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Rose just finished making breakfast and setting it out. "Breakfast is ready" called out Rose

"Be right there" answered Setsuna

As she walked into the kitchen she saw Rose clutching her chest screaming out in pain. "Rose" shouted Setsuna running towards her

Rose's hair started growing shorter and changed from dark red to black. Her hazel eyes changed to green and her body changed from a young girl into a young boy before disappearing in a flash of magic.

"Harry" shouted Setsuna

She activated her communicator and said "Nodoka activate your pactio and focus it on Harry"

"He just disappeared in a flash of magic" she said

"Right" said Nodoka

Setsuna grabbed her breakfast before she ran out of the room.

Nodoka took out her card and said "Adeat"

A high tech looking book appeared in her hand and she opened it saying "Harry Potter"

"What's the matter Nodoka" asked Haruna

"Harry disappeared in a flash of magic" said Nodoka

"Is he alright" asked Yue

"I don't know" said Nodoka shaking her head

"But I am going to find out" she said

Setsuna ran to Konoka's and Asuna's room and went inside.

"What's the rush Setsuna" asked Asuna

"I need to borrow Kono-chan for a minute" said Setsuna

She grabbed Konoka's hand and pulled her out of the room.

"What's the matter Se-chan" asked Konoka

"Harry disappeared in a flash of magic" said Setsuna in Basic

Konoka's eyes widen in fear at that.

"Is he alright" asked Konoka in Basic

"What happened" she asked

"I don't know" said Setsuna shaking her head

"Nodoka is looking into it" she said

"I will go tell Grandpa" said Konoka

She ran back inside and finished breakfast before getting everything together she needed for the day.

"What's the matter" asked Asuna

"I need to go talk to Grandpa about something" said Konoka

"See you in class" she said as she ran out

She ran to the Dean's office and went inside.

Konoemon Konoe looked up when he saw Konoka run into his office looking worried. "What's the matter" asked Konoemon

"Harry disappeared in a flash of magic" said Konoka quickly

"Do you know what happened" asked Konoemon

"We don't know yet" said Konoka looking down

"I'm sure he is alright" said Konoemon

"There isn't a lot out there that could challenge him" he said smiling

"I know" said Konoka looking up

Konoemon wrote out a not before giving it to Konoka. "Please give that to you teacher" said Konoemon

"Alright" said Konoka taking the note

She then left his office to go to class.

"I have a feeling the British Ministry is behind this" thought Konoemon

There was a flash of magic as Harry landed in the Great Hall of Hogwarts in a defensive stance. He quickly looked around and saw he was in Hogwarts. "I'm in Hogwarts" thought Harry

He quickly looked down and saw he was wearing pants. "I'm so glad I charmed my clothes to change when I do" thought Harry

"I would hate to appear here wearing a skirt" he thought

"It's good to see you again Harry my boy" said Dumbledore smiling

"That's Lord Potter to you Dumbledore" said Harry growling

Dumbledore looked a little shocked at that as Harry asked "What is going on"

"Your name came out of the Goblet of Fire" said Dumbledore

"So now you have to compete in the Triwizard Tournament" he said smiling

"I am not competing in any tournament" said Harry

"I'm leaving and going to find a way back home" he said

"I'm afraid you can't do that" said Dumbledore

"You are bound by a magical contract to compete in the Tournament since your name came out of the Goblet of Fire and it pulled you here" he said

Harry started growling as he said "You and Tom planned this didn't you"

"You had one of yours or Tom's lackeys put my name in the Goblet so you could find me" he said

"There's no need to jump to senseless accusations" said Dumbledore

"How long is this tournament" asked Harry

"Until the end of the school year" said Dumbledore smiling

"WHAT" yelled Harry?

"You are going to make me miss an entire school year" he shouted

"I'm sure we can cover what you would have lost" said Dumbledore smiling

"Now why don't you go join the other champions in the chamber behind me" he said waving his arm toward the door

"Fine" said Harry

"I don't think you can cover it" thought Harry

"The Founders would be appalled at how far this school has fallen" he thought

As he was walking towards the chamber he heard a voice through the communicator hidden in his ear. "Harry, I have activated my pactio and have it focused on you" said Nodoka

"Are you alright" she asked

"I'm fine" thought Harry

"I just want to fry and crush Brian's throat" he thought

"What happened" asked Nodoka

"My name came out of some goblet and now I'm forced to compete in something called the Triwizard Tournament" thought Harry

"I can't leave until the tournament is over at the end of the school year" he thought

"What about school" asked Nodoka?

"I don't know" thought Harry

"Maybe you can talk to the Dean about it for me" he thought

"I will keep my diary open in case you need me" said Nodoka

"Thanks" thought Harry

He walked into the chamber and saw the three champions were in there. There was a silvery blonde haired girl, a sour looking man, and a boy from Hufflepuff.

"Who are you" asked Fleur

"I am Lord Harry James Potter at your service my lady" said Harry while bowing

"Somehow my name came out of that stupid goblet and it pulled me halfway across the world to compete in this tournament" he said

"I was just about to eat breakfast too" he said pouting

Before the other champions could say anything the door burst open and multiple people came in. "Ladies and Gentleman, may I present the fourth Triwizard Champion Harry Potter" proclaimed Bagman

"What is going on here" shouted Maxime

"This is an outrage" shouted Karkaroff

"Hogwarts can't have two champions" he said

"Wait a minute" shouted Harry

"Who said anything about me representing Hogwarts" he asked

"Of course you would represent Hogwarts my dear boy" said Dumbledore smiling

"It's your school" he added

"I haven't gone here for over a year" said Harry

"If I have to represent a school then it will be the one I attend, Mahora Academy" he said crossing his arm over his chest

"How did his name come out of the goblet if he wasn't here" asked Karkaroff

"Someone must have Confunded the Goblet" said Moody

As Moody was explaining his theory, Harry was getting a bad feeling from him. "Nodoka, focus your diary on Alastor Moody and tell me what you see" thought Harry

"Right" said Nodoka

She focused her diary on Alastor Moody and all she saw was him cursing his age for getting caught off guard and getting caught.

"All it said was him cursing his age for getting caught off guard and getting caught" said Nodoka

"So this one must be an imposter using Polyjuice Potion" thought Harry

"So that means it was one of Tom's lackeys that put my name in the goblet" he thought

After Moody finished explaining his theory the Champions were told about the first task. The only thing they were told was that it would take place on November 24.

After everyone left Professor McGonagall told him he was staying in the Gryffindor dorms and told him the password.

"That will be all Nodoka" thought Harry

"I will talk to you all tonight" he thought

"Alright" said Nodoka

"Bye Harry" she said

When Harry got back into the Great Hall he saw dinner was over. So he took out one of Chao's Nikuman and started eating it. "I'm so glad I keep a supply of these handy in case of emergency" thought Harry

He made his way to the Gryffindor common room and went inside. When he went inside everyone started cheering and shouting questions at him.

"Quiet" shouted Harry releasing a wave of power

Everyone quieted down and backed away from him as Ron and Hermione came up him.

"Why are you eating that" asked Hermione

"We just had dinner" she added

"That stupid goblet pulled me away just as I was about to eat breakfast" said Harry

Hermione's eyes widen at that as she asked "Where were you"

"Japan" said Harry eating another Nikuman

"Could I have one" asked Ron

"RON" yelled Hermione

"We just at dinner" she shouted

"Sure" said Harry

"Eight Sickles" he said holding out his hand

"WHAT" yelled Ron?

"Why do I have to pay you" he asked

"I'm your best friend" he said

"One of my best friends made these and I had to pay her for them" explained Harry

"So you have to pay me" he finished holding out his hand

"You became greedy while you were away" said Ron as he stomped away

"I'm not greedy, it's just business" said Harry eating another Nikuman

Once everyone got tired and went to bed Harry ran into a problem. "What am I going to do" thought Harry

"To me I just got up in the morning" he thought

"I will just have to meditate until morning here" he thought shrugging his shoulders

He walked up to the fourth year dorms and saw his bed was still there and empty. He closed the curtains and sat on the bed and started to meditate. He started to think back on how all this began when he decided to keep the Sword of Gryffindor and not tell anyone about it.