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Vortex had appeared home after an hour in Jump City. Raven and the others heard the rev of his motorcycle before it cut off in the garage. Stepping inside, Vortex made his way into the living room, stumbling and causing a vase to fall. He caught it before he fell to his knees, blood pouring out from a cut on his side. He was breathing hard, although it was labored. He quickly tore off his helmet, causing the red object to roll harmlessly along the floor. The left lens of his glasses were cracked, his outfit torn in various places. "Dude...what happened?" Gizmo questioned, eyes wide. Everyone else was in a state of shock, before Jinx and Raven rushed to his side, helping him up.

Vortex let a bloody grin cross his face as he wheezed out, "Green Bean and Terra came after me for vengeance for attacking Robin and 'kidnapping' Raven, as they put it. They're probably on their way here, as I only blinded them with a flashbang before making my way here. They caught me outside of that gun store on the corner, near the waterfront." He stood, abet wobbly at first as he trying to regain his balance. "If they want a fight, I'll give them a fight. I want all of you to head out, going somewhere that isn't here." He was firm in his order, only for no one to move. "The hell are you guys doing? I said leave. I don't need any of you getting arrested due to you all trying to help me out."

"We're not going anywhere." Raven stated, her eyes gazing into Vortex's sunglasses.

"Yeah, sorry but we're not leaving you behind." Jinx continued.

"You're a team mate and leader." Blackfire said.

"And a comrade." Gizmo piped up, before he quickly typed onto his keyboard. "The stink brains are headed this way. Not just Green Bean or Terra though. They have Blackfire's sister and metal man with 'em."

Vortex gazed at Raven, uncertain. "Think you'll be able to take down your old team?"

She didn't reply, her hands grasping her hood and moving it up to cover her face. After a moment, her azure eyes changed, becoming darker before she smirked, her canines forming into small fangs. She formed an orb of energy within her hand, which cackled with black electricity. Vortex smirked before he grabbed his pistol and assault rifle.

Blackfire charged her energy up, as did Jinx, and Gizmo with his gadgets. "You all do know we may end up getting arrested, right?" He said after a moment.

"Not like we haven't spent time on the inside before. Besides Raven." Jinx said, adding her in with an afterthought.

Raven shrugged, "That's a risk I'm willing to take."

The five all stood outside of the house, awaiting for the arrival of the Titans. Vortex gazed up to the sky, seeing Starfire and Cyborg, while Terra and Beast Boy flew with their respective abilities. The four landed, as they locked eyes with Raven. She simply tilted her head at them, while Beast Boy stepped forward, "Raven! What are you doing? Why are you with them? Quit right now, and come back with us!" He tried to reason with her, pleading.

"Yeah, c'mon Raven. We're all going to have a group meeting and we're going either vote Robin off the team, or demote him from leader!" Terra added.

"It's too late for that. Far too late." Raven said loudly enough for them to hear, her eyes a light with the black electricity that consumed her her hand. She levitated up in the air, Terra doing the same.

"Please, hear us out Rae." Cyborg said, stepping forward. He viewed her as a little sister, and he didn't want to lose her to the dark side, even if she was interested in Vortex.

"Yes, please friend!" Starfire exclaimed, attempting to step forward, only for her sister to do the same. The battlefield was drawn, and though they were short a member, the Titans were intent on bring their friend to her senses.

"Why don't you all just leave? Safe us the trouble of kicking your asses." Vortex asked, glaring at them as he drew his gun. He aimed it at Beast Boy and chuckled, "Poor Green Bean. Can't fight me on your own?" Beast Boy growled and charged, morphing into a cheetah and speeding towards Vortex. The male knew that cheetah's were faster than humans, so he quickly fired off a few rounds and backtracked, watching as Gizmo and Cyborg battled a duel of technology, Raven sending her orb at Terra, and Blackfire and Starfire flying up in the air, waves of energy sparking off the two as they clashed.

Beast Boy pounced upon Vortex who was busy trying to deal with avoiding his teeth and razor sharp claws. The jacket provided a little protection, but it wouldn't hold forever, and Vortex was already weak from his previous battle. He gritted his teeth as he watched his arms slowly buckle under the pressure the changeling put on him as a cheetah. He smirked, watching as a bolt of pink energy strike Beast Boy off of him. He quickly rose to his feet, nodding to Jinx before he dodged a birdarang. The battle momentarily stopped as everyone gazed upon the appearance of Robin who sported a sling, still proved that he was able to fight. "Let's end this, Vortex." He growled out, as he ran towards him. Vortex drew his knife and charged, slashing at Robin.

The Boy Wonder quickly dodged and avoided the swipes, striking at him with his good hand. Vortex felt the blows against his wounds as he growled out in pain. "If you want to play it that way." He muttered, as he dodged, slamming his fist into Robin's shoulder. He recoiled in pain, being kicked away from Vortex. Raven and Terra had caused a small explosion due to their powers colliding, before they resorted to hand-to-hand combat.

Starfire and Blackfire were on even ground, the two sisters clawing at each other, their energy sparking between them. Cyborg and Gizmo were equal, both using all of their resources to outwit the other. Gizmo was knocked into the porch, before the midget quickly send spider-bots after Cyborg. While the male was distracted, the midge latched onto his back, sticking a small EMP on Cyborg before jumping off. Said EMP went off, Cyborg's circuits shutting down as he slipped into unconsciousness. However, before Gizmo could celebrate his victory, he was slammed into the ground by the giant green gorilla known as Beast Boy.

Jinx shot forward and slammed her palms into Beast Boy, sending him stumbling back before she went in between his legs, landing a groin shot and flipping him onto his stomach. While the changeling was distracted, she quickly shot out some of her 'bad bolts' and sent the changeling flying into Terra, who was knocked off her rock while fighting Raven. The daughter of Trigon proceeded to shock both of them into unconsciousness with her powers, before she smirked. However, Robin came out of the woods and slammed his foot into her, before sending a birdarang towards Jinx. The birdarang exploded on the ground, freezing her in her tracks. He stared down at Raven, "How could you let it happen this way, Raven? How could you go down this path?"

She was silent, wiping blood off her lip. She glared up at him before electricity cackled around her, sparking. She spoke lowly, thinking of her words, "You don't know what it's like to be me. To be scorned and known as the daughter of Trigon. Vortex accepted me for who I am from the beginning, and I had to earn your guy's trust, even after we formed the team, years later. That's pathetic, Robin. And you're pathetic for trying to stop us." She blasted him back, levitating into the air. She quickly fired off some bolts at him, watching as Vortex prepared his knife. However, Starfire swooped down and sent him flying through the house before Blackfire shot her into the ground with her black bolts. Starfire and her energy collided once more, the explosion sending her further into crater, while Blackfire was sent flying into the nearby woods. Both were out of the game, and there was no sign of Vortex anywhere.

Robin charged dodging bolts before he leaped up into the air and roundhouse kicked her. She blocked with her forearms, landing on the ground. Robin landed, as he pounced on top of her, slamming his fist into her forearms, trying to break her. He wasn't dealing with his friend anymore, he was dealing with another villain that had to be stopped. He ignored her cries of pain, and ignored the crunch of her nose breaking. Ignoring the blood on his hand, he continued the onslaught, only for her knee to be planted firmly in his crotch. He groaned out in pain, eyes wide as she kicked him off. She levitated as her nose was slowly fixed due to her magic, hate radiating in her eyes. Vortex walked out of the hole made in the garage, blood pouring from his wounds. He stumbled and Raven caught him, the two watching Robin try to get up.

"Let's end this babe." He panted, kissing her firmly on the lips. Together, the grabbed the handle of his gun, their fingers on the trigger and fired. Robin felt the bullet pierce his lung, before being lodged somewhere within his body. He gasped out in pain, eyes wide with shock. He fell onto his back, blood filling his lung and making it difficult to breathe. He gasped, wheezing for air, his eyes staring up at the deadly couple. They stared down at him with emotionless eyes, firing off one more round that entered Robin's heart. The Boy Wonder let out a few final breathes, trying to desperately cling to life, before he died.

"Let's go. We do not need to be here when the others wake up." Using her telekinesis, she lifted up the unconscious members of the team and Jinx who was still frozen, before they left. The Titans had suffered a heavy loss, and Batman had just lost his first bird.

3 years later

The city known as Jump City had moved on. The Titans had either joined up with Vortex, or had died trying to win a battle that was unfathomable to them. Vortex's powers had returned to him shortly after Robin's death, making it easier for him to rule the criminals with an iron fist. He made sure that drugs were still being run, people still made their money, but crime overall was down. Kids still went to school, gaining their education and being kept away from drug dealers, courtesy of Vortex. In a twisted sense, the team had become a darker version of the Titans, with the Tower claimed as theirs.

Terra and Beast Boy had fallen in battle, trying to avenge Robin. Starfire was beaten into submission and sold into prostitution, Cyborg was destroyed by Vortex who decided to test his strength against the male. Speedy, Bumble Bee, Aqualad and various other Titans had fallen, and now the villainous Titans had to deal with new batches of super heroes that were slowly coming into their city, trying to reclaim the name of a 'Teen Titan'. However, the journey was perilous and stormy, their greatest challenge being a male in a red helmet, with two girls by his side, all three of them dressed in black.

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