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"We have family coming over for the holidays."

"From which side?"


Kiba cringed at the idea of having both his mother and father's family coming all at once in his home. He'd just prefer having one side over at a time. But both at that same time? He didn't know how to play host to that many people.

Shikamaru just sighed at the thought of well… having people over in general. Regardless if they were family or friends. Yeah he would like to spend some time with them for the holidays but a day at the most, maybe even a day and a half with them.

Naruto checked Shiki in his travel stroller to see if he was comfortable. As it was, Shiki was wide awake and just touching the soft toy in his hands.

He looked back to his food and slurped at the noodles in his bowl. It wasn't Ichiraku ramen but he had to admit that it was pretty good. He was only trying this place because Shikamaru and Kiba wanted to try it out, so he just tagged along. Sakura would have come along but she claimed that she wanted to keep her diet "light" during the holidays.

"I've got to watch my figure all year long! And having a warm bowl of ramen is just going to lead me into the holiday binging! I'll have some with you in the spring, a small bowl."

Those were her exact words.

Though it didn't make sense to any of them.

But it was Sakura's logic so who were they to argue?

"They coming soon?" Kiba asked before taking up his glass of water to drink from it.

"Yeah, tomorrow. I should probably be getting the house ready for when they arrive. But I think procrastinating is much better." Naruto answered. He downed the last of the broth in his bowl and then sighed in satisfaction. The ramen was pretty good.

"Speaking of procrastinating…" Shikamaru turned his head towards Kiba. "You know that you're supposed to have-"

Kiba clasped his hands over his hear. "La la la la la la I can't hear! I don't know what you're talking about! La la la la la la la la!"

Shiki took notice of Kiba's action and laughed. He tried to imitate his actions and also put his hands over his ears. "Ah ah ah ah ah ah!"

Naruto looked at Shiki and laughed at his son. It was cute that he was trying to copy Kiba, even right down to the la's.

Shikamaru clenched his teeth and gave a sharp glare at his friend. "Stop being an ass and listen! The graphs that the department above us need are-"

But Kiba adamant on keeping his hands glued to his ears.

Shiki just continued to laugh and imitate and Naruto was busy recording a video of him laughing.

Fed up with his stubborn friend, Shikamaru leaned back and reached for his glass of water. "Fine then, you brat." He muttered, "the graphs aren't need until two days after your deadline. It's probably good that you can't hear me. I hope you stress out."

Kiba just continued to hold his ears.

Hoping to change the subject Shikamaru asked Naruto, "So I've noticed a little something about Sasuke lately."

"Hm? Sasuke? What about him?" Naruto stopped recording on his phone and waited for it to save into his phone. "Did something happen?"

Shikamaru shook his head in answer. "No, he just seems more… what's the word? Upbeat? No, that's not it. He seems less… asshole-ish. I guess that's the right word. Maybe even a little bit happy. Do you know what that's about? Did something happen?" He leaned his chin against his arm and waited for some explanation.

The blonde looked up in thought. Something happened that made Sasuke less asshole-ish…

"Oh… I think I know why."

"Well what is it?"

At this point Kiba removed his hands from his ears to listen to what the conversation was about.

"I think it's because we started having sex again. Yeah, that must be the reason why he's having a better attitude at work with you guys or something. I guess he's happy about it."

Kiba groaned and put his hands over his ears again. That was terrible timing for him.

Naruto sent the video to his mom, knowing that she would very much appreciate it.


"Aaaaah! Minato, Minato look!" Kushina squealed at her phone. Specifically over the video message she received from her youngest son. "Look, look! Naruto sent me a little video of Shiki!"

Minato just nodded his head and smiled as his wife enthused over the message. He was folding clothes into a suit case and was trying to shoo the cats away from sitting inside the case. The clothes were washed specifically for the trip and the cats were shedding a bit. He got the feeling that they knew they were leaving and sitting in the case was their way of saying, "We're coming along."

"Kushina, you found someone to look after the cats right?" he asked.

"Of course! I wouldn't let my little kitties just home alone the entire time!" Kushina finally set her phone aside and picked up a gray cat that was about to set itself in the case. "Aw if only I could take you with me! Maybe I could sneak you to Naruto's house somehow…"

"No dear…" Minato sighed. Next the black and white cat started to rub up against his arm and purr. Setting down his favorite sweater, Minato scratched behind the cat's ears. After a minute or so of scratching he took his hand away but the cat just rubbed up against him again. He scratched behind the cat's ears again. "Uh Kushina, could you help fold the clothes?" he asked.

But Kushina, holding the gray cat in one arm and her cell phone in the other, cooed and awed at the video Naruto had sent to her.

Shiki looked up and smiled at all the faces that smiled at him. His small feet kicked a little in excitement and he laughed when he was picked up by a man with dark hair and was carried up into the air.

"Shiki, you look just like Sasuke. You're going to grow up to be such a strong Uchiha." Fugaku commented. He brought Shiki down and handed him to Mikoto. "Don't you think so Mikoto? Such a strong resemblance." He said more to himself than his wife. He slipped into a bit of nostalgia and remembered how both of his sons were just babies.

Mikoto lightly tapped her finger on Shiki's nose and giggled. "Hello Shiki-chan! Do you remember me? I'm your Mikoto-baa, I helped take care of you when you first came home."

Kushina picked Shiki up from Mikoto's arms and into her own. "He may look like an Uchiha, but I bet you he might have the Uzumaki attitude! He'll be strong, straight forward, bold-"

"And slightly obnoxious." Minato laughed under his breath. He held his finger out for Shiki to hold and was glad that his grandson wrapped his small fingers around his own. And he laughed in amusement when he felt Shiki pull his finger and try to put in his mouth.

Naruto scratched at his hip briefly as he looked on at the scene of the grandparents doting on Shiki. They were all so enthused over him and he couldn't help but he proud. But seriously, as soon as he opened the door to let them in they all went to Shiki in his play pen instantly. Not even a glance toward he or Sasuke.

But whatever, he could let it slide.

Sasuke came up and hugged him from behind. He rested his chin on the top of blonde hair and smiled in amusement at the grandparents. "I think Shiki is liking the attention." He commented as he watched Shiki laugh when Kushina hid her face behind her hands and then surprised him.

"Naruto! Naruto!"

Kushina bounced her way towards her son and grabbed his shoulders. "Can we take Shiki outside?"

Naruto tilted his head in question. "Outside? What you mean like on the street?"

"No silly!" Kushina laughed. "We want to take Shiki out, you know in his stroller and everything while we walk around! Can we? Can we?"

"But you guys just got here! And now you're trying to steal my baby away?"

"Come one! You guys are with Shiki all the time! You could use this time to take a little break! Just for a few hours, like watch a movie or take a nap!"

At the mention of having a break and Shiki being away from the house for a few hours, Sasuke saw his chance and took it. "Go ahead."

"What?!" Naruto was about to argue but Sasuke's hand covered his mouth.

Sasuke used his free hand to point towards the closet. "His stroller is in there and his baby bag is upstairs." He directed.

Mikoto went to the nursery to fetch the baby bag while Minato and Fugaku had their own time to fuss over Shiki.

Naruto slapped Sasuke's hand away and turned around to glare at him. "What the hell bastard? If Shiki is going to go out, one of us has to be with him! He might need us!" he hissed.

"Shiki will be fine." Sasuke assured him. "He's obviously comfortable with our parents. And hello, they are parents: they know how to handle babies better than us." He pulled Naruto in his arms and leaned down to whisper in his ear. "Besides, if they're out of the house for a while then you don't have to hold back your voice."

Catching his drift, Naruto looked down in thought for a moment.


Itachi looked at the time on his cellphone as he walked forward. His parents, Minato and Kushina, and Kyuubi should have been at his brother's home by now. He had his own business to attend to so he couldn't arrive at the time he wanted. But he was lucky that he wasn't coming late.

Unfortunately there wasn't very much room in his brother's home so he and his parents had to book a hotel room nearby. It was the same for the Namikaze-Uzumaki family as well.

He was excited to see his nephew and he couldn't wait to piss off his brother and Kyuubi.

He punched in the code to let himself in but walked into an almost empty living room but a very noisy home.

The only person in the room was an angry Kyuubi with headphones over his ears, probably blasting music, and his arms folded.

Itachi looked up at the stairs and smirked.

Naruto and Sasuke were completely unaware of their presence inside their home. Judging by the sound of Naruto's moans, Sasuke's grunting, and the creaking of the bed they were… well obviously fucking. And they were fucking to their hearts content.

This must have meant that either their parents hadn't arrived yet or they left to go travel the city a little bit. And seeing as Naruto wasn't holding back his voice, it must mean that Shiki wasn't in the household. In fact, Shiki must be with his parents and Kushina and Minato.

Kyuubi had gotten to their home not too long before Itachi did. But once hearing the moans of the owners of the maisonette, he didn't know what to do. So just planted himself on the couch, put on his headphones and blasted his music hoping that they would be done soon. He glanced over at Itachi and watched as the other man walked forward. But then he sat straight went he walked over to the stairs and climbed the steps.

"Hey, wait!" he called but Itachi didn't stop. "Wait a minute you motherfucker, what the hell do you think you're doing?" He followed behind Itachi, dreading to see what he would do.

But Itachi only smirked as he took the knob of the master bedroom door and thrust it open.

And there on the king sized bed was Naruto, bare naked and bouncing on Sasuke's lap, locked in a kiss with him. Sasuke's own hands were tightly holding onto tan hips while his own were thrusting up into the blonde's hole.

Kyuubi was mortified to actually catch his little brother being fucked so hard. He had caught them in the past when they were teenagers post-fuck or getting ready to fuck. But he had never ever just straight up caught them in the act! A little part of him died…

Itachi, however, was just entertained watching his brother. He didn't get off on watching his brother do it but just watching them do it, completely oblivious to his presence brought him amusement. He chuckled quietly to himself.

Sasuke broke his kiss with Naruto and attached his mouth to his wife's neck, ready to suck a hickey. But his eyes caught on the figure in the doorway and he stopped moving. "What… the fuck… Itachi!"

Naruto tensed, both his body and his hole which Sasuke's cock still occupied, and turned his head to see his own brother and his husband's brother standing at the door to their bedroom.

"Oh please, don't stop on our account. Keep going." Itachi mocked them with a smile.

"Fuck you nii-san! I'm going to stab you with the biggest knife in this house!"

"Oh Sasuke, it's so nice to hear you call me nii-san again…"


"Come on guys, you are really tense! Loosen up a little!" Naruto begged.

Itachi sat in the armchair, lazily playing around with his phone. Kyuubi and Sasuke shared the couch, although with some distance apart from each other. And to put a barrier between them, one of Shiki's teddy bears was placed in between them. Naruto had a hand on each of their shoulders to try and relax them with a massage.

But they were both stiff.

Naruto's arms were getting tired but he worried that if he stopped, either Kyuubi might attack Sasuke or Sasuke might attack Itachi. And there was no way that he could stop a fight by himself.

He was upset too by the situation (after all, he didn't get to cum) but damn it, it was the holidays where family was supposed to love the hell out of each no matter what! Even if your older brothers walked in on you in the middle of having sex and interrupted on purpose…

How long had time passed? He wasn't sure.

Minutes? Hours? Days?!

Okay, not days but his arms were getting tired from trying to relax his brother and husband.

But there was a savior and finally the parents arrived.

"We're back!" Kushina sang as she dropped the baby bag on the floor. "Oh Kyuubi and Itachi, you're here!"

Fugaku pushed the stroller into the living room and stopped it in front of his youngest son. "I believe he's quite tired from the trip. It's time to put Shiki down for a nap."

Sasuke leaned forward to look inside the stroller.

Indeed, Shiki was tired.

He was rubbing his eyes, squirming around, and whimpered a little bit.

He sighed to himself as he picked up Shiki from the stroller. Maybe putting his son down for a nap would unwind him from the anger of him not getting to finish fucking his blonde. And also not being able to put a couple of stab wounds in his older brother as well.

Naruto put the stroller back into the closet and asked, "So how was your outing? Was it fun?"

Mikoto nodded in answer for the group. "Oh it was fun! I love seeing the town all decorated for the holidays!" She sat herself down on the couch and smoothed down her skirt. "So how did you and Sasuke spend time together without Shiki? Take a nap? Being a new parent, you come to appreciate them. Especially when you don't have to worry about waking to a child in the house."

Giving a nervous chuckle, Naruto scratched the back of his head. "Y-Yeah… we had a good nap…"

Kushina squeezed her oldest son but frowned at how pouty he looked. "What's wrong Kyuubi? Did something happen? You can tell your mommy!"

Kyuubi just frowned and slouched on the chair with his arms folded.

"He's just embarrassed because he and I walked in on Sasuke and Naruto having sex earlier." Itachi explained as if it wasn't an embarrassing thing to say in front of his family.

Naruto's face flushed and he turned away from his parents and in-laws.

Damn Sasuke for not being here and sharing in the shame!

Kushina just awed and pet Kyuubi's hair. "Are you mad because you watched your younger brother get laid? It's okay!"

Minato knew that his oldest son actually walked in on accident but he decided to join in on the fun anyway. "Kyuubi, you were watching? That's your little brother! How long has it been for you? Perhaps we need to talk about some things."

Kyuubi groaned and sank to the floor. "Someone throw me out the window…"

Meanwhile Sasuke just rocked Shiki to sleep in the nursery pretending to have not heard a word from downstairs.

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