So this is a crossover I've just made! It is possible to read this even if you haven't seen Doctor Who, since everything will be explained!

It is just Sherlock/John companions together with Donna (My favorite companion! :))

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Sherlock carefully observed the dead body, while Molly is standing besides him, trying to figure out what he's going to get by observing the victims feet.

''Murder'' Molly starts, while reading through the bunch of paper she has in her hands. ''He was drugged, but if you look closer inside his mouth you can see that something has been forced down his throat. We took another analysis, and we found traces of cocaine''

Sherlock stopped looking at the victims feet and stood up ''And his blood test?''

''high amount of cocaine in his blood. A deadly dose, too. That was apparently the cause of his death''

Sherlock started to walk out, and John followed after him

''Goodbye, Molly''

They walked outside and caught a taxi.

Sherlock ordered the driver to start driving towards 221B Baker Street, and then he turned to John.

''So what do you think, John?''

That's what he did nowadays, Sherlock. After every case he kept asking John. What do you think? Who is the murderer? But why would he do that?. It wasn't often John got anything right, but Sherlock didn't mock him about it anymore. He even told him that he was getting better for each time- which made John a bit happier.

''Well- the murderer obviously have a lot of drugs in hand, to use whenever they want to- maybe she or he even was a drug addict themselves?'' John started, and he looked at Sherlock for approval, to see if he was on the right track.

''Continue.'' Sherlock said,

''Valentines day, 30th anniversary. Of course he would be with his wife'' Sherlock nodded, and John continued.

''But she told us they hadn't been together- which is strange because it WAS valentines day. And it was their 30th anniversary'' John kept looking outside the taxi window, he tried to concentrate, but he couldn't.

''Unless their relationship was going really wrong- which his wife told us was incorrect- they should've been together. His wife must have been a part of it somehow.''

John turned to his right and stared at Sherlock to see if he was right. Sherlock smiled, ''That's right- but you forgot something else too. Maybe it wasn't clear enough.''

John sighed- of course he did. It was always something he forgot.

''His wife talked very fast. I think you noticed that. Her pupils were also dilated, and at one point she had a nose bleed. Signs of cocaine addiction. She murdered her husband with her favourite drug''

John sighed again. Of course.

He continued looking outside the window, and he felt like something was wrong. The taxi was in front of a red sign, standing still, but something here did not look right here.

''Come on Sherlock. I need to look at something'' John opened the door, and walked past the cars, he walked forward, towards something he himself didn't know. Sherlock screamed after him, but John kept on moving forward.

John heard Sherlocks voice behind him getting louder. He was following after him.

At last John stood in front of a blue box. A blue police box.

''Why did you come here?''

''There is something wrong here. This is not right'' John pointed at the box, and knocked.

''It is JUST a box, come on now. We have to call Lestrade.''

''What is a police box from the 1960's doing here- in 2013?''

And why is it so hard to look at it? John knows that he is seeing the police box, but it is like he can't focus on it.

John tried to open it, but it wouldn't open.

''Come on John. It's nothing''

Sherlock was probably right. John promised himself that he was going to come back here later.

And then they left.