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Naruto tried to look anywhere but at Sasuke all during their day at school. Unfortunately, his eyes seemed to be drawn towards the bastard no matter how hard he tried to focus on the nonsensical work in front of him.

Naruto let his lust get the better of him the day before, there was no doubt about that—but did he regret it?

Of course I do, he thought to himself, tightly clutching his frog-tipped pencil. It wasn't supposed to happen!

He snuck a peek at Sasuke out of the corner of his eye, and for some reason—likely because God completely hated him—that was the exact same moment Sasuke chose to look up from his own work and in Naruto's direction. Their contrasting eyes locked only to immediately dart away, twin blushes painting both their cheeks.

"Alright, class," Iruka said, standing from his desk in the corner of the room and walking to the board at the front. "Can I steal your attention for a moment?"

Naruto looked up, only paying partial attention to the seemingly important words Iruka was going to say. Naruto's mind was back in his apartment with a certain dark-haired boy, kissing him, touching him—

Naruto shut those thoughts down before they had a chance to get any worse; he definitely didn't need to get hard during class.

"So, I'm going to be calling out the groups for the field trip to Shinto Shrine tomorrow."

That caught Naruto's immediate attention. He'd completely forgotten about their field trip!

Maybe that will get my mind off things...

"First group," Iruka began, "Hyuuga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba, and Aburame Shino."

Naruto listened, half-interested in the groups they were assigned as he drew a random doodle on the corner of his paper. He criss-crossed grey lines over each other in no discernible pattern until it was mostly a smeared, blackish blob, but at least it gave him something to do besides think.

"Next group," Iruka said, "Haruno Sakura, Uzumaki Naruto, and..."

Naruto smiled to himself.

"Uchiha Sasuke."

And the smile was gone.

God really, really hated him.

Iruka rattled off the rest of the groups, but Naruto could do nothing but brood underneath his black storm cloud of depression—that is, until a certain pink-haired girl and raven-haired boy plopped down in the newly-empty desks on either side of him. Naruto's wide eyes darted upwards as he noticed how everyone seemed to have shifted around in the room during his attention lapse, and he scowled.

"Isn't this great?" Sakura chimed from Naruto's right, crossing her pale legs as she leaned forward in her seat. "The three of us get to be in a group together!"

"Fantastic," Sasuke said from Naruto's left, the word dripping with undiluted sarcasm. Sakura, however, didn't seem to notice this and absolutely beamed at Sasuke.

Naruto just blinked a couple of times out of nervousness; he knew if he tried to look at Sasuke, his blush would smack him in the face and he'd look ridiculous. So, instead, he turned his blue eyes to Sakura. He grinned at her, his whiskered cheeks twitching from the strain, and she turned her smile to him though it fell just a fraction since he, well, wasn't Sasuke.

"I'm glad we're in a group together, Sakura-chan," Naruto said.

"Me too," Sakura said, fidgeting just slightly. She dragged her lime-colored eyes from Naruto to Sasuke, but flinched when she noticed the hateful look that overtook Sasuke's features once they locked gazes. His dark eyes were narrowed and his mouth set in a deep frown, but then he swayed his eyes away and glared at something else.

He clenched his fist as he heard Sakura and Naruto's conversation start up again, burning anger rising in his chest the longer he listened to them prattle on like they were friends or something. He knew Naruto was ignoring him—he didn't blame him in the slightest—but for Sakura of all people?

Sasuke chuckled under his breath.

Sakura wouldn't steal Naruto away from him; he'd make sure of it.

After twenty or so minutes of meeting with their groups, Iruka told everyone to go back to their assigned seats in order to get ready for their next class. Kakashi came in a few moments later, his work bag in hand, and got to work on setting up for that day's math lesson.

Halfway through aforementioned math lesson was when Naruto found himself stricken with a rather unfortunate problem.

Normally he would have ignored it or just waited for it to go away on its own, but today, he simply couldn't—not when the cause of his problem was sitting only a few rows away and looking prettier than any boy should be able to. Naruto's body felt slightly less hot now that Sasuke wasn't sitting right beside him, but this boner didn't seem to have plans of disappearing anytime soon, which only meant one thing.

Humiliated, but resigned to this torturous fate, Naruto raised his hand. Kakashi looked up from his book as the blonde cleared his throat, and quirked his head as an invitation for Naruto to continue.

"Bathroom?" Naruto said, his voice a little rougher than normal though he cleared his throat again to hide it. Kakashi nodded once before turning back to his orange book, and Naruto stood rather clumsily, one hand stuffed in his pocket as he made his way out of the room. He silently thanked the universe that no one paid attention to him leave—that would have been awkward.

He pattered down the hallway, ducking around the corner and into the boys' restroom once he caught sight of it. He pushed open one of the stalls, then stepped inside and hastily pushed the lock into place. He was embarrassed down to his core for having to do this, but there was no other alternative beyond suffering for the next few hours—which might as well have been eternity in his current state.

He leaned against the wall as his fingers quickly tugged at the button of his pants then yanked down the zipper. He shoved his jeans and boxers down until his cock sprang free, pushing a relieved hiss past his lips as he lightly thumbed at the head, spreading around the wetness gathered there and making him moan quietly with budding pleasure. He wrapped his fist around his hot, rock-hard dick and jerked it a couple of times, his pre-cum smoothening the strokes. Small moans tried to force their way up his throat, but he choked them down as his mind instantly drifted to thoughts of Sasuke—or, more specifically, Naruto's repetitive fantasy of the two of them.

He cursed under his breath, repeatedly flicking his thumb over the head of his cock—but for some unknown reason, a different fantasy began to play behind his quickly-closing eyelids.

It was Naruto on his knees this time, in front of Sasuke, licking all over the raven's wet cock. He slid his hand over it, twisting his fist as he wrapped his lips around the tip, and his own cock throbbed and drenched itself in pre-cum the longer he was at it.

In his fantasy Sasuke tugged at Naruto's blonde hair, forcing him down, making him take more and more as he rolled his hips and moaned even louder than he did when their hands were all over each other.

Naruto slid down the wall slightly, his entire body trembling as his rubbing sped up.

Oh God, when Sasuke's hands were on him...

Naruto stilled for a split second, a sudden, intense warmth in his chest forcing a sort of epiphany to overtake his arousal-muddled mind before he restarted his efforts with twice as much vigor, absolutely desperate to cum.



Sasuke glanced up from his newly-completed math worksheet just as he was setting down his pencil, one black eyebrow quirked as he faced Kakashi's direction.

"Naruto's been gone an awful long while," the man said, his eyes shining with some form of amusement. "Perhaps you should go check on him."

"Why me?"

Sasuke received no verbal explanation from the lazy teacher; instead, the man looked back at his book and acted as though Sasuke never spoke. Sasuke groaned quietly then pushed his seat back and forced his body out of it, stretching slightly as he stood and slowly stepped towards the door. He exited the classroom and trudged down the hallway—completely pissed that Kakashi had chosen him of all people—then, with a sigh, rounded the corner and headed into the boys' room.

He heard nothing at first upon stepping into the spacious room, and was about to step farther in, when...


Sasuke's face flushed in immediate realization of what he'd walked in on and he froze where he stood. His widened eyes drifted to the stall closest to him, and he stepped back until he was certain Naruto wouldn't be able to see his feet underneath the door, his heart pounding away in his chest as an inconvenient case of horniness struck him the more sounds he heard.

There were a few more moans, a few soft grunts, then a slightly louder utterance of Sasuke's name. Harsh pants drifted to Sasuke's ears, and it was then he realized that he needed to get out of there, though he couldn't have hated his own body any more than he

did at that moment for its damn reaction to just hearing Naruto.

A lock jingled, then Sasuke whipped around and practically sprinted out of the restroom and into the hallway. He pressed his back against the outer wall once he felt he was somewhat safe, breathing quickly but relaxing slightly as he heard the sound of the water turning on from inside the restroom. With a scowl, he noticed his own unfortunate predicament, but summoned thoughts of Sakura and other things he disliked in hopes of dispelling it, then pushed off the wall and headed towards the classroom.

Kakashi glanced up upon Sasuke's arrival, and the raven shrugged as he made his way back to his own desk, hands crammed in his pockets. Naruto stepped into the classroom as Sasuke sat, his whiskered cheeks still slightly flushed and his face a little sweaty, though Sasuke was the only one who knew why.

Thoughts of Sakura really weren't doing much good in helping with Sasuke's own problem, but, for some reason he took comfort—his physical predicament forgotten—in knowing it was his name Naruto moaned when he came, not hers.

The thought almost made him grin.

Even after the bulk of his arousal had faded and he'd settled back into his seat, Naruto still found his previous realization pushing at the back of his mind and completely refusing to leave him alone.

He liked Sasuke. A lot. Even though he had a dick.

And Naruto kind of wanted to touch that dick again, but with his mouth this time.

He also really wanted school to end so he could have Sasuke all to himself and possibly touch that dick again, but maybe they could kiss more before that, too.


Naruto couldn't wipe the stupid warm and fuzzy feeling-fueled smile off his face for the remainder of the school day, and, somehow, his eyes always managed to catch Sasuke's whenever he looked in the raven's direction...

"So, in order to memorize this formula, you have to—" Sasuke snapped his lips shut as he noticed Naruto's annoyingly close proximity out of the corner of his eye, and tsked before shifting his knee to drag himself farther away. He scowled darkly when he realized he was practically pushed against the faded armrest and had no more room to inch away; he turned his glare to Naruto after this, the blush he'd managed to force down for half of their tutoring session thus far popping up without warning when their noses barely brushed. After regaining his normal breathing pattern, Sasuke noticed a bright flush on Naruto's scarred cheeks as well, but neither boy tried to pull away.

"We aren't making much progress today," Sasuke muttered, his coal eyes flashing a shade darker and his pulse beginning to race as memories of that afternoon filtered into his mind. Naruto's eyes were burning sapphires, drawing Sasuke in, but then the raven tore his gaze away. The dense tension hastily dissipated, though not entirely; their unresolved sexual tension was still palpable in the stuffy, cluttered living room.

Then something pressed against Sasuke's neck.

Sasuke shivered; after a single moment he knew exactly what that something was.

But why the hell was the Dobe kissing his neck?

"I'm pretty sure this counts as gay," Sasuke hissed, his body trembling against his wishes when Naruto's lips brushed against a certain, overly sensitive spot near the nape of his pale neck. He wanted to stay pissed, but Naruto was definitely making that difficult.

"Just shut up..." Naruto murmured, nipping lightly.

Sasuke mustered up all his willpower and brought his arms up, shoving against Naruto's chest as hard as he could to get him away. It didn't work, which only fed the oncoming hissy fit that Sasuke had been nursing since Sakura pecked Naruto on the cheek like she was claiming him or something.

"Why don't you go fuck with Sakura?" Sasuke bit, though he regretted the words the second he said them. Naruto's eyes widened and he pulled back, but then an almost giddy grin tugged at his lips.

"Are you jealous?"

Sasuke practically snarled as he whipped his gaze to Naruto, but the crimson dusting his cheeks spoke of an entirely different story.

"Jealous of that bubblegum-haired bitch?" he hissed. "God, you're stupid."

Naruto chuckled and grabbed the side of Sasuke's face, forcing their noses to brush again as they faced each other.

"You're jealous."

"No I'm not," Sasuke hissed, though he opted to stare at the ceiling instead of into Naruto's eyes. He knew wouldn't be able to lie if he was pinned under that adorably questioning gaze.

"You're kinda cute when you're jealous."

Sasuke couldn't have possibly been any redder than he was at that very moment. Slowly, his eyes drifted from the ceiling to Naruto's eyes, and he just stared.


Naruto sighed, then took a huge, huge breath.

"I keep dreaming about you," he said, completely deadpan. Sasuke's cheeks felt like they were on fire as Naruto's thumb brushed against his lips, and the blonde silently noted how soft and kissablethey were. "I even, uh...think about you when I'm awake sometimes. A lot, actually. It's kind of driving me crazy."

Sasuke's heart stopped in that moment; it froze right in his chest as Naruto's face slowly drew closer until their lips lightly brushed.

"I realized all of this today. It was really random," Naruto said, embarrassment seeping through no matter how hard he tried to hide it, "but I just thought you should know."

Then Naruto pulled away a little, dropping his hand from its position cupping Sasuke's face as his face burned scarlet from his forehead to his chin; it was slowly spreading down his neck as well, likely intent on becoming a full-body blush.

Did Naruto just...confess?

Sasuke stared, unblinking, all thoughts of his jealousy over Sakura entirely erased. It took a few moments for Naruto's words to truly sink in, but when they did...

"You stupid fucking Dobe."

Naruto jerked at this, surprise evident on his reddened face. Sasuke cracked a smile as he met Naruto's somewhat hurt gaze, his own face flushed and chest overwhelmingly warm, and reached out to grasp the side of Naruto's face.

Naruto could hardly believe what he was seeing; Sasuke's smile wasn't one of those patented Uchiha I'm completely better than you and I know it was an actual smile.

Uchiha Sasuke was smiling.

And Naruto had to smile back.

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