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After cleaning himself up and procrastinating for as long as he could, Sasuke finally left the small bathroom, his eyes firmly trained on the ground in front of him as he opened the door. As soon as he chanced a look up and he and Naruto locked eyes, the blonde dropped his gaze to the floor, his cheeks painted a bright red.

Yeah, he'd definitely heard.

Sasuke sighed and crossed the small distance between the couch and bathroom, then plopped onto the couch, propping his legs on the coffee table in front of them once he sat down.

"So, what should we work on today?" he asked, chancing another look at Naruto. The blonde shrugged and shifted a little bit, his eyes practically burning a hole in the grey carpet in front of them.


Sasuke nodded, then looked for their backpacks, though he scowled when he realized that they tossed them near the front door in their haste to do...whatever it was they did. With a low sigh, he stood and walked towards the door to grab their book-bags.

Naruto's eyes were immediately drawn to Sasuke's movement, and he was unable to tear his gaze away from the slight sway of Sasuke's hips as he walked—more like sauntered—over to the door. Naruto shivered as Sasuke's moans reverberated through his mind, and he chewed viciously at his lip, hoping the pain would draw his thoughts elsewhere. He finally pried his eyes away from Sasuke's form as he disappeared behind the wall, and sighed.

Sasuke was a guy.

A really hot guy who gave amazing head and moaned like a total slu—

"Hey, Dobe."

Sasuke plopped back onto the couch and resumed his previous relaxed position, though inside he felt everything but. He shuffled through Naruto's backpack and pulled out a binder labeled 'science,' along with a pencil, then flipped it open, choosing to ignore the slight nervous trembling of his hands.

"So, we've been learning about..."

Naruto tried to pay attention to the words Sasuke said, but found it increasingly difficult the longer he stared at Sasuke's surprisingly pretty face. Sasuke had a feminine jaw, flawless, porcelain skin that any girl would probably kill for, plump, pink lips that moved in the most graceful way when he spoke...

Then Sasuke stopped mid-sentence, his eyes wide as he stared at Naruto's face that had drifted much too close during his little science lesson. He gulped as Naruto's hand grasped the side of his face, his thumb brushing lightly against his cheek bone. Sasuke shivered at the heat that blossomed under the slight touch, his stomach flipping like crazy the longer Naruto just stared at him.

"Your skin is soft..." Naruto murmured, though it almost sounded like he was talking to himself. He pulled Sasuke a little bit closer, his bright blue eyes staring straight into Sasuke's dark ones. Sasuke's eyes were the prettiest, deepest, burning grey, framed by thick, black lashes, and Naruto found himself nearly getting lost in them the longer he stared. Everything about Sasuke was just so...pretty.

Sasuke couldn't hear anything over the pounding of his heart in his ears as Naruto slowly inched closer, their contrasting eyes still locked together.

What the hell is the Dobe doing?

His breaths grew quick and uneven as he waited for Naruto to finally press their lips together like he so desperately wanted—but then Naruto was squished against the other side of the couch, his eyes wide and cheeks redder than they were when Sasuke stepped out of the bathroom.

As Sasuke snapped out of it too, his own cheeks flushed though he tried to force it down with a desperation he didn't know he possessed.

Did they almost...kiss?

"My parents want me home early tonight," Sasuke said suddenly, tossing Naruto's binder, the paper, and pencil onto the empty couch cushion next to them. "Just finish this assignment."


Sasuke stood quickly and grabbed his book-bag, then headed towards the front door, embarrassment and an unfortunate case of butterflies making his movements less coordinated than they normally would be. He gritted his teeth as he stepped outside and shut the door behind him, unable to think of anything but...Naruto.

Damn it.

Inside, Naruto sat on his couch, eyes wide and mind boggled as he thought over his own weird actions as he heard the door close. Was he going to kiss Sasuke?

No. That was definitely gay.

But Sasuke was so pretty.

Naruto's gaze drifted to the bathroom and his eyes widened as his blush deepened. Sasuke had definitely moaned his name, which only meant he was thinking of Naruto while he touched himself.

But...what was he thinking about us doing?

Naruto shook his head to ward off his weird, homosexual thoughts, and turned his attention to the science assignment next to him. He picked it up and set it on the binder, then grabbed the pencil as he read over the first line of the worksheet.

Maybe if he did well on their test on Monday, he could get another blowjob...

"You're home early, baby brother."

Sasuke shrugged and pushed his way past Itachi and into his bedroom. Itachi, of course, followed him in. Sasuke threw a glare over his shoulder as he flopped face-first onto his bed, but Itachi was completely unaffected. His glare was much more frightening and better perfected, after all.

"Tough day?"


"Want to talk about it?"


With a small, knowing smirk, Itachi stepped closer and sat on the edge of Sasuke's bed, then ran his fingers through Sasuke's spiky hair. The younger raven sighed. His brother's touches were soothing, as much as he hated to admit it.

"Naruto almost kissed me," he mumbled after a few moments of Itachi's relaxing ministrations.

"Oh? Is that bad?"

"Yes!" Sasuke snapped, though it was half-hearted and almost whiny. "It's terrible because he's straight."

"...A straight boy agreed to your deal?" The corner's of Itachi's lips twitched, threatening to turn his controlled smirk into an all-out grin. Sasuke had the most interesting friends...

"He's still in denial."


Sasuke settled deeper onto his bed and hugged a pillow as he brooded, a small pout playing on his lips the longer he thought about how much this situation sucked.

"I don't know why I even offered to do this in the first place," he mumbled. "It kinda makes me seem like a slut."

Itachi chuckled and continued running Sasuke's hair through his fingers, pleased when Sasuke seemed to relax even further under the repetitive motion.

"You like him a lot. I don't blame you."

Sasuke sighed and buried his face in the pillow. He stayed silent for a couple of moments while he angsted about the whole situation, his mind playing an infinite loop of Naruto's face so close to his—

"Well, I'll leave you alone," Itachi murmured. He leaned down and pressed a short kiss right above Sasuke's ear, then stood. "I wish you luck."

Then he silently exited the room, leaving Sasuke alone with his annoying, confusing thoughts.

Why did he have to like Naruto of all people?

Naruto tried to focus on the paper in front of him, but his eyes kept drifting to the bathroom as his mind replayed Sasuke's muffled moans. He sighed, but that turned into a short gasp when he realized that, well...he was getting hard.

Just thinking about Sasuke was enough to give him a boner now?

Naruto groaned, then stared at the paper some more while simultaneously willing away his erection, but soon realized he really didn't understand the material and he was getting absolutely nothing done. With a long sigh, he tossed the work aside, figuring he had the entire weekend to figure out the stupid assignment. He stood and stretched, his arms above his head, before his gaze once again drifted to that accursed bathroom and lingered for the longest second imaginable.


Naruto's eyes bulged and his face burned, but he shook his head. What the hell was wrong with him? He should be thinking about girls, and boobs, and...

"Fuck it."

Naruto collapsed back onto the couch and pressed the heel of his palm over the growing bulge in his jeans, moaning quietly at the immediate relief that accompanied the action. It wasn't the same burning pleasure he felt with Sasuke's expert touches, but it was better than suffering, that much he had to admit.

Hastily, he unzipped his pants and reached into his boxers to pull out his hardening cock. He moaned louder once he wrapped his fingers around his pulsing shaft, then formed a loose fist and stroked his erection from base to tip, pausing to rub at the head with his thumb on every upstroke.

He tried to imagine Sakura doing this, jerking him off, and it was good, but it wasn't good enough.

Eventually, his imaginary Sakura became paler, then her hair became shorter and darker, then...she wasn't Sakura at all.

Naruto mewled helplessly, his head thrown back and eyes squeezed shut as he imagined Sasuke between his legs again, his hard cock rapidly disappearing and reappearing into that talented little mouth while Sasuke...touched himself. In front of him. Shamelessly.

He imagined Sasuke moaning again, but this time it was muffled by Naruto's cock in his mouth and not a stupid door. Drool slid out the side of the raven's mouth and his eyes were glassy and low, but he bobbed his head quickly, hollowing his cheeks, flicking his tongue along the underside of Naruto's cock as he desperately tried to push him to completion.

Sasuke's hand along his own cock flew faster and faster as Naruto fucked his mouth, yanking on Sasuke's hair hard enough to hurt as heat built in his gut until he was just about to cum—but then Sasuke pulled away, his hand replacing the work of his mouth while he parted his lips just slightly, staring into Naruto's eyes as the blonde cried out once his orgasm finally washed over him. Rope after rope of his cum landed on Sasuke's face and Naruto was treated to the sight of Sasuke cumming as well, his cum leaking through his fingers that were still wrapped around his cock as he panted harshly. He smirked at Naruto, one eye closed, looking like a complete, cum-covered slut as he ran a finger through the cum on his face and brought it to his mouth.

Naruto allowed his eyes to slowly open as his fantasy came to an end. He breathed heavily, his mind still clouded with remaining, unresolved lust as he gritted his teeth.

So much for being straight.

After feeding himself some instant ramen and pouting for a couple of hours in front of the television, Naruto decided he may as well go to bed since he had nothing better to do. He briefly considered retrying that worksheet, but then realized that would make him think about Sasuke. He couldn't chance that again; his sexual orientation was on the line!

So, he laid down in bed and tried to clear his mind of all raven-haired-boy-related thoughts, and it wasn't long until he fell asleep.

He may have spent the better part of four hours trying to ignore every thought that involved Sasuke, but as soon as he slipped into unconsciousness, a certain Teme invaded his dreams. It wasn't sexual—not in the least—but it seemed like they were on some sort of...date.

They were holding hands, as mortifying as that was, and Sasuke...kissed him. His lips were warm and soft and sweet, and they felt absolutely perfect pressed against Naruto's. The kiss was chaste and their mouths were closed, keeping everything innocent as their lips gently kneaded each other's, fueling the warmth budding in Naruto's chest as Sasuke deepened the light kiss. It seemed like hours until they finally broke apart, but then they were laying on a couch, cuddled together, watching a movie. Sasuke smiled at Naruto—not a smirk, a real smile—and Naruto couldn't help but smile back as his lips were claimed once again.

By the time Naruto woke up the next morning, painfully-bright sunlight shining through his blinds, he knew he was blushing worse than he ever had before.

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