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Chapter One

Beginnings and Catsuits

Ada walked through the small hall of her apartment, her seven year old sister Morgan trailing right behind her, towards the kitchen. "Can I have some chicken?" the younger girl questioned her sister, looking up at her innocently. Her slightly tattered teddy bear clutched tightly in her small, thin arms. Ada looked back down at her, trying her best not to frown.

"Only if we have any, kid." She patted her head. "I'll see what we have, wait on the couch for a minute. Okay?" Her sister smiled at her.

"Okay!" She skipped a bit to the couch, plopping right down on it like her sister had asked her to as Ada walked into the kitchen. She flipped the light on, revealing the slightly peeling cream colored walls and green tiled floor. Dirty dishes, that had been sitting in there for a while, were pilled in the sink. She strode over to the refrigerator, opening it to look inside. Only to find a carton of milk, a cup of yogurt, some bottles of water, and almost everything you needed to make a sandwich. Which is what they could've eaten, if it hadn't been for the sad fact that there was no bread. "Do we have any?" she heard her sister yell from the other room.

She sighed. "No, sorry Morg!" she yelled back as she closed the fridge. With not much money and a job that doesn't pay much, it's hard enough for them to even keep the roof over their heads let alone buy acceptable groceries. Hell, they would've been evicted way before now if it hadn't been for the kind elderly woman upstairs loaning her money once in a while. She walked back into the main room, her sister immediately hopping off of the sofa.

"I'm hungry..." she trailed. Ada could practically feel the sadness radiating off of her. She stepped up a bit closer and squatted down to her level, resting both of her hands on her shoulders.

"Don't worry about it Morgan, I think I have enough bills on me to get you something from the Burger Castle around the corner. How's that sound?" she asked as she began to dig through her pockets. Morgan's face lit up, but then it faded away just as quickly as it came.

"But what are you gonna eat?" she asked. She felt bad knowing her hunger would be satisfied while her sister stayed hungry.

Ada shook her head. "No it's fine, I'll be okay." She smiled at her, but it was forced. That was a lie, but she didn't want her to worry. For Ada, making sure her sister is fed is more important at the moment. She felt something crumpled in her hands as she removed them from her pockets, she had four dollars. That would be enough for a burger and possibly even fries. "Just stay here until I get back, and what are the rules?"

"Don't touch anything I'm not suppose to and don't open the door for strangers?" Morgan replied, and Ada nodded.

"Good girl, I'll be back before you know it." she reassured her before leaving. Morgan locking the door after her. Ada took notice of how dark it had gotten as she walked down the flight of stairs leading out of the building. It's during the night time when Gotham gets dangerous, and she just hoped she could get to the fast food place and back before she ran into any kind of trouble.

As Ada walked down the empty street, she passed an alley. Noticing out of the corner of her eye that the famous Jokerz were loitering around in it. She mentally cursed, 'What are the odds?' She thought to herself, hoping that they didn't notice her walk by. As she walked farther away from the alley, she suddenly heard a voice.

"Well would you look at this," she heard a male say from behind her in a teasing manner, causing her to cease her walking. "You'd think by now people would know better than to walk down our street." they said; the voice closer this time. She heard the sound of feet against the pavement, and Dottie - A girl wearing clown makeup and a polka-dot dress - flipped right over Ada. Landing in front of her and pointing a finger in her face.

"Don't be like that J-Man, maybe she didn't know." she said, her voice high-pitched.

"Well in that case," he started, as Ada turned completely around to face him. "Maybe we should show her what happens when you walk onto Jokerz turf so late at night. Then maybe she won't make the same mistake twice." he said, by now the others were circled around her. Laughing at her. "But then again, I'm a fair man. Maybe this could all be avoided, for a small fee." he said, sticking out his hand. Ada looked down at his hand, then back up at him with a glare.

"And what makes you think I have anything?" she asked bluntly. But he was the least bit phased.

He shrugged. "I don't, but if you do it would be wise to just hand it over. If you know what's good for you." She raised an eyebrow.

"Oh really?" she asked as she crossed her arms.

"Really," He then put up his hands. "But hey, I'm not forcing you or anything. I was only trying to be the nice guy, why rough up such a pretty face when this could be handled the easy way?" he asked.

"What if I just told you to piss off?" Ada questioneded, and J-Man slowly shook his head.

"Funny this one ... wouldn't be the wisest choice on your behalf, now would it?" he asked, then smiled. "But I don't think you were just asking a question, so I'll take that as a no." He began to crack his knuckles. "Which is the wrong answer, so I guess we'll be doing this the hard way then." Ada narrowed her eyes at his even more, she was beginning to grow a little nervous. But tried her best not to show it. She did, however, back away a little. Forgetting that Dottie was still standing behind her Ada was grabbed. She knew self-defense, but that didn't mean she could fight four people at one time.

"Didn't your mommy ever teach you to not pick on girls?" she sarcastically asked with a roll of her eyes.

"What can I say?" He shrugged. "I'm a bad listener." As soon as those words had left his mouth, Ada elbowed Dottie as hard as she could in the stomach and grabbed her by the sleeves of her dress. Yanking Dottie in front of her and shoving the clown girl into J-Man, causing him fall onto his back. With them temporarily distracted, she took the chance to get away and sprinted down the street. As she ran away, she could hear him yelling. "After her!" She was running as fast as she could, but it seemed as if they were keeping up pace with her. Listening to the string of threats that were being thrown at her, she could tell that they were pretty close.

She cut down different street corners, jumped fences, did just about anything that she could in an attempt to lose them. But nothing had really worked, and she was beginning to grow tired. She didn't even know where she was anymore.

She turned down another corner, mentally cheering when she almost passed up an alley. She ran into it and stood as far back as possible, hiding in the shadows and trying her best to control her heavy breathing. She hitched her breath and watched as they ran right past the alley, sighing in relief after they did so. She ran back out and across the street, while doing so she could faintly hear one of them yelling. "... she go?! ... find her!" She stopped for a moment as she looked at the house in front of her, it was a big, nice looking one. But this wasn't the time to be admiring.

She hoped the gate, but then was caught by surprise when an alarm went off. She knew that it was loud enough to catch the Jokerz attention, and began to frantically look around for a place to hide. But before she could even move another muscle, the alarm shut off and Ada was soon after met with a new voice.

"Who are you?" an elderly Selina Kyle demanded, stepping out of her house with a black cat in her arms. Judging from the sound of her tone, she was obviously someone who didn't take too kindly to trespassers. "What are you doing on my property?"

"She's with us old lady," Ada whipped her head around and saw J-Man and his gang standing on the other side of the woman's gate. "We'll be taking it from here, go back inside. Things are about to get ugly." he said as they all jumped over the fence, the alarm going off again.

Selina narrowed her eyes. "Who the hell do you think you're calling 'old lady'?!" she snapped. The cat in her arms thrashing around after she did. It jumped down to the ground and took a few steps up, arching it's back and hissing at the Jokerz.

"I think I'm calling you one!" he snapped back. "You're old lady, what else do you want me to call you? Grandma?"

She clenched her fists, walking up to stand next to Ada. Not taking her eyes off of J-Man. "You kids today are all the same, no manners what so ever."

"What do you expect? This isn't the good old nineteen-forties, it's the future. So get with the times you old broad." he said back. He and his posse laughing behind him.

"It sounds to me like you delinquents need to be taught a lesson." Hearing this, Ada brought her attention to the woman. How was someone her age suppose to fight a gang of young criminals? She looked like she couldn't even walk properly on her own. This made them laugh even harder.

"What are you gonna do? Beat me with a purse?" he asked, holding his stomach. With a cat shriek, the animal leaped up and scratched J-Man right across the face. He yelp in pain and stumbled back, holding his now bleeding cheek. He pulled his hand away and flared with anger when he saw the blood on his gloved hand. He kicked the cat away and pointed at Ada and Selina. "Now you bitches are gonna get it!" And with that, they charged at them.

J-Man threw a punch at Selina but, to Ada's surprise, she swiftly caught his hand and gave him a good right hook across the jaw. His head jerked to the side and she took this new opening to kick him in his stomach, the blow sent him right into one of the other Jokerz.

Dottie did back flips, picking up speed to ensure a painful kick to Ada's chest. But she stepped out of the way just in time, grabbing her by the leg and throwing her to the ground. Getting down on her knees, she delivered at least three blows to Dotties face until she was kicked off. Ada landed on her back, and quickly rolled out of the way of Dotties foot that had come crashing down. Ada tried to kick Dotties feet from under her when she was back onto her feet, but she had jumped out of the way just in time. She attempted to kick Ada in the face while she was still down but, thanks to Ada's quick reflexes, she ducked out of the way of her foot and tackled her. The two of them tumbling around trying to get the better of the each other.

J-Man and a skinnier Jokerz member circled around Selina as she watched them carefully, making sure not to let down her guard. They both lunged at her at the same time, and she slid down out of the way. Causing them to smack into each other. She grabbed the skinny clown by his shirt and threw him to the gate, causing him to slam face first right into it. J-Man punched Selina in her face, leave her dazed for a mere second, and before he could get her again she grabbed both his arms and kneed him in his gut. She then elbowed him in the face and then kicked his feet out from under him. J-Man fell to the ground, the grass cushioning his fall a bit, with a light thud and Selina pressed her heeled foot to his chest.

Selina looked at Ada for a second and saw her using the slightly heavier set gang member's shoulders to flip over him, making him stumble. She sent a swift kick to his back and this made him lose his balance, resulting in him falling onto Dottie. Selina could feel J-Man thrash about under her foot, making her press it down onto his chest even harder.

"Get hell off me!" he yelled. Grabbing hold of her ankle. She pressed down harder, making him hiss in pain.

"Leave," she spat. "I won't tell you a second time." She lifted her foot off of him, making him cringe a little in pain. He quickly stood up, holding a hand to his chest, and glared at Selina.

"We don't have time for this, let's get the hell out of here." he said. And his gang retreated to his side. "You're gonna get yours, the both of you!" With that J-Man and his posse jumped back over the gate, leaving Selina's yard.

Ada was no doubt amazed, for an old person she sure did have some fight in her. "That was-" She cut herself short, seeing that Selina was hunched over clutching her chest. Her breathing was a little irregular. "Hey," She walked over to her, reaching a hand out yet not positive if she should touch her. "are you alright?" Selina nodded.

"I'm fine, it'll pass ... just help me get inside." Ada nodded, taking one of Selina's arms and putting it over her shoulders. She heard Selina mutter something about not being as young as she use to be, causing Ada to crack a smile. Helping her walked back to her home, the cat following close behind when it noticed it's mistress walking away. Ada helped Selina sit down once she got her inside, then walked back to the front door to close it.

"Thanks for helping me out, I-"

"You don't have to thank me," she groaned. Rubbing her slightly soar arms and legs. "I only did that because they weren't about to start trouble on my property." She was trying to control her breathing, pausing once in a while to not take too many breaths at a time.

"Oh ..." Ada trailed as she crossed her arms. They both stayed silent, the sounds of Selina's cat meowing and the ticking of a clock were the only things that could be heard as the minutes flew by. Though, soon enough Selina broke the silence with a question.

"Who are you anyway? Why were those hooligans chasing you?"

"Ada Harper, and I don't know. I ran into them on the street when I was-" She stopped, remembering why she had left the apartment in the first place. To get dinner for her hungry sister, who was still at home alone. "Morgan!" she shouted, making Selina give her a puzzled stare.

"Who's Morgan?" she asked.

"She's my little sister, the whole reason why I'm even out right now is for her." she replied. Wondering to herself how Morgan felt and what she was doing right about now. She'd been gone for quite some time now, and it was almost eleven o' clock as a matter of fact. She must have been worried.

"What did she need?" Selina questioned again, making Ada wonder just why she was asking her these questions. But she answered her regardless of her thoughts.

"Dinner," she sighed, running a hand through her dark red hair. "But the place I was going to has got to be closed by now." Selina honestly couldn't help but feel a little bad for the girl. But hearing her answer made more questions pop into her mind. Why would she need to leave to get dinner, they didn't have food at home? And even so, why did she leave to get it? Why not just let the parents pick up the food? At least then she wouldn't have been chased. She wanted to ask her so much more, but in the end decided to put those thoughts aside. They aren't very important she supposed. She exhaled deeply, standing up from the couch and resting her hands on her hips.

"I'll give you something that you can bring home, then you can leave." she said. Then began to walk to the kitchen. "In the meantime, sit down, stay here, and don't touch anything." she said, in a tone that made it clear to Ada how serious she was. When she saw Selina's form vanish into the kitchen, she sat down with a smile. She may not have come off as such, but the woman sure was kind.

The cat had begun to circle around Ada's feet, meowing as it playfully pawed at her shoes. She leaned down and picked him up, sitting him in her lap. Her eye was immediately drawn to the cat's diamond encrusted blue collar, with a silver name-tag charm dangling from it. She took it in her hand as she read the engraving.

"Spade?" she read. Lightly scratching the back of Spade's ears, making him purr, "Your name's Spade, it fits you." she said to him. On account of his midnight colored fur. Spade hoped off of Ada's lap and laded gracefully onto the ground. It walked to the stairs that lead to the second floor of the house, then looked back at Ada. Ada only stared back at the cat as it ran back over to her, meowing a bit loudly as it pawed at her leg. Walking in the direction of the stairs again, Spade stopped as he turned around to look at her. Another meow escaping its mouth. Ada began to get the impression that he wanted her to follow him, so she stood up from the couch. As soon as she did, Spade began to go up the stairs with Ada following behind him.

Once at the top, the cat turned to the left and proceeded down the hallway. Ada watched as Spade stopped in front of a door and began to scratch on it, meowing loudly. "Is there something in there?" Ada asked, though she knew the domestic animal couldn't answer her. Maybe there was a toy inside the room that he wanted, and he just needed her to open the door or something. So she walked down the hall, stopping in front of the door and opening it.

Spade shot inside and Ada felt next to the door for a light. Finding it, she flipped it on and saw Spade pawing at another door in the room. Ada raised her eyebrow in confusion, what the hell did this cat want? She slowly walked to the door, that may have been a closet, and put her hand on the doorknob. She looked down at Spade and saw that he was staring up at her, as if he were waiting on her. She turned the knob and opened the door, seeing that it was just a normal old closet.

"There's nothing in here but clothes and stuff," she said, looking down at Spade again. But there had to have been a reason why he lead her in here, she just didn't know what it could have been. "too bad you can't just tell me what it is." she said to him, getting another meow in reply. She began to move aside some clothes, even checking around on the shelf above. She felt weird doing this, digging through someone's stuff is rude. But she couldn't ignore her curiosity. She looked at the door and saw that there was a mirror on the inside. She also noticed that it was a little crooked, she didn't know if it had been that way already or if maybe she'd done it when she opened the closet door. It was placed on the door in an odd way in general, so she tried to fix it just in case she in fact was the cause.

At that moment Spade jumped at her with a hiss. Scaring her and making her knock the mirror down onto the floor, it was a good thing the was carpet. Otherwise it may have shattered.

Ada glared down at Spade. "Why would you do that?!" She hushly shouted, and the cat waved it's paw up and down at her as it meowed. "Fucking cat ..." she muttered under her breath, bending down to pick up the mirror. She was about to put it back up again, but paused when she saw what was on the door. A small button in the shape of a cat head. Spade began to nudge her leg with his nose, and she looked between him and the button.

"You want me to press it don't you?" Spade meowed as reply and she took that as a yes, leaning the mirror up against the door. She thought it was weird how that was just ... there. She wondered what it was for and, again, her curiosity got the better of her. "Curiosity killed the cat." she joked to herself, pressing the button despite what she just said. When she did, the shelf moved upward and the back wall moved aside along with the cloths rack - since it was attached to the wall. Ada's mouth fell open when she saw what was inside, and a whole nother room, filled with gadgets and computers.

"Whoa..." she said in amazement as she looked around the large room. Spade walked into it and she followed. He walked up to four tall glass cases and curled up in front of them, keeping his head up to look at Ada. She walked up to the cases and gawked, staring at all the different Catwoman suits. She looked at the one on the end, that looked the least old-fashioned and more up-to-date. She walked closer to it and rested a hand against the cool glass. "No way... is she-"

"Catwoman?" She heard Selina say from behind her, she jumped with a gasp and looked at the door. Seeing her leaning against it, not looking very happy. "Yes, I am." She walked into the room and Spade shot over to Selina, she picked him up and cradled him in her arms. Stroking his fur, "The food for your sister is on the coffee table in the living room, I left some for you too. And I thought I told you to stay put, what are you doing snooping around in my house?"

It would the biggest understatement ever made to just say that Ada was embarrassed, she didn't know what to tell her. So she told her the truth. "Well, your cat lead me up here and I found the button. I just wanted to see what it would do, I'm really sorry!" she said quickly, and Selina raised an eyebrow.

"Spade made you come up here, is that what you're telling me?" Hearing her say it made Ada realize just how ridiculous it sounded, her face flushed.

"Well, you see-"

"Well it doesn't really surprise me," she said, cutting her off. Ada was a tad shocked by what she said, when she recovered from her surprised state she spoke.

"What do you mean? How?" Selina chuckled and walked over to the lab table that was in the middle of the room, setting Spade down onto it. She rubbed his back, making him stretch and purr.

"Spade here is a smart cat, he must've wanted you to find this place." She took her eyes off of her cat and brought her gaze back to Ada. "It's been years since I hung in the suit, and with the new Batman taking the old one's place I've been thinking that maybe it's time for someone to take mine." she explained. Then looked down at Spade again. "Apparently he thinks that someone is you."

She wasn't expecting to hear that, but none the less she would be lying if she said she wasn't flattered. "Me? Be Catwoman? ...I'm not sure if I could do that miss-"

"Kyle," she cut her off. "Selina Kyle, just call me by my first name. Being so formal with me makes me feel old." she said. "And why not?" Ada didn't really want to say it out loud, Catwoman was a villain. As shway as she was, she use to be a bad guy. She was a theif and Ada was no stealer, she wouldn't exactly feel comfortable with taking on the role as Catwoman. There was never an excuse for stealing.

"Well... you weren't exactly a hero," she began, rubbing her arm. "You were a burglar ..."

"So? Does that makes me a bad person?" she asked, and of course it did. Good people don't steal, but at least Selina wasn't heartless like most villains of her day. She could've been a mass murderer like the Joker, couldn't she? "That doesn't define who I am, I'm just a woman who likes nice things. And at least I know how to think of others, where do you think Spade got his collar from?" she said as she directed a hand at her now sleeping cat. "And you could do the same, who says you have to keep it all to yourself?"

"You mean give it all away?" If she did that then what would be the point? Catwoman was a thief, not Robin Hood.

"Not so much as give it away, but use it to make someone else happy." she smirked. "Like that sister of yours for example." Ada tensed at the mention of Morgan. "What's the deal with you and her exactly? Why'd you have to leave your house to get her dinner? Where are you parents?" Ada contemplated whether or not she should tell her, she did only just meet the woman a while ago. But she felt like Selina was really going somewhere with what she was saying, so she figured it wouldn't be so bad. Plus she'd be able to talk out her struggles with someone a little.

Ada sighed, crossing her arms and leaned against the glass case. "My sister and I live on our own, our dad was diagnosed with cancer a few years back and he died last year. I never knew who my mom was, and Morgan's mom was just some bitter woman who used my dad." Selina cocked an eyebrow at this.

"Used him how?"

"A while she after she had Morgan, she filed for a divorce from my dad and took half of what he owned. She basically told him he could keep Morgan since she got what she wanted. My dad was heartbroken, he wasn't exactly the same after that. But I don't blame him, I don't think anyone could ever really cope with being used and tossed to the curb like that." Ada explained. "I was so broken up about my dad's death I swear I would've just given up on life period. Him and my sister were all that I had, and sometimes I think the only reason I'm still here is because of her. I wouldn't leave her like that, cause then who would she have?" It was a sad story, Selina had to admit. She could only imagine how she must've felt.

"You really love your sister don't you?" Selina asked, already knowing what the answer was.

Ada nodded. "She's all I've really got."

"Tell me Ada, if you had the chance to give her anything she wanted, would you do it?" Ada, again, nodded.

" Of course I would! I'd give her the entire world if I could, if it would make her happy." Selina smiled.

"Then maybe this could be your chance to do that," Selina started, walking up to Ada. "being Catwoman, it could give you all the riches that you and your sister could ever need. This could change your lives for the better." She rested a hand on Ada's shoulder. "You can't just tell me you wouldn't want her to grow up with a better life, not after what you just said."

She had a point, yet at the same time Ada was still opposed to the idea. She wanted them to have the picture perfect life, but not this way. Ada shook her head. "Stealing's wrong."

"Is it so wrong when you're doing it for a good cause?" she asked. "Think about what your sister." She grabbed Ada's other shoulder and turned her around, facing her towards the high-tech catsuit. "This could finally be your chance to make it all right." As Ada stared at the suit, she thought about the consequences. What if she got caught? If she went to jail then that would ruin everything. Morgan would be stuck in a foster home and not all of those were good. But then again, what if it all did work out? Things would be perfect, everything would be better. They'd have no more worries. "For Morgan." Selina said one more time, and Ada turned around to look at her.

"And you're positive this would make things better?" she asked, to be sure. Selina nodded.

"Bring me whatever it is that you get and I'll let you go home with half, just trust me." She smiled. "So, is that a yes?"

Ada turned around to look at the suit again, then sighed. She didn't know if she would regret her decision or not, but for her and her sister's sake she prayed that she wouldn't. She looked back at Selina, looking at her with the most serious expression that she's ever worn on her face. "... Yes."

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