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Engagements and Black Friday

(Bella's POV)

I let a goofy grin escape onto my lips as I walked with Edward out of the meadow. I fixed my bra so it looked like nothing happened and made sure to run my hands through my hair a couple of times to make it smoother. I looked to see Edward had a big grin on his face as he lead me by the hand out of the woods. I had just said yes to marrying Edward, and honestly I was happy. Screw that, I was so freaking happy that I wanted to start bouncing around like Emmett on a sugar high or Alice at a sale. Nothing could ever rain on my parade, well that was until it started to really rain on Edward and I and we had to run back to the house, but other than that I was still happy.

When we entered the home I saw the others were all gathered around in the living room. I looked to see the football game was over and everyone was having dessert right now. I felt my stomach grumble, wanting some of Esme's pumpkin pie. Thanks to my three little babies I wanted to eat all the time.

Emmett was grinning with Charlie as he sent us a thumbs up. Nessie was even grinning at us. I frowned and turned to Edward, who was still grinning like an idiot.

"Where were you two?" Rosalie asked. "It just started to rain and it's getting dark...you do realize you've been gone for awhile." I blushed furiously and Edward stiffed a cough to cover up.

"Bella what's that on your finger?" Alice asked, looking carefully at my finger. "I'd say that is a 2.25 carat diamond ring, that use to belong to Edward's mother and grandmother, that is on your left hand ring finger...which is where engagement rings goes..." Alice paused before squealing so loud I'm pretty sure a glass shattered in the other room. I felt a tiny pixie body attack Edward and I. Alice was hugging the both of us while jumping up and down.

"I call planner!" I chuckled as she kissed both of our cheeks and tears flooded in her brown eyes. Next came the shrilled squeals of my mother and Esme.

"YES!" Esme screamed as our mothers both attacked Edward and I in hugs. I chuckled as I felt myself then getting attacked with hugs and kisses from the rest of my family and friends.

"Congrats baby sis," Emmett said to me as he then swirled me around in his arms. I chuckled as I went to plant a kiss on his cheek.

"Thanks brother bear," I said to him. He smiled as he then turned to Edward with a stern look.

"I know it's been about ten years since you two have been together, and I already know you know this since you asked for my blessing, but I swear, and mark my words Eddie, I will kill you if you cheat on her or anything. I know you won't do that, but if something crosses your mind I won't hesitate. Got it," He said to him, pointing a finer at my fiancé. Edward nodded at Emmett, but then my brother let a grin break on his face and went to bro hug Emmett. I then got hugs from Nessie and Rosalie as I shared a loving look with Edward who was getting hugged by his own mother again.

Once everyone was done with all the hugging and squeezing, I looked to see Seth was still sitting down and was scratching his head.

"I don't get it? What goes on her ring finger?" I shook my head as I saw Sue and Leah both smack their hands into their faces.

"Seriously Seth?" Jacob said. "You didn't get what was going on, after all the cheering and hugging that just happened, you still don't know?" Seth shook his head, but then a big grin appeared on his face.

"Just kidding," he said as he then turned to hug Edward and I. "I call last hugs! Ha!" he exclaimed causing me to burst into giggles. I then went to sit on Edward's lap as Seth returned to his spot on the lounge chair.

"I say we need to celebrate!" Emmett announced in a big boom with Rose on his lap. He was in the other lounge chair. "And I think I know how to!"

"How?" I questioned slowly as I looked at my brother warily.

"Come on, only if you're young," He said, looking at our parents. The fathers snorted while the mothers all gave Emmett the evil eye. He grinned innocently as he then grabbed Rosalie and we all followed them outside. There was still a light drizzle as Emmett went to get a football.

"I saw do the annual Thanksgiving football kick off," he said, grinning like a fool. "Seth, you want to do the honors?"

"What does this have to do with the engagement?" he questioned. I nod in agreement with the others as I look at Emmett curious. All that was going through my head was, what is this goof doing? He then kneeled down and set up the football.

"Come on, Seth, I don't bite."

"What do you think I am? Stupid?" Seth said as he crossed his arms over his chest and eyed Emmett. "You must think I'm the most stupidest person alive!"


"You're going to pull the football away and I'll fall flat on my back and kill myself! Emmett I watched the Peanuts too, you know!" Seth fumed.

"Well I'm not going to pull a Lucy on you," Emmett said, rolling his eyes as he hoped up and down. "Come on, it's raining. It's an honorable thing to do on this national holiday." Seth sighed as he got a running start.

"Seth," I warned with Leah in chiding tones. We both know, me more so than Leah, that Emmett and Seth equals a boat load of crazy trouble. Leah knows more about Seth and what he can cause. After all, she is the little goofball's sister. She even thinks he's stupid for dating Heidi, when he should be dating Maggie. I'm sure Alice will fix that little arrangement by Christmas.

"What?" Seth questioned. "I doubt Emmett's going to pull anything? Right, I mean it's just a football? I can kick it!"

"Never mind," I said, sighing a bit as he then began to run.

"This time I'm going to kick that ball to the moon!" He yelled as he charged for it. That's when, knowing Emmett, he pulled the football away letting Seth smack his back against the wet grass. I just rolled my eyes as I leaned into Edward and let his arms wrap around me.

"Ha! You fell for that!" Emmett bellowed, bursting into laughter. Seth grumbled as he then flung himself at Emmett and began to tackle him.

"What was the point of this?" Jacob asked as he ripped Seth off of Emmett, who was chuckling like an idiot even though he was getting beat up by Seth.

"What? I can't have my fun, plus I always wanted to try that..anyway back to celebrating," Emmett said. "Who wants alcohol!? I have a bottle of champagne I brought up for something like this? Anyone?" everyone's hand, but Ness and mine, went up. Seth, who was laying face down on the grass, lifted his hand as he slowly got off the ground.

"Make mine a double. Hell, give me the whole bottle you idiot. I think you just broke my back," Seth grumbled as he rubbed his sore back.

"We warned you," Nessie said, shrugging. Seth grumbled something unintelligent under his breath as he stalked towards the house.

Ness and I got glasses filled with sparkling cider while the others got champagne. We poured them in Esme's fancy champagne glasses and got ready to clink all the glasses together.

"Cheers!" Carlisle said. "To Bella and Edward!" I blushed as Edward pulled me to his side and we all clinked our glasses.

I smiled as all the girls decided to go over to look at the diamond Edward gave me. It was an oval diamond that felt nice on what use to be my bare ring finger. I didn't mind showing my little baby off to them as they all awed over it. Even though I'm not one who likes to show off, I think today is perfectly fine to.

I just couldn't help but smile seeing Edward gleam at the thought of knowing I had a ring on my finger and he'd be a father in a few months. It felt nice to know that now I'd be Mrs. Edward Cullen in only a few months, well possibly. We haven't discussed when the wedding will be or anything yet because we were too busy. Honestly, I really don't want to be showing on my wedding, but if we did choose to hold if off that means we would have the babies at the wedding. Or I could do it in a month so I wouldn't have to worry about them getting into any trouble. I was about two months pregnant now and surprisingly, even though there was a little bulge, I wasn't showing as much as I thought I would. Maybe the triplets were just torturing me so they could all of a suddenly just sprout over night, making me look like a whale. But if I did have the wedding after their birth I'd be skinny and I can do partying like drinking. I definitely have to talk the wedding date over with Edward.

Later that night after a bunch of partying and showing off my engagement ring, I was enjoying my night with Edward. We were spending the night in his old room. Rose, Emmett, Seth, and Leah went over next door to spend the night at my house, and Charlotte and Peter took Renee and Phil to sleep over there house. Meanwhile Edward, Alice, Ness, Jake, and I all were staying at the Cullen's for the night. Tomorrow Alice would be taking us shopping for Black Friday early in the morning. It may be her holiest of all holy days, but to me it was like hell.

I smiled as I pulled the sheet close to my naked body and went to lay my cheek against Edward's muscular chest. I ran my fingers through his chest hair as we both smiled lovingly at each other. Good thing that Esme and Carlisle were on the other side of the house, and they hopefully they didn't hear anything. Ness and Jake were um too busy in the other room to notice, and Alice, well Alice she was in the middle right between the two rooms trying to sleep, so I think we were possibly torturing her or she was already asleep dreaming about Black Friday sales.

"Edward?" I asked him as I ran my fingers through his soft chest hairs.

"Yeah, love?"

"When do you want to have this wedding?" I asked as I looked up into his green orbs.

"Whenever you want it," he said. "I don't care. If you want to get married next week, hell I'd say yes." I smiled as I rolled on top of him so I could plant a kiss on his lips. He chuckled as he then held me close to his and I went to lay my head again against his bare chest. I could hear the sound of his heartbeat underneath my ear as he ran his fingers through my hair.

"I was thinking either we get married next month, so it's a winter wedding,...or maybe after the babies are born during the summer," I suggested to him.

"I don't know, I feel like that's more up to you baby, it's what you feel more comfortable with," He told me as he brushed his fingers through my brown hair.

"Alright," I said. I then grinned as I went to kiss him again, followed by a giggle. He chuckles as he kisses me even more passionately.

"Will you people stop!" Alice yelled out from her room. "I have an important day, you know! And I swear to god, Isabella Marie Swan- soon to be Cullen- if you don't have your ass up by the crack of dawn then I'll kick it!" I groaned at her and went to kiss Edward some more.

"I should get to bed," I mummer against his lips.

"Screw it," he said as we pulled apart from a heated kiss. "It's the night of our engagement. I say we have some more fun," He said. I chuckle as I go to kiss him once more. Man, life is pretty good. Now I just would have to face Alice's shopping pixie wrath in the morning.

(Alice's POV)

I woke up the next morning with a smile on my face. It was four in the morning and I had two hours before the mall in Port Angeles would open and they'd have there big Black Friday sale. I was ready to kick ass today, and nobody would stop me. After all, I have Ness and Bella and they're pregnant, so that means the other woman are forced to take it easy when it comes to them. Rosalie was one tough momma and not one to mess with, so she was good at anyone who tries to attack. Too bad my mom couldn't come since she would be heading with Charlotte, my dad, Charlie, and the other guys to the homeless shelter to give out food. After our shopping we'd join them down there to help give food and clothes for the needy. Another reason I buy a lot on Black Friday is because some of it I do buy for people who need the clothing more than I do. Since I was always shopping and I always seemed to have a new outfit every week, my mother or I decided to donate all the clothes I didn't want anymore to things like the Salvation Army or thrift shops.

I get out and begin to bang on everyone's door. I then call Rosalie's phone and head downstairs and begin on breakfast. I looked to see my two friends and sister all looking at me groggily as they made their way towards me.

"Happy Black Friday!" I exclaimed as I went to hug them all. They all groaned as they pulled up chairs up to the dinning table.

"Alice, why are we waking up at the crack of dawn again?" Bella asked me as she rubbed her eyes.

"Well one, the sale starts at six and even though it's four, it takes an hour to get to Port Angeles," I explained. "But this is also pay back for having to listen to you people last night!" Bella and Nessie both blushed while Rosalie stifled a laugh.

"Come on, I want to get going...so move it!" I squealed. They all grumble and groan as I rush them to get changed. Once they're ready we hop into the car and speed down the almost deserted highway to Port Angeles. When we get there some people were there, but I made sure to be in the front. I saw one of the employee's make there way to open the door. He had a feared look on his face as he slowly opened the door, only to get hit by a rampage of crazed shoppers.

I had Rosalie, Nessie, and Bella on either side of me as we entered the first store of the day. It was a battle field of woman tearing apart clothes.

"Okay team, you see a cute top and you like it, you will fight for it. Any piece of clothing you will fight for, got it. We do not give up!" I exclaim like a drill sergeant. Oh, Jazzy would have been so proud of me.

"Aye Aye," Nessie answered. "Now let's do this." I nod smiling as we head into the giant battle field of shoppers.

The rest of the day was consisted of the girls and me battling for clothes. In fact, we already of at least a good forty bags stuffed with clothing. We even had to find some sort of shopping cart just to carry them all. This Black Friday had to be the best yet. With Nessie and Bella being pregnant, they were able to score a couple of pieces of clothing and a plasma T.V. Rosalie was able to use her toughness to get a bunch of clothes and a blender. Me, on the other hand, was absolutely vicious, but I had to keep it on the minimum because there was that one time in college when I got arrested for getting into a brawl at another mall. My parents don't know about that and I'm still not allowed in that mall, even though I just use a disguise to get through when I need to.

We were at the last stop of the day before we'd go join the others at the homeless shelter. I was looking for any last minute tops I could possibly get. That's when I spotted the cutest pink blouse. Perfect for work and dates with my Jazzy when he gets back. I go to take a running start and all I focus on is the top. When two woman were blocking the way as they fought over a top, I did a nice little flip over them. That's when I spotted a fluff of brown hair making it's way towards the same blouse. I inhumanly growled as I ran towards the top, hurling towards it so she can't get it.

"It's mine!" I growled as I grabbed the top from the shelf. I victoriously threw my fist in the air in victory. That's when I saw someone fling themselves at me.

"No, it's mine!" the girl growled, taking it out of my hands.

"I don't think so!" I said as I ripped it from her grip. That's when she gripped on it and the top split in two. I snarled and looked to face the girl. That's when something hit me. She had the same brown eyes as me, but she had dark brown hair rather than my black hair. She looked furious at me, but that's when a flashback hit me.

"Mary Alice! Don't eat that!" a voice said as the girl took a barbie from me. I looked up to see the brown haired girl with a playful smile on her face.

"Don't worry, one day I'll take you Black Friday shopping. Mommy took me this year and I loved it. You're a regular fashionista Mary Alice. You are for sure a Brandon," she said to me proudly.

"Cynthia, remember don't let Mary Alice eat the small pieces," a motherly chiding voice said. I looked to see a woman with black hair like me and brown eyes go to stroke my baby fluff hair.

"Kay Mommy, but I was just telling Mary Alice bout shopping. She's gonna be a fashion designer like you Mommy. I know it," she said. I let a little giggle escape my lips as the woman went to pick me up.

I looked at the female again and she raised her eyebrows at me. I shake my head to notice I was starring at her face for a couple of minutes.

"Are you okay?" She asked. "I'm sorry if you got hurt, I don't like hurting people during these Black Friday sales, but I just get really excited. It's just one of my favorite days," she confessed with a playful grin.

"Cynthia?" I asked without thinking. She frowned.

"How do you know-"

"Um let me explain. People call me Alice. But my real name is Mary Alice. Mary Alice Brandon." Her eyes widened as I explained to her who I am.

"No..it can't be," she whispered, starting to tremble. "You died!" I shook my head.

"I didn't," I said to her. Tears began to form in her eyes as she then brought me into a hug. I think I just found my long lost sister, in a sort of a Sister, Sister remake.

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