"Future Mama Baby Drama" - Follow up to "Robot Hell's Angel"

Author's Note: Hey guys, it's me again! So I finished my Futurama My Immortal parody and decided to write a sequel to my serious Futurama fanfiction "Robot Hell's Angel" just because. I hope you guys like it, I've been working on it for a while but haven't had a chance to post it until now. Please tell me what you think c:

"I'm so glad you didn't die, I need you to stay alive and help me raise our baby." Said Leela. She rubbed her tummy for emphasis, a smile crossing her face. Fry seemed confused.

"Leela, you can stop lying about being pregnant now. The Robot Devil freed you a while ago." He advised. The cyclops' smile faded. She grew frustrated. How could he think that!?

"What!? Fry, this isn't a lie at all! I really am pregnant! See, feel this! You can feel our baby kick!" She retorted furiously, grabbing Fry's hand and pressing it firmly against her belly. At first, the delivery boy felt nothing abnormal. All he could feel was the fabric of Leela's tanktop against his palm. But it didn't take long for him to realize that something was moving inside of her. It squirmed underneath his hand, delivering two weak kicks from within the cyclops' abdomen. The blood drained from the redhead's face as realization dawned upon him-he was going to be a father.

"Oh my god... y-you really are pregnant!" He gasped.

"See, I told you." Leela muttered dryly. Fry looked up at her, then at her stomach. Then up at her again, then back to her stomach. Then he fainted. Bender started laughing at him.

"Looks like someone didn't 'wrap it up' when they did the nasty!" He teased. Leela grimaced at the bending unit.

"Says the guy who knocked up the soda machine." She grumbled.

"Bite my shiny metal ass!"

Fry kept replaying that moment over and over again within his mind. He sighed, head hung low as he popped open another can of Slurm. He'd really messed up this time. "How could I have been so stupid?" He thought, taking a sip of his Slurm. "Leela would never lie about something like that." Suddenly, the door leading into the employee lounge opened, and in walked two middle school aged boys. The first was a chubby redhead, followed by a lean Jamaican. Fry recognized them as Cubert, Professor Farnsworth's clone/son, and Dwight, Hermes' son. The two had just arrived back from school. They set their backpacks down by the coffee table and glanced over at the door as it opened again. This time two young girls entered. One was a blue humanoid alien, and the other was a human girl. Fry recognized the girls as close friends of Cubert and Dwight, but he didn't really remember what their names were. He thought that the human's name was Majini, though he wasn't entirely sure. All he really recalled was that Cubert had said the blue girl was from a planet of Mexican space smurfs or something like that and had an abnormal obsession with the Beatles. He also remembered Dwight had told him the human was a huge video game nerd who, along with her father, had been cryogenically frozen in the early twenty first century. "Hey Cubert, hey Dwight. How was school?" Fry asked the boys.

"It was great! We finally got our first girlfriends!" Cubert beamed happily.

"Yeah! And just in time for Valentine's day too!" Dwight added, equally as happy as his friend.

"Oh that's nice. Let me guess-you started dating the Mexican smurf," Fry stated, turning to Cubert and gesturing to the blue alien, "and you're dating the other dork, Majini or whatever your name was." he finished, turning to Dwight and gesturing to the human. The two boys grimaced at his descriptions of their new girlfriends, the girls didn't appear all too pleased either.

"Mexican smurf?! Look I know Azul's blue and her species has adopted the language and customs of Earth Mexico since her homeplanet has been colonized by Mexicans, but she is not a Mexican smurf! She's a beautiful, classy Zafiran. " Cubert snorted obnoxiously. The blue girl muttered something in Spanish, Fry got the feeling she was swearing to herself but he didn't understand a lot of Spanish so he wasn't sure.

"Yeah, and my girlfriend's name isn't Majini... it's Vahini. Majini is Abu's wife from that cartoon The Sampsons..." Dwight pointed out. The human girl nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, whatever..." Fry muttered. The kids didn't have anything else to say to him, so they unzipped their backpacks and started digging around in them, presumably searching for their homework. Each kid withdrew a copy of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" from their bags. It wasn't such a surprise to Fry that they had those, he assumed they had to read the play for their English class. He was surprised, however, to discover that Azul was harboring something else within her backpack, something that had absolutely nothing to do with her school assignments. She reached into her bag and pulled out John Lennon's head in a jar. The alien gently placed the former Beatle's head upon the coffee table amidst all the cans of Slurm that Fry had yet to drink.

"I will be seeing you later, mi amor." She mused in a somewhat creepy manner, giving John Lennon's jar a lick with her two dark blue tongues. Fry found her actions disgusting, but surprisingly Cubert wasn't disturbed by them in the slightest. Dwight and Vahini were noticeably grossed out, however, and John Lennon's head didn't seem all too happy that his jar was now smeared with alien fangirl saliva. Fry watched as the kids took their Shakespearean literature and exited the lounge. The delivery boy sighed despondently once they were gone, tossing his now empty can of Slurm to the floor and opening up a new one. He took a swig of it, followed by a loud belch.

"What's the matter, mate? You look real down. And good heavens! You sure are going to town on that fizzy green stuff!" John Lennon's head asked curiously, noting the redhead's gloomy mood as well as the excessive amount of Slurm he was consuming.

"I screwed up real bad, John Lennon..." Fry replied, lowering his head in shame.

"Aww, what did you do?"

"Well, a couple of weeks ago, my girlfriend said she was pregnant. And at first I thought she was lying about it to get away from the Robot Devil, but then I found out she was telling the truth, and now she's mad at me for thinking she was making it up. I don't know what to do now, she's really angry. She won't talk to me or anything..." The delivery boy admitted.

"Ah, I see... you know, I think I can help you." John Lennon offered.

"Really? How?" Fry inquired, perking up at the suggestion.

"It's quite simple, really. You just have to follow a few key steps."

"What do I need to do?"

"The first thing you must do is help me hook up with your hot Chinese-Martian friend."

"What!? No! What is it with you and Asian women!?"

"What can I say? It's a fetish of mine... but that's not important. Simply put, if you won't help me make it with that lovely Martian goddess, then I'm afraid I can't help you. Now if you'll excuse me, I really must be going now-I have to sneak back to the head museum before that insane space Mexican returns and tries to show me her Beatles yaoi again. Heaven forbid that she posted more crap on her McLennon blog!" With that, John Lennon's head hopped off of the table and out the door, presumably to flee before Azul could return to fawn over him obsessively and show him her disturbing blog of erotic McLennon artwork. Fry sighed once more and grabbed a third can of Slurm off the coffee table. The door opened again, and Amy strolled casually into the lounge.

"Hi Fry, what's up?" She inquired cheerfully.

"Nothing really, Amy... Leela's still mad at me." He mumbled. The cute Martian's smile faded into a frown, she didn't like seeing her friend so depressed.

"Aw, don't worry Fry. She can't stay mad at you forever. Hey, you know what? I have an idea!"

"What is it?"

"Well, since it's Valentine's day today, Kif and I are going out to dinner at Elzar's. You and Leela should join us, we can all have some fun together and you guys can forget about your baby drama." She suggested.

"I guess I'd like that... but do you think Leela would want to go?"

"Would I want to go what?" Fry and Amy looked over to the door and saw that Leela had entered the lounge. She looked noticeably tired, and was holding a half eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich in one hand while the other was placed on her stomach. Some jelly was smeared around her mouth. It was obvious she had been snacking.

"Oh, hi Leela! I was just asking Fry if he wanted to go to Elzar's with me and Kif later. And we were wondering if you wanted to go too. Do you?" Amy asked.

"Well... alright. I guess so. What time should I meet you there?" Leela replied.

"Six thirty should be fine." Said Amy.

"I can come pick you up from your apartment if you want, Leela." Fry offered, smiling hopefully.

"No thanks, I'll just take a transport tube and meet you there..." Leela declined, sounding a little annoyed. Fry frowned-she was clearly still angry with him. He hoped that after tonight, that would change. After all the deliveries for the day had been completed and work was finally over, Fry returned to his apartment with Bender to get ready for dinner. He freshened up a bit and quickly changed into a semi formal suit for the occasion. He went into the living room to get his wallet out of his jacket, hoping Bender hadn't stolen anything from it. Bender was there watching some sort of weird robot porno on the TV and drinking beer.

"Are you doing anything fun tonight, Bender?" The delivery boy asked his robot friend as he spotted his jacket on the floor. Bender shook his head.

"Nah, I'm just gonna stay home." He replied.

"But it's Valentine's day, you should go out and do something fun. You can come out to dinner with Leela and I if you want. Kif and Amy are gonna be there too." Fry suggested as he withdrew his wallet from his jacket pocket. He checked to see if all his money was still there. Luckily, it didn't seem like Bender had stolen anything.

"No thanks, the last thing I wanna do at the moment is sit around and watch you meatbags tongue wrestle each other while you stuff your faces with food. I'm just gonna stay here drinking my beer and looking at my porn." Bender declined.

"Oh... alright then. Well, I'm gonna leave now. I'll see you later."

"Yeah yeah just cheese it already. You're blocking the TV."

With that, Fry left for Elzar's to join his friends and girlfriend. He was hoping that Leela would be willing to talk to him over dinner so they could discuss the matters regarding their baby. As he entered the restaurant, he saw Kif and Amy sitting together at one of the tables, though Leela had yet to arrive. He approached them and took a seat next to Kif.

"Hi guys." He greeted the two.

"Oh hi Fry, glad you could make it!" Amy replied happily.

"Is Leela with you?" Kif inquired, noticing that the cyclops was not present.

"Uh... no... she didn't want me to pick her up, she said she'd meet us here. We're having some issues so she's kind of been avoiding me..."

"What's wrong? You two were so happy together..."

"He got Leela pregnant." Amy interrupted.

"Yeah. At first I thought she was joking, but then I realized she wasn't, and now she's really mad that I thought it was a joke... I keep trying to tell her I'm sorry, but she doesn't want to talk to me."

"Oh... I see... well, I wouldn't worry too much if I were you. If Zapp was able get Michelle to forgive him, then I'm sure you'll have no trouble winning Leela's forgiveness." Kif replied optimistically. Fry was kind of confused, his friends noticed this.

"Oh yeah, that's right! I never told you... remember that girl Michelle, the one you said you used to date in the twentieth century back before you got frozen?" Amy asked. Fry nodded.

"Yeah, I remember her. What's she been up to lately? I haven't seen her in a while." He replied.

"Well, she and Zapp started going out." Amy revealed.

"Then he got her pregnant and he left her for Leela's mother." Kif added.

"And after Leela's mom kicked him to the curb, he somehow got Michelle to forgive him and they got back together. Now they're married and have a kid." Fry couldn't believe what he was hearing.

"Zapp and Michelle are married!? And they have a baby too!?"

"Guh! Of course they do! I just told you!"

"Why didn't you guys tell me this earlier!?"

"You never asked. I didn't think you were so interested in Zapp's love life." Kif stated matter of factly. What the Lieutenant had said was true-Fry really didn't care who the hell Zapp was romantically involved with, so long as it wasn't Leela. But the fact that he and Michelle had apparently hooked up was kind of surprising to him. So was the fact that they had a child together. He was having trouble believing it-there was no way Michelle would ever date, let alone marry Zapp! They were just too different, it would never work out! They hadn't even met as far as he was aware. Kif and Amy had to be messing with him.

"Stop kidding with me! There's no way they would get married! They haven't even met! You guys have got to be joking!"

"But it's true! If you don't believe us, you can ask them yourself!" Amy protested.

"Yes, they're going to join us for dinner too so you can ask them when they show up." Said Kif.

"Amy! I thought you said it was just going to be us and Leela!" Fry knew Leela would most certainly not be happy that Zapp was coming too.

"Well I didn't know Kif was going to invite Zapp along!" Amy muttered, nodding towards her fon fon ru.

"Sorry..." Kif mumbled. He didn't really want Zapp there either, but the DOOP General had insisted he and Michelle should join them for dinner, and he hadn't felt like arguing with them about it.

"Fry! I didn't know you were coming." Fry heard a familiar voice say. Turning around, he was surprised to see a young brunette woman. It was Michelle, his ex girlfriend from the twentieth century. She was accompanied by Zapp, who had his arm placed lovingly around her waist, and in her arms she was carrying a baby. Fry glanced back at Kif and Amy, Amy smirked to herself as if to silently say "I told you so" while Kif simply sighed in an exasperated manner.

"Michelle? What're you doing with Zapp?"

"Oh, he's my husband. We got married back in September."

"And this is our son." Zapp added, gesturing to the child his apparent wife was holding. Looking more closely at the baby, Fry could clearly see that he resembled Zapp and Michelle. The boy had Zapp's light blonde hair as well as his eyes, though most of his other features had come from his mother. Michelle sat down next to Fry and Zapp sat to her left. Their son sat on Michelle's lap, idly sucking on a pacifier in a Maggie Simpson-esque way. A brief and awkward silence ensued, nobody was sure what to say.

"So uh... you guys got married in September? When did you have... uh... what's his name?" Fry finally asked, gesturing to Zapp and Michelle's son.

"Nuklear Kif Brannigan. But we call him Nuke for short." Said Zapp.

"We had him back in January. He'll be a month old next week." Michelle mused lovingly, cuddling her son close to her chest. Nuke cooed lovingly, enjoying the attention from his mother.

"Aw, that's nice. Man, I never thought you guys would get together! This is freaking me out even more than your fling with Leela's mom!" Fry commented, nodding to Zapp.

"Uh... can we not talk about that? Michelle hates when it's brought up..." The General mumbled uncomfortably. Fry noticed Michelle seemed kind of irritated.

"Oh... okay..." He mumbled, deciding to keep quiet. He didn't want to start an argument between the two.

"How are things going with you and Leela? Kif told me you two started dating." Zapp tried to change the subject.

"Yeah, we are dating, but things aren't going too well for us right now..."

"Leela's really glorked off at Fry." Amy intervened.

"He got her pregnant." Kif added.

"Yeah, and I'm really excited about it-even though it kind of shocked me at first-but now she won't talk to me anymore because I really screwed up..."

"What did you do?" Asked Zapp.

"Well, I-" Fry started to say, but he paused mid sentence. Leela had arrived. He figured she wouldn't want him talking with Zapp about her pregnancy, as it would likely prompt the General to make a perverse comment or two regarding the events that lead to their child's conception.

"Hi Leela." Amy greeted the pregnant cyclops.

"Hello Amy." Leela replied, taking a seat next to her Martian friend. She looked across the table and noticed Zapp and Michelle. Amy sensed she was confused as to why they were accompanying them for dinner.

"Oh, I hope you don't mind Leela, but Kif invited Zapp and Michelle along. They even brought their son too. Isn't he the cutest?" She giggled, gesturing to Nuke. Nuke smiled back at her. Leela was shocked, to say the least. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined Zapp having a kid! He just didn't seem like father material to her.

"You had a baby!?" She exclaimed.

"Yeah, and Michelle and I got married." Zapp replied casually, placing his arm around Michelle once more.

"Oh lord... well, at least you're not married to my mother..." Leela sighed.

"Uh... can we not talk about that? It kind of upsets Michelle... you see, I sort of left her and got with your mom instead, and even though I came back to her she's still kind of mad about it." Zapp mumbled, noticing Michelle was growing annoyed again.

"Why would you leave Michelle for Leela's mom anyways? She's old." Fry interrupted.

"Fry!" Leela snapped angrily.

"What? It's true, your mom is pretty old."

"She isn't that old! She's younger than you, you're a thousand thirty eight!"

"Not biologically!"

Fry and Leela started arguing, Michelle turned to Zapp and shot him a cold glare.

"Fry's an idiot, but he makes a good point-I know I'm technically over a thousand years old too, but since I froze myself I'm only like thirty seven. Why would you get with someone as old as Leela's mother when you've got someone young like me?" She muttered.

"What? You've seen her mother, she's pretty damn sexy despite her age..." Zapp defended. Michelle glared at him.

"Er, but she's not as sexy as you of course! Even after gaining all that weight from your pregnancy you still look hot!" He laughed nervously, knowing he was just digging a deeper hole for himself.

"Uh huh, sure... you're sleeping on the couch tonight." She replied dryly.

"Aw come on Michelle, don't be like that. You know I love you and nobody else." Zapp assured her, though like a poorly coordinated Pokemon attack, it wasn't very effective.

"Sometimes I find that hard to believe..." Michelle grumbled.

Kif and Amy were growing a little uneasy from all the arguing and relationship tensions. They were beginning to think it wasn't such a good idea to invite everyone out for dinner. Fry and Leela's argument was becoming more and more intense, and Zapp had started trying other futile tactics to win Michelle's forgiveness in order to avoid having to sleep alone on the couch later that evening.

"And how could you even think I would lie about the baby?! Why the hell would I make that up!?" Leela yelled.

"I told you, I thought you were just saying that so the Robot Devil would let you go! I didn't know you were being serious!" Fry retorted.

"I didn't even know he would free me because I was pregnant! That was just a coincidence!"

"Well I didn't know that!"

"You don't know anything, you idiot!"

"I might not know a lot, but at least I'm trying to man up and be a dad! I could've walked away from you and our kid if I'd wanted to, but I didn't! I'm happy we're going to have a kid, and I'm making an effort to be there, both for you and the baby, but you won't let me! You keep avoiding me and shutting me out! Hell, I've been trying for three weeks to tell you I was sorry for thinking you lied about being pregnant, but you won't listen to me! You're being a complete bitch, Leela!" Everyone went silent. Kif, Amy, Zapp, and Michelle seemed shocked that Fry had sworn at Leela. For a moment, the angry glare Leela had been sporting softened, replaced by a look of hurt. But it was only temporary, her furious expression returned and she smacked Fry right across the face.

"How dare you! I am not being a bitch!" She spat.

"Oh yes you are! Look, I know I screwed up, but you're blowing it way out of proportion! I'm trying to tell you I'm sorry, and you won't even freaking let me! All you're doing is ignoring me and holding a grudge over a stupid mistake! You're being a freaking bitch!" He replied. Leela looked as if she was going to slap him again, Fry braced himself for the blow. But it never came. Instead, Leela lowered her hand and a look of anguish crossed her face. Fry swore he could see tears forming in the corner of her eye. He started to regret what he had said, all he'd wanted to do was get her to listen to him, he didn't want to make her upset.

"Leela..." He mumbled, reaching out to touch her. She slapped his hand away.

"Just leave me alone!" She demanded. And with that, ran out of the restaurant crying. Another awkward silence ensued.

"Um... maybe you two should see a relationship counselor?" Kif's suggested meekly, unsure of what else would be appropriate to say in the situation.

"No Kif, we don't need counseling... I think we just need to talk. I'll be right back..." Fry sighed. He rose from his seat and exited the restaurant.

"Leela?" He exclaimed, looking for his girlfriend. He soon found her leaning against a nearby streetlight and bawling her eye out. The delivery boy frowned at the sight of his girlfriend crying, he approached her and embraced her in a hug. She didn't push him away like he had expected her to.

"Leela, please don't cry. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have called you a bitch..." He apologized.

"No Fry, I should be the one saying sorry, not you. I shouldn't have been shutting you out like that. It's just... well..." She sniffled, trying to compose herself.


"I just couldn't believe that you thought I was lying about being pregnant. It made me feel like you didn't trust me." Leela admitted.

"I trust you Leela, I've got no reason not to. But under the circumstances, I just thought you were being clever and you thought that up as an excuse so the Robot Devil would let you go, I didn't know you were being serious."

"Fry, I'm not that clever! I didn't know he gave free passes to pregnant people. Like I said earlier, that was just a coincidence."

"I know that now, but at the time I didn't. I'm really sorry I thought you were lying, Leela. I just wasn't expecting something like this would happen to us. I mean, you take your birth control pills and I wear my condoms, so I wouldn't think we'd end up with a baby."

"Me either, but there's always a chance that all our protection can fail. I guess we just got unlucky..."

"It isn't that bad, I'm actually pretty happy. I've always wanted to be a dad."

"I'm happy too, but I'm a little nervous. I still haven't told my parents, I'm worried about what they'll think."

"Aw, don't be nervous. I'm sure they'll be happy they're going to be grandparents. You know what? Tomorrow, after work's over, we'll go tell them together. That way you won't have to face them alone." Leela smiled. Fry didn't know a lot, but if there was one thing he did know, it was how to cheer someone up.

"Oh Fry..." She mused, bringing him into a kiss.

"Fry and Leela sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" The two heard an all too familiar voice taunt them in sing-song fashion. Breaking their kiss and gazing to their right, they saw none other than Bender, accompanied by a beautiful demon fembot. The two recognized her as the Robot Devil's daughter, though they didn't recall what her name was.

"Bender? What're you doing here? I thought you said you were staying at home tonight." Fry inquired forlornly.

"And why the hell are you hanging around with her?" Leela berated the bending unit, gesturing to his hellish companion.

"I got bored so I invited her out to go clubbing with me." Bender explained, placing his arm around his demon friend's waist.

"Oh geez... look Bender, I know you've dated a lot of crazy things in the past, like the Planet Express ship and that suicide booth, but don't you think it's a bad idea to date Beelzebot's daughter?" Fry pointed out. Both Bender and his friend seemed appalled by his statement.!

"We're not on a date, you imp! It's a strictly platonic outing. Do you honestly think my father would let me date him? Dad absolutely despises this guy!" The demon scoffed haughtily, gesturing to Bender.

"Yeah, use that squishy human brain of yours Fry! There's no way I'd go out with her. That's a sure fire way to get my ass murdered. I just barely got away with my life after I banged the Donbot's daughter, I wouldn't get with Beelzebot's kid if you paid me! Her dad hates me almost as much as Hermes hates Zoidberg!" Bender remarked.

"So if the Robot Devil didn't hate you, you'd get together with her?" Leela asked.

"Yes. I mean no! I mean... shut up!" The bending unit demanded. His companion giggled at this, he shot her an annoyed glare.

"What the hell are you laughing at?"

"You've got a crush on me!" She giggled, wagging her tail playfully.

"No I don't! Crap... thanks a freakin' lot Leela, now I'll never hear the end of it from her..." Bender muttered.

"You like me! I knew it!"

"No I don't!"

"Yes you do."

"No! Look, do you wanna go clubbing with me or not?"

"Seeing as I've got nothing better to do, yes."

"Then shut up about me liking you and let's cheese it! The club doesn't stay open all night you know!" Bender muttered. He and his demon friend left, presumably to go visit the Hip Joint or some other trendy night club. A moment of silence ensued, then Fry turned to Leela.

"You know what?"


"I bet Bender's going to end up screwing her later tonight. Seriously, I'll give it until midnight tops, just you wait and see. I'll come home to them doing the horizontal monster mash in my bed like I always do when Bender brings a whore to our apartment."

"Oh lord..." Leela grumbled as unpleasant images of Bender and Beelzebot's daughter having hot sex on Fry's bed invaded her thoughts.

"Yeah... anyways, we should go back inside, it's cold out here." With that, the two strolled back into the restaurant hand in hand. They rejoined their friends at their table, and just in time for the waiter to arrive and take their orders. After the waiter left, Leela felt the familiar fluttering of her and Fry's baby kicking. She placed one of her hands over her stomach, rubbing it gently.

"Are you feeling alright Leela? You're not gonna puke or anything, are you?" Fry asked concernedly.

"No, of course not! The baby's just kicking is all."

"Oh... well if you need to puke, the bathroom's that way." Said Fry, pointing in the direction of the ladies' room.

"So I'm guessing you guys made up with each other?" Amy intervened. The delivery boy and cyclops nodded simultaneously.

"Yeah, we're all good now." Said Fry.

"Now if only we could get these two to make up..." Kif muttered, nodding to Zapp and Michelle. Zapp was still trying to convince his wife that Munda was just a brief fling, and that she was the one he truly loved. Their son had fallen asleep in Michelle's arms and was snoring peacefully against her chest.

"I married you, didn't I? Isn't that proof enough that I love you?" Zapp pointed out.

"You almost married Munda instead of me." Michelle replied coldly.

"But I didn't, now did I?"

"No, but still... you left me while I was pregnant!"

"I came back..."

"After Munda dumped you."

"Look, I already told you-I only left you because I didn't want to have a kid. It wasn't because I didn't love you anymore, or that I favored Munda over you or anything. It's just... I didn't feel like I could be a good dad..."

"Well it seems like you're doing a good job so far, Sir. Nuke really likes you." Kif interrupted, gesturing to Zapp and Michelle's son.

"That's true, Kif. If there's one thing Zapp's good at, it's being a wonderful father." Michelle admitted, hugging Nuke closer to her chest. Zapp smiled at his son.

"Well, I try my best. I'll always try my best for him." He smirked, reaching over to brush some of Nuke's hair away from his face. Nuke wrinkled his nose in his sleep.

"I hope our baby likes me, Leela." Fry commented, placing his hand on Leela's stomach.

"I'm sure they will." She replied.

"Do you think they'll look more like me, or like you?"

"I don't know, I just hope our baby doesn't have my eye..."

"But you've got such a beautiful eye."

"Oh, stop it..."

"It's true though. You really do have a pretty eye, if our kid had your eye they'd be beautiful just like you." Leela smiled.

"Have you thought of any names yet?" Asked Amy.

"Well, I had a few in mind..." Said Leela.

"If it's a boy, we should name him Seymour Asses!" Zapp, Amy, and Michelle started laughing at this. Even Kif ended up giggling a bit, despite the fact he was trying not to.

"Fry!" Leela scolded her boyfriend.

"I'm kidding, I'm kidding!" He assured her.

"You better be. Did you have any other names in mind?"

"Well... I always liked the name Louis. If we had a son, we could name him that and call him Louie for short. And his middle name could be Yancy."

"Aww, if you had a son you'd name him after your brother? That's sweet."

"Well Yancy named his son after me, I think it'd be nice if I did the same."

"Louis Yancy's a wonderful name. If we have a boy, I think we should call him that."

"What if we have a girl? Did you think of any girl names?"

"I was thinking that if we have a girl, we could call her Phae. And her middle name could be Morrinda."

"Morrinda? Where'd you get that from?"

"It's a combination of my parents' names. If you put Morris and Munda together, you get Morrinda."

"Oh. Phae Morrinda... I like it! I still can't believe it, in just nine months we'll be parents." Fry said excitedly, rubbing Leela's tummy. Leela smiled as she felt her child kicking again. She felt something else, too-her stomach growled loudly. She was hungry.

"When's that waiter coming back with our food? I'm starving!" She complained. Everyone else at the table couldn't help but giggle a little at her comment. Luckily, the waiter soon returned with their meals, and they ate and talked and drank champagne (except for Leela due to her pregnancy. She had a glass of water instead) Everyone had a great time. When the food had been finished and the bill had been paid, they headed out of the restaurant and went their separate ways. Kif and Amy headed back to Amy's place, while Zapp, Michelle, and their son went to visit Zapp's older sister, his niece, and his nephew. Meanwhile, Fry invited Leela to spend the night with him at his and Bender's apartment. Halfway there, Fry remembered something and turned to Leela.

"Um... maybe we should go to your place instead." He suggested.

"Why? What's wrong with yours?"

"I saw the way Bender was looking at Beelzebot's daughter earlier-it's obvious he was interested in her. I'm pretty sure we'll come home to him banging her on my bed. I specifically told him to stop doing that, though knowing him, he probably won't listen... but even if he isn't nailing her on my bed, he'll still be nailing her somewhere in our apartment. Maybe they'll be having sex on the couch or the table or something..."

"Fry, that's stupid. Bender often lets his libido get the better of him, but he's got enough common sense to know he shouldn't sleep with the Robot Devil's daughter! Besides, they're probably still out clubbing or stealing things or something like that."

"I guess you're right... but seriously, you would not believe how many sets of sheets I go through because Bender screws someone on my bed! I mean, he must be having some real wild sex or something, because whenever I come home after he's banged a hooker, my sheets are all ripped up and there's oil stains all over them! Maybe it's those pointy whore heels hookers always wear that rip up my sheets..."

"Oh lord... Fry, that's enough. Let's just go back to your place."

With that, they headed back to Fry and Bender's apartment. "I hope your dad doesn't try and kill me or anything once we tell him and your mom that you're pregnant." Said Fry as he opened the door leading into his bedroom.

"I don't think my dad would do that." Leela assured him.

"I hope you're right..." Fry mumbled, starting to think that maybe he shouldn't have agreed to accompany Leela when she told her parents of her pregnancy. He started to enter his bedroom, but hesitated once he caught sight of what was taking place on his bed.

"Ugh, I knew this would happen..." He sighed in annoyance, an unamused look crossing his face. Leela was confused, she joined him in the doorway.

"What's wrong Fr-oh lord..." She muttered once she got a good view of what was happening on her boyfriend's bed. Bender and the Robot Devil's daughter were there, and from the way they were intimately entwined with each other and the suggestive sounds they were making, it was obvious what they were doing. Fry was more annoyed than disgusted, he had made it very clear to Bender that he didn't exactly appreciate him screwing hookers and floozies on his bed. It seemed his request for the bending unit to bang his whores somewhere else had once again gone unheeded.

"Bender! I told you a thousand times not to have sex on my bed! Do you know how much money I have to spend on new sheets because of you!?" Fry snapped angrily. Bender and his demon friend were at first startled by his presence, then they grew irritated. They weren't exactly happy that they had been intruded upon mid-sex.

"Fry! What the hell?! Don't you ever knock?" Bender replied.

"I live here! If you wanted some privacy, why didn't you go to a hotel or put a sock on the door or something?!"

"One, hotels are expensive. And two, I'm a robot, why the hell would I have any socks!?"

"Well, use my socks then! I have a whole drawer of them!"

"Hell no! I don't want to touch your smelly ass socks! Look, just wait like five minutes okay? Then you can bang Leela in here. But right now I'm kind of busy." Bender muttered, gesturing to the demon. Leela face palmed herself.

"More like getting busy..." The cyclops muttered under her breath.

"You better not mess up my sheets again..." Fry grumbled, shutting the door and exiting with Leela.

"Sorry about that..." He apologized as they headed into the living room to wait until Bender and his friend finished up.

"It's alright, it's not like it was the first time I walked in on Bender during one of his sexcapades. Remember that one time we caught him doing the Planet Express ship?" Said Leela.

"Oh yeah, I remember that..."

"Hopefully the Robot Devil won't find out Bender's screwing his daughter Devila... Demonique... whatever the hell her name was..."

"Yeah, that wouldn't be good... man, I'm tired..." Fry yawned.

"Tell me about it. I'm already pretty tired by the end of the day, but being pregnant is making it worse."

"At least it's only for nine months."

"Yeah, I guess it's better than being pregnant for an entire year." Leela smirked. Fry smiled at her, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her close to him. She rested her head on his shoulder as he rubbed her tummy, they both felt their baby stir slightly within her. Fry felt a rumbling in Leela's belly, and he knew the baby hadn't caused it. She was hungry again.

"Um... want me to get you a snack?" He offered.


"What would you like?"

"I really want a peanut butter and jelly sandwich... I've been craving those a lot recently."

"I'll go make you one. I'll be right back." Said Fry. He gave Leela a loving kiss on the cheek and got up, heading into the kitchen. He got some bread from the pantry and some peanut butter and jelly from the fridge and attempted to make a sandwich for her. Just as he was finishing it, Bender walked into the kitchen with his lady friend.

"Oh hey Fry, why the hell are you making a sandwich? Didn't you already eat?" Bender greeted him.

"Yeah but Leela was hungry again so I'm getting her a snack. Is Devila... Demonique... Beelzebot's daughter going to spend the night here with you?" Fry asked as he put the jars of peanut butter and jelly back in the fridge.

"I'd love to, but I can't. I really must get going. My father's probably wondering where I am. I'll see you later, my lecherous larcenist." Beelzebot's daughter smirked in a flirty manner, giving Bender a kiss. Bender smiled, returning the kiss.

"Until next time, my sexy succubot." He smirked. They started making out lewdly, and Bender was letting his hands wander places where they didn't belong. Fry was getting annoyed.

"Alright, that's enough. Bender, I think you've felt up enough booty for tonight. Beelzebabe, go home. The last thing we need is your dad tearing up our apartment looking for you." He ordered them.

"Antenna blocker..." Bender and his lover both muttered simultaneously. With that, they shared one last kiss and Beelzebot's daughter left, presumably to return to her residence in Robot Hell. Bender got a beer from the fridge and took a drink of it, followed by one of his usual fiery burps.

"So... is she your girlfriend now or something?"

"Oh, you mean Demonica? Yeah, we're going out now. It's official."

"I thought you said you guys didn't want to date each other."

"Eh... we changed our minds. As long as we keep it a secret from her old man, we'll be fine. Well, I'll be in my room drinking beer and looking at porn again if you need me. By the way, uh, she kind of scratched your sheets up while we were gettin' it on..."


"What? It was bound to happen! You've seen her haven't you? The girl's got some sharp ass claws! And you know how when you're screwing a lady and you're really getting into it, she starts squirming underneath you and moaning your name and clawing the sheets and then she-"

"Bender that's enough! Look, never mind the sheets. I'll just buy some new ones tomorrow after work... just go enjoy your beer and your freaky ass robot porn, I have to give Leela her sandwich." Fry muttered, putting the bread back in the cabinet. Bender took a porno magazine out of his chest compartment and went back to his room to look at it while he drank his beer. Fry headed back into the living room to give Leela her sandwich, but he noticed she'd fallen asleep. She was curled up cozily on the couch, snoring softly. Fry smiled, setting the sandwich down on the coffee table, and joined his girlfriend on the couch. He wrapped his arms around her waist and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek, she mumbled something incoherent in her sleep. He smiled.

"Sweet dreams, Leela..."

End of Chapter 1

Author's Note: What did you think of the first chapter? Also I know Zapp and Michelle make a weird couple, but it makes sense to me so that's one of the main pairings within my Futurama fanfiction series. I'm trying to keep everything in my fanfictions as canon to the actual show as I can, though with the new episodes always altering what is canon and what is not it's kind of difficult for me. I apologize in advance for anything within my series deviating from what is canon. Anyways, I hope you liked the first chapter and are looking forward to the next c: next chapter will cover what Bender and Beelzebot's daughter Demonica were up to and how they ended up gettin' it on in Fry's bed lol

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