Chapter One: Jane Doe


Willow awoke from her dreams, surprised. That had been the first time in years that she had dreamt of Tara Maclay, the first and last woman she had ever loved. Willow remembered turning to Oz after Tara left, letting him help heal her broken heart, and then once again letting him inside of it.

It had been over 6 years since she saw or heard from Tara and had stopped using magic. It had been over 4 years since she said her 'I do's' with Oz, making her Mrs. Daniel Osborn. It had been more than 3 years since her she realized she was pregnant, and it has been less than 2 years since she said goodbye to her husband and watched as they placed his body in the ground.

Willow looked at the brunette laying next to her. After Oz, she had closed off her heart again, not wanting to be hurt anymore. She had also given up on men, knowing Oz would be the last man she loved. The only person who could still hurt her were the ones already in her heart. Her daughter and friends.

Willow smiled as she thought of her beautiful little girl. She had the same red hair as Willow herself, but her eyes were the color of her father, a soft blue. Willow could look at her daughter forever. Every time she saw her, she'd think of Oz. Shay Fate Osborn was 3 years old and just as smart as her parents. She had her father's smile, and her mother's tendency to babble. She also was the only person who had full control of her mother's heart.

Willow felt her heart break again as she realized that Oz would never get to see how much their baby had grown. Wanting to shut off her emotions, Willow rolled over and captured Kennedy's lips, hoping to loose herself in the familiar sensations the brunette caused in her. She felt Kennedy stir under the kiss and before long, the brunette was kissing her back, running her hands down the redhead's slim body.

With very little persuasion on her part, Willow convinced Kennedy to take the lead, wanting to let the brunette take her mind off her broken heart. Closing her green eyes, Willow let herself go. She lost herself in the feel of Kennedy's body pressed against her own. Let herself get lost in the brown depths of Kennedy's eyes.

When reality came back to her, Willow sat up in bed and looked at Kennedy. "I'm going to go shower before I check on Shay," Willow told her before climbing out of bed. She felt Kennedy's eyes on her naked body as she grabbed a robe and threw it on, walking into the bathroom to wash the smell of sex from her body.

Willow stepped into the shower and rested her head against the wall as the water streamed down her body. She felt the tears come, the ones she had been fighting constantly since Oz's death. The ones that she knew she'd always be fighting. She closed her eyes as she let them fall down her cheek to be washed from her skin by the water coming from the shower-head.

After a little while in the shower, Willow had calmed her grief and finished her shower. Turning off the water, she stepped out and dressed for the day, heading towards her daughter's room. She knew Shay would be awake because the child never seemed to sleep. She smiled when she opened the door to find her 3 year old laying on her stomach as she focused on the picture she was drawing.

"Hey Baby," Willow said, walking in the room to sit with her daughter. "What are you doing?" she asked, already knowing the answer.

Shay turned her head to look at her mother and shot her soft smile. "Hi Mommy," Shay said, hugging her mother. "Picture," she announced in her own toddler way, holding up the drawing to her mother.

Willow smiled at the picture of a dog and cat and then looked at her young daughter. "It's beautiful, Baby," she said, kissing her daughter the top of her head.

Willow contemplated for a second before laying on her own stomach next to her daughter and smiling. "Can I join you?" she asked, receiving a nod from her daughter who handed her a paper and crayons.

Willow started drawing, not even paying attention to the paper before her until she felt a soft touch on her arm. "What is it?" her daughter asked, bringing Willow back to the present.

"I don't know," Willow admitted, smiling at the strange picture before her. "I wasn't really paying attention," Willow told her daughter, smiling sheepishly.

"Mommy can't draw," Shay said, picking on her mother. She saw Willow's smile widen and watched her lift an eyebrow.

"Really?" Willow asked, watching her daughter nod. "Come here, Mutchkin," Willow said, grabbing her daughter and tickling her. She listened to her daughters screams of delight and laughed.

A figure in her doorway caught her attention, and Willow turned her head to see Kennedy watching them. "Buffy and Xander are here," Kennedy said, irritation clear in her voice. She didn't like Willow's best friends and Willow knew the feeling was mutual.

"I'll be right out," Willow said, watching Kennedy walk off before standing up and grabbing her daughter. "Want to go see Aunt Buffy and Uncle Xander?"

"Uh huh," Shay said, nodding happily.

Willow smiled at Shay and carried her downstairs to see the two people who have always been there for her. When Willow had lost Oz, she had been broken. Buffy Summers and Xander Harris did everything they could to help their best friend, but it was Anya Jenkins who had pulled Willow through it. It had surprised everyone when Willow turned to Anya for comfort. It was hard knowing that Anya was gone now, lost during their last battle in Sunnydale. Willow missed the ex-vengeance demon. The blond's brown eyes had held warmth in them that was easily overlooked.

Willow closed her eyes as she tried to change her thoughts to something a little happier. Thinking about Anya or Oz always left her feeling so depressed, and Shay would pick up on it if she didn't let her mind go elsewhere. Letting her thoughts turn to the present, Willow smiled at her two friends and gave them both a hug.

"It's good to see you guys," Willow said, stepping back.

"You too," Buffy said as she held out her hand for the three year old. Buffy's blond hair and blue eyes made her look like one of the girls in high school that many people feared, but Buffy had been down to earth for as long as Willow could remember, becoming friends with the nerdy girl easily.

Ever since Shay's birth, Buffy and Xander spoiled the young child, enjoying playing an important role in her life. Willow handed Shay over to her best friend and turned to Xander, who's brown eyes were amused as he ran a hand through his dark brown hair. "How's work?" she asked, letting Buffy entertain herself with her child.

Xander smiled at Willow. "It's great, been busy. You know how us construction guys are," he said, hugging his best friend again.

Willow and Xander talked for a few minutes before Buffy's pager went off. "Oops. Got to run, apparently the Jane Doe that has been in a coma woke up and is ready to be questioned. I'll see you guys later." Buffy handed Shay to Xander before walking out.

Buffy was a detective, using it as a cover to track when demonic activity may be happening instead of hearing about it through news reports. She had heard about the Jane Doe from Buffy, knowing that the girl had been found nearly dead on the side of the road and had been in a coma since the incident.

Willow looked after her friend as she disappeared and then turned to Xander, continuing their long conversation.

Buffy walked into the small hospital room, looking at a very familiar blond. "Tara?" she asked, confused for a moment.

The girl's blue eyes locked with Buffy's and they stared at each other. "Who are you?" the girl asked, not sure what was going on.

"It's me, Buffy Summers. We went to UC Sunnydale together for a few years before you transfered."

The young girl stared at her in confusion. "I don't know what your talking about? I don't even know who I am," the girl admitting as frustration consumed her. Her over emotional state exhausted her, and the girl slipped into a peaceful sleep.