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It had been two months since the defeat of Majin Buu. The people of earth had been wished back and all the memories of what happened after the World Martial Arts Tournament had been erased from their minds. Life had been returned to normal and everything was peaceful.
Gohan and Videl walked into their first class with a little time to relax.
"Hey Gohan, hey Videl!" Erasa yelled from the back row.
Gohan and Videl walked up and sat next to her.
"What's up Erasa?" Videl asked.
Hey Erasa." Gohan said.
Gohan looked to his left. "Oh... hey Sharpner."
"So...how's our favorite crimefighting lovebirds doing today?" asked Erasa.
Videl shot her a death glare and Gohan started blushing.
"If you must know Erasa we're fine." Videl said.
"Yeah everything's been great." Gohan stated.
"I still don't see how you chose the nerd over me Videl." Sharpner said.
"Well for one he's smarter, and cuter, and stronger, and he could beat the crap outta you." Videl told him.
"And I'm not a nerd Sharpner!" Gohan yelled.
"Whatever nerd boy." Sharpner said.
"Sharpner, don't forget who I am." Gohan told him.
"Don't think I'm scared of you because you're Sayiaman or the Gold fighter." Sharpner shot back.
Luckily for Sharpner the teacher came in just as Gohan started to stand up. The teacher walked to his desk, looked at the class, and said, "Okay class today you will have a free day thanks to our new dean." The whole class burst into cheers.
"Also I've been informed we have a student joining us today, he should be here soon." The teacher said.
After a few minutes everyone was talking or reading, except Sharpner who was bent on beating Gohan at arm wrestling and wouldn't stop until he beat him. Sharpner only stopped making Gohan arm wrestle him when Gohan threatened to snap his neck. After a few more minutes there was a knock at the door.
"Well class that must be the dean with our new student." The teacher said.
The teacher opened the door and in walked a short pink creature wearing sneakers, jeans, and a black hoodie. Everyone immediately stopped what they were doing and stared wide-eyed, except Gohan and Videl who were ready to attack. The teacher walked back to his desk with Buu.
"Well...ahh...umm..." the teacher looked at his papers, "Ahh...yes, Buu, tell us something about yourself." The teacher said.
"My name is Buu, just Buu, I like martial arts, my privacy, and I have a short temper so don't ask why I look like I do." Buu told them very calmly.
"Okay... well why don't you take the seat next to Erasa in the last row." The teacher said.
The whole class watched Buu as he walked to his seat. Half way there Buu shot them all a death glare and they went back to what they were doing. Buu took his seat and started reading a book.
"As I understand by these records Buu you scored higher then Gohan on the entry exams." The teacher exclaimed
"Oh great, another nerd, only he's a bigger freak then you Gohan." Sharpner said while laughing.
"Since it's my first day I'll ignore that comment." Buu said not even looking up from his book.
Sharpner opened his mouth to say something, but closed it and looked away when Videl glared at him. After a while Gohan and Videl were getting very suspicious.
"Gohan, what do you think is going on?" Videl asked, very confused.
"I don't know... we'll ask Buu after school." he told Videl.
"You know Buu, you're kinda cute." Erasa said reaching out to stroke the forelock on Buu's head.
Buu reached out and grabbed her wrist. He looked up at her and said; "If you prefer your arm attached to your body then I suggest you not touch me." Buu said putting a little pressure on her wrist before letting it go.
Buu went back to reading until he heard Erasa sniffling and whimpering. Buu looked at her; she was rubbing her wrist, about to cry.
"Uhh... okay I'm sorry, I have a bad temper." Buu said
Erasa stopped sobbing and smiled. A minute later Sharpner was back to arm wrestling Gohan. Buu heard Sharpner complaining about he would beat Gohan in the next match. Buu stopped reading, got up, and walked over to Gohan and Sharpner. He shoved Sharpner out of the way, sat down, and put his arm on the table. Buu and Gohan locked wrists and the match started. Buu beat immediately and went back to his seat. Sharpner and Erasa stared at him wondering how he beat Gohan.
The rest of the day went by quickly. The bell rang and everyone got up to leave. Gohan and Videl decided to follow Buu. They followed him to the roof. When they got there Buu stopped and asked, "Okay Gohan, what do you and your little friend want?"
"How the hell did you get back to life?" Gohan asked.
"And why aren't you killing everyone?" Videl asked.
"Well after Goku killed me he asked king Yamah if he would bring me back and make me good so he could have a fair fight with me." Buu explained.
"Well that sounds like something dad would do." Gohan said.
"Okay, but why are you going to school?" asked Videl.
"The Supreme Kai thought I should learn about your culture." Buu said.
"You should come by and visit the Buu." Gohan suggested.
"Maybe another time, I'm going to have a little fun scaring Vegeta, then I have to get back to the lookout." Buu explained.
"Why the lookout?" Gohan asked sounding very interested.
"Dende and piccolo said I could stay there." Buu told him.
Before Buu flew off he told Videl to tell Mr. Satan he would be visiting him and Mr. Buu. He then started to fly off.
"Hey Buu if you want, me and Gohan are going to the Pizza Palace after school tomorrow with Erasa and Sharpner, you can come if you want to... it would be nice to talk." Videl told him
"Okay." Buu said and flew towards Capsule Corp.
Buu didn't really know where to find Capsule Corp., so he just followed Vegeta's ki. When Buu finally stopped over a building where he tracked Vegeta's ki too, he lowered his ki and put on his hood. Buu flew around the building looking for a way in besides the front door. He finally found an open window around the back. He entered what looked like the kitchen. Buu went to the fridge and opened it, when he heard someone come in the room.
"Vegeta is that you? Well get out of the fridge I'm starting dinner soon." Bulma said as she walked by the fridge not noticing it wasn't Vegeta.
Buu closed the fridge and walked up behind Bulma.
"Hello." Buu said
"Huh..." Bulma said as she turned around.
"AHHHHHHH!" Bulma wailed as she saw someone float up to her face.
Buu grabbed her arms and held her against a wall.
Are you scared?" Buu asked viciously.
Bulma couldn't figure out who it was because his hood hid his face. Bulma did the first thing she that she could think of, "VEGETA!" she screamed out.

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