As usual North and Bunny were arguing about which holiday was better Christmas or Easter.

"Glupyy grysunov sosaniya markovi." North grumbled. They were interrupted when Jack suddenly burst out laughing.

"What's up with you Frostbite?" Bunny growled.

"Sorry it's just what North said." Jack said chuckling.

"Wait you understood what I said?" North asked.

"That's what I just said. " Jack replied floating in mid-air. Tooth and Sandy walked in on the conversation.

"What'd he say?" Bunny asked hopping underneath the young winter spirit.

"He called you a stupid carrot eating rodent." He answered rolling on his stomach in the air. Bunny looked at North and North whistled innocently.

"What other languages do you know?" Tooth asked excitedly. Jack sat on his staff in the air like a witch would and started naming.

"Lets see... German, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Irish, Icelandic, Arabic, Korean, Dutch, Greek, Latin, Welsh, Polish, Portuquese, Finnish, Yiddish and Old English if that counts." He counted repeatedly. He looked around and saw the other guardians and saw that all their mouths were hanging wide open.

"What?" He asked confused.

"Are those all the languages that you know?" North asked still stunned.

"Well...yes and no Phil's teaching me Yetish and there are still so many more languages out there that I don't know I wouldn't think that this would be the last of my learning." Jack explained.

"Hvers vegna valdir þú að læra íslensku?"(Why did you learn Icelandic?) Tooth asked. As the others walked away.

"Til að leiða her minn ísbirnir." (To lead my army of polar bears.)He replied grinning. Tooth made a face in between shock and amusment then continued to follow the men to the meeting room.