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It's a normal, regular day at the office.

All employees are busily working hard at Uchiha Incorporated. Employees are especially working hard the top floor where the head of the entire building, Uchiha Sasuke, works.

True, a few may slack off a little but definitely not enough to get fired.

And yet speaking of slacking off, one employee typed away quickly at his computer. He cursed at himself whenever he typed a word too quickly and the computer wouldn't spell check for him. He only had half an hour to finish three more pages of his report to hand in to his superior.

Inuzuka Kiba was working hard.

"I told you not to take a day off." Shikamaru voiced from behind him.

Kiba grunted and kept his eyes on his computer screen. He hated it when his friend was right. And sometimes that he hated that he chose to be a forecast analyst.

Shikamaru put a bento box beside his friend; Kiba had skipped out on lunch to finish his report.

"Thanks man… but you couldn't have done something like slap on the head to make me work? Now I'm rushing to get this done!" Kiba whined. His eyes glanced back at the bento box… man he was hungry.

Good thing he only needed one more page to be done.

His friend shrugged and folded his arms. "I type data into computers, not manage you to make sure you do your work." He answered. He looked over his shoulder and then back at Kiba. "You have ten minutes."

"Shit! Wait, I'm almost done!" Kiba saved the file into his documents to ensure that he wouldn't do something stupid like delete all of his work. He had a big smile on his face as he saved the completed document and sent it to his superior. Kiba whooped in happiness and opened the bento box. "Fuck yes, I deserve this!"

Shikamaru took up the spare chair in the corner and sat himself down on it. "Yes, yes you do."

While munching on his food Kiba asked, "So hey was Naruto at the restaurant today?"

"Yeah he was able to give me the lunches but then he had to rush out for a doctor's appointment." He answered.

"Man, I can't believe there's going to be a kid that's a mix of Naruto and the boss." Kiba said in awe. "I wonder how the kid is going to turn out…"

Shikamaru shrugged again and looked up at the time on the computer screen. "Well, we'll know when the kid is all grown up. And hello Uchiha-san."

Kiba choked a little and looked behind him.

Sasuke stood before them, his hands in his pockets and just staring blankly at them. And his eyes were glancing at the bento box Kiba was eating from. Shikamaru deduced that he either wanted the box or was thinking of Naruto.

Ever since discovering that Sasuke was married, his "wife" had become a part of their lives somehow. And he had inadvertently made him, Kiba, and Shikamaru actually understand their superior more. It was strange to actually notice things about their superior ever since Naruto came into their picture.

Though Sasuke didn't seem too happy about it; he wanted to be known as a feared man within his building. And it was still true… there was just a happy blonde to sort of ruin the image whenever he stopped by and said hello.

It almost made him chuckle out loud.

Poor guy…

But still, Uchiha Sasuke was his superior and he had to respect him and his image.

Kiba swallowed him food and cleared his throat. "I sent in the budget report Uchiha-san." He announced.

Sasuke nodded. "Ah yes, I got that not too long ago. Good work Inuzuka." He said.

"Thank you sir."

"But I didn't need that report until tomorrow. Nonetheless, good work."

And Sasuke turned his head away when Kiba's mouth went slack. His eyes glared at something (or someone) and he walked away to probably straighten someone out.

Kiba's mouth was still open.

Shikamaru let an amused smile slip on his face. "I was told to tell you that the budget report was pushed back a day. But you would have slacked off if I told you that you had an extra day to do it. So good work for getting your work done on time." He stood up from his chair and patted his friend's shoulder before walking out.

Naruto sighed as he leaned against the counter. He had set down a pad of paper and pencil on the surface and pouted. Normally he was such a happy and upbeat person but with the changes recently, he was acting a little the opposite of how he usually was. "Sensei, is it weird that I don't really like looking at fish at the moment but at the same time I'm going to miss eating it? It's weird isn't it?" he sighed.

Iruka just smiled and wiped his hands on a rag. "Oh Naruto, you'll get to eat sushi soon. Just not for the next few months. And you do know that not all sushi is excluded from your diet right?"

"I know but I'd rather not eat sushi at all just to be safe. And I can't eat certain cheeses!" Naruto sighed again and looked up at the ceiling. "What time is it?" he asked.

"It's almost six thirty."

The blonde slapped his face into his hands and whined. "Half an hour left? I can't last that long…!" he whined.

Again, he was acting different. Normally Naruto would want time to go by a little slower because he enjoyed working.

Iruka had to resist laughing and he just pats the blonde's shoulder again. He was handling these mood swings a lot better than he thought he would. He was just glad that Naruto wasn't mood swinging at the customers, which would have caused a big problem. And he also had to awe at how Naruto controlled it outside of the kitchen.

"You know you didn't have to come back after your doctor's appointment, you could have gone home. You're not even supposed to work today."

Naruto shrugged and waved his hand in the air, probably to say that he wanted to do it anyway. Pushing himself off the table, Naruto reached for the notepad nearby. "I guess I better go out to waste another half hour." Naruto whined again before walking through the doors.

Iruka only chuckled and shook his head as he made his way into the kitchen. "I need a sakura platter!"


"I worked hard today Sasuke." Naruto said as he seated himself on his husband's lap. "It was really tiring…"

Sasuke rubbed Naruto's thighs and kissed his temple. "Yes Naruto, I know you did. How was your doctor's appointment today?" he asked.

Naruto shrugged and pressed himself against Sasuke. "It went well I guess. I'm just about two months along right now. Tsunade baa-chan said that sickness or nausea happens until about a month after getting pregnant. I'm queasy more often instead of vomiting almost every morning or something like that." He waved his hand in the air and then wrapped it around his husband's neck.

"And when I look at sushi I just… ugh! I mean I'm going to miss eating it for a while but at the same time I just don't want to see it. And I work in a sushi restaurant!"

Unsure whether Naruto was actually depressed or just mood swinging, Sasuke rubbed his wife's back in comfort. "Did you get your prenatal vitamins?" he asked.

He felt the blonde nod against him.

"What about cravings? Is there anything in particular you want?" he asked.

Naruto pushed himself away and lay down on the couch. "I told baa-chan about I've just been craving potatoes like French fries and that stuff. So she told me to have a healthier alternative which are sweet potatoes; they're low in sodium and are very low in saturated fat and cholesterol."

Sasuke nodded in approval. Naruto was always eating those salty ramen cups so he thought it would be natural if he needed to eat something the opposite of it.

"Hey… get me some sweet potatoes from the market? Please?" Naruto asked, pouting his lips and batting his eyes.

"Right now?"

A nod was his answer.

Sasuke looked out the window to see that it almost dark. But he supposed that if Naruto wanted them right now…

He leaned down towards Naruto and kissed him on the lips. He patted the blonde's belly a little before getting up from the couch. "Alright. I'll be back in a half or so. Get started on dinner okay?" he asked as he put on his shoes to leave.


However when Sasuke returned with a grocery bag of sweet potatoes, he found that Naruto had not moved from the couch. He set the bag down on the coffee table and went towards his wife. "I thought I said to get started on dinner?"

Naruto shook his head and turned his head to his husband. He pouted and poked a pale cheek with his index finger. "I don't feel like it. You do it? I like when you cook."

Sasuke sighed and kissed Naruto.

"Alright then."

It was a day off for both Naruto and Sasuke from work.

And day offs were usually meant for relaxing.

Naruto was dressed in a sweater and holding a cup of hot chocolate in his hands as he shuffled to the couch. They had just entered December and the weather was cold. He admired the snow outside his window before looking down at the laundry.

The clothes were just freshly laundered and they were so warm…

He set down his cup of hot chocolate on the coffee table and proceeded to fold the clothes.

Like he always did with laundry, he separated his and Sasuke's clothes in different piles.

Then he noticed the towels at the bottom of the basket. He picked up a light blue towel, reveling in how soft, clean, and warm it was. He wrapped it around his body and sighed in pleasure. It was so warm…

"You know if you're cold dobe you could always use a blanket."

Sasuke looked in amusement as Naruto took off the towel around him and just folded the rest of the laundry as if he didn't see anything. "Just put the laundry away teme." He muttered in embarrassment. The blonde picked up the hot chocolate on the table and began to drink from the cup.

Absently he rubbed his lower stomach and stared at the television screen.

He and Sasuke were going to be parents soon…

His eyes widened in realization.

Parents… he and Sasuke were going to be one of those soon…

Parents… moms and dads.

Parents… his mom and dad…

"Shit!" Naruto screamed. He set his hot chocolate on the coffee table and went towards his phone.

Sasuke came running out of the room when he heard Naruto curse."Dobe? What's wrong?" he asked in a frenzy.

Naruto dialed on his cellphone. Then he put it down and dialed the number on the home phone instead. He heard that cellphones could cause brain cancer and he didn't want to give his baby brain cancer. He put the phone to his ear and chewed his lip.

"Naruto, what's the matter?" Sasuke asked again.

"We're going to be parents Sasuke!"

"... Yeah, I know."

"We don't know anything about being parents! We have to call our families! I have to know everything when it comses to babies before ours is delivered! We need to be ready!"

Naruto was panicking and Sasuke couldn't help but rub at his forehead in annoyance. He realized that it would be difficult at first and there are lots of things to know ahead of time.

But damn it, the blonde wasn't even showing and he was having a freak out over the baby already.

He had to remain calm. It was important that Sasuke remain calm. He had to be rational, compromising, and attentive. Reason with Naruto but also be gentle.

"Mom! I don't know what to do with babies!" Naruto cried into the phone.

Yes... it was important that Sasuke remain the calm, cool husband that he is to his now slightly manic wife, Naruto.

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