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"Please... So close... Please..." A smooth feminine voice whimpered out she racked her nails down her lovers back, gasping as he pushed into her a little faster, a little deeper. "Oh Ra... More..." She purred out, nipping and licking her way up her companions neck as he groaned softly, gentley sucking and nipping at her breasts.

"Fuck..." A deep voice groaned out, muffled against his girls skin. "So tight...so beautiful..."

"Bakura... Harder..." The girl whimpered out, wrapping her legs around his muscular waist. The thief complied, feeling her tightening around him as her peak drew closer. He burried his nose into the crook of her neck, occasionally kissing or nipping the spot. A pale hand tangled into his messy white locks, pulling him up and into a searing, passionate kiss.

"Come on my dancer, Come for me Anzu..." He whispered against the girls soft lips. He reached up and began massaging a breast while trailing feather light kisses up and down her, occasionally stopping to suck on a sensitive area. Anzu's moans escalated in volume as her peak hit her like a rocket. She gasped out her lovers name, arching into him as he brought his mouth over hers again. Her walls tightened around the albino, causing him to hit his peak, spilling his seed into her. He fell to the side, pulling her ontop of him, refusing to leave her heat.

"B-Bakura... I...Oh Ra..." She moved up and kissed him deeply, purring as he began rocking her hips. She let out a quiet moan and the angle he was and how much deeper he was at this position. "Bakura... Kura-sama... Please..." He smirked at her begging and watched her ride him, lifting her when she was too weak to do it herself. He groaned out, loving the way she clenched around him whenever he would hit that spot that made her see stars. A few more quick, deep thrusts brought them to their peak again and she collapsed ontop of him.

"Anzu." He panted out, looking down at the girl on his chest. "Anzu, look at me." He said, his voice a little stern. She glanced up at him, her eyelids half mast. "You know I care for you right?" He whispered, his eyes softening as his gaze locked with hers. She blushed, her eyes widening a bit as she slowly nodded. He smirked as he pulled her into a tender kiss, putting all he felt for her into it.

"I love you 'Kura-kun..." She whispered against his lips before nuzzling down against his neck to drift to sleep. He smiled lightly down at her, nuzzling his nose into her damp chocolate locks. He listened to her breathing slow as sleep caught hold of her.

"And I you, my beautiful, sweet angel" He mumbled as he let his drouziness consume him.


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