis. She is unable to control the full extent of her powers, due to not having the proper training. With time, however, she will. On her 16th birthday, her father came back and attempted to destroy the world, with the help of Slade, an enemy of the Titans. She defeated her father, and saved the Earth.

Lastly there is Cyborg. After an accident that nearly left him dead, his father put him in a program to have his body reconstructed so that he would survive. He is experienced greatly with technology, and can use his body as the most powerful weapon the Teen Titans has to offer, besides cars and ships of course.

Together, they are the Teen Titans, and they will take down any evil that plagues their city.

"Titans, go!" Robin called out, throwing a birdarang towards the giant towering enemy that charged him. Vaulting over him, he quickly threw some more, only to be struck by a pink ray of energy. He landed on the ground in a heap, rolling over to the side while Cyborg shot off a stream of blue energy towards Cinderblock, who accepted it with a groan.

A green Velociraptor quickly butted Jinx out of the way, only to be electrocuted by a small electronic bug by Gizmo.

"Come on, stink brains! Give me your best shot!" Gizmo taunted, the small teen sticking his tongue out at the Titans. Black shadows quickly enveloped themselves around him, throwing him towards Jink who was recovering.

"Okay, we will." Came the monotone voice of Raven, who's eyes were lit up with the energy of Azerath. Green star bolts quickly followed to hit Mammoth, who was intent on Raven. Robin came in, swinging his bo-staff, slamming Mammoth into Cinderblock, as Cyborg finished up with a mean uppercut, knocking the two into Gizmo and Jinx.

"Looks like it's lights out." Beast Boy commented, laughing at their recent victory. Raven rolled her eyes while Beast Boy's stomach grumbled, "Pizza anyone?"

"Sounds good, Beast Boy." Robin said, smirking as the teen villains were escorted away. "Alright team, let's go." The team traveled to the local pizza joint, grabbing a large pepperoni pie and another large tofu pie for Beast Boy, seeing as how he didn't eat meat. Grabbing a slice, they all began to eat, enjoying the time of relaxation while they had it.

The peace however was soon interrupted as the doors to the town bank burst open, one embedding itself within the car, while the other flew towards the pizza joint. The team sprung into action, with Cyborg catching the door and putting it down, while Robin and Starfire went to the bank, and Raven and Beastboy helped everyone get away from the area.

A male walked out of the bank, two duffle bags of cash around his shoulders. Steel toed boots gleamed in the streetlight while the cargo pants were tucked into them. The wind rustled the black leather jacket that was around the male's upper body. A red helmet was donned to cover the male's identity, as he let out a chuckle. "Ah, company. That's cute."

"Who are you?" Robin asked, narrowing his eyes. The robber was about the same size as Robin, a little bigger build though. He drew a birdarang, ready to attack if need be. Beastboy morphed into a gorilla, waiting while Raven lifted up a lamppost, Cyborg charging his cannon and Starfire's eyes lit with her energy.

"Who am I? Why Robin old boy, I'm the new guy in town. But I'm intent on leaving my mark on this town as one of the best damn people around. I'm not a hero, nor a villain. You can call me a gun for hire, it matters not. Some have called me the Red Hood, but it's too long. I prefer Vortex." The male said, as Robin let out a gasp, "Ah yes, you seem to have some reconciliation of the Joker being the Red Hood, told by Bats himself. Come then. Try to stop me." Vortex said, raising a hand, taunting them.

Beastboy rushed forward, while Raven threw the lamppost at him, attempting to knock him into the building. Vortex, however, had other plans as he quickly halted the movement of the metal street lamp, grabbing it by the handle and swinging it into Beastboy, who was sent flying across the road and into a nearby taxi. "Beastboy!" Raven called, as she sent various objects at him. Vortex made no attempt to move, only bracing himself for impact. As soon as the objects came into contact with him, they simply phased through him.

"Whoa. Did you see that? They didn't even make a dent in him." Cyborg said, eyes narrowed. He quickly fired off a sonic blast at Vortex, who ducked under it, rushing towards him. Within a few feet, Vortex then just disappeared from Cyborg's point of view. "Where'd he go?" He called out, looking around wildly. He readied his arm again, only for Vortex to appear in front of him, a swirling mass of energy within his hand.

"Boo." Vortex called, sending the energy into Cyborg's cannon. Cyborg backed up a few feet, only to be shot up into the air due to the cannon overloading, where he landed on a rooftop, dazed. Robin yelled, swinging down his bo-staff upon Vortex, who took the hit. Falling to the ground, he quickly rolled to his feet, slamming his palm into Robin's chest, who stumbled back.

Robin backflipped away, narrowing his eyes. Vortex had some training, training that only he was taught by Batman. Just who was this guy, and what did he want? He quickly threw some batarangs, but Vortex let them phase through him. Drawing his gun, he quickly fired off a few rounds, knowing Robin would dodge. True to Vortex's knowledge, Robin did dodge, but straight in front of a propane tank. Vortex smirked underneath his helmet, firing off a single round towards the tank. Robin turned and saw, eyes widening as he jumped forward, trying to get as far away from the explosion as he could. His cape on fire, Robin quickly discarded it, looking up to see Raven and Starfire rush into battle.

Vortex laughed, stretching his hand outwards as he focused on a taxi. Lifting it quickly, he launched it and a few more towards the two girls. Raven gasped, stopping the objects with her telekinesis, while Starfire flew underneath them, slamming into Vortex and throwing him into the wall of the nearby pub. Starfire kept her hold on him, crying out in pain when his hands connected with her ears. Stumbling back, stars in her field of vision she shook her head, trying to recover. She opened her eyes to see Vortex running up to her, slamming his fist into her nose, effectively breaking it. She flew back, only to be grabbed by several smoke tendrils, and slammed repeatedly into the ground. She groaned, losing consciousness. Vortex dropped her, as he ducked under the fist of Robin, throwing him away.

Raven quickly threw some objects towards him, while Cyborg shot off some sonic blasts. Vortex chuckled, running and jumping over the objects as he slammed his head into Raven's, sending her flying backwards. Landing, he turned around and quickly threw some smoke bombs and a flash bang towards Cyborg. Cyborg, surrounded by smoke was blinded momentarily by the flash bang. After his vision returned, he looked around, only to cry out in pain as if his circuitry was being destroyed. He looked down to see the gloved fist of Vortex, wires gripped tightly within his hand. Cyborg tried to utter a coherent sentence, before he powered down, falling on the ground, lifeless.

"You killed him!" Raven cried out, flying towards him, several objects following her. Vortex dodged the objects, and backhanded her with enough strength to go through the nearby window of an apartment, taking a bit of the wall with her. Vortex glided down, entering as he walked towards her slowly. Raven stood, aiming a punch towards his midsection. Her punch was sloppy, and she had no real experience in hand-to-hand combat like Robin or Batman had. Vortex accepted the punch, as he smirked, his hand enveloping her face as he slammed her into the wall, before throwing her across the room. "How...How can you be this strong?" She whispered, as she levitated a lamp, throwing it at him.

Vortex's eyes glowed an eerie green as he stopped the lamp, "My powers are greater than yours in terms of telekinesis. If you're lucky, I may let you keep your power, so that one day we may battle at our full potential. And as to how I'm so strong? It's a secret." He shattered the lamp, as he advanced towards Raven once more. She launched various objects at him, only for him to deflect them away. He quickly grabbed her by the throat, slamming her head into a mirror, as he threw her to the ground.

She uttered a low groan, glass shards in her face. She tried crawling away, attempting to get out the hole he made, only to be stopped by his foot on her back. He leaned down, slamming her head repeatedly into the floor. Crying out in pain, she whispered, "You'll never get away with this. You'll be stopped. You murderer."

"Murderer? Me? Ha! Not yet. I knocked metal boy over there unconscious, and just ripped out a few wires. I've studied him, and everyone on the team for a very long time. Don't worry Raven. It'll all be over soon." He whispered, as his hand traveled down to her bum, giving it a light squeeze. "Sorry, I'm a guy. What do you expect?" He asked with a chuckle, as he quickly knocked her out, and dumping her out the window. She landed with a small groan, not moving a muscle. Vortex landed on the ground, ducking under a birdarang from Robin. "Ah, about time you finally came back, traffic light. Now are you ready?" He asked, crossing his arms as he made his way to the middle of the road. Robin stood there, waiting, about 10 paces in front of him.

"Ready for what?" Robin asked, narrowing his eyes. He drew his bo-staff, holding it ready in his hand. "Who are you? And what do you want? How do you know all of the moves that Batman taught me?" He wanted answers, and he wanted them now.

Vortex let out a chuckle, "I'm not going to tell you right off the bat. Ha! Get my pun?" His eyes widened behind his mask, a clear sign he was grinning like crazy at his little joke. When Robin didn't smile, Vortex narrowed them, "Alright then, be a party pooper. Like I said, I'm Vortex. What I want? Is to destroy the man that made me this way. Who that is? You'll have to ask Bats yourself. And how do I know all the moves the big Batfart taught you? Well, let's just say you and I have a common history with Bruce Wayne, Mr. Grayson." Robin's eyes widened, "Yeah, that's right. I know who you are. I'm not going to expose Bruce's secret, but yours? I will. I mean, you have no parents, and no one will care about you if you're targeted more so than often."

"I won't let you." Robin said, gritting his teeth as he charged, swinging some punches and kicks. Vortex backed up from them, eventually backing up against a wall. His eyes widened as he ducked, dodging a kick from Robin. He retaliated with his own attacks, slamming his fist into Robin's arms as he blocked. He continued his assault, trying to wear Robin down so he could go in for the kill. Robin swung out with his foot, connecting to Vortex's side, who held his leg in place with his arm. Robin pulled, only for Vortex to grab him by the ankle, swinging him into the side of a lamppost, and then a taxi. Vortex quickly threw him into the air, slamming him down with a giant smoke hand. Robin uttered a low groan, trying to get back up onto his feet. As Robin got to his knees, Vortex violently kicked him in the chest, sending him flying into a nearby jewelry store.

Vortex jumped through the window, smashing a window as he threw in some diamonds and jewelry along with the cash he had already stole. He stood up straight, and without missing a beat slammed his elbow into Robin's gut, before turning around and blasting him away, the energy of smoke still swirling in his hand. Robin flew through the air, slamming into the wall. He slid down to the ground, watching through blurred vision as Vortex was coming towards him. In an last ditch attempt to get away, Robin threw down some smoke bombs, getting up and running into the nearby alley. "Nice try, traffic light." Vortex commented, grabbing him by the hair, throwing him face first into the side of a dumpster. Robin rolled to his feet, aiming a sloppy punch to Vortex's helmet. He grabbed his wrist, as he vaulted behind him, breaking his arm. Robin cried out in pain, narrowing his eyes. "Sadly, it's time for me to leave. The night is young, and it's time for me to start building my own team. Goodbye, Grayson." He lifted up Robin with smoke tendrils, and launched him into the side of a random car, watching as the impact caused him to dent the metal structure. With a chuckle, Vortex vanished, his body morphing into smoke as he traveled away with the cash, jewelry and a new found victory against the Titans. He had work to do, and very little time to get it done.

Alright guys, this is my first chapter to my new story. It's my first TT story, so go slightly easy on me. Criticism is welcome, but no flames.