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Here is a story that's been going around in my head for a while now.

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Stephanie Meyer owns the Twi world, I play with the characters.

Chapter 1

As my rental car pulls up the long dusty drive, trees framing the road winding to my final destination, I look at the white house before me. With its wrap-around porch and clapboard windows, I can see that my dad took good care of my child hood home. I start to feel my heart beat just a little faster and my body temperature rising.

Dad's Ranch is a hill country treasure, 11 acres with one side lined by water.

Our home was originally built in the 1940's. Its timeless appeal was updated over the years with new and improved amenities making it into an extraordinary home.

At least I always thought so growing up.

There are three native stone fireplaces, inviting country kitchen, native woods throughout, tile and wood floors, pool, and ample lounging areas. The exterior of the home is white with a large wraparound porch.
Located just outside of Medina, Texas, this ranch is one of the most elegant and coziest ranches in the hill country.

I put the car in park beside the boxwood shrubs that outline the front of the porch, next to the small round table and two chairs that I used to have pretend tea with my dolls when I was five.

I sit for a moment looking out the front of the windshield up at the house as I take a big breath then blow it out closing my eyes. I try to control the tears that start to pool as I think that when I get out of this car, I won't be seeing my dad waiting for me on the front porch.

Today is the first day that I've been home since I was 20.

Today is the first week that has passed since my father died.

Today is the first moment that I truly felt alone.

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