By the time Naruto's turn came around, let's just say he was good and hammered, so with his best friend Kiba beside him, he was ready to do the damn thing. Sasuke, Gaara, Temari, Kankurou, and Ino were all sitting together on the sectional sofa. Naruto was happy (okay, giddy is more like it) to see that Gaara and Sasuke had seemed to take an interest in each other. Well, at least they were talking. He'd almost been expecting some sort of hostile action, but they were both so mild-mannered that he supposed there was nothing for them to be bothered over. Truth be told, Naruto was a little worried one or the other might get... kind of insecure, but Sasuke had said he was going to stop getting jealous, and Gaara, well, it took a lot to rile him. Plus, even when he'd been dating Shion, Gaara hadn't ever acted like Kiba and talked trash about her. Gaara probably just trusted that Naruto knew what the hell he was doing. He'd always been nonjudgmental, and Naruto'd always liked that about him.

"Dude, are you surprised Gaara and Sasuke are gettin' along so far?" Kiba asked when he saw where Naruto'd been looking. Kiba placed an arm around his shoulders. "It kinda annoys the crap outta me. Thought Sasuke'd be on my side and hate the little bugger."

Naruto turned and glared at him. "You don't hate Gaara, shut up. Are we gonna do this or not? I don't wanna lose my ability to channel all the blond party girls of the world."

"Haha, yeah." He gave Naruto a shove toward the microphones. "Sasuke sure likes some gay shit."

"Yes," agreed Naruto. "Yes, he does like some gay shit." He signaled to the guy that he was ready; the music started and the lyrics began to scroll down the screen.

They both grabbed their mics, and Naruto took in a deep, exaggerated breath before looking out onto his (intoxicated) audience. His gaze swept to the couch, where he grinned at Sasuke, who was watching, and likely anticipating eminent embarrassment. He smiled at Gaara, too, and gave him a wink as Kiba nudged him in the ribs to begin singing. He affected a sort of saucy Valley girl voice as he swished his hips back and forth like he'd seen many women do in clubs.

He smashed his mouth against the microphone: "Saw you leanin' against that old record machine. Saw the name of your band written on the marquee. It's a full moon tonight so we gettin' rowdy, Yeah, we gettin' rowdy, get-get-gettin' rowdy."

Kiba followed: "Feelin' like I'm a high school-er, sippin' on a warm wine cool-er."

Naruto chimed in as he cupped his nonexistent breasts. "Hot 'cause the party don't stop, I'm in a crop top like I'm workin' at Hooters. We been keepin' it PG, but I wanna get a little frisky," he grabbed Kiba by the wrist, spun him around and smacked his ass. "Come gimme some of that, yum like a lollipop, let me set you free!"

They had a dance break during the chorus where they both presented their backs (and butts) to the audience and wiggled them frantically - each looking over their own shoulder to see how they looked when they did it. He kept cracking up during the lyrics because Kiba seemed a little too into it, much to Ino's delight apparently since he could hear her howling with laughter in the corner. In fact, Kiba was so into it, he hogged all of the second verse and Naruto had to jump over to cover his mouth.

"Feelin' like a saber tooth ti-gurr," he clawed the air, "Sippin' on a warm Budweiser, touch me - " (here he might have inappropriately grabbed his crotch area) "and gimme that rush, better pack a toothbrush, gonna pull an all-nighter."

Kiba shoved him out of the spotlight. "We been keepin' it Kosher, But I wanna get it on fo' sure." Surprising Naruto completely, he yanked him by the collar, shoved him toward a stool and took advantage of Naruto after he'd lost his balance by dryhumping his ass, "Come gimme some of that, yum like a lollipop. Baby don't be scurred!"

Even though he was dying of laughter, Naruto chanced a glance at Sasuke, who was simply shaking his head at them. There was almost nothing better in life than being able to embarrass Sasuke. Naruto put his hand to Kiba's forehead in order to push him off. He made a show of pointing at Sasuke when they both sang the chorus:

C'mon 'cause I know what I liiike,
And you're looking just like my type.
Let's go for it just for toniiight.
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.
Now don't even try to deny,
We're both going home satisfiiiied.

(A thrust of the hips might have occurred to punctuate this suggestion.)

Let's go for it just for toniiiight.
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon.

Kiba took the first half of the bridge, Naruto the second, and then, together, they repeated the chorus, bowing to much applause and catcalling by the end. Ino ran to them, nearly tripping in her treacherous looking pumps to jump onto the both of them.

"Oh god, that was so terrible to watch," she cried, hugging them. "But I could not stop laughing! And you should've seen Sasuke's face when Kiba started humping you. Oh my God I think I wet myself!"

"Yeah, that was definitely the effect we were going for," said Naruto, setting her back down on the floor.

"I dunno. I was really feelin' it." Kiba scratched the back of his head uncertainly.

"Yeah, no shit, dude. I thought you were gonna try to rape me up there." Naruto lightly socked him near the shoulder.

"It woulda only been for artistic purposes if I did."

"Brute," he returned with a smile, "At least buy a guy a drink first."

Sasuke and Gaara decided to approach them.

"I'm thinking that you don't need any more drinks after seeing your... performance up there," Sasuke said to him. At least he looked amused.

"Aaah, I've reached my limit?" Naruto grabbed him by the front of his sweater and, pulling him over, smashed their lips together as he threaded his fingers into his boyfriend's hair.

"You're asking for it." Gently, Sasuke pushed him away. "I suppose that was more low-key than what it could've been."

"I could always go up again and do a little Eminem, but ha ha, hell yeah! What do you think? Would you sign Kiba and me?"

"Maybe only if he wants to lose his job," said Gaara.

"Gaara," Naruto whined. "You're s'posed to be on my side. What did Temari and Kankurou think? Hey, where are they?" He noticed they weren't on the couch anymore or anywhere in the basement for that matter.

Sasuke smoothed his hair out of his eyes. "I think they went for more drinks, but you, Naruto Uzumaki, you have had enough."

"Mah, Sasuke," he complained and grabbed for his hips, making Sasuke's eyebrow arch.

"You're suddenly very touchy feely," Sasuke observed. "Maybe someone slipped something into your drink, or should I say one of the many drinks you've had tonight?"

"Yeah, it was probably you. I already told ya you don't have to drug me anymore to get me in your bed. I'm a sure thing." Naruto smirked as he wound his arms around Sasuke's neck. He tilted his head to the side, grinning mischievously. "Didn't ya listen to my song? The both of us are supposed to go home satisf~ied."

Sasuke shook his head, covering Naruto's face with a hand and shoving him away. He turned to Gaara. "Did you really miss this?"

"Looks like you've got your hands full," Gaara agreed. "Maybe you should take him home."

"What? The party's just started!" Naruto grabbed him by the sleeve and tugged him over so that he could put his arms around Gaara and Sasuke at the same time. "And you," he said to the red-head, "How will I know you won't just disappear on me tomorrow? I want y'to stay and hang out with me more and get to know Sasuke 'cause I'm gonna have his babies one day."

"Okay, on that note," said Sasuke, grabbing for his hand. "I think this one is ready to be put to bed before he says or does anything more to further embarrass himself."

"We're used to it, Sasuke," Ino said (she and Kiba had been making out a little up until then, so it was surprising she'd even been listening). "I think Kiba and I are going to grab a room here if that's okay. TenTen can take us home tomorrow."

"Are you sure?" Sasuke asked her.

"I don't think we'll stay much longer anyway," Gaara told Naruto. "We only came to see you. Let Sasuke take you home, and we'll hang out when you've recovered from your hangover."

"M'fine," Naruto said, swatting him playfully. Then, leaning in, he gave Gaara a big kiss on the cheek before leaning back again to slap the side of his face. "Was good to see you. I missed ya, brah."

"For the record," Gaara said. "I'm not gay, so save the kisses for Sasuke."

"Haha, I will. I've saved up more than kisses for him! You should hear what this guy wanted for winnin' the capture the flag game. He wants me to - " But before he could finish, Sasuke covered his mouth.

"Bye everyone," Sasuke said as he tried to drag a protesting Naruto up the stairs and through the drunken crowd on the first floor.

It was a slightly dysfunctional departure because when Sasuke went to go find their coats, Naruto ended up wandering off into the great room, where he introduced himself to every person he came across, even people he already knew. He might've even danced a little. Perhaps on top of a coffee table with a few other drunks. He ended up doing that until Temari and Kankurou happened to pass by. He jumped on top of them, having just enough time to hug them goodbye before Sasuke pulled him away from the dance floor. Sasuke put his coat on him and ushered him out the front door - almost having to carry Naruto outside.

"Feels good out," he murmured as Sasuke continued to lead him by the hand. He opened Naruto's car door for him before getting in on his side and making sure Naruto buckled up.

"Here, Stella. I grabbed a bottle of water for you while you were busy getting your groove back."

Naruto took it and smiled affectionately. "You're such a good boyfriend. I think I'll let you get in my pants."

"I think you would let anyone in your pants tonight."

"Not true," Naruto argued, playing with the door locks.

"No?" Sasuke asked good-humoredly as he had to do some expert maneuvering to get around some of the cars.

"'Course not. Tonight, I'm only fuckin' you," he said. "Like that... Enrique Iglesias song, y'know which one I mean? Except, it's the unedited version?" And then he started playing with the dials on the radio to see if he could find it, but Sasuke slapped his hands away before he could break something. "'Cause toniiight I'm fuckin' you! Or, reverse rather. Tonii~ight you're fuckin' me!"

"You must be very clever to have come up with all of that on the spur of the moment," Sasuke commented.

"I am. Very clever. I'm preparin' myself for your request fulfillment."

"I think you should leave the preparation to me." Sasuke smirked at him.

Naruto laughed. "You're funny."

"I'm glad you can still get excited about having my fingers up your ass," Sasuke said dryly.

"Me, too!" Naruto beamed. "I'll try not to crack jokes when you do it this time, too. Ah, I said crack. I ruined it already."

"Yes. Don't promise the impossible."

"I'll be good, I promise," Naruto replied with confidence.

"I have no doubts about that." Sasuke grabbed for his hand and squeezed it affectionately.

Naruto took the hand and brought it to his lips to kiss. "You make me happy, Sasuke Uchiha. Thank you for this past year. I had fun."

"I suppose you're happy to have your Gaara back. I hope you won't forget about me."

"Never!" Naruto cried and when he kissed Sasuke's hand again he said it more softly. "Never."

"Shall we go home then?" Sasuke asked as they came to the end of TenTen's long, winding driveway and reached the main road.

"We shall! Get me home so I can rock y'world, bitch!"

Sasuke shook his head. "You have a way with words, Naruto. Like no one I've ever met."

"S'funny. When you say stuff like that I end up comin' all over the sheets." He brought Sasuke's hand to his mouth and licked at one of the spaces between his fingers.

"That's because you're a dirty bitch." Sasuke gave him a half-smile.

"You're fuckin' right I am," said Naruto. "Plus it's been days so I'm horny as hell. Get me home and fuck me already, Saasukeee!"

"Hn. As you wish."

"Ha. How very Princess Bride of you."

About a mile from the apartment, since Naruto was moaning about having the munchies, Sasuke stopped at the gas station (the same one Naruto had walked to the other night) to let him pick out a few snacks. Naruto dragged Sasuke up and down the aisles by the hand as he handled all the bags of chips and beef jerky and various candy bars that caught his interest.

"So much for having gone to the gym today," Sasuke said.

"Shh. I'll go every day this week, but I have got a serious craving for somethin' salty."

"Maybe you're pregnant." Sasuke nudged him in the shoulder with his shoulder.

Naruto looked up from the bag of BBQ chips to smile at Sasuke. "That would be cool. We'll have to think of names. Do you think they sell pregnancy tests here?"

"Not for men, no," Sasuke replied.

"Male seahorses can do it, so why can't I?"

Sasuke stared at him a moment and then grabbed the chips out of his hand. "We're getting these. What else do you want? Do you need some Coke?" He towed Naruto over to the refrigerated section and let him pick out a bottle of pop.

"Oh," said Naruto, stopping them both by the shelves that displayed all the snack cakes. "Let's get these, too. I want donuts for the mornin'."

"Fine, we'll get that, too." Sasuke snatched the bag of chocolate frosted donuts. "I don't know how you can eat all this processed food. It tastes terrible."

"Hey, there are other things that taste terrible, but I still put them in my mouth."

"'Them'?" Sasuke questioned, but Naruto didn't give him time to dwell on it as he led him to the register. He went to grab his wallet out of his back pocket when he realized it wasn't there. "God, what is with me and my wallet these days?"

"It's fine. I think I can afford your junk food. You paid for dinner, after all."

"Yeah, but I had a gift card." Naruto pouted. "How 'bout I make you breakfast tomorrow?"

"What, you mean bring me some donuts?"

"Nooo," said Naruto, watching while his boyfriend paid the cashier. "I"ll make you eggs and bacon and stuff."

"Stuff, eh?" Sasuke smirked.

Naruto held the door open for him. "Uh huh. Stuff."

"I like the sound of that," said Sasuke as they walked to the car. "I wouldn't mind getting a little stuff tonight, too."

"Oh, you'll get some stuff alright," Naruto replied, getting into the car. "If you're good, you might get double stuffed." Then he started laughing at his own joke.

"See, now you just took it too far and ruined it." Sasuke leaned over and flicked him in the forehead.

"Hey, Sasuke? Have you ever been double stuffed, like, for real?"

They were at a stoplight; the look Sasuke gave him was beyond comical.

"I know you're drunk," he said to Naruto, "So I'm going to pretend you didn't ask me that."

"I'm only curious. I was thinkin' that'd have to hurt a lot. Plus, y'know, what's the preparation for it?"

"Why, are you interested? I'm sure I could call a friend over."

Naruto smirked at him while leaning his head against the window. "One of your friends, or one of my friends?"

Sasuke shot him a half-glare. "Not funny."

"I was only kiddin'. Sasuke, my friends are all straight. They do not wanna bang me."

"It's debatable," said Sasuke. However, at least he was smiling. It was snowing again, so he turned on the windshield wipers.

"So, what did you think of Gaara? Not that that's related to what we were just sayin' about my friends wantin' to bang me. I thought you were very polite. I'm proud. I never woulda thought he was gonna show up tonight. Ah, and now you've met Temari, too."

"He seemed like a good guy. I trust your judgment when it comes to people, so I didn't expect any less."

Naruto hummed, mouth scrunching to the side to conceal another large smile. He liked that Sasuke trusted his opinion on people. "I think it's cool he'll be livin' here. We have a lot of catchin' up to do. Although, I'm sure Kiba will have a lot to say about it."

"He might. He's probably worried he won't get to spend enough time with you, or that Gaara will replace him as your best friend."

"But you're my best friend, too, Sasuke." Sasuke glanced at him and then back at the road. "Even though you ambushed me."

Sasuke's thumb tapped against the steering wheel. "How long are you going to go on about that?"

"It's fine," said Naruto. "After all, you must've thought it was the only way to get me to do that."

"We don't have to do it if you hate it that much."

Naruto sighed. "It's not that I hate it. It's just weird. I like when you do it, but if it's me... it feels... I dunno. How do I say it makes me feel like a girl without it sounding offensive?"

"But you like it when I do it," Sasuke stated.

"Fuck yeah, I do."

"Am I a girl?"

"No, definitely not. I mean, I get the full view of all your bits and pieces when you do it, so you're not a girl. No."


"I dunno honestly. It's just... uuh. I have no idea."

Sasuke took hold of his hand. "Maybe it'll grow on you."

"Kinda like bein' double stuffed," and on a whim, Naruto ducked because he knew Sasuke would take a swat at him, which he did.

"I'll show you double stuffed," Sasuke threatened.

Naruto chuckled. "Hey, if it's you, I'm willin' to try anything at least once, so if you can grow a second penis, I'm all for it."

"I'll look into it. I'm sure there are other methods we could come up with."

"What, like a dildo? There's no way your cock and a dildo are gonna fit in my ass. It's not well-used enough."

"I can help with that," said Sasuke, sparing him a cocky look.

"Maybe I should just bottom, like, the next month. Would that be good for you?"

"I don't need your pity," replied Sasuke.

"Hey, it's not pity! I'm just sayin' I'm not opposed to givin' you a whole month's access to it. I'm comfortable enough with my heterosexuality to let you fuck me in the butt and secretly enjoy the way it makes me feel a bit slutty. Guys can be slutty, too, y'know, Sasuke. Don't be so sexist!"

They were driving into the complex parking lot. Sasuke turned off the car and stared at him. "Naruto," he said.

And before Naruto could respond, Sasuke grabbed him by his coat and kissed him. Naruto's eyelids fluttered shut, and he let out a quiet murmur of pleasure. Just as quickly as it had begun, it stopped. Naruto was left a tad dazed.

But then it dawned on him.

"You did that to shut me up, didn't you!?" He accused Sasuke, pointing a finger at him.

Sasuke feigned innocence as he opened his door. "I don't know what you're talking about." He picked up Naruto's bag of snacks.

Naruto got out on his side, scowling playfully as they walked side by side up the stairs to the apartment. Sasuke unlocked the door and, right away, Ollie ran to greet them, sniffing at the plastic bag. Naruto scooped the cat into his arms, cradling him like a baby. He kissed the top of Ollie's head.

"Happy New Year, Ollie. Did you miss us?"

Ollie wiggled around in his arms until he set him down again.

"See, he's just like you. You don't like to be cuddled either," said Naruto.

"Not true," said Sasuke. Naruto followed him into the kitchen after they'd both taken off their shoes. "If it's you, I don't mind it."

After Sasuke set the bag on the counter, Naruto came up behind him, breathing heavily against the back of his neck. He pressed in closer, both hands gripping the counter so that Sasuke couldn't go anywhere. He kissed at the base of Sasuke's neck, moving his way up, using his hand to push Sasuke's hair out of the way.

His voice was low. It rumbled against Sasuke's skin. "Sasuke," he said.

Barely, Sasuke turned his head toward him, and Naruto kissed the side of his jaw. He wrapped an arm around Sasuke's waist, sneaking his fingers under the sweater.

"What are you doing?" Sasuke asked gruffly.

"Touching you," Naruto replied as he licked Sasuke's throat. His hand started to push the sweater up further, fingers brushing across a nipple.

Sasuke sucked in a breath. "I thought you wanted snacks."

Naruto chuckled. "I found somethin' better to eat." He moved his mouth from Sasuke's neck and, giving the sweater a tug to the side, started to suck along the top of his shoulder. Sasuke let his head drop lower. Naruto put a palm flat to his chest and let it slip out from under the sweater. He turned Sasuke around, giving him only a few seconds before attacking his mouth with urgency. He felt Sasuke's hands go to either side of his waist, the thumb of his right hand skimming above the waistband of his pants to touch skin.

Whether it was because it had been a while or because Sasuke had put so much into being attentive and "well-behaved" tonight, Naruto had an intense desire to show his gratification. In fact, what he really wanted to do was drop to his knees and worship him the best way he knew how to, but when he started to do just that, Sasuke pulled him up again and kissed him hard on the mouth. He could tell by the kiss that Sasuke was just as hungry for it as he was.

"Why'd you stop me?" He asked breathlessly when they broke apart. Sasuke was nipping at his collarbone and the side of his throat.

"I don't want our first time of the New Year to begin with you on your knees on the kitchen floor. Let's take it to the bedroom."

But, even though he'd said it, Sasuke continued to kiss and bite and lick until he'd flipped them around, and now Naruto had his back to the edge of the counter. Sasuke picked him up, set him on top of the counter, and forced Naruto's legs around his waist. Sasuke grabbed his ass and scooted him forward, allowing them to rub together just enough to incite them both further.

They kissed as Sasuke undid Naruto's sweater and tie; he unbuttoned the shirt underneath it, too, finally able to run his hands over Naruto's naked chest. He shivered when Sasuke roughly dragged his palms over both nipples. Naruto squeezed his legs around Sasuke's waist more tightly.

When Sasuke was kissing and sucking his way across his collarbone, he found himself chuckling.

"So, the kitchen floor's not good enough, but the counter's okay?"

"Hm?" Sasuke glanced up from what he was doing, his lips red and swollen and slightly wet.

Naruto swallowed hard. "God, you are hot, Sasuke."

The reaction that got was interesting. Complimenting Sasuke on his looks was sometimes difficult, because Sasuke brushed them off, but it was impossible not to compliment him. What he loved the most was when he had Sasuke underneath him in their bed, fucking him while Sasuke's legs were wrapped around him, and he could whisper all these things into his ear and Sasuke's eyes would close, his breathing would get heavier. More than dirty words, he knew Sasuke liked to hear words of affection and praise and love, and Naruto had no problem whatsoever with that as there were an endless amount of compliments to give someone as amazing Sasuke.

When Sasuke returned to sucking on the juncture between neck and shoulder, Naruto let a long, low groan slip out. Growling in response, Sasuke picked him up like he weighed nothing, but they only managed to get as far as the hallway before he shoved Naruto against the wall to fiercely kiss him some more. He let Naruto slide down the wall so that he could stand - only to push a thigh between his legs, rubbing it against him.

Naruto moaned again, and Sasuke's fingers threaded through his hair, tugging at it so that his head was forced to tilt upward. Teeth scraped over his throat; a talented mouth sucked hard enough to cause a delicious hurt. Sasuke was working at his belt buckle, too, but before he could get it undone, he picked Naruto up again and carried him into the bedroom. He kicked the door closed, walked a few steps, and dropped him on the bed.

Smiling crookedly, Naruto looked up at him through hooded eyes. "Hm. You look like you're gonna devour me, Sasuke. You act like I haven't fed you in days."

Sasuke stripped off his sweater in a hurry and rejoined him on the bed, hovering over him on all fours. "Something like that," he replied and finished unbuckling his belt. He worked the snap and zipper like an expert and, giving a tug, had Naruto's pants off of him in record time.

He pulled Sasuke on top of him, cupping the back of his head as they kissed each other hungrily. After several minutes of making out, Sasuke lifted himself up in order to wind his arms underneath Naruto's armpits. He half-threw Naruto closer to the head of the bed, and it was forceful enough that he bounced onto his back when he landed. Sasuke got on his knees, undoing his belt.

"Slower," Naruto said, his blue eyes twinkling. "If you're gonna strip in front of me, at least make a show of it."

Much to his surprise, Sasuke did just that. Smirking, he brought a thumb to his mouth, and, after licking it, used it to pinch one of his nipples. Naruto wanted to laugh, but really all he could think about was being able to latch his mouth onto the same nipple. Suck it, bite it. Oh man, was he fucking horny as hell! They'd let it build up too long!

So, Naruto watched as Sasuke - very slowly - slid his belt through all the loops. He set it on the side of the bed, and Naruto was reminded of the time Sasuke had given him a playful whipping with it. He really did have a dirty mind. Thinking about the nastiest stuff he could possibly do with Sasuke really got him going, so by the time Sasuke had inched his pants down his hips and began stroking himself over his briefs, Naruto was having a difficult time lying there so passively.

He sat up, grabbing Sasuke by the waistband of his underwear and, with a tug, pulled them down further. He covered Sasuke's hand with his own hand, and, they stroked him together. Naruto - mouth open partially as he began breathing more heavily - kept his eyes on Sasuke's face. He got up on his knees so that they were at equal height and pushed Sasuke's hand out of the way so that it was just him touching Sasuke, jerking him off. Sasuke moved both of his hands to Naruto's shoulders for balance.

While Naruto continued to stroke him, Sasuke buried his face in Naruto's neck. "Naruto," he breathed his name against his skin, and Naruto had to shut his eyes because the sound of his name on Sasuke's lips was too fucking sexy. "It feels too good tonight."

"I know," he replied, his voice unsteady.

Sasuke collapsed on top of him, barely able to keep himself up on his elbows. Naruto wrapped his arms around his shoulders, still panting hard and already feeling the trickle of Sasuke's cum as it started to seep out of his hole.

"Jesus," Naruto exclaimed. "That was fuckin' intense."

Sasuke merely grunted, licking at the salt on Naruto's neck and moving to suck at spots across his shoulder. He pulled out but re-settled between Naruto's legs, kissing him for a long while afterward. He joined their hands, lacing their fingers together.

It was probably ten minutes later before Sasuke raised himself up a bit to look at him. He traced the buckle on the belt with a single finger.

"That looks good on you," he remarked.

"Does it suit me?" asked Naruto. "Would you like it if I wore it around the house?"

"Only if you want me to jump you every time I see you."

"Don't you do that already?" Naruto smiled.

Sasuke pushed his hair back since it was clinging to his forehead from the sweat. "It's hard not to."

"Yeah?" He asked. "Do you like me or somethin'?"

"You know I do." He kissed Naruto again, deeply. Intimately. In that way that left him too overwhelmed to take what they had lightly. He grew quiet when Sasuke stopped to scrutinize him some more. "I don't know how to express it," he said to Naruto.

Naruto understood and nodded. "It's a scary thing."

Sasuke played with Naruto's hair some more before settling against him, more to the side, so that his face was pressed against the crook of Naruto's neck. Naruto put an arm around him and began running his fingers through the spiky hair at the back of Sasuke's head.

"I love you," he told Sasuke in a soft, tender voice.

Sasuke kissed his throat. "Naruto..."

"You love me?"

"I do. Enough to almost scare myself."

"Don't be scared," he sing-songed. "I won't let you go anywhere. You're mine. All mine. And I'm yours. You even collared me. What choice would I have?"

Sasuke snorted. "You did hand it to me, after all. It was that or whip you, but your ass is too nice to put marks on it."

"Ha. To be honest, I was really fuckin' horny through all of that, so I woulda done about anything you wanted."

" 'About' "?

"If I say anything, I reveal just what a whorey slut I am when it comes to you."

"I don't mind admitting that I'd do anything you want. Two Girls, One Cup has nothing on what I'd do for you."

Naruto shut his eyes and laughed. "It's highly unlikely I'd ever make you eat my shit, Sasuke. You know I eat a lot of Mexican, too. Why would you do that to yourself?"

"Charming." Sasuke came out from his hiding place against his neck to prop himself on an elbow.

Gently, Naruto touched the side of Sasuke's face. "There's stuff leaking out of my butt."

"What? Do you want me to get it out with my tongue?"

"Sasuke!" He laughed again. "I was thinkin' maybe just a shower...? You don't have to clean my ass up for me until I'm old or paralyzed."

"Another endearing sentiment. I'd prefer not to picture a scenario where you're in any way paralyzed."

"But you'd still take care of me."

"I would still very much take care of you." He kissed Naruto on the lips. "Would you take care of me?"

"Yeah. I'm prepared to die with you if it comes to that, for sure. Let's go out in a blaze of glory."

"I don't want you to die. You have to live forever."

"I'm not living forever if I can't live with you." Naruto frowned at him and gave Sasuke a push. "If you die on me, I'm gonna kill you."

Sasuke smiled and traced a finger along the curve of his jaw, to his chin, which he held in his fingers. "I love you, Naruto."

Naruto tried to stop the grin, but it did what it wanted to do and refused to listen to him.

"I love you," Sasuke said to him again. "More than anything. I am so in love with you that I wouldn't know what to do without you."

"Sasuke," he said, feeling his eyes start to well up. He sniffled and looked away, but Sasuke took his chin and turned his face the other way.

"I want to see what those words do to you," said Sasuke. "Don't look away."

Naruto sniffled some more and, this time, went to wipe his nose. "M'gonna get snot on your fingers if y'keep sayin' stuff like that."

"Hn. It's fine. Since I'm the only one who gets to see you like this."


Sasuke chuckled and, leaning in while smiling at him, kissed at the corners of his mouth. "Let's go take a shower."

"Alright," said Naruto. "But I'm cleanin' my own ass. Got it?"

In the morning, Naruto awoke first. Sasuke was latched onto him from behind, an arm holding him around the chest. He was snoring into Naruto's ear, which was more charming than it was annoying since Sasuke hardly ever snored. It just meant that he was tired. He kind of had to pee, but when he tried to get up, Sasuke's hold on him tightened, so he decided to just hold it.

"How do you feel?" Sasuke murmured, brushing his nose against the back of Naruto's neck. He sounded half-asleep. "Headache?"

"Just a little thirsty," Naruto replied with a smile. "And I gotta go to the bathroom."

"No," Sasuke moaned into his hair. "You're not allowed to move."

"Well, then m'gonna wet the bed, Sasuke," he replied in a light, playful tone.

"Don't care," Sasuke hugged him from behind. "I'll change the sheets."

"We're gonna have to do that anyway. It smells like sex in here."

"Shh." He put a hand over Naruto's mouth. "Sleep. You like sleep."

Naruto managed to roll over. He laughed when he took in the state of Sasuke's hair and the way he couldn't get his eyes to open any further than halfway. Naruto kissed him on the mouth, but Sasuke's response to it was slightly delayed.

He decided to sing to him as he took hold of the sides of his face, "Suddenly Sasuke," he squished his boyfriend's cheeks, "Laying besiiide me. Y'don't need no make up. Don't have to preteeeend. Suddenly Sasuke, is here to proviiide me. Sweet understandin', Sasuke's my friiiieend."

Sasuke's lips began to curl into a smile. "You're an idiot. You're not going to start yelling at me to feed you, are you?"

"No. I said I'd make you breakfast, which I will. By the way, Ino told me you sang last night! I can't believe you'd do that without me."

"I did it especially because you weren't there," Sasuke replied.

"But what did you sing?"

Sasuke covered Naruto's hands, removed them from his face, and rolled Naruto onto his side again so that he could spoon him. He snuggled against him, body warm. "Does it matter?" He asked, kissing Naruto's neck.

"I like when you sing. You actually have a good voice. Y'know, if you wanted to quit your job and start your own band, I'd support you. So what did you sing? I'm not gonna stop buggin' you until you tell me. I doubt you sang Kelly."

"I didn't. And while I appreciate the offer, I think my path lies far from any future bandage."

"Bandage," Naruto repeated quietly. "Just sing me a little bit. I won't tell anyone."

Softly, Sasuke hummed next to his ear. "What if I sang two songs?"

"What!?" Naruto started to turn around, but Sasuke kept him from rolling over.

"You move around too much," Sasuke said sleepily.

"Was I upstairs that long? Now I'm mad. You did that on purpose!"

"Don't be a drama queen, Naruto. You've heard me sing before. It's nothing special."

Naruto took one of Sasuke's hands and bit his finger.

"Cannibal," said Sasuke. "Maybe you should've sung that instead of 'C'mon'."

Naruto switched to kissing Sasuke's finger, then the rest of his fingertips on that hand. Then he switched to the other hand, kissing each one of those fingertips, almost reverent in the time he took to do it.

Meanwhile, Sasuke continued to hum in his ear until eventually he began to sing in a gruff voice: "I once had a boy, or should I say, he once had me? He showed me his room, isn't it good, Norwegian wood? He asked me to stay, and he told me to sit anywhere. So I looked around and I noticed there wasn't a chair. I sat on a rug, biding my time, drinking his wine. We talked until two, and then he said, 'It's time for bed.' "

Naruto had stopped to listen, one of Sasuke's fingertips pressed to his lips. "Did you really sing it that way?"

"Of course. It wouldn't be about you otherwise." Sasuke sniffed at his hair. "I thought about singing 'House of the Rising Sun', but I would've felt bad. Singing that one without you there."

"Yeah," said Naruto, placing Sasuke's hands on his chest again. He settled his arms on top of Sasuke's. "I woulda been a little annoyed." He turned thoughtfully quiet for a while, unexpectedly nostalgic. Melancholy even.

"You've gone quiet," said Sasuke. "Don't pout. I'll sing for you whenever you want."

Naruto grumbled something indiscernible.

Sasuke sang again in his ear, a song with a wistfully despondent melody, "What more can I say? How can I express how confused am I by our happiness? I can't eat breakfast, I cannot tie my shoes, what more can I do?" Sasuke kissed the shell of his ear. "If I say I love you, you might think my words come cheap. Let's just say I'm glad you're mine. Awake." He moved his hands to cover Naruto's eyes. "Asleep."

"What's that from?" Naruto asked when he'd stopped singing.

"A musical," Sasuke answered dryly.

"Thanks for that. I figured."

"Just something I saw in New York. Now the song makes me think of you." He let his hands fall away from Naruto's eyes.

Naruto sighed. "I still really think you could sing. For real."

"No. I've known too many musicians. I have no desire for that lifestyle, Naruto."

"Which is why you're here with me."

"I'm here with you for many reasons." Sasuke pulled him even closer, arm back around Naruto's middle.

"Such as?"

"Does your ego need a bit of feeding?" There was some amusement in Sasuke's tone.


Sasuke cleared his throat. "Because being with you, here, like this, is one of the only times I really feel like I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing with my life. I feel like I'm myself around you when I've never felt that way before, never let my guard down in front of anyone. And maybe that doesn't mean anything to you, but it means a lot to me that you can do that."

He felt Sasuke's nose nudge against his ear.

"Naruto. You have no idea what you do, what you are. To the people around you. To me. I feel lucky every day that you let me stay by your side."

Naruto squinted at the bathroom door, trying his best not to tear up and cry or anything lame like that, so after he nibbled at his lip and thought he'd be able to speak without his voice shaking, he simply said, "Thank you."

Sasuke kissed the tip of his ear. "No problem."

"I love you," Naruto said, and his voice trembled, but Sasuke didn't say anything about it.

"I know."

"Next time I'll sing Lynyrd Skynrd or something." Naruto sniffled.

Sasuke chuckled. "You thought you were cute up there. Making fun of me."

"I was cute. I shook my butt and everything."

"You did," replied Sasuke. "And it's a very nice butt. However, I will have to punish Kiba later for dryhumping you unawares."

Naruto laughed aloud, grinning unexpectedly. "Yeah. I didn't see that one comin'."

"I could tell."

"Hm. Good times," he said.

"Yes," agreed Sasuke. "Very good times."

It was a little later after Naruto had made them breakfast (eggs and bacon, just like he'd promised). He was still munching on some toast. They were sitting on top of the sheets, both somewhat dressed in pajama pants. It was a little cold inside the apartment, so Naruto had put on a hooded sweatshirt. Sasuke was wearing an NYU shirt he said he'd stolen from his old roommate. There was a large manila envelope sitting by his feet, but he hadn't opened it yet. Instead, he was staring at this random bottle of nail polish he'd found when he'd gone into the guest room to look for Ollie underneath the bed. Sasuke was playing with his phone, finding a station on Pandora that would play some classic rock as per Naruto's request after Sasuke's singing had made him nostalgic for it.

Sasuke set the phone on the side table after he'd finished and picked up his mug of hot tea. "What's that?"

Naruto twisted the cap for the polish. "I dunno. I found it in the guest room. You don't think it was your brother's, do you?"

"Hm. Nothing he does would surprise me."

"But it's black," he said.

"Blue-ish black, I'd say." Sasuke took it from him. "Maybe he left it for you. His goodbye present." He handed it back to Naruto.

"Sasuke?" He grinned as he looked at him. "Can I paint your nails?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow as he settled himself against the headboard, leisurely sipping his tea. "If you want."

Naruto's eyes lit up. "Really?" He shuffled closer, sitting cross-legged with his knees brushing up against Sasuke's legs.

"But why don't you open the envelope first?"

Naruto gazed at it and, setting aside the nail polish for now, reached over to grab it. It was kind of thick, which made him kind of nervous. He knew that Sasuke had gone to make travel arrangements for them for a future trip, but this seemed more than expected, and he worried that maybe Sasuke had overdone it to make him happy.

"Why's it so thick?" He asked.

Sasuke smirked. "My mother must have fed me well when I was a child."

Naruto rolled his eyes. "Well, then she and I are gonna have to have a talk some day, 'cause that sure leaves my ass sore sometimes."

Sasuke snickered. "Just open it."

So, Naruto opened it and inside were two packages, the first (thicker one) filled with a bunch of information from the travel agent on the destination he and Sasuke had decided for a trip around summertime. Like, a long one, where they'd be out of the country for nearly three weeks traveling around Southeast Asia, starting with Thailand and moving around from China to South Korea to Vietnam to Cambodia, and even India because Sasuke was dying to go there. On the way back, they'd stop in Japan so Sasuke could visit where his parents had grown up. Itachi might meet them over there, too, which would be nice. Naruto looked through all the different pamphlets. Their hotels had already been booked, and there was information on each, including all the different amenities. They had their plane tickets, as well. The only thing Naruto needed to do was find where the hell he'd put his passport. Sasuke merely watched him, only pointing out a few different tours he had interest in. Sasuke being Sasuke, had worked with the travel agent to come up with several different itinerary options, which was fine with Naruto. When he traveled - which was rare - he liked to constantly be doing things since he was such an active person. He would've been happy to go anywhere, but he knew Sasuke had wanted to go to Asia for a good while.

"Crazy," he said. "I can't believe I'm really goin' over there."

"You'll have fun," Sasuke told him. "Now open this one."

There was the second envelope, which hadn't come with a label, and Sasuke had pushed it to the side. Naruto picked it up, curious because he didn't know what it was or what was in it. "What's this?"

"Open it and see."

Naruto opened it, and it had another packaged folder. Inside it, there were another two plane tickets, dated for near the end of January. "We're going to New York?" He asked Sasuke.

"I was thinking," said Sasuke, "That it might be nice to get away for our anniversary? It's only four days, but I'd like to show the city to you."

Naruto didn't know what to say. He had the tickets in hand, and, truth be told, he was kind of overwhelmed, which Sasuke must have sensed because he leaned forward and kissed Naruto on the mouth. He shut his eyes, letting Sasuke kiss him a few more times. He opened his eyes as Sasuke went back to leaning against the headboard.

"Did I do too much?" Sasuke asked, looking a little concerned.

"No, no," Naruto said, waving his hand in the air. "This is... I just don't know what to say. I wasn't expecting it."

"Thus the point of it being a surprise."

"I'll get to meet Deidara?" Naruto asked, smiling rather widely at the idea. He'd heard a lot about this Deidara and, though a bit nervous, had been hoping he'd be able to meet him eventually.

"If you want, yes," answered Sasuke. "I'll show you where I worked."

"Will you show me where you let that guy smack you around?"

Sasuke grabbed the pillow and hit him with it. "Shut up, or I'll start smacking you around."

"I think your belt's still on the floor if you wanna get a few lashes in." He waggled his eyebrows.

"Hn. I'll take it under advisement."

"Or," said Naruto as he cupped Sasuke's cheek, "I could use it on you?"

Sasuke's eyes widened. "Oh, really?"

Naruto grinned. "Really."

"I'm not opposed to this," replied Sasuke, and since they were so close, Naruto was already starting to feel the usual electricity between them. "Hm. What are you thinking? Now you look serious."

Naruto brushed his thumb gingerly across Sasuke's upper lip. "About you."

"What about me?" Sasuke sucked the tip of Naruto's thumb into his mouth.

Naruto watched, distracted. His gaze was drawn to Sasuke's face again. Wetting his lips, he replied, "I was thinking about how sexy you are. How sexy you were last night."

Sasuke let Naruto's thumb slip from his mouth, continuing to grip Naruto's fingers. "As I recall, you weren't so bad yourself."

"I didn't mind it, by the way," Naruto told him.

"No? I can't say I minded it either. It made winning very much worth it."

"I bet it did. I'd do it again."

"Right now?" Sasuke smiled at him suggestively.

"Maybe." He grabbed for the nail polish. "After you let me paint your nails."

"I think it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make." He let Naruto take his hand in his own after he unscrewed the cap and set it to the side.

"I may suck at this. I think I've only ever done this once before. 'Cause I was forced."

"Is that so?" Sasuke asked, watching intently as Naruto started to paint the nail of his pinky. "Was this a former girlfriend?"

"Yeah." He didn't elaborate, mostly because he was concentrating on keeping the polish solely on Sasuke's nail. He used his finger to dig out the excess around Sasuke's cuticle. "I like this color on you."

"It seems a little emo for my tastes," said Sasuke.

"No kiddin'. Maybe I should have a chat with your brother and see if there's anything he needs to talk about. I can't see him as havin' low self-esteem, though. Maybe he just wanted to get more in touch with his feminine side."

Sasuke laughed softly, and because he loved that sound, Naruto looked up from what he was doing to briefly smile at him before returning to his work on the next fingernail. "I'm excited for the trip," he said.

"Me too."

"For both of them." Naruto tilted his head to the side, lifting Sasuke's hand in order to check out his work so far. "It's weird, y'know. You and me together a whole year. It feels like longer, but at the same time, I wish I would've met you, like, five years ago. Or ten. Or maybe we shoulda been born in the same hospital so they would've put those little crib-things they stick babies in next to each other. Although, I bet you woulda been like, 'I'm too cool for that blond, blue-eyed baby over there'."

"I don't know that I would've been interested in boys by then. You would've had to wait until I'd at least hit my terrible two's."

Naruto chuckled. "Don't make me laugh. M'gonna smear this." He was already on Sasuke's index finger. "But I do like the idea of us havin' known each other since kids."

"Like Gaara. I can tell you two are close."

"We are. It's 'cause he's seen me when I was at my worst. I guess you always bond with those people, don't ya?"

"Yes. You do." And the pointed way Sasuke said it, Naruto stopped to look at him.

"Mah, Sasuke. If the other night is the worst you have to offer, I think we'll do okay. I'm more mad about you singin' two karaoke songs without waitin' for me. Besides, I thought you said you'd sing 'So Into You'."

"I said that's what I'd sing if we were in Tokyo."

Naruto nodded, moving on to Sasuke's thumb, being especially careful with it. "I guess it won't be long before you get that opportunity. I can't believe we're goin' to Japan. I'll have to rely on you to translate."

"I wouldn't rely on me too much," said Sasuke. "But there's also time for me to teach you a few phrases before we go."

"Oh?" Naruto smiled as he blew on the nail. "I like when you teach me things." He blew across the other nails, as well, and then set Sasuke's hand carefully down onto his leg.

Sasuke observed him thoughtfully before saying, "Maybe you went into the wrong profession."

"Heh. You think I should start my own nail salon?"

"Not really," replied Sasuke. "I think you're capable of a lot more than that."

"Y'think?" Naruto asked distractedly as he reached for Sasuke's other hand. "I suppose I wouldn't mind goin' back to school one day to get my master's. Maybe if you and I should ever move, I'll do that."

An old Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young song played on in the background. Naruto began to hum along with it, though it was nearing the end.

"We don't ever have to move if you don't want to," said Sasuke.

"I think I'd be happy anywhere so long as you're there, and I can come back and see Dad once a month."

"I'd say that's a modest request." Sasuke's voice was quiet.

"You'd think," Naruto started to say, again rubbing off some excess polish on the middle finger of Sasuke's left hand, "You'd get tired of the song 'Tiny Dancer' when you always hear it played at the bars. And yet, I never do, and y'always wanna sing with it."


Naruto lifted his chin first, then raised his gaze. "Hm?"

"...I don't know."

The corner of his mouth curled. "What do you mean 'you don't know'?"

"I just... watching you paint my nails and listening to you talk, I..."

Naruto stared expectantly, waiting for him to finish since Sasuke wasn't usually at a loss for words. "Yes?"

Sasuke swallowed, moving his fingers in a wave-like motion while his hand sat in Naruto's palm. "Love you. When you're done. Let me paint one of your nails."

"Only one?" Naruto asked playfully. "That'll look a little weird, but alright."

As he continued, he sang softly along with Elton John until it ended and "Bridge Over Troubled Water" began. Sasuke cleared his throat, singing with the music.

"When you're weary, feeling small, when tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all." He stopped singing, Naruto picking up where he left off, a smile on his lips.

"I'm on your side," he sang, "When times get rough. And friends just can't be found. Like a bridge over troubled water, I will lay me down." Naruto sighed. "God, I love the sound of their songs."

"Mm. Me too."

"There," said Naruto, holding Sasuke's hand up to the light proudly. "Not bad. Although, I dunno what your coworkers are gonna say when y'go back to work this week."

"I don't want to think about work yet," said Sasuke. "I've liked being able to stay home every day with you. Now. Give me your hand." He began to reach for it, but Naruto put his hand up to stop him. "You have to wait for yours to dry first." He set the polish down after recapping it and then picked up the tickets for New York again. "We better not run into any of your old boyfriends."

"I don't have any old boyfriends," Sasuke replied.

"Well," said Naruto, glancing up from the first-class tickets, "Anyone who's seen your penis for more than a few seconds."

Sasuke kept a straight face as he replied, "Then maybe we should go somewhere other than New York."

"Ah!" Naruto covered his ears. "Not funny! Why'd you have to be such a slut over there?"

Sasuke reached for his hands, pulling them away from his ears. "Well, had I known you were waiting for me here, I might not have been."

"What will our children say when they find out their Dad was a whore, Sasuke?"

"I'd prefer they not find out, I suppose, as I'm not sure why that would come up in conversation. Would you prefer a boy or girl?"

Naruto set down the tickets and scooted up the bed to sit beside Sasuke, with his back to the headboard. Sasuke put his hand on Naruto's thigh, looking over at him.

"Both, I guess. I mean, I'd be fine havin' lots of kids."

"Really?" asked Sasuke.

"The only thing that sucks about us both bein' guys is that... while I think it'll be easy for us to have kids if that's what we want, they'll never be able to have both of our traits, y'know? Like, your dark hair, and my blue eyes. Or, your smarts and my sense of humor. I'd like to see what sort of human we could create together, but I s'pose the next best solution is for you to have two kids, and me to have two kids. Maybe we'd both each have a boy and girl, so that way I could see a little girl with dark pigtails runnin' around at least."

"Or a little blond girl with pigtails," said Sasuke. "I think you'd love having a daughter, but you'd spoil her."

"I would." Naruto grinned at him. "I'd be the Dad who spoils, but you would too. I know you'd be a good Dad, Sasuke. I'd love to have a family with you. And then we could name one of the girls Lilly, so that when we take her to Japan to learn about her roots, everyone there will call her Rirry."

Sasuke snorted. "Wonderful. And the children will get to learn what a racist their father is."

"What?" Naruto nudged him with his shoulder. "I don't think you're racist, Sasuke."

"I think my nails are dry now," said Sasuke, and he grabbed for the polish. He took Naruto's left hand in his, curling Naruto's fingers toward his palm, examining them. He then picked out Naruto's ring finger, painting only that one nail before blowing a little on it. He set the hand back down on Naruto's thigh.

Naruto was smiling rather widely at him. "Did you ask my Dad's permission first?"

Sasuke turned toward him, cupping his right cheek as he looked at him tenderly. Naruto was already shutting his eyes the instant Sasuke leaned in for a kiss. It was brief, sweet, and filled with meaning. As they pulled apart, Sasuke's forehead was pressed against his. Sasuke had a hold of his hand, the both of them staring down at the single, painted finger.

"So, what, are you too cheap for a ring?" Naruto asked, making Sasuke laugh out loud.

"What do you expect after forking out for two vacations?" asked Sasuke.

"I guess we'll have to live on cup ramen for a while in that case."

"You can live on that," said Sasuke, his mouth curling in disgust. "I'll live on toast." He moved away to grab for Naruto's half-eaten piece of toast he'd left on the plate near the envelopes.

Naruto sighed, running a hand through his hair. "What a year, eh?"

"Penny Lane" began to play from the speakers of Sasuke's phone.

"I'd say it wasn't that bad." He offered Naruto the last toast remnants. "I've found you pretty entertaining."

"Well, if that's the case," said Naruto. "I'd say my work here is done."

"No," Sasuke tugged at his hoodie. "It's not."

"I'm gonna get a new number so no ex-girlfriends can call me next Christmas."

Sasuke laughed near his ear. "Somehow. I think not even that will stop the universe from having people continuously drawn to you, even when they leave."

"Good thing you're the one I'm drawn to then, eh?"

"Yeah. I'd say that's a very good thing."