Epilogue: Lucca

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He acted very strangely for a while after that. We didn't leave for a month or two. Often times, during that span of time, he would sit in the corner next to the staircase that led to my room. He'd sit the there, sulking in the darkness and drinking a cup of cider or a glass of wine. I'd try to talk to him, but he would just stare into his drink.

Eventually, he came out of his emotional comatose and began to act a little more like Magus again, but there was always a part of him that would stay changed, the part of Janus that grew back into him.

He never let me call him Magus again. I could tell, by the anger in his voice when he scolded me for it, that he hated that name with a passion.

We often talked about heroism and villainy. He said that his heroic acts led to more pain than his villanous ones. He'd go on about how when he was driven by hate and anger, his pain was secondary, but as he became more in tune with his emotions and began to act more on morality, he reacted at an intense level. He said some times he wished he'd never switched sides. There was one night when we talked about this that he admitted that he wouldn't be happier as a villain, it just wouldn't show. He made the point that he wouldn't have saved Schala nor fallen in love with me had he stayed a villain, and that those to parts of his life were the most important to him.

We travelled across time periods. From 12,000 BC to 2300 AD and even to times that we had never been before. Eventually we settled down in 1500 AD. I could go to the truce cemetary and see the graves of my friends and my parents. Magus often visited the grave of his sister. She and Cyrus lived together for another 70 years after that. Schala lived to be 104, but Cyrus died at the age of 91. We never found Glenn's grave. We always assumed he died in some great battle and with him, the Masamune was lost.

We've lived peacefully in 1500 AD. Janus's imposing figure keeps people from bothering us, but I still have many friends in that time period. I even met the decendents of Crono and Marle, the ones we could find, anyway. They are just like them.

Speaking of children, we have two of our own. About 5 years after we settled down, at the young age of 37, I concieved my first child. It was a boy that we named Gerard. 3 years later, I had a daughter, whom we named Laria. As I write this, I'm pregnant with my third and final child. I'm 44.

Don't think that I havn't had my fill of adventures since then. I spent 10 years roaming the time stream with an adventurous warlock. We had fun, but eventually, adventures get boring, even for him.

We both keep busy. I spend time raising two children and building new machines as well as fixing the old ones.. Janus now works as a historian at the Truce Museum. He doesn't do all that much there, other than copy down the infinate number of spells he's memorized and give lectures about what he knows of the past, present, and future. He's still very powerful and quick to anger, and wears the same stupid outfit he always did, but he usually keeps the scythe at home. He can still use magic with the best of them. He's used it twice to frighten away kids who try to hassle him. He thinks it's hilarious the way the young men scream like 5-year old girls after he blows up a tree or other object.

We're happy living out boring lives, but we still reminice about our adventures. We often use them as bed time stories. Our children are already eager to have adventures of their own.

I still have the picture that was drawn at the fairgrounds. It reminds me of our youth, the time before we fell in love. We struggled, back then, to get where we are now, but we're happy, and that's all we really wanted.

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