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"I hate you."

"I know," Naruto said, grinning as he slid into a seat near the back of the partially-packed school bus. Sasuke soon slid in next to him, one hand protectively placed over the giant, purple bruise marring his neck.

"Stop looking so damn amused," Sasuke hissed. "Do you know how difficult this was to hide from my parents? From my brother?"

Naruto pursed his lips and shrugged his shoulders, placing his hands on his knees as he settled into the stiff, blue seat. "It's not like it's that bad."

Sasuke's face lost any trace of emotion as he stared at the idiot beside him, silently cursing him with the most agonizingly painful death imaginable. Heaving a large, obviously annoyed sigh, Sasuke slowly pried his fingers away from his neck to expose the violet monstrosity he'd been gifted with, courtesy of Naruto.

"Ooh..." Naruto said, cringing slightly as he lifted a hand to nervously rub at the back of his neck. He inched a little bit closer, resisting the urge to poke at the nearly black bruise. "That is pretty bad."

"Idiot," Sasuke muttered under his breath, nearly pouting. Quickly, his hand found its way back to his neck, just in time for a certain pink-haired girl to bounce up the steps of the bus. Sasuke's aura instantly became pitch black, and his eyes narrowed into menacing little slits.

"At least try to be nice to her," Naruto muttered.

"Shut up."

"Hey!" Sakura waved as she approached the two boys. She was obviously trying to look cute for Sasuke (or maybe Naruto, who really knew at that point), though she nearly tripped over people's feet as she clambered to the back of the bus. Once she finally completed her long and dangerous trek, she settled into the seat directly behind Naruto and Sasuke, her smile quickly resuming its previous position on her face.

"Hey, Sakura-chan!" Naruto said, throwing her a smile over his shoulder. Sasuke said nothing, though when Sakura actually had the audacity to poke him on the back of the head, he turned just barely and shot her a steely look out of the corner of his squinted eye.

"Hey," he said blandly, barely hissing out the single syllable. Naruto frowned at him, his blond eyebrows knitting together, but the smile that lit up Sakura's previously falling face wiped any worries from his mind.

"Are you guys excited?" she said, her own voice practically dripping with enthusiasm.

Naruto made a noise of agreement and nodded, and Sasuke grunted, which was better than nothing. Sakura's light green eyes were impossibly bright as she thought through the day's promising list of possibilities, but when they drifted down to the hand clamped firmly around Sasuke's neck, she frowned.

"What's wrong with your neck, Sasuke-kun?"

Sasuke froze, his glare disappearing for only a moment before it came back tenfold.

"Why should I tell you?"

Sakura's frown became a deep-set pout; she looked like a kitten that had been half-drowned in a tub of ice water.

"Ignore him," Naruto said, trying his hardest to grin the awkwardness away. "He's just moody, as usual."

"Shut up," Sasuke hissed, smacking Naruto on the thigh with his free hand. The blond practically giggled and scooted away from Sasuke, pressing himself closer to the dirty window.

Sasuke just rolled his eyes and forced himself to ignore the urge to hurt something—preferably something with pink hair and a bigger-than-average forehead.

"Alright, class," Iruka said from the front of the bus. Idle conversations ceased for a moment as everyone waited on their teacher to continue. "Different groups have been assigned different parts of the shrine and surrounding woods to explore. You need to make sure you stay together..."

And that was about where everyone tuned Iruka out.

"Are we going to explore the woods first?" Sakura asked. Sasuke heaved a sigh and rolled his eyes, but bit down a hiss when Sakura decided to poke him again.

"How the hell would I know?" he snapped. Naruto gave him a disapproving look, but Sasuke ignored him entirely in favor of brooding as he stared off into space. Sakura, not the slightest bit bothered, began talking again, but her words seemed to go in one of Sasuke's ears and out the other.

"You're kinda acting like a jealous girlfriend," Naruto muttered. Sakura didn't have any hope of hearing what he said—she'd gone off on some sort of tangent that somehow involved Ino (who was sitting only a few seats away), though Naruto hadn't the slightest clue how she'd become part of the conversation and decided it better to tune Sakura out.

"Bullshit," Sasuke snapped. "Now leave me alone."

"You just can't handle the truth."

Sasuke scoffed before jamming his unoccupied hand into his pocket and fishing out the iPod he'd thankfully thought to bring. Sakura was still talking; she was apparently unaware of the fact that her conversation was entirely one-sided at that point.

Of course Sasuke's earphone wires decided to have wild sex in his pocket during the whole ten minutes they'd been in there, so with a deep scowl he began the annoyingly familiar task of untangling them as he tried to focus on anything but Sakura's voice. It didn't help that he could feel Naruto's grin as the blond closely watched him struggle with the disobedient wires, and at that moment he couldn't tell if he'd rather punch Naruto square in the face or passionately make out with him.

Maybe both.

"Alright," Iruka said loudly. Most students' heads jerked up in unison, and some almost seemed surprised that Iruka had continued to talk for so long with only half an active audience. "I think that just about covers everything. Maps will be given out once we reach the shrine, and all groups will be given time to plan out their course of exploration."

With that said, Iruka finally took his seat in the first row next to Kakashi, the field trip's other unfortunate chaperone. The man almost seemed miserable as he stared out the dirty window, a stark contrast to Iruka and his clearly happy grin.

Sasuke jammed the earbuds into his ears, and immediately felt some of his agitation melt away as he scrolled through his list of artists and selected his favorite.

Then he realized his hickey had been uncovered for a good two minutes and his hand slapped against his neck so quickly he winced.

He could hear Naruto's low laughter over the screeching of electric guitars in his ears, but thanked whatever God exists for the music at least drowning out Sakura's senseless blabber—which had picked up again the moment Iruka stopped talking. His hand and wrist were even beginning to hurt from the awkward position they'd been forced into, further darkening his mood.

Today is going to suck.

"So these woods are supposed to be, like, sacred or something, right?" Naruto asked, shoving the messily-folded map they'd been given into his pocket.

Sakura gave a sharp nod while simultaneously almost tripping over a root on the dirt path they were walking along. As he saw this in his peripheral, Sasuke couldn't suppress a light snicker, though once he caught himself he promptly clamped his mouth shut and began to wonder if he really was acting like a jealous girlfriend, as Naruto had so kindly put it. The thought made him absolutely grimace.

"Are you okay?" Naruto asked, quickly stopping and offering his hand to help Sakura straighten herself up. She offered a thankful (flirtatious) smile, and allowed herself to be pulled upright, though the second Naruto and Sakura touched hands it was like something snapped inside Sasuke—especially since Sakura apparently felt the need to lace their fingers together, and keep their fingers laced together even after she was standing perfectly fine.

And again, Sasuke began to wonder ifhe was acting like a jealous girlfriend. He and Naruto weren't even together!


"Thank you, Naruto-kun," Sakura said as she finally unattached her hand from Naruto's. Sasuke felt circulation return to his hands as he slowly unclenched his fists, and soon the trio began walking again, Sasuke keeping just a couple of steps behind his two classmates.

The peaceful sounds of nature filled the silence that had quickly grown in the absence of conversation between the teenagers, and Sasuke felt some of his irrational anger begin to ebb away, if only slightly. Perhaps Sakura's flirting was completely innocent. After all, she—

"Hey...Sasuke-kun," Sakura said out of the blue, breaking their comfortable silence. She sounded almost coy, and that alone was enough to make Sasuke's annoyance quickly spike again. Even the deafening chirping of cicadas wasn't enough to ease his aggravation this time around.


She paused for a moment, her eyes drifting downwards and twinkling with mischief.

"You have a really big hickey on your neck."

Immediately, Sasuke's hand clamped over the bruise he'd inconveniently forgot about as he'd lost himself in thought, and his cheeks warmed just the slightest bit.

"So?" he said, his voice wavering slightly.

"Weeeelll..." Sasuke grit his teeth as he fought against the headache Sakura's voice was beginning to give him, and instead tried to focus on the array of blooming sakura trees scattered throughout the woods. Vaguely, he thought that those trees really didn't do anything to deserve having their name bestowed upon such an aggravating human. He almost pitied them.

"Who gave it to you, Sasuke-kun?"

"None of your business."

Sakura pouted and turned to Naruto (since he was usually much better for conversation), but found him completely quiet and apparently very interested in the indigenous foliage surrounding them. His cheeks were a little red as well, which Sakura didn't fail to notice.

That's weird...

"So do you have a girlfriend, Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked. She tried to keep any trace of bitterness out of her voice, but just the fact that somebody marked her Sasuke-kun was enough to put her in a bit of a bad mood regardless of the fact that she got to spend the entire day with him.

As if on command, Naruto practically choked, and Sasuke's cheeks flared even hotter in response to her 'innocent' question.

"Not exactly," Sasuke said. He cleared his throat, then quickly hardened his expression in hopes of deterring Sakura from being even more nosy. "Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you."

"That's mean, Sasuke-kun," Sakura pouted. "You're always so mean. You're the complete opposite of Naruto-kun." Sakura's bright eyes swayed to the blond, and she shot him a smile as she drifted a couple diagonal steps closer to him. Sasuke took a deep breath, then rolled his eyes to the tree branches above. She was hopeless.

Suddenly, Naruto stopped in his tracks and threw a sheepish grin over his shoulder.

"Uhm...I kinda need to take a piss."

"Idiot," Sasuke breathed. "Why didn't you piss when you had the chance?"

"I didn't need to." Naruto shrugged, his grin only widening.

Both Sakura and Sasuke exchanged an annoyed look, which Sasuke was quick to break once he realized who he was looking at.

"Just go over there." Sasuke jerked his head towards an area obscured by bushes slightly off-path. With a nod, Naruto headed off towards the area, effectively leaving both Sasuke and Sakura alone while he took care of business.

"...So you don't have a girlfriend?"

"For the love of God." Sasuke took a deep breath, but his aggravation was relentless—as was Sakura's ability to annoy him to the point of homicidal thoughts with just a couple of words. Really, how did she manage to do it?

Sakura pursed her lips as her pink eyebrows drew together, and huffed quietly. "You know, I don't see why it's such a big deal," she said. "I was just curious. That really is a huge hickey."

Sasuke grunted, and hoped that was the end of their little conversation. But of course, knowing Sakura, it wasn't.

"Is she...pretty?"

Sasuke ignored her and stared blankly ahead, beginning to wonder why Naruto seemed to be taking the longest piss in the world while he was left to suffer.

"What's she like, Sasuke-kun?"

Sasuke was never known for having exceptional patience—at least when it came to women—and for Sakura's sake, he truly began to hope for Naruto's speedy return. His patience was wearing thinner by the second, and it had been since the moment he woke up with that giant bruise on his neck; he was like thread that had been stretched too thin and could snap at any given second.

"Sasuke-kun?" Sakura poked Sasuke lightly on the arm, but unfortunately for her, she finally managed to hop over the invisible line that existed between Uchiha Sasuke and anyone of the female gender.

"You know what, Sakura?" Sasuke said, taking a step back and pointing at his neck. "My 'girlfriend'didn't do this because I don't have one and I never will."

Sakura looked understandably confused, tilting her head to the side in a way that made her seem so innocent Sasuke wanted to punch a tree until it snapped in half.

"I don't like girls, Sakura."

At that moment, Sakura's jaw nearly hit the ground—but Sasuke wasn't done.

"And you wanna know something else?" A small grin found its way onto Sasuke's face, making his words seem all the more cruel. "Naruto did this. Yeah, that's right—the Dobe. He's my 'girlfriend,' so you can stop hitting on him—and me—now. I don't like you, he doesn't like you, and neither of us ever will."

Not five awkwardly silent seconds passed before Naruto finally decided to reemerge, and the tension that had somehow sprung up in his absence was more than palpable, even to him. His wide eyes darted between the two of his classmates, silently asking for the answer to a question he wasn't quite sure if he wanted to ask.

"Wh..." Sakura turned to Naruto, hurt and confusion obvious on her face. "Are you two..." She gulped, looking between the two of them and motioning with her hands as the ridiculous words refused to be spoken.

As Naruto quickly understood the message she struggled to convey, his cheeks burned red and he held his hands in front of his chest, waving them frantically.

"I-I don't know what you're—"

"Shut up, Usuratonkachi," Sasuke muttered, his smirk still in place. "I told her."

A huge pout marred Sakura's pretty face and her hands made shaky fists at her sides. "Y-You're lying!" She turned to Naruto again, using her best puppy-dog eyes on him in hopes of extracting the absolute truth. "It's not true, right? I thought you liked me, Naruto...kun."

"I..." Naruto glared at Sasuke, but he was too surprised (and embarrassed) to invest all of his effort into it. "I...did," he said, finally looking to Sakura.


"I..." Naruto dragged his eyes to the ground, guilt beginning to set in the longer he stared into Sakura's giant, watery eyes. With an enraged huff, his eyes darted up to Sasuke, and he glared as hard as he could. "Why the hell would you tell her, Teme?!"

"So it's true?!" Sakura stomped her foot, her cheeks coloring a vibrant, angry red. Being jealous of a girl was one thing, but Naruto of all people? It didn't make the smallest bit of sense!

Naruto, his steely expression never faltering, practically snarled at Sasuke, whose expression remained smug as ever.

"She has a right to know, doesn't she? And her shameless flirting is kind of pitiful." Sasuke shrugged. "Besides, maybe now that she knows we're unavailable, she'll go hit on Ino instead."

Sakura gasped and clutched at her chest melodramatically, prompting an even more melodramatic eye-roll from Sasuke.

"B—But we're not even together!" Naruto sputtered.

Sasuke shrugged again, then began taking slow steps towards Naruto, the smugness that seemed to surround him quickly doubling the closer he stepped to the flustered blond. Naruto instinctively stepped back; he didn't trust Sasuke at all now that he'd gone and told Sakura about their strange little 'relationship,' and that smirk had to have been the most unsettling thing in existence.

"We might not be official," Sasuke muttered, now only a couple of paces in front of Naruto, "but I know you like me, so why does a label matter?"

Naruto swore loudly when his back hit a tree, and was about to make a run for it when Sasuke suddenly pressed himself so close barely an inch of space remained between them. Sakura's eyes practically bulged out of their sockets as she watched this, and her hand flew to cover her mouth when Sasuke's lips nearly brushed against Naruto's, before he pulled away.

"Remember last night? You wouldn't even let me out the door..."

Naruto refused to succumb to whatever the crazy bastard was trying to do to him, and shot Sakura the most apologetic glance he could manage in his current predicament. Unfortunately, he had to turn his head slightly to do this, which exposed his neck to Sasuke's devious lips and tongue. Sasuke, not being one to pass up such a good opportunity, immediately gave Naruto's neck a short lick. Naruto made a small noise of surprise then quickly turned his head with the intent of giving Sasuke the verbal lashing he was practically begging for, but didn't have a chance to before Sasuke's mouth slammed against his. His eyes were almost wider than Sakura's from the total shock of being kissed so roughly (if one could even call something so harsh a kiss), but then Sasuke's tongue somehow managed to shove its way into his mouth and Sakura really didn't seem to matter anymore. But once Sasuke finally backed away, panting, sense returned to Naruto, and he, with much dread, faced Sakura.

"S-Sakura-chan, I—"

He didn't have a chance to finish before she turned and bolted away, teary eyes and all. Furious beyond all reason, Naruto faced Sasuke then, finding the biggest grin he'd ever seen on the Uchiha; it was practically splitting his face in half.

"You..." Naruto couldn't even form a coherent sentence as he belatedly shoved against Sasuke's chest. Maybe he was going into shock or something. Sasuke just kissed him—no, more like raped his mouth—in front of Sakura, their classmate!

"Are you mad at me?" Sasuke asked, a teasing lilt to his voice. Naruto sputtered for a moment, before the urge to give Sasuke a piece of his mind pushed past his possible shock.

"Of course I am, you stupid bastard!"

Sasuke let out a breathless chuckle, and suddenly latched his lips onto Naruto's neck with the sole intent of replicating his own ridiculously dark bruise (easing some of Naruto's obvious anger and replacing it with horniness would just be a bonus). Naruto jerked and let out a low, staggered breath, but his arms wound around Sasuke's waist, pressing their pelvises together and minimizing the space between them even though his mind was screaming at him to push Sasuke away, punch him in the face, and run after Sakura. The rough bark of the tree Naruto was leaning against dug into his back, but the pleasure-tinged pain in his neck served as a good distraction.

"You didn't have to be so...mean," he panted. Sasuke shrugged one shoulder then released the skin between his lips, leaning back to observe his careful handiwork with a squeeze of Naruto's hips.

"She was annoying me."

"That isn't an excuse for being a dick."

"Yeah, it is."

Naruto rolled his eyes, trying (and failing) to suppress a shiver as Sasuke lightly lapped at his abused neck.

"She'll get over it," Sasuke mumbled. "Besides...now we don't have to deal with her for the rest of the day. Really, I did us a favor."

"She looked like she was about to cry!"

"Not my problem."

Naruto groaned, but even he couldn't tell if it was from annoyance, anger, or blossoming arousal at that point. Sasuke's body heat and their closeness was really starting to mess with his mind, but he just couldn't find it in himself to push Sasuke away.

"You didn't have to say she should go hit on Ino, y'know," he mumbled. "Or pin me against this tree and start raping my mouth in front of her."

Sasuke paused, and nearly grinned.

"Maybe that was a bit too far."

"Yeah, just maybe."

"You know you can't stay mad at me." Sasuke tugged on Naruto's earlobe with his teeth, and thrust his hips forward, allowing his half-hard groin to brush against Naruto's. "Let me make it up to you?"

"But..." Naruto gulped, trying to force down his blush and ignoring the urge to instantly agree. (Damn his hormones). "We're at a shrine! What if, like, some ancient Japanese god sees us and gets really mad and then strikes us down or something, and—"

Fed up with Naruto's senseless rambling, Sasuke smashed their lips together none-too-gently and pushed Naruto harder against the tree. The fight left Naruto in record time and his hands fisted Sasuke's hair, drawing a pleased moan from the pale boy as he pressed his body even closer. The only barrier left between them was their clothes, which felt much thicker than they should have in the heat of the moment. Teeth clanked together and tongues sparred with vigor, and Sakura, along with the petty drama surrounding her, was soon the furthest thing from both boys' minds.

"I want to do something," Sasuke muttered once they finally pried their lips apart for more than a hasty second. "Something different."


"I want you to finger me."

Naruto's throat went dry, but he didn't have a chance to respond before his lips were pleasurably occupied once more. Normally, Sasuke was a little less forward (and dare Naruto say, almost dominant), but Naruto found he was beginning to like this side of Sasuke—the side he'd never seen before.

Pale hands fisted the front of Naruto's shirt and tugged him away from his place slouched against the tree as Sasuke took slow steps backwards, never once breaking his mouth away from the blond's, and Naruto roughly tugged at his hair. Quite suddenly, Naruto's entire world fell off-kilter and cold air brushed against his lips, and his back hit the ground with a dull thud. As his eyes flew open, he didn't even have a chance to verbalize his surprise and discomfort before his mouth was busy again, except this time the kiss was coupled with weight resting against his midsection and legs hugging his hips.

Sasuke's eyes soon flitted shut once he settled into this new position, and Naruto followed suit, parting his lips when he felt an impatient tongue swipe against them. His hands, which lay limply at his sides, slowly rose off the ground, only to lightly run down Sasuke's back before cupping and squeezing his (soon discovered to be) firm ass. Sasuke moaned quietly into his mouth, then louder when Naruto squeezed again, even harder than before. Reaching behind him, Sasuke grabbed Naruto's right wrist and yanked it away, then brought it towards their mouths. He broke their lips apart, though not without protest in the form of a childish whine from Naruto—but once half of Naruto's index finger slipped into Sasuke's hot, wet mouth, Naruto found he really didn't have much to complain about.

Up until a rather loud cough sounded from a few paces behind them.

Sasuke rolled his eyes, released Naruto's finger and wrist, then slowly shifted his weight to his feet and stood. As Naruto clumsily clambered to his feet, Sasuke turned around, only to be met with the amused face of none other than Kakashi.

The man looked between both of the disheveled and red-faced boys, and shook his head with a low chuckle. He shifted slightly on his feet, finding great amusement in Sasuke's annoyance-laced indifference and Naruto's clear mortification at being caught—but, really, they were practically in the middle of the dirt path. If he hadn't stumbled upon them (with help from a clue in the form of a half-coherent sob from Sakura), someone else probably would have. He could only imagine the way Iruka would have responded, seeing as he was usually much less lenient.

"I know teenage hormones can be a lot to handle," he finally said, "but a shrine? Really?"

Unresolved sexual tension was something Naruto never had the displeasure of experiencing before this field trip and their hellish, hour-long bus ride back to school.

As Naruto was thoroughly molested in the back of the bus, Sakura threw angry glares towards her former teammates from her new seat near Ino, coupled with heated whispers into the blonde's ear and melodramatic eye-rolls. Naruto had an idle thought that maybe she actually took Sasuke's 'advice' of going for Ino instead, but this thought, along with any others, were entirely erased as Sasuke's hand ran up his thigh yet again, nails dragging lightly and barely digging into the denim of his jeans. Naruto bit back a moan, his cock twitching impatiently as his crotch was barely ghosted over by a warm palm, only for any and all pressure to suddenly disappear. He wanted to complain and demand Sasuke stop this inhumane treatment (he'd been teasing him all day!), but then that same warm palm gave a rough squeeze to his painfully stiff cock and Naruto could barely keep from squeaking. Sasuke's hand continued to squeeze and rub Naruto's dick, and he bit his own lip as he felt it twitch and jerk under his touch. Luckily, they picked a spot in the very last row of the bus; they had two empty seats to the right as well as in front of them. After getting caught once that day, Sasuke would rather it not happen again, and took extra precaution, seeing as he knew he wouldn't be able to keep his hands to himself for an entire hour after being forced to "behave" for the previous five.

Near the front of the bus, Kakashi was engrossed in his usual book (which was porn, for Christ's sake) and seemed to be paying little attention to the hormonal 'couple' in the back, obviously convinced that their little talk earlier would deter them from messing around while in the presence of school staff. Sasuke smirked. Good.

Sasuke was just about to shove his hand down Naruto's pants and give him what he so clearly wanted when shaky fingers gripped his wrist. Sasuke huffed, but the helpless look on Naruto's face only made his desire for Naruto to take him (or maybe for him to take Naruto) even stronger.

"Sleep over tonight." The words spilled out without warning, and Naruto suddenly felt rather stupid when he saw the surprise on Sasuke's face. It was a school night, meaning the chances of Sasuke being allowed to spend the night were slim to no—


Naruto blinked once, twice, three times as his mind processed Sasuke's answer. Once it did, he cocked his head to the side, confused.

"But it's a school night."

"And I'm still 'tutoring' you."

Blond eyebrows lifted and Naruto's mouth fell slightly agape, but, after a moment or so of silent (and, on Sasuke's part, aggravating) confusion, his eyes lit up and he nodded. His lips stretched into a grin, and he squeezed Sasuke's wrist with excitement.

After a couple of seconds, Sasuke hastily jerked his wrist free, then once again placed his palm over the bulge in Naruto's jeans. This time, Naruto leaned against the seat and kept his own hands away, allowing Sasuke to do as he pleased.

Using both hands, Sasuke quickly unbuckled Naruto's jeans, smirking to himself at the blond's relieved sigh, before reaching one hand inside and teasingly sliding his fingers along Naruto's boxer-covered cock. The blond shivered at the feeling, and noticed, with some embarrassment, that his boxers were almost ridiculously wet as they rubbed against his shaft.

Sasuke's ragged breathing mimicked Naruto's as he squeezed the blond's hard dick, and Naruto jerked, barely biting down a moan that would have easily given them away. His eyes darted around the bus, but he was relieved to find everyone engrossed in little side conversations, or their faces illuminated by the soft light of their phones and other electronics. No one was paying any attention at all to him and Sasuke; even Sakura had stopped looking back.

"I hope you know," Sasuke whispered against Naruto's ear, continuing to tease the blond with slow strokes, "that I want you to fuck me tonight."

A shiver ran over Naruto's skin, causing his hair to stand on end, and he gulped quietly.

"I can't wait to feel you inside me," Sasuke murmured, drawing a series of quiet pants from Naruto's open mouth. Sasuke smirked, absolutely loving the effect he had on Naruto, then finally slid his fingers under the waistband of Naruto's underwear. With a loose fist he grasped Naruto's cock, and very nearly moaned himself at how hot and slippery it felt in his hand. He took a furtive peek around the bus as he leaned back, coming to the same conclusion Naruto came to moments before, then tightened his grip and slowly slid his hand along the hard rod of flesh.

A strange, choked moan caught in Naruto's throat, and he threw his head to the side, scrunching his eyes shut as he fought to stay quiet. Sasuke wished they were truly alone so he could hear all of Naruto's addictive noises, but just knowing Naruto was enjoying himself was enough to ease some—but not all—of Sasuke's frustration. His own cock relentlessly pushed against his jeans, and he, beginning to get a little desperate, pressed his other palm against his own groin.

Naruto's hips began to roll in rhythm with Sasuke's hand, and small moans started to slip out no matter how hard he tried to push them down. For some reason, just the thought of getting caught was nearly as exciting as it was terrifying; he couldn't remember ever being so aroused. Through the fog that had settled in his mind, Naruto soon realized that Sasuke must have been in a similar predicament, and turned his head as he cracked his eyes open. One hand drifted to the edge of the cracked blue seat and gripped it tightly while the other hastily shoved Sasuke's hand away from the raven's covered groin, replacing the pressure with a different hand.

Sasuke exhaled through his nose, pressed his head back against the seat, and practically bit a chunk out of his lip when Naruto enthusiastically began to rub his erection, and in response began moving his hand faster and alternating his grip over Naruto's dripping cock. Naruto shuddered, and let out a low whine as his and Sasuke's eyes met; he wanted nothing more than to kiss his not-quite-boyfriend, but knew they definitely wouldn't be able to get away with that no matter how oblivious their classmates were.

Eventually, Sasuke's eyes fluttered shut, and Naruto's gaze drifted down to his own tan hand. For a quick moment, he lifted his palm out of the way and simply looked at the 'problem' he'd caused. It was odd seeing that familiar bulge tenting another guy's pants, but he soon realized he liked the look of it—on Sasuke, at least.

When his eyes ventured upwards again, they met glassy coal and the most sensual smirk Naruto had ever seen before in his life. He really, really wanted to kiss Sasuke, especially when he felt Sasuke's thumb begin to tease the head of his length, spreading around the pre-cum and making his knees quake. His stomach tightened in warning so quickly he got dizzy, and for a moment he completely forgot where they were—which was extremely bad, considering he tended to be a little on the loud side when he came.

His moan was short, seeing as a hand clamped over his mouth and killed the lustful noise before it had a chance to truly ring out, but it was enough to turn a couple of nearby heads and lift a few eyebrows regardless. A fierce glare from Sasuke was enough to turn those heads right back around, however, and soon his hand lowered and Naruto took a few deep, well-deserved breaths.

"Shit," he muttered, his chest rising and falling rapidly. Sasuke smirked wryly, then slowly removed his soiled hand from Naruto's pants. He glanced at it and, without a second thought, ducked his head slightly and began lapping at the white staining his fingers. Naruto barely repressed a groan, and gave the hard bulge under his palm a squeeze, earning a near-whimper from the raven and a look that screamed "fuck me" as Sasuke tilted his head.

Unable to resist, Naruto ducked his head and quickly captured Sasuke's lips, his only thought that really, tonight couldn't come fast enough.

You know what does come fast?


But that's really my fault because I'm lazy oops

Reviews are awesome ; u ; My inbox has been lonely these past three(?) weeks, though, surprisingly, I've still had a pretty steady stream of emails, just not many reviews o.o *clings to your pant leg and whines* PLEAASSEEEE? I FEED YOU SMUT

Thank you for reading! Sorry if there were any typos or whatever, and I'll see you all next update! :)