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Chapter 4

After Mike left I headed upstairs to my room and flopped down on the bed. I didn't want to hear about Edward Cullen, I forgot about him a long time ago and I didn't need to hear his name or what he's been up to. Especially hearing about that blonde he was dating. I groaned and rolled over onto my back huffing out a breath.

"Edward Cullen," I whispered.

I'm not going to think about Edward Cullen, I thought to myself. I sat up on the bed and took in my surroundings. I seriously needed some new bedding, and the toiletries that I brought with me were getting low. I decided to change my clothes and head out to town. I needed to distract myself.

Pulling on some skinny blue jeans and a button up midnight blue blouse, I slipped on my blue flats with a slight heel and grabbed my purse. I headed downstairs through the lounging area, past the fireplace and grabbed the keys to the rental car and dad's keys to the house. I would have to find a cheap car while I'm here, considering I'm paying ninety dollars a day for this one.

As I drive down the long gravel driveway and pull out onto the main road, I glance in the distance and see the Cullen's old ranch. Since I was a little kid, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen were my neighbors, the grandparents that is. I never knew my real grandparents growing up and they took me in as their surrogate granddaughter. They came from old money in the oil business and tried to pass on the family business to their sons. Carlisle chose the medical profession and Aro stayed on to help run it. Their estate has gotten bigger since I've been back and my eyes widen at the extravagance of it. I guess the oil business has gotten better for them.

I wonder what would happen if I just dropped in. Mike did tell me that he isn't there all the time. Who would it hurt if I just took a peek? I shouldn't… it wouldn't be right.

As I approached their property from the main road, I somehow mindlessly, turned the steering wheel into the direction of the quarter mile paved driveway. Driving through the ten foot giant cedar logs and rock columns which support two huge custom iron gates with electric opener I pass lush grass that is cut perfectly in shapely patterns as a gardner changes the bag on the back of the ride on lawn mower. The ranch is surrounded by a first class high fence and there are trophy Whitetail, Axis deer, and Blackbuck Antelope. There is an incredible interior road system throughout the ranch. Extreme privacy exists on this ranch, with extreme security systems to go along with it.

The main home structure sits on approximately 7 acres and is perched on a hill with breathtaking views for approximately 20-miles, including my father's property. Actually my father's place seems like an ant hill compared to grandma and grandpa Cullen's.

Besides the main house, I see what's been added since my life in LA. A first class lighted tennis court with ball machine next to a lighted basketball court. Beside that is a lighted washer and horseshoe pit.

I park the car and momentarily berate myself for even thing about getting out of my car. I look around and it seems that there isn't anyone home. So in a stupid moment of curiosity I step out of the car and walk around back to the familiar childhood home. A lighted outdoor cooking area with preparation area and a sink come into view and to the left of that, a lighted fire pit area with a gorgeous swimming pool with an amazing sunset view and hot tub for ten people. I smile at the memories that come to my mind about that hot tub.

I continue to look around and notice another new addition, a beautiful custom putting and chipping green next to the pool and a golf ball hitting area with a lush grass area for playing bocce ball or croquet. 61 tree and ground lights that illuminate the main complex grounds and operate on photo cells, along with lighted shooting range for skeet and trap and pistols and rifles.

I wonder if Emmett has anything to do with that. I smile lightly.

I can see into the back of the main house through the floor to ceiling windows and a stalker feeling comes over me.

"This is so stupid Bella, what the hell were you thinking?!" I mutter to myself.

I walk back to the side of the house and then into the front when I notice a large massive black Dodge truck. The windows are all tinted black and huge black matte rimmed tires support the obvious lift. I'm almost blinded by the shiny chrome grill and squint as the sun reflects off it. A sudden feeling of dread comes over me and I can just tell who owns that truck. It's been Edwards dream truck since he was in high school.

I slink against the wall as I breathe in deep.

"Oh shit!" I curse at myself, hiding from view.

"How did I not hear someone come up the driveway?!" I whisper harshly, closing my eyes.

I open my eyes and look around me. It seems like the coast is clear. I move a little from my open hiding spot just as I hear the back door open and a very familiar voice calling out a hello. My eyes widen as I sprint towards my car, almost tumbling on my way. I throw the door open and start the car. As I speed down the driveway, I slink in my seat so I can't be recognized. Just when I think the coast is clear, I straighten up and see the familiar bronze hair in my rear view mirror coming around from the back.


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