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Naya's POV

'Babe, I'm in the kitchen' I called out to Heather, she was asked to stay behind at work to help with some choreography. I left with my little Bee so I could prepare for out party tonight.

Heather and I have been dating for about a month now, Only Kevin and Diana know but we were planning on telling the rest of them tonight. It was Glee night and my turn to host out weekly party, and as heather has been pretty much living here since the day we got together, she offered to help.

Suddenly A warm and familiar pair of arms wrapped round my tanned waist. She rested her chin on my shoulders and sighed'

'You tired baby?' I asked quietly

'Hmmm, a bit' she replied

It was only 6.15 so we had just over 2 hours till the cast was due to arrive.

'Tell you what, why don't I go and run you a bath and then I will give you a massage before everyone arrives.

'I love you, you know that right?' she replied, wrapping her arms tighter around me

'Can you just finish off icing these cupcakes for me and I will start your bath'

'Course I can' she replied letting her arms drop from my waist and turning to kiss me

'You're okay about telling everyone tonight aren't you? No second thoughts?' I asked Heather, she tended to be the quiet one in this relationship, we wanted to make each other happy and we did, but I always kept a special eye out for her as she had never been with a woman before me.

'Why wouldn't I be?' she said looking down at the cakes in front of her

'I know it's all knew to you, but they are the ones who have been pushing us together since the first day on set, they will love it and I'm sure most of them already have their suspicions' I said

'I know, but what if it goes all wrong and they hate me, hate us?' she said, finally opening up to me.

'They won't, but if they do, you have to remember I love you know matter what and we will be together...'

'forever' Heather replied turning to kiss me

'I'm never leaving you'

'I know' she replied and with that I went off to run her a bath

Heather's POV

Only half an hour till the cast get here, and everything in Naya's house was ready. I knew Diana would be here soon as she is always early but Naya was still giving me one of her amazing massages so I didn't complain.

I was currently laying face down on the coach with her straddling my hips

'Baby, you are so tight' she told me whilst getting to work on my shoulders

'That's what she said' I replied laughing

'You are such a goon' she said laughing at my response

'I'm herrreeeee' we heard a voice sing through the door 'Woooaaahhh, I'm sorry, Im just going to leave'

Of course it was Dianna, she had a thing about catching us doing things. That's how she came to know about our relationship...

3 weeks ago

'Oh my god heather I love you' screamed Naya in my trailer.

We were on the couch getting our 'sweet lady kisses on' and I began to trail my lips round down her neck, past her chest and onto her toned stomach, whilst my hands began playing with the edge of her top.

After only a week of dating we had done quite a lot of kissing and of course dare I say it having sex. However, Ryan has a no sex policy in trailers but he never said anything about getting out mack on. Did he?

'Babe, what's that?' asked Naya beginning to sit up

'Nothing' I replied pushing her down again

'But I swear I heard someone's voice' she said sitting up again

At that time I began palming her breasts under her t-shirt

'I don't think you understand the effect you have on me HeMo' she told me finally beginning to relax

As my hand movements got stronger and more intense her head flew back and she began to breathe loudly

'Right there Heather' she screamed quietly so no one would hear us

'Oh my god' was all I heard, my head and Naya's turned to the doorway where Lady D was standing there, Jaw wide open.

'Fuck' said Naya and I in unison

It wasn't that we didn't want people to know, it's just that we weren't ready to deal with that yet. We were taking things slow, for my sake more than Naya's. Although our relationship in the bedroom has developed slightly more than imagined. Not that I'm complaining.

'Shut the door D, we need to talk to you' I said sitting up, and removing my hand from her breast, much to Naya's disappointment

And that's how it happened. So now D knows about us,as well as Kevin although that is a different story, we are happy not having to keep our relationship secret from everyone but it was hard not being able to touch Naya on set the way I do in private.

'Jesus D, I was just giving heather a massage'

'If that's what you want to call it' she said finally shutting the door and beginning to sit down on the couch opposite

Naya climbed off my back and reached over to the end of the couch to grab my t-shirt

'Thanks babe' I said, whilst she handed me my top

'Love you' Naya told me after I had put my top back on

'As I love you' I replied and with that I pulled her into a kiss

*cough cough* we heard moments later, of course it was Diana.

'As much as I love you together, would you be able to leave each other alone for lets say, 10 minutes?'

'That's mean D, I have not been able to tough my girl all day, she had to stay on set late and then you interrupt us now' Naya said 'Just be thankful that you didn't catch us doing something else'

'Naya' I said facing her, ignoring D's snide comments on what Naya had just said 'Can we change the locks?'

she laughed

'I don't think that's necessary' replied D before Naya even got a chance to speak 'I'm not going to come here anymore, just incase I catch you two doing something even more horrific than what I've already seen this last month'

'yeah right D, you said that last week when you came in here unannounced and caught me and heather at it'

before anyone could respond there was a loud knock at the door

'Naya, open up before I knock this door down' said a voice, who I could only assume was Mark

'WOOOOOOOO' screamed another voice, followed by more banging at the door

'This is it' Naya said turning to me for one last kiss before getting off the couch to open the door

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