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There will probably be a lot of flashbacks in the future so as to get a better idea of Sasuke and Naru's relationship, but the next chapter will start where the story really begins, in Shippuden. Of course some things will be different, and this first chapter was just a sort of prologue to move into Shippuden.





Heritage Arc.

Eternal Spiral.

Chapter 1: Hopeful.

Naruto sighed as she sat on the roof of her apartment. The full moon high and bright in the midnight sky. She wasn't sure what she should think, not after so long. Uchiha Sasuke had a way of getting under her skin, and pushing all her buttons. Sometimes she just wanted to wring his neck until he was blue, others... well at other times it was different.

Sighing again she ran a hand through her bright sunny hair, an unfortunate hair color for any ninja, but it made her unique so she liked it. The same could be said about her large cerulean blue eyes and whisker-birthmarks. Funny, she knew many believed them to be side effects from theKyūbi, but in truth she had been born with them.

She knew this because of the fact Hokage-jiji had told her himself, and there were a few baby pictures of when she was just born in her mothers arms (how exactly there had been time for them she didn't know).

Though until she was a genin fresh out of the academy none would tell her who she was. Jiji had bent this rule some, seeing as she should have become a genin the first time she'd taken the test when she was nine, but biased teachers and her inability to control her chakra enough to complete an ordinary Bunshin had caused her to fail twice.

Apparently this was to keep her safe though she'd always known who her father was subconsciously.

She'd have to be blind not to realize she looked a hell of a lot like the Yondaime Hokage. Either they were family, or it was a hell of a coincidence. It was too bad she didn't believe in coincidences. She could wait for confirmation, she was in no hurry to confirm that her hero, the person she'd always look up to growing up had been the one to seal the Kyūbi inside her gut.

She had never blamed him completely, but if he was her father... it sort of stung (and by stung she meant angered her and hurt her immensely) to know he was willing to seal a biju inside her. The Fourth had to have known how badly Jinchuriki's were treated. There was the possibility he had more faith than he should have had in the village. It was a shame that faith was misplaced for the most part.

"Are you always up this late, Dobe?"

'Think of the devil and the devil shall appear,' she thought to herself before looking up and to her right.

Behind her was the figure of her male teammate and the bane of her thoughts. Actually, she found that she just didn't understand the male species. Even Haku, the boy from wave had confused her and saddened her at the same time. If she ever had one regret it was that she couldn't save Haku and Zabuza by default.

The last Uchiha looked as he always did. Dark blue shirt with his clan symbol on the back and a high neck. Long shorts and standard Shinobi sandals. Like all Shinobi his weapons and other handy tools were on him and easily accessible.

She herself wore what she always did, though of course a fresh set. She only had access to Ayame-neechan's machines on Sundays, a set up between the owners of the ramen place and herself when she was five.

The laundry mats didn't so much as let her loiter in their area, one of many places of business. The only places that were generous to her were one or two stands from people who had arrived after the Kyūbi attack, Ichikaru's, and Tenten's family shop. She'd learned later in life if she wanted to get groceries than she needed to master Henge or learn to plant edible foods. It wasn't exactly by choice she ate mainly ramen after all, but it was her favorite.

Naruto wore a dark orange, short-sleeved kimono blouse, with a black obi and black skirt underneath. Under the thigh length skirt were tight black shorts that were an inch or two shorter than the skirt itself. She also wore black stockings that stopped a few inches above the knee, and black shinobi sandals.

Bandages were wound around her right leg for her weapons, and she had a black pouch around her waist on her left side. It was close enough to her obi that it disguised itself unless you looked closely, or knew it was there by being around her daily. Around her hands were bandages that stopped halfway up her forearm. On the lower part of her top, below the black obi, on the right side, was a medium size Uzumaki clan spiral. It had been sown there herself, after she'd hand dyed the top when she was younger.

All her clothes were once her mothers, or at least nine tenths of them were. Hokage-jiji had supplied her with them, knowing how hard it was for her to get clothes. On her forehead under her bangs was the barely visible forehead protector that signified her as a ninja of the hidden leaf. A blue clip pulled some of her hair from her face on the left side.

Her long sunny blonde hair which almost seemed to shine with hidden red highlights in the sunlight, pooled around her in her sitting position. If she were standing up it would fall to the back of her thighs. Usually she wore it loose which made her look that much more like her mother. Hokage-jiji had said that while she had her father's coloring, his nose, and grin, she was otherwise her mothers spitting image.

The best of both of them.

Though her whisker birthmarks set her apart from both, her own person. Even her hair wasn't the exact shade as her fathers from what Hokage-jiji would say, what with the red highlights she inherited from her mother.

"Naru – "

Naruto snapped from her thoughts and interrupted him.

"I could ask the same about you, Teme," she retorted, but it lacked her normal annoyance or anger.

The dark haired avenger snorted, moving closer to stand beside the girl, hands stuffed in his pockets.

"Hn. Midnight walk," he replied, shrugging. "Happened to spot you. Kind of hard to miss with that bright mop you call hair and bright orange you ware."

Naruto was sure that was one of the longest sentences she'd ever heard him speak.

"I couldn't sleep," she answered after a minute. "Sometimes I find it hard to sleep."

It was more than true. Most dreams weren't nightmares exactly, but after years of being put down, chased away from any sort of human contact besides the Hokage and when she was in the Academy - as grudgingly as that was - most dreams were not pleasant. In her childhood she'd been alone for most of her life, and then she began going to the Academy. Mostly she had acquaintances.

Just because the older generation couldn't tell anyone she was a jinchuriki, did not mean they could not forbid their children from playing with her. Sasuke was an exception. His clan didn't really seem to care, though his father wasn't exactly ecstatic when she was mentioned, his mother had encouraged a friendship between them.

The nightmares were the worst though, all centering around the day the Uchiha's were massacred. Looking at her sort-of friend she wondered if he remembered that she'd been there that day. She couldn't blame him if he conveniently forgot that fact, she tried to forget that day as well. Itachi had been one of the only people to look at her as a human being, and he'd been one of the only Anbu who would actually talk to her. Even if it wasn't their mission to show themselves unless she were in danger or speak to her at all.

He'd even helped her train when he could, it was because of him her chakra control was ten times better than it could have been. Though she still sort of sucked compared to others.

"Hn," Sasuke grunted, which was pretty much the norm for the dark boy. "You should try sleeping. We have training tomorrow."

"I probably should, but what about you?"

He shrugged.

"Like I said, I was just taking a walk," he said, and turned to walk off. "You should try something warm to drink before sleeping. Something that calms you down, it might help your nightmares."

Naruto's eyes widened as he walked off, a gasp escaping from her mouth. Once he'd jumped from the roof to another, on his way towards his place she assumed, she frowned and huffed.


It was a nice gesture though. Maybe she'd try it.




"Where is he!" Sakura raged, glaring at nothing in particular.

Sasuke didn't pay the pinkette's words much attention, but the blonde sitting close by looked at her with bright blue eyes.

"It's Kakashi-sensei, he's always late," Naruto said, not really surprised.

Sasuke couldn't help but agree with the blonde dead last, the day their sensei was on time was the day the world would end. Or at least the start of the end.


Sakura looked over at the boy she'd been chasing since she was five – or at least she thought she might have been five, it had been so long so of course some of her earliest memories were hard to recall. They were fourteen now, or at least nearing fourteen in Naruto and Sasuke's case. Sometimes the truth of how things had gone surprised her. Sasuke had changed so much from her earliest memories, but at the same time he was the same.

Naruto, well the blonde girl had become even more of a girl. When they had all first met she and others had mistaken the whisker marked girl for a boy. Her short spiky blonde hair, tomboy clothes, and chubby cheeks just gave her that look (despite the feminine look she'd retained). She was even teased for it, reminding Sakura terribly – now that she'd become friends with the blonde – of how she was teased for her abnormally large forehead.

Sakura thought that was why the girl kept her silky looking hair so long. Sakura hated to admit it, but she'd always been jealous of Naruto's long blonde hair which seemed to be highlighted red like a sunset in the brightest of sunlight.

The spiky locks she once sported seemed to have tamed themselves as they grew longer. While Naruto was not perfect by any means, she had looks some girls would kill for. Thought the birthmarks on her cheeks always drew strange looks, some would admit they gave her a exotic look.

The unspoken friendship between the Uzumaki heiress and Uchiha heir had always confused her. They didn't act like best friends or normal friends did – though considering how her and Ino now acted she wasn't the best at judging friendships.

They just seemed to have an understanding and almost friendly rivalry. They seemed to understand something she couldn't. She figured it had something to do with their childhoods. Naruto was an orphan, and was always alone. From what she heard she'd been kicked out of the orphanage at around five or six, and lived on her own ever since.

She knew her blonde friend was close to the Hokage, and that she was unusually happy for someone with such a mysterious past. Sakura couldn't even pretend to understand what it must have been like, but she also knew her teammates wouldn't have wanted her to. Many might see her as a giant fan-girl with a huge forehead, and she'd admit six months ago that was essentially what she was, but being on Team Seven had changed her.

It had changed Naruto and Sasuke as well, just not as apparently. Not to say she wasn't still after the Uchiha heirs affections but she wasn't as obsessed as other fan girls anymore. At least not in her opinion. At times Sakura couldn't help but feel left out and envious of the unspoken bond between her two teammates.

"Sakura, you okay?" Naruto asked, looking concerned for the girl.

"Yeah, Naru... I'm fine," she said, flashing a smile just as there was a swirl of leaves and Kakashi appeared before them.

"Yo," he greeted.

"You're late!" Sakura exclaimed, much like she did nearly everyday.

"Sorry, I got lost on the path of dreams..." Kakashi began, only to be interrupted.

"You slept in didn't you?" Naruto snarked, only half questioning.

Kakashi blinked his visible eye and sighed.

"Must you always interrupt my excuses?"

Naruto grinned, and replied, "Get some new believable excuses, Kakashi-sensei, and we'll see."

Kakashi sighed, but was also rather amused and proud of his genin team.

The copycat-nin had never thought much about one day training a genin team, over the last few years the Hokage had tried to get him to take a team, and he did, but none could pass the bell test to his satisfaction. Maybe that made him too harsh, many thought he failed them just because he had no desire to train a team.

That wasn't completely true, the bell test had been what his sensei had used, and the test his sensei had taken from his sensei who had taken it from his sensei. It was a bit of a passing tradition. Team Seven, he hadn't had much hope for them either. Not with how their records read, he had been pleasantly surprised.

In the end they had passed, though if he had failed them he didn't suppose the council would have been happy. Not with the last Uchiha being on the team. Unfortunately he could only do so much to give his team the attention each deserved. The council was more interested in Sasuke, and he could only ignore the council breathing down his neck to a certain point.

Thankfully he'd been able to give each some personalized training, not much but enough that he didn't feel too guilty about the fact he had to focus a little more on Sasuke and training his Sharingan.

"Well, moving on. We have a mission," he said, smiling behind his mask and with his visible eye. "You have a hour to get a bag ready and meet me at the gates."

"What's the mission?" Sasuke asked, his tone giving nothing of his thoughts or emotions away.

"Hmm, it's a C-rank. An escort mission, we'll be gone for about a week," he said. "I'll see you three there."

With that he eye-smiled once more and shunshined away.




Nine months.

It was nine months later the world came crashing down. Or at least, it came crashing down for Team Seven. The Chūnin Exams had marked the end of any sort of peace the team knew. Like a vicious cycle meant only for Team Seven, the team had fallen to shambles. Like a mirror shattered into pieces. It began with one of the three sannin, Orochimaru, and had ended at the Valley of The End.

Naruto sighed as she sat, leaning against the memorial stone. New names had been added since the invasion from Oto and Suna months before. She didn't really notice that though, what she cared about was the missing pieces.

First Hokage-jiji had died fighting Hebi-teme, and then she'd been attacked by the Akatsuki with one of the members being Itachi. She'd admit only to herself she'd frozen upon seeing him, having not seen the man for over four years. Then there was the fact he had looked so much like Sasuke at first, confusing her.

The very end conclusion was Sasuke's defection. Closing her eyes she placed a hand over the area slightly over her heart and winced at the pain she felt, yet there was no visible wound.

'Why Teme, why leave? Why can't you accept that bonds can give you power too? why must you...' she sighed, her thoughts stopping there, not wanting to go further with her melancholy thoughts.

"I wont give up, Sasuke... I'll bring you back, even if it kills me," she vowed softly, her head tilted up to the full moon in the night sky.

She after all, had hope, if nothing else.




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