Author's Note: Here's my epilogue guys! It's officially finished! I couldn't help but add a little Dom/Letty of course! Please note I took the prayer from the end straight from the film so I can't take credit for that. It's been a great ride and thanks so much for taking it with me! I hope you'll stay tuned for my other fics.

"I've been waiting for you It's been so long

I knew just what I would do When I heard your song

The next thing I felt was you Holding me close

What am I gonna do I let myself go"

Go - Delilah


It was strange how incredibly normal it felt to get ready for a barbeque on a Sunday afternoon. Even though it had been years since they'd had one.

They'd spent the better part of the week getting the house in shape. The lawn was now trimmed down and Mia had cleaned all the windows. Most of the old furniture had been gone, sold or auctioned off by the state, but personal effects had been put into storage by their aunt.

It had seemed to give Mia some joy to refurnish the place, planning what colors to paint the rooms. She had also managed to get the boys to agree to painting the outside of the house – a task Letty had found herself roped into for the following week.

Right now she found herself with the enviable task of entertaining baby Vince as Mia mixed together the ingredients for a pasta salad. Dom and Brian were in the yard with the newly assembled grill they'd purchased to replace the old one, which had gone to rust.

"It's like old times," Mia said as Letty reached over to take a sip of her beer.

Vince closed his chubby hand around the neck of the bottle and she smirked. "Almost." She tickled the bottom of his little foot. "Hey that's not for you. But at least you've got good taste."

He squealed with giggles, kicking his feet out as he let go of the beer. Letty set it back down on the counter.

"Okay well, this time I have a baby," Mia agreed with a laugh. She looked over at her friend. "If you'd told me this is where we'd be a few years ago I'd have laughed in your face."

"No kidding," Letty muttered.

"I'm glad we're all together again," Mia said softly, turning back to the food. "It finally feels… right you know? I feel like our family is whole again."

Letty smiled, resting her cheek against baby V's soft blonde hair. "Yeah, I do too…"

She looked up at the roar of an engine. "Sounds like the party's arriving.

They could hear voices through the window, the sound of Dom's laughter drifting towards them. Shortly after the back door swung open and Gisele poked her head in, smiling when she spotted them.

"Hello little man," she cooed, leaning down to kiss Vince's cheek before moving to hug Mia in greeting. "This place looks a lot nicer than when we were here earlier this week."

"That's because we cleaned," Mia said with a laugh.

"I am mostly impressed that the back yard no longer half resembles a jungle."

"We set the boys loose on it with a power mower," Letty said, moving to sit at the kitchen table.

"Boys and their toys," Mia agreed. "How are you and Han settling in?"

"Settling?" Gisele laughed. "We will stay for a while but you know us…"

"On the move again?" Mia asked.

"Yeah," Gisele agreed, getting a beer from the fridge. "It is nice to have some place to come home to though."

The other women agreed.

A few minutes later and the door swung open again, revealing Roman peering in cautiously.

"Is it safe to come in here?" he asked.

"Why wouldn't it be?" Mia asked.

"Well you know," he said, stepping into the room. "When women gather together they get more dangerous."

"As opposed to men," Letty deadpanned. "Who get dumber in groups."

"Hey," he protested.

"That was kind of a weak protestation there, Rome," Mia laughed.

"I just came in for some damn beer," he complained, walking past them towards the fridge.

When he went back outside they could hear him telling the other guys about the mean ladies holding little Vince hostage in the kitchen. They laughed more.

Gisele told them about the street race that Han had taken her to downtown and for a while they talked cars and engines while Mia finished the pasta. Vince was passed off to Gisele so that Letty could help her chop the vegetables for the summery salsa salad which they crumbled fried tortillas over.

When they joined the guys in the yard they were found standing near the driveway, backs to them as they studied whatever new car Tej had rolled up in.

"Uh guys," Mia said, "Why isn't anyone watching the grill?"

"I just checked it," Dom told her, still holding a pair of tongs in his hands.

Brian came over to lift up his son, blowing a raspberry against his belly that made the baby giggle and squirm.

"Aw c'mon man," Roman complained. "Why do you have to do cutesy shit like that? It lowers the badass level of this whole gathering."

He watched Han wrap his arm around Gisele and shook his head.

"Soon all y'all are gonna start popping out kids and I'm gonna be like that one Uncle that's a player."

"You have to have game to be a player," Tej told him, shaking his head.

"This house has enough babies in it for now," Mia said with a smile, before liberating the grill tongs from her brother and going over to check on the chicken and grilled corn.

Shaking her head at their banter Letty took her beer and wandered up the driveway. Dom's car was parked there in front of the old garage and she leaned back against the hood as she surveyed the beat up building. It looked half-ready to collapse, though it had looked like that for near as long as she could remember and it was still standing. Like a testament to time.

She looked up when Dom came to stand beside her, leaning back against the car as well.

"Thinking about something in particular?" he asked.

"Not really," she murmured. "Just thinking about the last time I was in that garage." She nodded towards it.

"Hasn't changed that much," he said, setting his beer down on the hood of the car.

He moved to slide open the garage door and Letty watched him, her gaze on his arms and shoulders. She smiled and followed him into the dusty space. There was no Charger here now, that was parked in the drive with Dom's beer perched atop it. But the work benches were the same ones that had been there when Mr. Toretto had still been alive. They were crowded with tools and there was a rag and some cleaner beside them, as if someone had started taking the time to tend them.

The old corkboard on the wall still held the same pictures, faded with age. On one of the tables an engine sat, in all its gleaming glory. New and out of place amongst all of the remnants of the past. Letty started towards it, when she nearly tripped on the corner of an old cardboard box sitting in front of one of the benches. She looked down at it in surprise, then saw her name, written in black marker on the side.

"What's this?" she asked, setting her beer on the bench and kneeling down to open the box.

Dom came to stand beside her. "Mia packed some of your things up in there… after."

"Makes you realize how little material things you really hold onto over the years," she murmured, pulling out a cellphone.

It was old now, the screen was cracked and its battery was long dead. There was a faded, folded old photo of her and her father, when she had been about ten. She studied it a moment, her thumb brushing over the face of the image. Dom knelt beside her, wrapped his arm around her. She reached into the box again and her fingers caught on a chain. She lifted it out slowly. The dog tags were blackened as if they'd been burnt, and her fingers tightened on the chain, winding it between them. Her father's name, etched into the metal, numbers that she'd once memorized the meaning of.

She went to put it back into the box when the tags clinked together and she caught sight of a glint of silver. Between the dog tags, hooked around the ashy chain there was a ring. A simple, thin band and a single square-cut diamond. Her throat went dry and she lifted her gaze to look at Dom.

"What is this?"

He took the chain from her, looking lost in thought a moment. "I bought it back before we'd had to run," he told her softly. "With some extra money from our jobs on the trucks…"

Letty was gaping at him, speechless.

"Remember how I told you about the dream I had? Of us on the beach in Mexico?" he asked.

She nodded mutely, her hands feeling numb.

"I meant it. A vacation. That's where I was going to ask you."

"Why didn't you ever say something?" she asked, her voice cracking.

"Letty I was a man on the run. It wasn't any kind of life I was offering you."

"Dammit, Dom," she shook her head. "I didn't care."

"I know. After I lost you…" He looked down at the ring. "I had a lot of regrets. I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it… so I just put it here with all your things. This box came with us to Rio… to Spain…"

Letty took the lid and closed the box again, pressing it shut. "You don't need that anymore." He gaze drifted to the jewelry he still held in his hand, her heart doing a little stutter of fear in her chest. "Hold onto that though. Maybe… in the future, you'll find the right time."

She closed her hand over his and leaned in to kiss him slowly, before pushing herself to her feet. She was glad her hand was steady when she reached for her beer.

"Does that mean you'll say yes?" he asked, standing as well.

She laughed. "I guess you'll have to find out," she replied, stepping out of the garage.

Dom tucked the necklace into his pocket, following after her. He grabbed his beer on the way to the yard.

Mia was sitting in a chair in the shade, Vince cuddled against her chest half dozed off. Brian was manning the grill while Roman stood over his shoulder telling him which pieces of meat looked ready to come off. Tej was deep in conversation with Han about some new engine mod and Gisele was sitting in Han's lap offering input every now and then.

Mia looked up and saw them approaching, smiling. "Dinner is almost ready."

"I'll get the salad and plates and stuff," Letty offered. "You stay where you are. You did enough."

"Thanks," Mia said, rubbing the baby's back gently.

Han and Gisele stood to help and Dom went inside to get everyone another beer as they set the table. It wasn't long before they were all sitting down around it.

"Smells damn good," Roman said, grabbing a huge scoopful of pasta salad.

"First one to grab food," Brian announced, pointing at him.

Rome blinked, already reaching for the platter of chicken. "What?"

"That means you have to say grace," Brian told him.

Everyone laughed but once Roman settled down they joined hands.

"Father, thank you for the gathering of friends. Father, we give thanks for all the choices we've made because that's what makes us who we are. Let us forever cherish the loved ones we've lost along the way. Thank you for the little angel, the newest addition to our family. Thank you for bringing Letty home and most of all thank you for fast cars"