Imagine your OTP as children, playing dress-up with their parents' clothes/makeup.

Your name is Cro-

No, your name is Agent Ampora and you have a much-too-big hat on your head and shoes on your feet.

You smiled and attempted to do a double pistol at your partner in crime, Kan-, you mean, Agent Vantas, but failed rather horribly as your sleeves fell over your hands and you both dissolved into giggles.

He went to help you push up your sleeves and try to fix your tie, but you waved it in his face and told him that you were a top-secret spy and didn't need help.

"Kanny, vwe need to havwe a girl and a spy! I CALL SPY!"

"No fair! I WANNA BE THE SPY!"

"My house, my rules."

He pouted and crossed his arms, stomping his foot and looking away, "Don't wanna be a girl."

"I'll be the girl next time, just be the girl!"

"You always say that!"


"I'm going home, then!"

"No!" you scrambled to go hug him tight, not wanting to be stuck playing alone again because you scared off your only friend.

He squirmed in your arms, but slowly gave up, a pout still evident on his lips. He refused to look at you, his arms still crossed as he glared to the side. You knew he wasn't going to stop until he got what he wanted, so you let go of him.

"Vwait… Don't go… I'll be the girl…" you said softly, putting the hat on his head and putting the tie on him.

After you dress him up as the spy, you went into your parent's closet and tugged at your mother's dresses, seeing if one fell down if you pulled enough. You and Mr. Vantas, Spy Extraordinaire, felt all the different fabrics, laughing and saying which one felt the prettiest.

Your favorite dress of your mommy's was the black one that felt like water. You both felt around for it and, when you found it, it slipped off the hanger and you both laughed, trying to get it on over your head.

Once it was on, it fit like a glove that had been stretched horribly and been tortured before you got to it. It hung over your body onto the floor so much so that you had to pick it up just so it would cover your t-shirt in the front.

You both played spy for about an hour, jumping around your parents room, fighting off ninjas and Russian snipers. The landing platform for the giant chopper that HQ send you was springy and perfect for you both to jump off of it into spy aircraft that zoomed too close. You both crawled under the city and fought off the deadly bunnies made of dust.

When you both ended up saving the president, you flopped down on the landing platform that now turned back into a bed. You looked at Kankri, who moved to lay on his side to look at you.

He smiled sheepishly, his cheeks red from running around so much. His white hair stuck up at all odd ends and his bright blue eyes shined in joy. He really looked like he just saved the world in one day, but he made your stomach fill with butterflies and you looked away.

He cleared his throat and sat up a bit, "Good work, Ma'am Ampora. You helped save the world today."

You looked up at him, then sat up too, "You savwed the vworld too, Agent Vwantas."

He looked so excited and it made your heart speed up. Why was it speeding up?

He puffed out his chest and said something about you both being the best team ever, so you agreed with him. He chuckled and leaned forward suddenly, clumsily kissing you on the mouth.

You froze, your brain coming to a screeching halt.

He pulled away, a big grin on his lips, "There, now we just made the best spy movie ever! They always end with a kiss in the end."

Your face lit up red, you know it did.

You know that you looked stupid, because he started to look worried. So, you pushed his face and said that you were the one who made the movie so good.

He laughed again and pushed your face, saying that he needed a nap if he thought that.

You retaliated and you both play fought until you fell asleep on your parent's bed, cuddled close together.